A fantastic game for our new platform - It's fishy, it's Saving Yello for BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 10 Feb 2013 09:58 am EST

Saving Yello has already been a big hit on Android and iOS, and now that gaming has just got good with BlackBerry 10, Saving Yello was the first game I downloaded from BlackBerry World once I had my BlackBerry Z10. BlackBerry users have been used to having less than average games on their smartphones over the years but things have now changed for the better.

Saving Yello gives us everything thing we want from a game. Superb graphics, great sound, fantastic game play and even a cute little character that you control. The aim of the game is to get Yello (who is a goldfish) into his fish bowl. This is achieved by using a kind of catapult style movement, much the same as we have seen with the likes of Angry Birds. Once you touch Yello you move your finger left and right to select the direction and then move back and forth to choose the power level of the shot. Release your finger and off he goes - simple. However, things get a little more tricky after the first level. 

You have obstacles to contend with as well as items you must stike or knock over - the challenge is on. With 50 levels of fun this one is not only going to keep you busy, but that's 50 levels of enjoyment. In fact, each time I play the game it feels great that I am doing so on a BlackBerry!

Saving Yello is free. You would be mad not to grab this one. It's a beauty.

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Reader comments

A fantastic game for our new platform - It's fishy, it's Saving Yello for BlackBerry 10


This game is pretty fun. I downloaded it yesterday and spent a good hour playing it. Lots of great games on BlackBerry World.

I too have Chasing Yello on my playbook. Downloaded it for free but now everytime I complete a task the game crashes on me. James did Blackberry accidentally released Chasing Yello on to the playbook and removed it after? BE BOLD!!!

I can't delete this game from my Z10. Trash icon won't appear for this app. Anyone else having the same issue?

Seems like it froze up briefly a few times - Anyone else notice or is it a framerate drop in the video? Is this native or an Android port?

The word Yello is the same as my last name Yellow so be very careful and be kind to me.
Thanks from Peter Yellow.