SayIt for BlackBerry 10 goes on sale - get it while it's hot

By James Richardson on 9 Jul 2013 04:58 am EDT

We've covered SayIt for BlackBerry 10 several times here at CrackBerry - not only as it is a fantastic voice recognition personal assistant, but also because it regularly gets updated with new features. For one week only - starting today, SayIt is now half price, so if you were put off by the price tag before it should now be more appealing.

For $1.99/£1.50 you get a mountain of features that the built in native voice recognition app on BlackBerry 10 doesn't have. Here's just a small taster of what you get but for the full list you can check out the link at the base of the post.

  • Natural Voice Recognition and processing for BlackBerry® 10
  • Text to Speech with natural voice, you can download the converted voice file as MP3 format and share it to our BBM™ friends, NFC, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Email, Bluetooth
  • Provide weather forecast based on current location
  • Search YouTube, Wikipedia, Google using voice
  • Search local hotels, restaurants, coffee, ...
  • Built in Encyclopedia, so you can find the definition of anything you want, for example: definition of Newton
  • Built in language translator. SayIt supports translate from English to 25 other languages such as: Spanish, French, Italia, German, Chinese and ect....
  • From now on, you can translate languages on the way when you travelling, working, meeting, ect....
  • Built in Voice to Text conversion Engine, SayIt supports 16 languages for conversion from Voice to Text. So, you say something and SayIt converts your voice to text, you can share the converted text to your BBM™ friends, NFC, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Email, Bluetooth

If you missed our hands on video with SayIt you may want to catch up with it first?

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SayIt for BlackBerry 10 goes on sale - get it while it's hot


Great app, i use it often...

curious to know if the reason is it on sale has to due to the 10.2 OS having a upgraded voice command than what was on 10.1 build. From a few threads I read the 10.2 seemed to drastically improve voice command.

If this is true than this is the reason why I've held off from buying for the longest time, that and panorama. I didn't wanna buy it only to have BlackBerry add it in

Posted via CB10

On unrelated note: I'm curious if developer aware that using false TM sign might be dangerous
On related note: Good app, could be useful if you're driving a car :)

Inside the smartphone is a bio-organic entity reading human minds. Smurfs were blue, this one is black. I'd like to have such assistant in my BlackBerry :)

What I miss about Siri is "I need directions to xxxxx," and Siri gives me directions. 10.2 hopefully fixes this, but then again, I am having to use a leaked 10.1 just to get it.

So, does this app let you talk to phone to compose simple text messages? Not only BBM, but plain old sms texts?????

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Apparently it does not... I just tried it seems to only do emails.

I wish there was a way to trigger voice commands without having to touch something on the touch screen.. say by holding down the external play button like on my old Curve.

This is a nice app, but like the built in voice control, it does not solve the problem of wanting to quickly get info or send communications without my eyes leaving the road, or whatever demands visual attention, from start to finish. Unless I'm missing something..? Is this limitation imposed by the lack of fully developed programming APIs?

To clarify, there is a voice to text function, the output of which you can share in a few ways, including SMS, but you have to click a few times. It's not fully voice controllable

Don't waste your money. I paid full price for this app and it's useless. It does nothing that the built in BB10 voice commands don't do already.

Translate between languages and recites those translations aloud? I agree the built-in voice command is powerful but this app does have a lot to offer.

Posted via CB10 on my white Z10 & lovin' it!

Had it for a month or so now but hardly use it... nice app but needs quiet a lot of work as unable to open BBM, native third party apps and so much more...

Sent by Bbry Z10

BlackBerry should by the company that make this app and blow Google Now and Siri outta the water.
Especially since BlackBerry bought QNX and have a fantastic automotive platform.

Posted from The Force wielding tap-dancing mouse on secret pantless missions (hiding in Jaydee's backseat) :p

This app sucks balls, don't know why people rave about it, I bought it to translate and it's a F## joke, it like makes its own language... If my time was worth 5$ I would request my money back.

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Is it that it just doesn't get your slang or accent, requiring the King's English, or what? A little detail would be nice.

Fine, I'll get it right now. now that I think about it, speech to function is a no-brainer when driving. I guess me being a holdout is me just being stubbornly annoyed about it not being default functionality in the phone already. But ok, $2

The key to software like this is that it understands what you say and gets the text write... I mean "right" (damn homonyms!)... then it's just a matter of parsing the string into "commands" that can be executed based on keywords / synonyms. So, if the backend voice recognition technology (and the microphone in the device) is sound, there's no reason why BB's built-in voice recognition software couldn't be as good or better than iOS or Android built-in offering. If BB opens the API so that other apps can hook into voice control too, then you really have something "mobile computing" worthy!

In my mind it would have to be something like "register a text command with BB voice recognition"... then that "string" would go into the list of commands... so if native Skype ever came out, and Skype registered "Make a skype call to (contactname)" then the voice recognizer should be able to look (contactname) get their skype ID and then initiate a call with Skype.... I mean, that's my over-simplified view of how "easy" it should be, but what if someone said "call (contactname) with Skype". That should work too, but would it have to be Skype that sets up all those text strings, or would the Voice Recognition software be able to process different sentence structures to arrive at the same result?

But at the end of the day, that's how Siri works: intelligently parses what you're saying into a text string it can act on. It doesn't actually parse the waveform directly: the voice recognition engine does that... but then "something" (wolfram alpha) parses the text string (probably with some kind of homonym support / context-based exclusion algorithms) and then "does something". It's pretty straightforward, which is why (so long as the voice recognition software actually CAN parse what it hears) this shouldn't be all that hard to implement well.

Have to say that this is a welcomed addition to my phone. Similar apps have made attempts to produce a working, functioning, app and IMO they failed. This actually works and is useable with the Z10. I'm happy.

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What I really wish that I could do is change the function of the dedicated button for the built in voice control to this that way its a button tap away. Or at least we had convenience keys again

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Looking forward to this. It reminds me of the really good OS4 application TellMe but updated to reflect the current capabilities of the BB platform.

I just bought it because built in voice does not support wifi, it's only via a data plan. So this is much better :)

Posted via CB10 on my mega cool Z10

Deceiving description, only does English language commands. Oh well, one for supporting the devs.

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Bought this app about 2 months ago. It's my first ever experience with voice control/ "Hal 9000" type apps as I call them.
I'm impressed with this app-i ask for restaurants in my area, I get a map of them. I ask for a weather report and I get one. Translations work well, and if it can't answer a question it tells you so.its an "Honest" app- And the English lady's voice frankly sounds sexy as hell too (she can ask ME questions, I won't mind-really :)
Sayit is an intriguing app, one I feel has a huge amount of potential. At half price its a steal!

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I purchased but had an issue with it repeatedly requiring to be updated even after it seemingly downloaded and installed the update. Even when I uninstalled the app, the update remained and was locked in to the same cycle. I eventually wiped my phone when installing an OS leak and haven't re-installed it since. When it was installed, can't say it particularly impressed me.