SayIt version 3.2 now available for BlackBerry 10 - Fixes and enhancements galore

By James Richardson on 26 Mar 2014 04:10 am EDT

For SayIt users you'll be pleased to hear that version 3.2 is now in BlackBerry World and contains not only some fixes but a small selection of rather important features. 

The built for BlackBerry app is now fully compatible with OS 10.2.1 and in addition to SayIt now using a new engine it's also got a lot more complex in terms of what it can understand. 

We know that BlackBerry themselves are looking to improve their own speech recognition application as we saw in our recent 10.3 leak video, but until that happens SayIt is far more diverse than the native voice assistant. 

New in version 3.2: 

  • Fix the error "I cannot understand"
  • Fix definition of word (now SayIt uses new engine Wordnik), add source for word definition.
  • SayIt now can define a complex phase
  • Add more dictionary to SayIt's database such as: The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition; Wordnet dictionary; Webster Dictionary 
  • Fix bug cannot scroll in web search
  • Upgrade servers
  • Fully compatible with the latest OS 10.2.1
  • Minor bugs fixed

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Reader comments

SayIt version 3.2 now available for BlackBerry 10 - Fixes and enhancements galore


So why is the update/feature list posted here in slightly broken English?
(In my eyes anyway...)

Posted via CB10

The developer is not a native english speaker, and his/her language skills has nothing to do with the quality of his/her coding. Besides - the actual recognition of the words are not handled by the coder but via a third party.

I have had this app almost from day 1 and it is great. The only thing I find it missing is the personality compared to siri.

Posted via CB10

Maybe it's just me, but I couldn't get this app to didn't know anything!!!

Posted via my FABULOUS z10

It's definitely not just you. I have tried to use it but it's just not a really good app. I bought it because there seemed to be a strong recommendation by CB.

Posted via CB10

For me, it's good with definitions. But not so great with calling and messages, and core os features like I need to it to be for what i want to use it for.

I had the same problem for quite some time. Hopefully this update took care of the previous issues.


I found this app hit and miss for a while now. Going to have to give it a good test later today.

C0015B221 All about making Wine kits.

I hope they corrected the fact anytime I accidentally hit the middle volume button either my fingers or in my pocket it would go off. Very annoying that I uninstalled it

Posted via CB10

I had the same problem hitting the mute button. I contacted him, he replied in less then a minute in his BBM channel. Go to application settings and turn off "run in background".

Posted via CB10

Nope middle button which should only work when background mode is enabled still does it's thing when that option is switched off...

Makes media player a real pain to use as I can't pause my tunes quickly.

Ah well, maybe it'll be fixed in the next version.

Z10 STL100-2 DTAC 3G

When SayIt can send a BBM, email, SMS, Tweet, etc; update my calendar; create a memo / task; and set an alarm, I'll have some use for it. Until then, the native voice controls it is. People keep saying they're lacking compared to SayIt but, from my perspective, they do more than SayIt. SayIt's good for research based tasks and translations but, how much else beyond that?

Posted via CB10

Absolutely right regarding the way I use VC. It's actually far more useful than most folks know (eg. the function to "read last message" also allows one to reply to it). However, SayIt has more playful features (eg. I, without much hope of success, asked it to "play Leo Kottke". It correctly recognized the name and found a piece on YouTube. Unfortunately, it did not look on the device first). I am hoping BBs new version of VC (see 10.3) will expand some playful but also more useful features.

I agree with the above posts. I think many people abandoned the native voice control long ago, and have no idea of the improvements - even before 10.2.1. Since 10.2.1, the voice recognition is much better, and server bugs seem to have been fixed.

The only major feature I'm missing is a setting that reads all incoming messages, as they arrive.

That's my peeve about SayIt. I would like it to be able to search my device for a song.

Posted via CB10

I connect in the car via Bluetooth with SayIt, and it works well. Yesterday, I read and sent several SMS and emails, and composed a shopping list, and got it to look up directions to a business. There are still some improvements to be made, but I find it useful.

Posted via CB10 on Q10

Oh, and setting an alarm is no more difficult than saying 'set alarm' and then following prompts. I also created a task ('new task') for 1 pm tomorrow for 'Take dog to vet'. Easy-peasy.

Posted via CB10 on Q10

I still use BlackBerry voice control more because it can schedule appointments and send texts, emails, and BBMs using just voice.

Posted via CB10

A lot of great apps out there to write about, Crackberry. Please don't waste anymore time on this turd.

