Save the Somyeols before it's too late with Somyeol Jump and Run on the BlackBerry PlayBook

Somyeol Jump and Run BlackBerry PlayBook
By Zach Gilbert on 19 May 2012 03:02 pm EDT

Looking to get a little gaming in this week? Then look no further than Somyeol Jump and Run for the BlackBerry PlayBook. Somyeol Jump and Run is a 2D side scrolling game in which your mission is to save a group of Somyeols as Metroid's attacks their home planet. The game features 100 levels, Scoreloop integration, various control options and more.


  • Totally FREE
  • Unique Jump&Run
  • Over 100 fun and challenging levels
  • 11 different types of Somyeols
  • Collect and find hidden trophys
  • Scoreloop online highscore, compete with friends or players all over the world
  • Different input methods

Essentially what you're doing is controlling a group of about 10 Somyeols, and have to successfully move them from point A to point B, but that's where the simplicity ends. The issue is that the other Somyeols don't have a mind of their own, and just follow the leader and when you're faced with fire, spikes, and water this makes for a slightly more complicated game. If you're thinking "ah, that's easy", remember that you need to ensure that all of the drone Somyeols make their way back to the rocket ship…..alive. The more you leave behind or the more that die on the way the lower your score is and the harder it is to continue.

I was impressed to see the developer add Scoreloop into their game, really does adds to the fun factor when playing and competing against others. Somyeol Jump and Run is available on the BlackBerry PlayBook and is available in BlackBerry App World for the low-low cost of free, and you can't beat that.

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Reader comments

Save the Somyeols before it's too late with Somyeol Jump and Run on the BlackBerry PlayBook


Turn off and on your wifi connection.
Then open AppWorld and search "Somyeol" no "s" on end.

It popped up with two choices, Free and Deluxe.

There are two versions in App World - the Deluxe and the free. Both are version 1.3.8, have the same screenshots, 11 MB, and same descrption. One is 1.99 and the other version is free. Obviously, I'm opting for the free version,

But, is there any difference?