We go hands on with SayIt for BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 6 Feb 2013 11:50 am EST

We have mentioned SayIt a couple of times in the past - first for BlackBerry smartphones and then for the BlackBerry PlayBook. The voice recognition application is now available for BlackBerry 10 and over at BB10 Jam in Amsterdam we got to sit down with the developer who talked us through the app. We suffered a little with our internet connection unfortunately and some results took a while but the actual voice recognition was pretty quick.

BlackBerry 10 obviously comes with its own voice recognition application but it is currently lacking in many features that SayIt has to offer - such as asking the weather and getting results nicely displayed on the page without actually jumping over to the web browser. Language translation is also present - just choose which language you wish and then ask the BlackBerry what you wish to translate - sweet. Text-to-speech works in a variety of applications including BBM, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. For the whole range of features grab the link below or why not just download it to your BlackBerry Z10 and jump into the menu where all the features are laid out in a simple fashion.

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We go hands on with SayIt for BlackBerry 10


I use it a lot wbile driving to keep my eyes on the road. I asket it to dial a number from contacts or simply give it the number.

What about improving the horrible playbook version of say it? Since we have to pay again for the bb10 version you could at least improve it on the playbook.

Will you have to pay again? Had Pacemaker dj app on my PlayBook, signed into BlackBerry World on my Zed10 (Zee10....for others) and it downloaded and free. Run In Crowd game also downloaded, already bought an extra character on the PB and didn't have to buy again on Z10

I just now downloaded it and I"m quite impressed. It's a hell of a lot faster than what was demonstrated in the video above. Also hasn't made a mistake in recognition yet.

Why not use the native Voice Control app on BB10? it's amazing and kills this Sayit. The accuracy on the new Voice Control is amazing.

native Voice control works amazing...

for best results:
Link all contacts (BBM with FB with phone Contacts)
I am able to send txt, bbm msgs, make phone calls, and new appointments all with a click..

Which language because most languages just don't work, are you part of the team of that poor pseudo developer? He has removed all low and average reviews from BlackBerry World, what a scam.

Poorly made app, can't translate in few languages and also while resizing map it crushes. Does not work as described. For now this app is a garbage.

I'm not that impressed with the native app. I really like this one. I love my Z10 and this app is a great addition. Well worth the $5.00

The Worst demo I have seen in a while. I'm interested in the App, but they need a "spokesman" that annunciates English better on an english language site, and the "connection" ruins the speed ???