Save the universe on your BlackBerry PlayBook with Aitch by Birnam Designs!

Aitch by Birnam Designs
By Michelle Haag on 25 May 2011 10:45 am EDT

You are Mr. Aitch, assistant to a brilliant but dangerously forgetful scientist. You must go behind him and turn off his experiments before they wreak havoc on the universe! So begins the description for the BlackBerry PlayBook game Aitch, by Birnam Designs. Curious, I downloaded it and discovered a really fun, and quite addictive, new favorite game.

At the start of each level you are presented with a scene in space, with asteroids, planets, stars and so on, and it's your job to launch your ship through these and to the goal. Sounds easy enough, but it gets tricky as different elements of your surroundings affect your ship and can alter the course you planned. You earn points by interacting with the different elements and for accuracy. Some of the levels are pretty simple and easy, but as the game progresses they get more difficult, and some I had to keep trying at for quite awhile to get passed.

This free version gives you 36 levels and one type of ship, and a premium version should be released soon. I can't wait for that, I know I'll buy it when it is available. Aitch ran really smoothly on my PlayBook with no glitches or lag, and the graphics are really well done. One of my favorite parts is the "encouragment" the game gives you when you pass or fail a level; it's heavy with sarcasm and actually pretty funny. It's nice to see a developer take an offbeat approach to an often unnoticed area of a game. If you're looking for a new game for your PlayBook, I really suggest downloading Aitch and trying it out!

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Save the universe on your BlackBerry PlayBook with Aitch by Birnam Designs!


Well ok. It looks like the games are just going to have to do until the play book is really useful for my business. I'll try to explain that to my CPA.

Be thankful for what RIM brings you.
If you complain, do you think that it will help?

If you told 1 Billion people to buy the PlayBook ... and they did ... how many apps do you think we would have in six months. MILLIONS OF THEM ! Everybody will want to develope for RIM. !!!

So ... who do we have to blame for the lack of apps? YOU and those good for nothing analysts. They are to blame. NOT RIM !

Now apologize to RIM !

No sound on mine as well. How about opening up your music player and listening to some tunes while you play?

Remember. The PlayBook is a Multi-tasking POWERHOUSE !
It can do many things at the same time.