Say Hello to TiPb: The iPhone, iPod, and iPad Blog!

By Dieter Bohn on 7 Feb 2010 08:57 pm EST

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Say Hello to TiPb: The iPhone, iPod, and iPad Blog!


Good luck with the change guys...
Is this the third rename?
Before the iphoneblog wasn't it

If you do this, PreCentral needs to be renamed since there are four devices with webos.....

are there always stupid articles on here about Apple and the iPhone and all the other junk they make. I thought this site is used to celebrate and promote BlackBerry and RIM. Instead people are promoting RIM's biggest competitor and wasting space on here with stories that no one should be able relate to who uses this site. This site is tailored for RIM and BlackBerry, not Apple products. So I find myself asking the question, why?

Does this mean the iphone forum will be moved to Tipb? I dont see the need for an iphone forum on a Blackberry enthusiast site. I dont go to an Audi forum to talk about BMWs. (this goes for android stuff too)

One thing I feel that many people that complain, about other device news/info tend to forget is, that many people own more than one device.

The people that put CB together realize this, and provide the other blogs and forums for those that want to see the devices they own or want to know about, connected in one site. is one of several "smartphone" sites that are interrelated. The whole group is called The Smartphone Experts. Not only do people own more than one device, but to help our frenemies in TSPE realm, there are occasionally updates on their status. Look at the blog post just before this and you'll see all of the SPE websites and their "major" news stories. These get posted every week. It's also interesting to keep up on the whole sphere of Smartphones and see where the others are going in comparison to RIM. Thanks, Dieter, for keeping us posted and congrats on tipb!

Thanks for the clarification on the "smartphone" interrelated sites. I can understand and appreciate the relevance of crossover approaches. Still, even with that being known, I think people are more inclined to go to their respective sites for the phones they own. It just doesn't make sense to me to have a particular site dedicated to one specific thing clouded with pieces that are of no relevance to me. If people own BBs and iPhones concurrently, logic would tell me they would seek that respective information at respective dedicated sites. For me, at least (and I am but one small voice in a sea of millions) seeing things on a Blackberry site for iPhone or any other smartphone actually almost felt intrusive lol! Not to mention a bit of a time waste. It's not that the quality of the article is sub par, or anything like that. It's just that its placement makes no sense - and I don't believe it would had I owned an iPhone as well!