Say hello to the first official BlackBerry Z10 owner in the USA!

By Kevin Michaluk on 22 Mar 2013 03:31 am EDT

The BlackBerry Z10 is finally available in the USA and CrackBerry was on the scene to capture it going on sale from AT&T.

Following up our call to action, a solid crowd of BlackBerry fans in NYC showed up at the 24-hour Best Buy at Union Square to be there for 12:01am so they could be among the first to own the Z10 in the USA.

At the front of the line was Manny -- a BlackBerry fanatic and big CrackBerry fan -- who now has the honor of being the first American to "officially" own the Z10. Hit up the video above to see how it went down. Congrats Manny!

Huge props to everybody who came out to the event tonight. It's just awesome for me to able to meet so many CrackBerry fans in person. You guys and gals ROCK!

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Say hello to the first official BlackBerry Z10 owner in the USA!


I'm glad all Americans have access to the Z10 now, means bigger user base and more likely developers will turn those android ports to native apps with everyones support for BlackBerry!

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The official presentation of the Z10 in Mexico (to be sold exclusively by carrier Telcel) happend some days ago; users we will have Z10s from this weekend and on =) YES!

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I have same problem on my 9900
Also on a desktop you can't see if a picture is a video till you click on it then it opens artivcale and you can play video very annoying KEVIN???

I can't open the website on my playbook ever since they updated. It crashes the browser when I start scrolling down the loaded homepage ( I found myself actually visiting it less now. Too bad cuz I loved checking it when bored now I go on like once a week on the computer:(

Psst ... time to upgrade ... you'll love BB10 ... come on put your fibre, that green fibre, where your fanboyism is ;)

I had to fight for an early upgrade but I GOT IT couldnt pick up in store only online so will have mine by MONDAY!

Same here, the video/photo doesn't appear at the top. Kinda surprising for a site dedicated to all things BlackBerry.

I agree. I don't think it would be a prudent move to mix something (android) with something that was not originally meant to be on a native OS of the Z10. You certainly can take a risk in my humble opinion.

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welcome to the future, virtual machines and emulation is quite normal practice in Enterprise and even the home pc market, and for Blackberry this was the only way to increase app adoption to provide some basic core app functionality for many users, without this they may have not survive in the short to medium term

Get with the program, no probs with sideloads. I have less probs on my z10, with it's sideloads (though my inventory of sideloads is steadily declining as things are being ported to BBWorld), than I all the problems I had with my 9900 with it's "native apps". Get over the Android issue. If you don't want to use it, fine. But don't spread your unfounded insecurities.

As an early owner from January...I feel sorta slighted by "official", but congrats none the less. I wish I had a CDMA version, my poor GSM version is just sitting here staring at me unused lol.

Lucky guy! Looks like a fun atmosphere in Best Buy. I played with a live Z10 in an AT&T store earlier... Unbelievable. Truly a great piece of hardware with the software to match. Just a few more days and it will be mine on T-Mobile.

Congrats again to Manny. He looks too excited for words!

Groan! Our town will never live that movie down Ha Ha.

Congrats, Manny. Those of us still waiting are totally jealous.

And Kevin you looked very sharp last night. Stepping into your increasingly high profile role as leader of the CB Nation & Mobile Nations.

Here's a thought. How about crackberry getting the first 50 Z10(1 from each state) together and celebrate being the first in there state to have the newest BlackBerry device. You would have to have the original proof of purchase and shipping address to even be eligible.

I was there late. I went mainly with hopes to check it out in person. When I got there around 2:30 am there were only a few people left wrapping it up and I was so pissed to find out nobody even had a demo to let me play around with. I'm surprised they did not sell out like I anticipated. One of the sales reps told me they had more in stock. Overall, it was a waste of time for me. Oh well, can't wait to pick one up Tuesday from T-mobile!

Anyone have an idea of the total number of units sold tonight? ball park?

Not sure, but the rep this morning when I went told me she was there last night and she sold a lot of units. Even this morning, I was the 3rd one to get one, both people in front of me on line bought Z10's :)

Congrats Manny. Dont be afraid of the Android sideloads.. some of them work very well. Check out the crackberry forums for the side loaded apps that work on the z10. Netfix, instagram, and Google maps all work pretty good. The Z10 is a solid piece if hardware. I'm in love with mine and I wouldn't trade it for anything....except a winning lottery ticket. Cheers!!

I have to wait until the 28th to get mine, but I still had fun there! I got BlackBerry swag and had some good conversations. I didn't get a chance to say hi to Kevin, however.

Aaaawwww, so adorable!!!! He looked so happy to have his phone in his hand!!!!
Congratulations, Manny!!!

Way to go Manny! Enjoy your new Zee10, eh.

Hey what's that BlackBerry swag in your hand -umbrella?

The guy in the background ~15 seconds in is Cracking me up.

It's kind of strange to see it being launched in the US almost a month after being launched in India. Usually its the other way round.

I have has my z10 for over two weeks now and I have one word to describe it... ROCKING!!!

Not a single OS crash till now. BlackBerry has done a fantastic job with the OS which is generations ahead of competition. It truly flows as claimed by BlackBerry and it's rock solid. Battery was an issue but the update fixed that.

