SayIt and SafeDrive for BlackBerry 10 go on sale - get 'em while they're hot!

BKU app sale
By James Richardson on 28 Nov 2013 04:23 am EST

A couple of BlackBerry 10 bargains have gone on sale from BKU Software - both awesome apps that we have featured before. The popular personal assistant app SayIt currently has 60% of its price and SafeDrive 50% - we all like price drop! 

The sale will run from November 28th until December 2nd, so If you haven't tried the apps before now may be the perfect time.

If you use your BlackBerry in the car both the 'Built for BlackBerry' apps will certainly be of interest. I'm a huge fan of SafeDrive as it reads my emails aloud - allowing me to concentrate on the road ahead. 

Give them a shot and see what you think? 

More information/Download SayIt for BlackBerry 10

More information/Download SafeDrive for BlackBerry 10

Reader comments

SayIt and SafeDrive for BlackBerry 10 go on sale - get 'em while they're hot!


'get 'em while they're hot! ' is a joke.
I agree, "LOL" is appropriate

SayIt is a fail. I have tried it many times and the app responses are far from the request.
Given a question, it can't seem to know where to look for the answer.

There are only a limited number for positive requests like weather in a certain city, or open email.

I've tried some random ones that work, like "how far is it from here to new zealand" and it works (but says "kilometers" twice).

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Is there a reason why people aren't snapping BKU's hand off and taking advantage of both these apps for just £1.50 each?!?

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You really can't wait until you get home to'listen' to your emails? It's still dangerous, maybe concentrate on driving.

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Listening to your emails is not dangerous but I don't think people will wait to end of the trip to reply. If you are not supporting replying to emails while driving, there is no reason to listen to it while driving too, isn't it?

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Honestly, I have SayIt and it's garbage. Not to hate it just doesn't work well, never responds correctly and requires very specific voice commands. Not sure why crackberry totes it all the time. If you're looking at buying (even on sale) save your money. I'm just hoping BlackBerry improves the native voice control in a future update. Until then, save yourself the grief and use your keyboard.

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Gotta give a +1 to mneil18. SayIt is mediocre for me, and SafeDrive simply does not work if you have your BB connected to your car's Bluetooth. While their support was responsive, they told me that essentially if I wanted SafeDrive to read my messages, I'd have to disconnect the Bluetooth from my car. Seems kinda counter-productive, no??

I agree, say it isn't very good, and definitely not worth buying at this point. It's sad that we don't have a good alternative to Siri or Samsung S voice

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With all the good reviews I had started to wonder if I was the only one having issues with SayIt malfunctioning. Good to know I'm not alone. (Misery loves company, lol.)

"Reply to text or emails manually"? While driving? This is surely worse than reading texts or emails...

STL100-2 & PB 64GB

The native voice control supports reading back emails, bbm, text messages etc AND replying to them via voice while connected through BT in your car.

Does in the 10.2.1 leak anyway. Don't remember if it did this in 10.2.0.

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These are about their only apps that work. The customer service is horrible. No wonder these are on sale.

Agree safe drive app does not work with my Audi blue tooth. Useless really. Just don't look at email until done driving.

Sayit requires to have Four square for some of the commands to work like "nearby" command. Otherwise, it just sits there and does nothing.

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Thanks for this.
I was considering buying but I don't have foursquare.
They should really put things like this in the description

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It would need to work with IM apps for me to buy it. I never use text messages, but use Whatsapp, bbm, and gtalk all the time.

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SayIt works okay but I need voice control for sending text messages, BBM's, etc. SayIt doesn't do any of that. It's just for information purposes. In my experience, it's good at what it does. It just doesn't do what I primarily need voice control for. I don't know why people bash the native voice controls so much. They work just fine for me - "send BBM to...", "send a text message to...", "remind me to....". The complications I have are when I want to call people with uncommon names but, BB10 isn't the only one with that issue.

As for SafeDrive, it works even on Bluetooth for me but, I have heard of the complaints from others about it. What I don't like is, that my sending of text messages doesn't work right while SafeDrive is active and, it doesn't support reading incoming messages from multiple accounts at once yet. I miss That worked wonderfully.

I agree with those who say they hope BlackBerry adds more functionality to the native voice controls.

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I'm bout to throw some game
They both one in the same
Cupid's the one to blame

SAY IT, for Black-Berr-y

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BB10.2.1.xxxx makes SayIt redundant with Wolfram Alpha support.

That's why this keeps going on sale, just wait for built in functionality in the OS.

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I also have Sayit (bought on sale months ago). I never use it. It's a pointless app to me. I just cant understand the constant hype over this app.

I now realise, after downloading SayIt today, why it has such mixed reviews. Best part is being able to open Bluetooth, Wifi, Calendar and BBM directly through speech. Down side is that you cannot make calls, send messages nor open your contacts list. Another negative is that when you search for local restaurants, hotels, etc, it just sits there idling. One extra plus side ...I've managed to have a bit of banter with it.

Wouldn't download it again if I had the choice but would definitely keep AND plug it if it had the above options. #JustSaying #Developer?

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Wow, these negative comments are just like comments about BB10 phones. If it can't grant you three wishes, it just automatically sucks.

Grant it I've only played with it for a bit since downloading this evening. My 6 year old was having fun w/SayIt earlier.

It seems to work for me by asking things I would normally Google for. I use voice to text and share it to text messages or WhatsApp. Other features like text to voice is cool. Translater is handy too!

Definitely worth $1.99 (I waited for this sale). I often hear people use Siri on iPhones and voice commands on Droid so to be able to do this with SayIt is better than nothing. Being able to change the output voices (gender, accent, etc) is cool too! Not sure if that's possible with the other devices.

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A little disappointed the post clearly states the sale goes through Dec 2. Today Dec 1 they are full price

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That's exactly what I was thinking! Glad it wasn't just me. I've read a lot of mixed reviews about it from the comments anyway. If it doesn't support the sending of messages, I'm not interested.

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