Say goodbye to boring and hello to fun with Avatar Animator for BBM by mblware!

Avatar Animator
By Michelle Haag on 22 Mar 2012 06:41 pm EDT
Are you bored with using the pre-installed animated avatars for BlackBerry Messenger, but not sure what the alternative is? Check out Avatar Animator for BBM by mblware and in just a few clicks you will be on your way to creating your own personalized, animated avatars. The app couldn't be any easier to use. Open it up, click record animation, and the application does the rest for you. No worrying about your finished product being the wrong dimensions or the file size being to large. You can even edit out frames of the animation to get it just how you want it. Once you have created your new avatar, simply go to BBM and change it, then sit back and wait for your friends to be jealous.

Mblware has a major update planned for Avatar Animator in the coming weeks, but you can grab it now for $2.99 in BlackBerry App World at the link below. The app is compatible with BlackBerry smartphones running OS 5.0 and higher and BBM 6.1 is required.

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Say goodbye to boring and hello to fun with Avatar Animator for BBM by mblware!


Ignoring the posts above ...... Has anyone here used it ? What did you think ? I'm tempted to give it a try....

I think it's pretty cool. I made some fun avatars with my daughter, and it was super easy. She likes seeing herself being silly on my BB.

I've asked before but never got a response. Is it possible to get a report button for these posts as well?

As great as that would be for the a-holes that troll these genuinely good posts. It would also be kind of a scourge because then they would dislike everyone elses posts

Dotish Trolls!!! keep on keepin on. Go bite an Apple or become a Droid lol

With all seriousness now, i have downloaded the app for my Torch 9810. works great for what it does. I definitely reccommend spending the $2.99 worth every penny