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Congratulations Manny! Way to go! I wish I could have been there to witness the first official purchase myself.

Hey Manny, stop touching the battery!
Battery pulls and restarts after apps getting installed / uninstalled is from the past!

Nearly. One lockup forced me to pull once in my 6 weeks with Z10. But beats the nearly 6 times a day of my prior 9900. No looking back.

Congrats Manny!!

Am I the only one who was afraid that he was going to drop the Z10?! So glad that didn't happen, he would have also been the first "official" dropped Z10 too! Lol

Congrats to Manny too. I noticed that too, Serkle K, but I can relate, I was pretty nervous with mine until I got the Otter case for it. Dropped it a couple times now, now worries.

Good to see the Z10 in the hands of a bread-and-butter American. But now the really hard work begins. The straight truth is that the US has been downright hostile to BB the last year or so. It is going to take time and diligence by everyone at BB and the crackberry community to bring the Z10 to the forefront. Having seen this phone in action, BB has a great product that is unique and the App environment is coming along nicely. So the pieces are there. Advertising will only go so far, the key will be us. Word of mouth every day is what will sell this device.

I've been MASS marketing my BB10, and I'm marketing manager in a company here in Qatar, so i can do it right!

I was at a party last night and everyone had no idea about the features etc of the new bb. I showed them the cam time freeze, the keyboard, the gps navigation, the insane graphics of Nova, and successfully now they ALL planning to get the Z10 instead of the galaxy. Some waiting for the Q10 though. Job done!

BlackBerry for life.

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Agreed with the post above, it will take a village to keep BlackBerry going. I want to thank everyone at crackberry Canada owes you.

Now there is about 80 million of us let's sell at least 1 BlackBerry each. It's easy just show anyone your new z10. I have got 4 converted already and there all happy.

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I'm soon excited that the BlackBerry 10 has made it to the States! Congrats not just to Manny but to all the new Zed10 owners "out there in US Land "(said with my best Gremlins 2 character voice)

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Can we get these stickers already?!
How come i can buy the LLOYD products and nothing for the spark on crack Berry shop?
Show us some love cb!
It's time for us to be proud even more than ever now that we can finally be all the other platforms have (in terms of technology, not apps yet)

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He seemed half asleep and a little uncomfortable, then he got the Z in hand and FLASH; he turned into a superstar! Way to go, Manny, and welcome to the future!

im tryin to convert my friends back too.....ive showed every video, pics, u name it.. but i can get my z10 till april contract frm verizon....but i will b wit my friend today to pick his z10 up frm at&t ....

Pretty exciting for the US! I still wish they would have launched the same time as Canada would have had stronger momentum. I am always selling the z10 to who ever I talk to since I've owned one since launch in Canada. I have converted at least 20 ppl over from Apple and DROID. BTW speaking of DROID anyone catch the article about the head of Google rocking a BlackBerry z10 ? .....have to say that's cool!

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Can't see the vid on my 9800 Torch. :( But will on my Z10 in a few hours!!!!! :D. Wish I coulda been there to meet the famous Kevin! ;)

Congratulations Manny. Thanks for sticking with BlackBerry and buying a new Z10.

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Congrats Manny I'm sure you will love the phone, I know I do.

For those that said they can't see the video on the older phones just know the videos work perfectly on my z10 hehehe

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Kevin, man you look like you are having fun. Manny is probably watching you on his Z10 this morning.

Someday you will be replacing Piers Morgan on CNN.

Congrats, Manny! Hope you enjoy it! But, CrackBerry, I've had my USA T-Mobile z10 for about a week. Officially.

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Manny, you are one LUCKY guy!! I've got just one more week from today to get mine from VZW.

Kevin, Do I win anything if I am the 250,000th person in the USA to get the Z10? :)

congrats manny....but bro yuh look nervous!!!..damnnn ..couldnt sneak away frm work to b there!!!(sigh)..

NO WHITE AVAILABLE...on Web page? Unfortunately Manny had no choices after waiting 2 years plus. C'mon att or BlackBerry. Also how does BB let one of the largest and most tech savvy banks in the country let them drop the Chase app on release day. How ridiculous that your first email on your new device could possibly be a bad news notification. I love BB that's why I find their inattention so frustrating.

Congratulations to everyone that purchased a BlackBerry 10 phone or is planning to in the following weeks. With our support BB will continue to build the best phones for people who want to get s*#t done. Keep up faith and the hard work.

Ooooo... Kevin look a bit like after the interview he was going to star as an anchorman in a 70's porno. Good job everyone.

I must admit I'm jealous, seeing all that hoopla and I still have to wait until the 28th to get mine. The waiting game is no fun.

Manny, congratulations.
IMO Thor should have been there to present it to you.
CB Kevin seemed to be pretty exciting though.

Mehhhh they opened 1 best buy for the whole US.. Smart BB real dumb... They should have celebrated in NY LA and Miami, once again BB is failing to make a splash... Today is the launch and I don't c anything new on CB since the 12am release.. I wanna know what's going on

Actually that Best Buy is open 24 hours in general (and I believe it's the only one), so it made sense to be there to start selling Z10s.

