SayIt for BlackBerry 10 gets a huge update

By James Richardson on 8 Oct 2013 03:22 am

The popular personal assistant application SayIt has received yet another update, this time to v2.5.0 and with it brings a load of new additions. 

Already one of BlackBerry Worlds best selling paid applications, SayIt gives your BlackBerry a new lease of life when it comes to voice control. Of course, we have voice control already built into BlackBerry 10 but compared to SayIt it is extremely limited. in fact - the two are like chalk and cheese. 

If you need more of an insight into the application you can catch up in our App Gallery here

New in version 2.5.0:

  • New servers with new voice data
  • Add more text to voice languages (from 17 to 44), now SayIt supports text to voice for 44 languages 
  • Add more translation languages, SayIt now supports translation for 66 languages (from 25 to 66)
  • Add more voice search and voice to text languages. Now SayIt can perform voice to text conversion and voice search in 18 different languages
  • SayIt now can read up to 200 characters
  • Add replay result in Commander mode
  • Add more keyboard shortcuts for Q10, Q5
  • Support downloading text to voice mp3 file in 44 different languages
  • Change the behavior for Voice to Text record button to Tap and Hold
  • Add Arabic and Vietnamese for Voice to Text
  • Add YouTube video for music search
  • Fix Google Search
  • Minor bugs fixed

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Its awesome!

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Unbiased Tech

Can it set appointments, reminders, read my last unread messages, start calls or send texts?

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U can do that with the native one I believe.

AT&T Z10

Unbiased Tech

Yea I know. The voice control in 10.2 is much improved so that's why I want to see if its able to do some of the basic things the native voice control can do.

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James Richardson

It won't read emails but the same dev has SafeDrive which will -

Unbiased Tech

Thanks James! I'll check it out

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omega supreme

I hope when they say "fix Google search" they mean adding a scroll bar to view what was found since it tends to open up any searches within the app itself in a smaller size causing you to pinch to zoom in order to be able to read it but with no scroll bar part if not half the page gets cut off... this "bug" alone is why I barely use it...aside from it crashing on it's own every so often.

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U guys are getting slow. This update has been out for hours and hours. Hah. Stop playing those games James :D

Only a fool thinks they know me.


I find this kind of article interesting to me :
- since I have not bought the app yet, I do not get any notifications in BlackBerry World
- nevertheless I appreciate getting a changelog here, in case there is one new thing that makes me finally buy it.

Blog articles are not like twitter feeds, writing something a few days or even a few weeks late is not a reason to not write anything at all.


Having issues playing the DL'd translations

Posted using CB10 on my i...cant stand ignorance, lol. Yea def only use BB's Z10 currently.


When will other languages-recognition (as commander) be added? Anyway thanks as always James!

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nick canada

Great I love their app and use it to show off BlackBerry 10 all the time. For future updates I would love more control over phone features, maybe an option to change her name from sayit to something nice lol

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Love the app, remember you need to say " search " then your command. I like the search options. I love the app does what I want its as good as Siri most of the time and that's fine with me.

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Can you highlight text and get the app to play it back for you?

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BachKhoa University

Yep, just highlight any text then select Share > Text to Speech by SayIt


Thanks for the update and for continuing to make improvements.

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mũʂḭç command still shuts off app. Plz fix

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Did it finally add reading text? I know he has another app but I would rather have 1 that does all if possible.

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No doubt this is one of the nicest apps in BlackBerry World. It keeps improving significantly with every update.

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I don't understand these posts praising this app. Even the BBW reviews are mostly good. I regret spending the megre $2 on this thing. I don't need translation software. I wanted a siri-like app that can actually perform a command or answer a question. It is 100% useless to me. I can't make it do anything other than say "I'm not sure I understand what you are saying.", get the word definition of whatever I'm trying to make the app do, or some other non-related response. I'm running 10.2 on a Z10 and try the app every time it updates (which is impressively often), but to me, nothing ever changes.

English is my primary (and pretty much only) language, so I have "no accent".

Other than translation, what are people actually using this app for?


I updated last night on my Q10 and now the app is buggy. I can't go back to main screen from settings menu. It forces me to close out the app. The voice over continually shuts off leading me to go to settings menu......vicious cycle. I hope this resolves itself


I wish this app could be activated with the middle convenience/media button on the side of the Z10


Any reason I wouldn't get an update notification? The app also says the dev is using an unlicensed key and that i need to get a new key to allow voice playback to work...

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The update will fix that problem

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Great upgrade. Love this app

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Updated, fixed!

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The update prior to this one made her voice sound very much like a computer. This update fixed that for me. She's back to normal. I like it!

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Guess I should have picked it up when it was on sale :p oh well, next time

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The say it app is insane, $5.99 ? I know this update is awesome, but the price is totally unacceptable

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The app often answers that it can not answer the question.
It does NOT need more languages.
It DOES need a better way to identify the question and seek the answer.
Except for novelty, I rarely use it.


I bought SayIt when I saw it being advertised at a discounted price of $1.99 from $4.99. At the time, I thought that the app offered many useful features and I felt it was a bargain but I was disappointed because it never worked. Each time I try to run the app it doesn't respond, instead it freezes and my phone app stops working. After that, I cannot make or receive calls and I am forced to reboot to restore phone functionality. Technical support doesn't seem to have a solution to the problem and even the recent 2.5 update hasn't helped either. I think that the problem may be due to OS incompatibility after being told by Tech Support that it works with but that version is unavailable for my Z10 STL100-1. I am very reluctant to downgrade to any other earlier version than my current since I don't think it's justified to sacrifice a stable OS upgrade over app compatibility and I'm not sure downgrading will resolve the problem. Instead, I think that it's the SayIt developer's responsibility to make their app work with the latest OS. However, until SayIt is upgraded to work with my current OS, it has unfortunately not been a real bargain or useful app but instead a cheap one that I cannot use.


So... when the hell is BB going to get smart and acquire this app for their own? Heck, hire the app designer too.