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Say Welcome back to James Falconer, our new Mobile Nations Community Manager!

James Falconer
By Kevin Michaluk on 20 Nov 2012 03:29 pm EST

Clean James... click here for a current photo of James' dirty Movember 'stache.

On a day when our Mobile Nations family of sites surpassed the 10 Million Monthly Readers milestone, it gives me great pleasure to re-welcome James Falconer to the Mobile Nations team in the role of Community Manager. 

Longtime readers may remember James, as he was one of CrackBerry's co-founders and a regular voice on the site and force behind the scenes from 2006 to 2010. James left for a while -- got stronger, smarter and faster -- and now he's back and he's here for YOU. 

All of our sites, including Android Central, CrackBerry, iMore, Windows Phone Central and webOS Nation are known for having the BEST forum communities - comprised of the the most passionate, knowledgable and dedicated members you'll find anywhere. We're not ones to settle for being the best though. James' new mission is to make our communities even better and members even happier, and he'll be spending every waking minute (and some of his sleeping ones too) doing just that.

You may see James drop in for the occassional post on the blogs, but where he'll spend the majority of his time is within our forums. He'll be active within the communities engaging with members and will be working with all of our forum volunteers to make sure things are running smoothly and that the forums are getting all of the support and attention they deserve.

I'll leave it to James to further introduce himself and unveil all of his awesome plans. In the meantime, join me in saying Welcome Back James!



Welcome Back, James!! :)

James Falconer

Feels great to be back. Hello again everyone!

DJ Reyes

Welcome back James! Nice to meet another original founding member.


How do you do, James.



Welcome back James

Zodiac BB10


Welcome back, James!


Welcome back James, couldn't have been a better time. Things are getting really exciting around here. :D


Hi James,

It's nice to meet you. :)


Welcome back James! Yes I think our forums site is very good, but if you can help make it better... Then I say all the better!!

James Falconer

You know it! Together with the community and amazing volunteers, things are going to get a LOT more fun around here! Feel free to follow me @JamesFalconer or shoot me a note at james@mobilenations.com anytime day or night. I'm here for you all!


Welcome back•welcome back•welcome back• (welcome back kotter theme song)


Welcome! Nice to have you join!


welcome buddy! looking forward to see you around!


First the Jets come back now you. Coincidence I think not. Welcome back.


Tim Tebow engineered the whole thing ;) (welcome back James :))

James Falconer

Optimus4, you clearly win for best comment here. Couldn't agree with you more lol.

Don't get me started on the whole hockey/lockout thing though. Oh boy.

Thanks for the welcome!


Welcome back James. It's always nice when someone returns to THE best BlackBerry website on the net!!

James Falconer

You know it CarBob!

BB10 here we come... 


I never got to know you james, WELCOME BACK!!! :)