Save your small village from alien attack in Asami: The Furry Samurai

By DJ Reyes on 22 Sep 2013 10:47 am EDT

I came across a fun little game a week or so ago and thought it would be great to share that discovery with the CrackBerry Nation. When it comes to playing games on my BlackBerry smartphone, I tend to just go for the quick play games. Something to kill time with. This game is just that. You are Asami, the Furry Samurai, tasked with saving your village from invading aliens. That, alone, made me want to check out the game.

Controls are pretty simple. It is just a case of tapping the screen to attack. To avoid obstacles just swipe in the direction you want to move Asami. There are power ups to collect as well as coins. The further you get - different types of bad guys start to appear. The coins you collect can go towards buying skills to help you fight better and also give you more stamina. There are also daily challenges where you collect jewels during game play and if you collect the daily total you can get a sack of coins, starting from 250.

Asami: The Furry Samurai is a fun game to play and it has pretty cools effects and sounds. I do like the sound effects and music all around - matches the theme well.

The even better thing about this game is that it is totally free. I would have totally paid for it, it does a better job than some games I've come across that have a price tag on them. It is also Built for BlackBerry so you know the developer has taken the care to make sure it has met a certain standard. It is available for all current BlackBerry 10 devices.

Download Asami: The Furry Samurai from BlackBerry World

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Save your small village from alien attack in Asami: The Furry Samurai


LOL - I was expecting that comment. Can't blame you either. I think all anyone cares about right now is the stability and sustainability of BlackBerry.

-STV on Q10SQN100-5/ TMO US

Yeah who cares after the blown launch. Looked like a dummy yesterday telling everyone about bbm.

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yeah. since they announced it i was posting on Facebook and telling in person. reminding them how good it is and that it's only getting better (at least for us with a BlackBerry 10 device).

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Please spare us the drivel. Who cares about some game after yesterday. Where's CrackBerry Kevin? In shock, depressed somewhere? I cannot believe they couldn't execute this. ESPECIALLY after the blood bath on Friday. Just great.

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The last time I checked Kevin doesn't work for BlackBerry. He and the entire CrackBerry staff are probably as disappointed as us. So please stop calling Kevin out like he is responsible for BlackBerry screwup.

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I feel sorry for Kevin. I have and will continue to be a BlackBerry supporter, but I can't help believe the end is near. For years I have pumped BlackBerry against all the odds, but after yesterday I have nothing left. I am beat. I give up. I love everything about BB10 and my Z10, but you can only hold back the tide for so long and eventually you give up........

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How come it's just now you found that one, James? Have seen it plastered over the front page for quite a while :P

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LOL...James isn't the author. DJ Reyes is.

Man I feel aweful for DJ now. All she did was review a game and we are all crabbing.

Don't take it personally, DJ. We love you. We are just on the edge waiting for something on...will BlackBerry die or live. *group hug*

-STV on Z10STL100-3/ TMO US

Good job to everyone being rude to DJ. This article has nothing to do with BBM. Deal with it. There are other locations to voice your displeasure with the delay; however, I am pretty sure this is not the correct spot.

I agree. I'm sorry DJ! T_T

We're just all emo lately. Emotional roller coaster.

-STV on Z10STL100-3/ TMO US

Well even if BlackBerry goes out of business, I'm still going to have my z10 for at least another six months, so it always good to have more games/apps available.

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If BlackBerry does long as it is slow so that my Q10 will continue to be supported! Just to be clear I really hope it will eventually recover...somehow...

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BBM or no BBM, it's business as usual. CrackBerry isn't a BBM site, we're a BlackBerry fan site. We have 23+ million readers, and not everyone cares about BBM on other platforms, some people really do come here for "drivel" like this. While we all understand and share in your frustration, there's no reason to be rude to DJ or any of the CB staff for things we can't control.

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