Save the fluffy bunnies from incineration - Bunny Rescue by Vimukti Technologies

By Michelle Haag on 5 Apr 2011 10:16 am EDT
Bunny Rescue by Vumukti Technologies

A game doesn't have to make sense to be fun. For example, in Bunny Rescue by Vimukti Technologies, cute white fluffy bunnies are falling out of chutes in the ceiling, destined to be charbroiled on the incinerator below. It's up to you to bounce them up into the air to save them. Why are evil robots dropping bunnies into an incinerator? I have no clue, but you can believe I spent a good deal of time trying to save their furry little butts from getting toasted.

Bunny Rescue has several modes of game play. In Bail the Bunny mode, your goal is to bounce the bunnies out of the windows on either side of the incinerator and presumably out to safety. It's harder than it sounds because the bunnies are like bouncy balls and don't always go out the window on the first attempt, and before you know it you have multiple bunnies shooting around the room. Scores are determined by number of bunnies saved.

Timed mode is a bit easier. Your goal is to keep the bunnies in the air as long as possible. Again there can be multiple bunnies, and the windows aren't open so they're all ricocheting around in the tiny room like crazy (assuming you can keep them from hitting the floor). Timed mode has a few different difficulty levels. Kid mode was especially fun as there is only one bunny to keep in the air, and you get special items falling that help your rescue efforts. Two that I saw are a balloon that floats your bunny for a few seconds, and a grill that covers the floor so the bunny can bounce off safely. Score in timed mode is determined by length of time you can keep your bunny alive.

I enjoyed playing Bunny Rescue. The graphics are clear and sharp, without any extra frills to get in the way or slow it down. I had no lag while playing on my Torch, which is good because those bunnies are fast!  You can pick up Bunny Rescue for $1.99 in the CrackBerry store for your BlackBerry Torch or Storm. You can check out a couple more screenshots after the break.

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Bunny Rescue by Vumukti Technologies
Bunny Rescue by Vumukti Technologies
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Hilarious...can’t play it on my Tour, but perhaps it will be available next Easter for the Bold Touch!


I assume this game does not work if your BlackBerry is a non-touch screen device?


Who needs angry birds when you got fluffy bunnies!!!!!!!!!!


Just in-case people don't wanna read the whole thing :

"You can pick up Bunny Rescue for $1.99 in the CrackBerry store for your BlackBerry Torch or Storm."


silly rabbits,incinerators are for kids, jp,jp,jp lol


Hope PETA doesn't hear about this


I'm considering to buy this one...


I HATE it when the Bunny Boils!!


I like it, the concept is cute and it's very addicting. However it lags on my Torch. Are you supposed to tap the screen or slide your finger around to move the circle? When I tap my finger its jumps right to the spot I want it to move, but when I slide my finger it's delayed for a few second and I tend to miss the bunnies that way. I have to play the game by constantly tapping the screen because I cannot slide the cursor around in time.


slow as all hell on the storm 2. and i have 50 MB free space, and full memory when playing (memory booster). not to mention you don't even get to see the bunnies fry at the bottom. I want my money back.