SayIt for BlackBerry 10 hits version 3.0 and goes headless

By James Richardson on 8 Jan 2014 02:37 am EST

SayIt for BlackBerry 10 has constantly been updated since its release in early 2013. An update has occurred once again - this time bringing a rather large feature - headless! This is something users have been wanting for a long time and should even encourage some further purchases now that the 'Built for BlackBerry' application doesn't need to be constantly open in an Active Frame. 

As you'll see from the list below there are some additional features introduced, but this one is really all about being headless. Now if you need to use SayIt and you've made sure the app is open, you'll just need to press the BlackBerry's media key to activate - sweet. 

New in SayIt version 3.0:

  • SayIt now can run in Headless Mode with Media Key activation. On the home screen/lock screen, press the side button (Play/Pause) then speak, press again to finish. SayIt will process your command in the background. SayIt will give you the answers instantly, no need to open the app
  • New places search engine
  • Navigation is supported
  • Nagivation with voice guidance
  • Bugs fixed for Z10 STL100-1
  • Various bugs fixed and performance improved

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SayIt for BlackBerry 10 hits version 3.0 and goes headless


Freeking cool. The only thing that bugs me is when using it headless the response also shows up in notifications. This means you need to go to the hub and clear it to stop the blinky red light each time you ask it something. Also the active frame needs to self cancel when using it headless. But, I'm glad they keep updating it.

With this update you can deactivate blackberry voice activation and replace it with sayit :)


Activate the headless function, and when you click the button you don't get Blackberry Voice Activation, correct? SayIt overwrites it.

Nah, it's serves as an alternative. To activate SayIt you have to PRESS the middle button. In order to use BlackBerry voice you have PRESS and HOLD. So it works in both ways.

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How do you deactivate voice control. So I can get Sayit to work. Because right now it's not working at all.. please help.. thanks


Does not work right anyways. Needs tons of work. Ask it something, I knows nothing. All the time.

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Speak clearly... and read the command list.... it will tell you certain phrases that work best.


Sane issue for me and I use this app.

It knows the answers when opened and knows nothing when it's headless... wait a minute..

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I have tested with my iPhone siri and it works great.

With Say-It App always say " Search + your question " results are excellent.
It will give you links to your question vs siri spelling it out but I use it and works very Good.

Search + question with Say-It is perfect

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Not bad. Headless support is great. Device settings need to be adjusted right away or your notification center in the hub will fill up quickly. Unfortunately this app still won't be useful to me on a daily basis without voice to text message/bbm support.

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Same here. Everything I need/want voice commands for is handled with the native voice controls and quite well. I like that SayIt supports navigation now and am interested in seeing how that works but, my other hesitation for downloading this update is that I am not on 10.2.1, and headless apps aren't supported filly unless on that OS version, so I have to expect something to not work right / consistently, like with HUB++. Has anyone downloaded SayIt's latest update running an OS before 10.2.1? If so, how is it working out so far?

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Thanks for the update, it honestly gets better every month.

Can you tell us any plans for the future updates? What can we look forward to?

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Just a little FYI: with SayIt enabled as headless it will not allow me to use the mic in other programs, ie; Parrot or recording a voice note. I had to kill the app in App Manager before I was able to use the mic again.

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Don't like when you are listening to music and try to pause it with the pause button, it also triggers SayIt so when you try to unpause the music, it is muted until you press the pause button a couple of more times.

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That was another concern of mine with the description of that functionality. I use the media for keys for media and SayIt sounds like it would get in the way. I already have HUB++ getting in the way with the usage of the volume up key. I don't want another app adding to the mix.

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BlackBerry should have kept the convenience keys or at least one like on the 9900. Man I miss them keys!

Keep The Faith  BlackBerry Q10 

The bug still in STL100-1, the app crash, heat the device, and crash all the sound of the phone. I sent mails to the dev and no response.

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hi i'm new user of bb it harmful to my mobile if i keep my bbz10 charging for whole nyt ?...plzz reply..

Nope, I do it every night. I suggest using a BlackBerry charger, or, at the least, a charger from a reputable manufacturer.

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Wow, it works terrific on my Q10 headlessly.

Quick push of the centre button for "Say it" voice input or a long push for "BB10 voice control".

Can a BlackBerry be TOO awesome? ;-)

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Updated this last night, and it works a treat.
Great update and makes using it an absolute cinch... well done to the dev for the constant updates and improvements

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Not showing any updates on BBWorld.

I guess this is another one that you need 10.2

I said this a thousands times... US carriers SUCK Big time!!

I'm MongezaurioBerry

Use Sachesi and download an official release from another carrier. Works like a charm.

On AT&T Z10STL100-3/

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+1. I just did this over the weekend. Now my Verizon Z10 (STL100-4) is running an official software release (that's OS version courtesy of Sachesi and Rogers. There really isn't any reason to be bound to the release schedule of your U.S. carrier. Of course, for full headless support we all need to load a leaked OS or wait for an official 10.2.1.x release.

So I get these notifications in my hub now, how do I turn this off. Checked in my notification settings and I have all alerts turned off but still keeps happening!!!

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This was answered earlier in this thread. You need to turn notifications off for this app.

