SayIt gets updated with media key activation plus more

By James Richardson on 7 Dec 2013 03:22 am EST

SayIt for BlackBerry 10 has had yet another welcome update - bringing a few relatively small enhancements but also one major one - and that's the ability to now use your BlackBerry media keys to activate voice recognition application. 

Whether you are a SayIt user or not, you can't knock developers like this who regularly offer updates and are clearly striving to ensure their applications fulfill BlackBerry 10 users needs as much as possible. 

Are you a SayIt user? Let us know in the comments what else you would like to see incorporated. I know the developer would be interested in your thoughts. 

New in this latest version:

  • Media Key activation. SayIt voice recognition can be triggered by media keys: Volume Up/Down or Pause key
  • Option to change the start page 
  • Optimize UI for Z30
  • Enhance voice recognition accuracy
  • Bugs fixed

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Reader comments

SayIt gets updated with media key activation plus more


These devs never stop updating and upgrading their apps. Wish all devs will continue this type of supports

Posted via Awesome Aristo on CB10

Wow great they have frequently updated their app & always improving our experience

Posted via CB10

I agree

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Seriously? The built in version on the latest leak is better than say-it.
Wolfram Alpha, yes.
Read back bbm, sms, emails, yes.
Reply to all the above, yes.
Send bbm,tts,email messages, yes.
Update Facebook, LinkedIn status ,yes.
Post tweets, yes.
Schedule meetings, yes.
Set alarms, yes.
create notes and reminders, yes.
Make phone calls by number or address book, yes.
Search the Web with a number of engines, like Wikipedia or yelp, yes.
Launch apps yes.
Play music, yes.

The recognition could certainly be better... hope that gets updated soon.
Also It has no "translation" feature, but that's not a feature I'd use.

Posted via CB10

If that is the case, I will look forward to the latest leak becoming official! I like a lot of what you mentioned.

Posted via CB10

Forgot to mention:
Go to website
navigation integration, for points of interest or address.
And it works awesome with blue tooth, headset and car.
I'm sure there are other goodies I haven't discovered yet.

It does seem to take forever for this stuff to show up in official releases. I still wish they'd update as often as Sayit, but I like what they're doing.

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I'm running the latest leak and didn't know this cheers!

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I use it and find it useful. Like any tool, you discover what it's good at and use it for that. Unlike some other tools, what it's good at keeps expanding. I have wanted a physical button activation and now have it. Although I don't like how you press--»release--»speak--»press--»release. I wish it was press--»speak--»release. The next step is headless. Then it will feel more a part of BB10. Another thing I'd really like is for it to pass on instructions to the built in voice control for things it's good at.

And come on, play local music if the song is on my phone. I realize this isn't easy but at least try to.

it isn't playing the music from your phone's memory? all of my music is on my SD card and it says i have "no music on the device"

It's awesome.

Wish list :
Activate Sayit with voice command.

Not sure how possible these would be.

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Remember for thé Say it app to always say " search " then the question.

Eg: Say : " Search Vertices "

I use Say it all the time love it, ciao siri

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I've used this a lot for translations! Great for copy pasting.

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Lol at my self:
For a minute I though it can finally replace the not so great build in WolframAlfa. With that said, this is what I need:

- headless service
- activation by holding down the pause key like the build in BUT MORE IMPORTANT ACTIVATION VIA BLUETOOTH HEADSET. I use a lot "read last text" "send text" and such with the build in one and while it works OK in a quite room, it's extremely frustrating when you walk ouside or any background noise even if it's not speach.

Posted via CB10

Finally doesn't freeze my z10.

Still some voice recognitions accuracy problem. I said close and say it recognises lowes. While native voice control is accurate in recognition.

But functions say it beats it. Whatever I said it came with a solution rather trying to send me yo web.

Native voice says do you want to search the Internet for this and that almost everything.

Say it has impressed me this time.

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I do find it useful on the road but would love a feature to add a calendar event. I know it opens the calendar.
Say you are quite busy and you get off the phone and are not staying still for very long and don't want to forget to book a meeting. What would be great is I'd you could ask it to book a meeting and then have it question you about each field you normally have to fill. Truly helping you stay on the move.
I do appreciate the constant updates it makes feel like the original price tag was worth it.

Posted via CB10

It's a pretty good app, but there is one snag we've encountered - I tried to explain this to the developer but he didn't get my point: we have a Uniden cordless phone system for our house, which features "CellLink". So we can pair our cordless house phone system (four phones) with our cell phones automatically when we are at home - my Q5 and my wife's iPhone4 link up pretty much when we walk in the door. It saves us from having to carry our cell phones everywhere, or having to dash to find them when a call comes in. We find it very handy.

But when the Q5 pairs with the Uniden cordless system, SayIt no longer recognizes voice input. Turning off Bluetooth on the Q5 restores Sayit functionality.

I tried to explain this to the app developer by e-mail, but he simply kept saying that "SayIt does not work with cordless phones". I think he didn't understand that the devices are unrelated, but that it's a Bluetooth interactivity problem.

As it always seems to be (when it comes to me), bizarre is the plague. I'm probably the only person in the world to have experienced this flaw. LOL

Bluetooth problem? It should not disconnect if it internally has the proper 'permissions'
More important, the app does not also connect with common answer sources too, like Google, Yahoo, Bing.

I like this app and how the dev is willing to take on such an ambitious project, but this still needs a lot of work to get to Siri, or even Vlingo levels.

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"I don't know the answer" is it's common expression.

Duh, this app still does not know how to use Google.

For me, it is one of my least used apps.

I like this app but I really wish BlackBerry would allow apps to map it the media key, so I it will just open. It's great but if I gotta keep opening it then it's not convenient. But BlackBerry really needs to buy these guys and use them as their standard voice control. Replace what they currently have.

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This is an awesome app! It would be cool if this app could run headless and replace the native BlackBerry voice recognition software

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Never going to support the con say it. Back in the day ripped off all playbook users with a one time release never to be updated again.

Took the money and ran.

Needs to send sms, bbm, and email. Other than that it's pretty impressive

Posted via CB10 on my beloved Z10

I find that I use the native voice control more now. Partly because I use it to set calendar appointments. So nice to speak date, time, location, and title in one sentence. I used Sayit more before 10.2.1. I will update and see how it goes.

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I like this app. They have beautiful features and see extremely positive reviews. But every time I use, the app hangs and it kills my phone. I can neither make calls nor receive them. All my microphone utilizing apps were not working. I have to restart my phone to fix this problem. I posted this as review in BlackBerry World , Sent six mails to support. No one replied. I am extremely annoyed. I have submitted a refund request form with BlackBerry. They never got back to me :-(.

Those who talk to developer, can you let him / her / them know?


Anand, Z10, India

What I want voice controls for, SayIt doesn't provide but the native voice controls do. Would be great if the two could work together to supplement for each other's weaknesses. Would also be great if SayIt had a mode where it was always listening and your voice could activate it while your phone was plugged up - would be nice for the native voice controls too.

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Still haven't fixed the settings problem. Won't scroll low enough to adjust newly added settings at far bottom. Must fix!!!

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The developer just don't bring us other languages for command.
He promised to do this, but just adds stupid updates instead of important ones.

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I want a optimization so it will understand what I say. I find it can even speed dial for me! Wrong 4 out of 7 tries.

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This is a very solid app, and getting better with each update.

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Got the app when it just went on sale, fun to play with, has some uses. Saw some posts that this update on works only if you have 10.2.

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