From The First Guy in Canada to get one, I welcome you to the Next Gen of BlackBerry Phones! Manny may you thoroughly enjoy Your Z10 as much as I have.

Looks like a pretty good crowd there... I wonder if you could slip them a nice plastic Canadian $20 bill (worth $20.15 US if you time it right!) and get someone to figure out and tell you how many iOS / Android users switched to BB10... not scientific data gathering technique, but still, I'd be interested to find that out.

Congrats, Manny, albeit a bit anti-climatic with all of the reports of Best Buy selling early. What would Apple do if a retailer started selling a new iPhone before they were supposed to? Though it probably doesn't matter in the big picture, it's little things like this that nibble away at the overall impact of a marketing campaign and make BlackBerry appear as a lower class company.

Proud owner of the Z10 in London , Ontario In Canada. Happy for Manny and all the Americans that now have access to this wonderful device. Hoping it can crack a lot of sales and make a dent in market share in the U.S

BB10 Believe!

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Manny congrats. You are now a star here in Los Angeles. Enjoy this fame :) Hey why not when you love BlackBerry. It can take you that High!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy!!!! May be one day I see you on Hollywood Blvd :).

Love the Z10 honestly I've had the phone for almost three weeks and I'm loving it. Absolutely no problems at all! Great phone that's all I gotta say.
BB10 all day

This is bad news.

New Blackberry Quietly Goes on Sale in U.S.
By Drew FitzGerald, Copyright (c) 2013 Dow Jones & Company, Inc.

The new BlackBerry landed with a bit of a thud in the U.S. forest of smartphones. The launch failed to produce the crowds or the buzz of rival smartphone launches, despite the Canadian company's largest-ever marketing push. More crucially, AT&T(T) does not appear to be highlighting the new Z10 phone or giving it prominent shelf space at its stores.

At two AT&T(T) stores in Manhattan, there were neither special signs or floor displays to highlight the Z10. Apple on the other hand, still had its own space on the wall prominently displaying three different iPhones in the stores. At an AT&T store in downtown San Francisco, when a customer asked to see the Z10, the store's representatives had to retrieve it from the back. At the two AT&T stores in midtown Manhattan, fewer than 20 people arrived Friday morning to specifically check out the new Z10, with most seeking to replace an older Blackberry device.

At the San Francisco store, Ken Tse was the sole customer waiting for a BlackBerry when it opened. The 41-year old financial adviser said he preferred BlackBerry devices because of their look and feel. "I like the features; it feels like a better phone," he said, adding that he has held onto a BlackBerry for work and used an Android-powered phone for personal use.

Not great, true, but as people actually start comparing buzz may pick up. I was surprised when going by a phone kiosk at a mall recently and I asked the young guy working there what he thought best phone was and he said the Z10. Mind you, he covered the bases by also mentioning iPhone 5, and then said he thought best bang for buck was one of the HTC Androids (for people buying full hardware price). My usual experience in past at BestBuy's etc, was sales people not having a clue about BB.

Walked into my AT&T asked to see the new Blackberry Z10 and they said we don't have it out but we do have them.
So I bought it and while I was there someone else came in and was told the same thing. AT&T doesn't look like they are trying to sale them.

After being on the Iphone since they came out I am very happy with my new BlackBerry Z10. It is awesome and I am just learning to use it. Good job BlackBerry!!! Glad to be back.

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You should report the store to @BlackBerry or @BlackBerryDev on twitter as they will take up the issue with AT&T or Best Buy

Kev... I've been producing Reality TV for 6 years. I've produced shows for CBS, MTV, Spike, Discover, Nat Geo, VH1, etc... Let me help you while you're in my city. NO CHARGE.

I was in 6 AT&T stores and I've come to believe that, outside of it's fan base, BB may not understand the U.S. consumers market. Urban drives all.

Send me a message if you'd interested in me helping out.


I wasnt expecting Apple-esque style launch results, but I was unprepared for the sound of crickets too.

This is sad. Better get those ads out of mothballs, Heins.

Seems like the US has been zombiefied by Apple and now Samsung. No wonder BlackBerry didn't want to launch in the US first.

Well, hopefully you'll awake from your slumber and realise what you're missing with the new Z10. Seems the rest of the world loves it but you are just meh about it!

Kudos to all you guys n gals who keep the BlackBerry light shining in the US against the tide at the moment.

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Congrats Manny . What do think think of the BB10 after a two day hang over from using it

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I got it on Friday evening, oh man, but I still get fascinated by this device! The applications will come once people see how awesome this sweet this device is. I can't get enough of BlackBerry Flow!

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Thank you very much for the great comments everyone. I was tired and surprised, especially overwhelmed with all the attention but it was fun. I didn't expect to be 1st, I just wanted to meet the staff but I got Alicia Keys tickets so that was great. I was glad to have met Jeff Gadway, Donny H., Kevin & some of the crackberry staff. I'm a huge BlackBerry Fanatic, so I'm honored to have been the 1st in the US to officially get the Z10. I started with the 7700i then 8830, Storm, Storm2, 9850, PlayBook and finally the Z10, AWESOME!

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