-via CB10 on STA100-3

I was excited when I first downloaded this app as I had read the great reviews and seen its ranking as a top productivity app. Almost a year later I'm still wondering if I'm using it wrong or if it's just me... but I can't figure out where the great reviews are coming from. For the people who use this successfully - what do you use it for? I don't blame the developer, I'm glad someone is trying to develop a comprehensive voice tool, but other than the translation feature which is fantastic or at least fun (though not necessarily essential in day to day life) I haven't figured out how to use it productively. For me anyway it struggles with basic queries and integration with other features (local search, sms, email, etc) seems to be a struggle as well if not non-existent. It seems more like a short list of set commands you can engage if you want. So is this thing really that good and I just don't know how to use it, or are we just being proud and overstating how amazing it is? Again, I don't really blame the developer (though it is one of the more expensive apps), I think it just points out the crying need for BlackBerry to improve native voice control, search, and integration. I'm not an Apple guy by any stretch but I played with my brother's iPhone a while back and Siri is a wonder - and very useful, not just for fun - compared to what we've got, either native or developed. It really made clear to me how far behind we are in this area. I hope we can pick it up, and like I say I'm looking more to Waterloo than to SayIt.

Posted via CB10

I bought this app to show support for the developer. But I never used it after first couple of days after purchase.
I really hope I find a way to use this app.

Posted via CB10

I didn't like it because it put voice files in my music app.

Posted with the brilliance of my Z10

The times I have had to use Sayit, it has been useful. I have even used it for BBM. You do have to keep messages simple but I only use it when I have to if I am driving and have to send a message.

Loving my Zed 10!!

Updated say it, still absolute garbage app. Hoping we can get someone to make a good assistant. My son has a crapple, and the only thing I can say is siri is by far better than our assistant. Someone make a good app please!!

Posted via CB10

.Sadly,I have to say that your opinion can probably be applied to most of my experience with the Z10. Every time I turn around it seems there is a problem with core functions. Hell, the freeking address book and consistently associating a call with a contacts name seems to be a chore for this OS. I watch discussion after discussion rave about the quality and clarity to which a period is displayed on the screen and how Chen is such a genius. What has he done to earn such praise? That's like giving Obama the Nobel Peace Prize for what he promises to do in the future. Sometimes I wonder if I've stumbled upon the Black Pearl carrying around the last of the die hard Commodore 64 fans. People refuse to acknowledge the poor performance of the BlackBerry because, much like many iPhone owners, some BlackBerry owners seem to somehow believe that owning their Blackberry is some kind of validation of their own sense of superiority.

Is it any wonder that Marineau-Mes would want to go over to Apple? Until consumers demand more from Blackberry (and I mean demand with their wallet) nothing is going to be done to fix this train wreck of an OS. If BlackBerry goes under because they can't provide a viable product in today's market, so be it. The pressure of capitalism is what drives the market to churn out better products. If you don't demand innovation, you give a Corporation no incentive to produce it. You may not be a fan of the iPhone but it certainly does a lot of cool stuff and the contacts work just fine.

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Agreed. Both Siri and Google Now/Voice Search are at least 8-10 years ahead. This is just terrible.

This application doesn't seem to understand anything, it always says "I'm not sure what you are talking about" completely useless.

Posted via CB10

Never able to find this app quicker than just typing what I want. Too many "I don't understands". Hope this update makes it useful for me!

Posted via CB10

Aussie accent seems to give it a hard time. Doesn't understand our localisation.

EN-AU support, please!

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

I hate to be harsh but this app is more trouble than its worth. It actually makes the phone less functional because you waste time trying to get it to perform basic tasks.

Posted via CB10

I want to be negative, but out of all the apps I've ever purchased, this is one of the few that I truly regret spending money on. I bought it when they were running a deal on it, and I was really excited to try it out. All of the translations were a complete fail. No matter which language I picked, it spoke the "english to that language" in half-broken english with that language's accent. Here and there it threw in a correctly translated word. I thought it was a joke at first. Half of the things I said did not get picked up correctly, and almost all of the searches failed. I gave it a few weeks and tried it again. Same thing. Uninstalled it then and there, and never looked back. Maybe I am spoiled by technology like siri and google now, but this seems almost like a joke compared to those.

Not a fan. I downloaded this to support BlackBerry devs, as I seem to do with so many apps, but basic features it doesn't do well.

In a quiet room with a slow clear voice I asked it in plain English to call the full name of someone in my phone book...doesn't understand. Then I asked it what time it was...doesn't understand.

Until these features are accurate and quick I believe all voice apps are a waste of time and more hassle then they're worth. Takes less time to quickly touch the screen and do what I want to do, rather than fiddle f*k around with a bot.

Posted via CB10

Good on the developer for providing updates, but the fact that the negative reviews were seemingly suppressed in BlackBerry world is not ok and is misleading to subscribers. This is something that BlackBerry itself is responsible for ( if in fact those reviews were removed)

Posted via CB10

Still waiting for Bluetooth support. Bought the app months ago to help support it.

But being a truck driver, the app is basicly useless for truck drivers without Bluetooth support.

Posted by a proud NRA supporter

I should have said full bt support. Like calling up the app using the Bluetooth's button.

Posted by a proud NRA supporter