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You can have them show in the account only. On the other hand, I'm running a leaked OS so not sure if that feature is available on official os

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Also seem to have the red star permanently on my z30. Which I cannot get rid of...any ideas?? I've restarted my phone but still there.

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Sayit can't even figure out where I am most of the time. Very disappointing app. Voice to text would be great as well.

I updated, but now when I say "Restaurants Nearby" or "Hotels Nearby" I get listings on a map for Petersberg Germany. The problem is that I'm in the U.S. And yes... my BB Maps and Google Maps do correctly find my current GPS location. :(

Hey, me too ... in Canada but get Germany as well ... even though location in all other apps is correct ... interesting ...

You need to go to in your browser and allow the site to access your location (look at the very top of the screen). You only need to do this once.

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Love it. Will have to try the new navigation feature. Nice how you can use both SayIt and Voice Control. SayIt is great for some things, but you can't beat Voice Control for setting an appointment - title, day, time, and location with one push of the button.

I think there must be a mistake in the article above. I updated to 3.0 and do not see navigation anywhere. Additionally, when you read the full text at Blackberry World there is no mention of navigation

Yes, and no. Long-running headless is only in 10.2. Event-triggered headless is in 10.1 (Whatsapp uses this).

The new search using does not work. It produces a blank page, no matter the search criteria.

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To bad he ripped off anyone that bought it on the playbook for $5 and took the money and ran. A poor release was it. Refuse to buy his crap again no matter how good it is.

after running it in headless mode, all sound from pacemaker, neutron mp and native music player ceased. had to reboot phone to get them working again. still does not work the right way for me.

It means that when you start your phone up, the application now automatically launches in the background without you seeing anything. You don't need to open the app to use doesn't need to stay in an active frame.

This app is a long-running headless app which means it permanently runs in the background in low-usage mode so that it doesn't drain the battery.

Apps like Whatsapp use event-triggered headless so the app launches for a short time when a message is pushed to the device from the Whatsapp well as if you open a message in the Hub.

BlackBerry implemented an intelligent method (yet tedious) of ensuring that there aren't tons of apps running in the background. You have to apply for headless permission from BlackBerry and provide them with all the details about the app...then they send you certificate files that you embed in your app.

I hope that answered your question...

Have played with it some (on Z10) and find the 10+ second delay before any response somewhat annoying. At first I didn't know whether it was even working. There is a substantial delay even with "what time is it?"

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Strangely, if you disable the headless bit in the settings; it doesn't actually close the app.

You can force-close it via the OS' App Manager.

Still can't find my music. I put the .mp3 files in a folder for each album. The native BB10 knows where they are, why can't Sayit find them?

Also doesn't seem to be able to launch my native text message app. Nor does it appear to let me give it a list of search engines to use. ( being preferable to is watching you.)

This is exactly what I always wanted the ability to activate using the media key, I will use it more often, I actually deleted it at one point

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I really never understood what all this "headless" hoopla really means. I use say it just by opening the app like every other app I have... i thought headless meant not having the blue header template that some apps have. as for say it, I haven't had much use for it since I found out that any searches it makes happens within the app and not allowing me to zoom in cause the text ends up being so's faster just to do searches manually outside the app.

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The update caused a huge battery drain. I uninstalled /re installed and froze up my Z10. Staying away until there are some bug fixes.

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Way to go SayIt Team! This app is so much easier to use now. Love it !!!

One improvement I would suggest is to support custom voices / personalities. eg. license the 'Jarvis' voice in Marvel's Iron Man or Star Trek's female computer voice. Man, I already feel like Tony Stark with my Z30.

Kills battery on Z30, after you use it all phone sounds and notifications stop working!!!! Horrible upgrade, stay away. I had to un install it!!!

Hi, Can you guys help get me the attention of the developer?

I have been shouting my Lungs out to get this developer to budge in the below thread.

My problem:

The issue is when ever i try to use microphone in SayIT, the SayIt freezes and kills my microphone. After that I can neither make or receive calls and use any app that uses microphone. I have to restart my BB to fix my microphone which is painfully long for me

I had a situation where the speaker stopped working (playing responses or music) and had to restart my phone to get it to work again. Wonder if it's related?

I like to leave my Music app open and use the play button frequently, the headless setup interferes and that sucks! :(

Running 10.2.xxxx on SaskTel, had to delete this app after update as it has caused some strange reaction with my blutooth. Essentially it buggers my notifications after disconnect including shutting down the ringer.

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I downloaded the App yesterday but just noticed it says Version 2.6? Also does this App have audio navigation (i.e: for driving)? Thanks in advance.

I believe it's been pulled from BlackBerry world. I deleted it to Re install it but can no longer find it. I believe it was the cause of losing all sound on my Z30

...we are all connected...

hi there i just downloaded and installed Sayit. it does not seem to be working. I tap the record and i also hold it down i ask my question i get no reply. when i start the app it does not say anything i've uninstalled and reinstalled the app still nothing i am desperate to get this to work. I dont know if the factory "Voice Control" has anything to do with it. if so how do i get it to turn off. any help will be appreciated Thanks

The built-in voice app is so much more reliable than this POS. I talk to it like I'm speaking to a 5-yr-old and it still doesn't understand. Good luck if you're in need of a nearby hospital. You'd be gasping your last breaths and it would still be "thinking" lol.