SayIt for BlackBerry 10 gets updated to version 2.3

By James Richardson on 12 Aug 2013 04:33 am EDT

The popular personal assistant application SayIt for BlackBerry 10 has received another update - now making it even more intelligent. If you have not come across SayIt before and are wondering what it is, I suppose the easiest way to describe it would be that it's like Siri for the iPhone.

The list of things that you can ask SayIt is far too long to detail here but it's by far the best option for BlackBerry 10 if you like to use speech to text or other voice functions. Of course, we have some functionality already built into BlackBerry 10 but SayIt takes things to a new level and once again it's great to see the developer continuing to improve the app on a regular basis.

If you missed our in depth look at SayIt you can catch it here, although things have clearly changed for the better since that video was shot.

New features include:

  • Introducing the brandnew A.I  (Artificial Intelligent) Engine. Now, SayIt can actually make conversation with you and ask back to you
  • Introducing SayIt chat (Input command via keyboard)
  • Introducing the 1- click action (press and hold to record, release to finish recording) for Z10 version
  • Polish the UI
  • Add swap language for Translator
  • Bugs fixed

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Reader comments

SayIt for BlackBerry 10 gets updated to version 2.3


Hmm I'm still seeing the old vs for my Q10. Guess the update hasn't made it to Canada yet

Posted via CB10

after the update, sayit only says the first word in her answers. Anyone else getting this?

Posted via the Z10's sexy keyboard.

Yep, I'm getting the same thing. It stopped talking in the male voice and upon hard reboot of the Z, it came back up in a ladies voice. The responses were in big, bold, colorful boxes and upon reboot, they small-ish. I'm gonna pull the battery.

Uploaded the update , when i enter a command pops up " There are internal errors " I deleted the App and re-downloded it with the same error ' errrr " not working here in Ottawa

Remember to allow all permissions for SayIt to work. To edit permissions, go to Settings > Security and Privacy > Application Permissions > SayIt, then allow all permissions

all fine , set the security setting s , works very very well , between my voice dictation and sayit , caio SiRi

Yep, it gave me the same "internal errors" which prompted my reboot. Gonna pull the battery too!

only works in the " Input command " if I write a command , and is very good at that , but voice commander does not work

I deleted the app and uploaded the app again and received no notifications to do anything. The settings only allows me to change the temp settings and language settings !

The input commands works very well but voice command Pop Up an error message, so there is a bug and deleting and re-install does not fix it

I was about to say the same thing. BBRY should buy it and make it the native to the system. Good work by the dev team. Keep 'Em coming.

Posted via CB10

I think Sayit is a wonderful program that keeps getting better. BlackBerry needs quality programs like this one.

Posted via CB10

I have used this app as a Beta tester and have purchased the full version and absolutely love it..the support has been excellent and this has to be one of the most useful apps ever developed for BlackBerry 10 great work guys and keep up the great work

Posted via CB10

Will wait for full 10.2 compatibility. 10.2 is way better than 10.1 to downgrade. In the mean time I'll just use the written answers

Excellent! Kudos to the developer on the hard work. It shows. And especially thanks for being so responsive and invested in BlackBerry. Can't wait to see what you come up with after BlackBerry releases SDK for 10.2.

Posted via CB10 with *Z* BEST!

I purchased this app after CrackBerry recommended it but have not found it useful at all
First you need to click to start recognition and then click to stop. Now you click and hold. While this new method is better, you still can't use it handsfree like the built in app.

Second I am not able to make it dial any numbers which the built in app can do easily nor does it send texts or messages.

Saying "my location" opens up the map, but saying "what is my location" gives me my IP address details.

And I can go on...

I am not trying to put the developers down, but I fail to see what all the hype is about.

Still waiting for my full Bridge support on my Z10

I want this AI to know who I am when I ask it my name. And when I ask it to marry me, I love her response. People who own iphones are so jealous of say it. But now say it should get a real name for phone. Like maybe Sir killer :)

Posted via CB10

How good it is in getting accents now? I am from India and the say it app on my previous bold 9900 just didn't get what I was saying.. does the AI self learns or something?

Posted via CB10

You guys who got "there are some internal errors" PLEASE Press and Hold the record button, Press again to End. It's the new feature from this version. Please read the instructions and the welcome message inside the app.

Strangely though, after this installation, I had to pull the battery. 3rd time since I bought it. Mostly the last two months. Twice after Verizon's 10.1 update. Anyway, it's working like it did when I first downloaded the update. It's a gimmick to me, so I'm so-so impressed.

I'm on the latest 10.2 leak, so I'm just hearing the first word of SayIt's answer. I just hope a true 10.2 comes out soon!!

Bought it, installed, worked for 12 hours on my z10, support would not respond 12 hours later nothing, tried support again would not acknowledge.. I smell refund..

Posted via CB10