Say hello to SAM and MO on Twitter

SAM and MO
By Ryan Blundell on 1 Jan 2010 10:58 am EST

Is it just me, or did Christmas just rush by? If you were brave enough to venture into the malls, you would have been able to see just how busy cell phone stores were. Those sales reps, though extremely busy, were probably pretty happy with the business they were receiving. January and February mark a quiet time in sales. Sure, you will see activity in the same stores, but nothing like it was in the previous quarter. Now is the perfect time to hone your skills and prepare for the New Year. The BlackBerry smartphone does sell itself for the most part, but there are consumers who look for the confident and knowledgeable sales rep behind them. A few months ago, Rogers Wireless came up with a way to reach out to their sales reps. Not just through training material or sales meetings, but through Twitter. Say hello to SAM and MO.

@SAMBlackBerry is “all about Social networking, Applications and Messaging.”

@MOBlackBerry is “all about Multimedia and Organization.”

Now do you see where the names SAM and MO fit in? It’s an interesting concept, as they tweet about various applications, accessories and what they have done using BlackBerrys. In my opinion, more helpful tips could be tweeted in order to offer more value to their followers (who must be approved, I may add). I guess the same could be said about my own. My feelings were hurt a little bit, as they stopped following me for some reason. I won’t be too mad at MO though, as he does follow CrackBerry! At the time that this article was written, they only had 23 followers each. Alright Rogers reps, step up and start following these two.

Oh and in the mean time, make sure you are following CrackBerry as well, for the latest in BlackBerry news and to get help fro our amazing Twelper team.

Reader comments

Say hello to SAM and MO on Twitter


Yeah, potentially a good idea, but I'd like to see what kind of tweets they're sending before following them.

I'm not going to follow when tweets are protected.

Ditto that. I won't follow anyone with protected tweets. What the hell could you possibly say in a 140 letters that you feel needs to be protected from all to see? No thanks.

I have to wonder what is so important that they would post that you would need their permission -= sort of seems like it is defeating the purpose of the tweet.

its a part of the Rogers/RIM marketing plan and its mainly for Rogers reps. Its for promotional purposes for the reps. i would be surprised if it weren't protected