BBM Stress Test happens @ 12 Noon EDT on Monday. Tune in now!

You've been asking for it.  And now that the BlackBerry Z10 is available from AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon in the USA, we're going to do it. The BBM Stress Test is happening! Join in by visiting at 12 Noon EDT on Monday, April 1st, 2013 and invite me to be a BBM contact!

By Kevin Michaluk on 27 Mar 2013 05:09 pm EDT

Head to the BBM Stress Test post here and add Kevin to BBM!!

This isn't an April Fools' Day joke in the making. Come Monday, April 1st at 12 Noon EDT, the BBM Stress Test is ON!

I promised a long time ago we would conduct our infamous BBM Stress Test again on the BlackBerry Z10. I've been putting it off though because I wanted to make sure as much of CrackBerry Nation as possible could participate in the BBM Stress Test with their very own Z10 in hand.

With the Z10 now available in much of the world, including the USA, the time is right to get it done!

What is the BBM Stress Test?

The BBM Stress Test is a BlackBerry torture test of sorts. The goal is to find out how well the phone can handle a maxxed-out BBM Contacts list, with the inbound BBM invites happening in rapid succession.

We've conducted the test twice in the past. The first time I conducted it on a BlackBerry Bold 9000. The second time was on a BlackBerry Bold 9650. In both cases, the phones pretty much died. The sheer onslaught of inbound BBM invites and the lack of free app memory on those phones rendered them unusable. 

With the BlackBerry Z10 built upon the all new BlackBerry 10 mobile computing platform, it will be fun to throw some abuse at it and see how it holds up.

How it will work

The premise is simple. Come to on Monday, April 1st and be here for Noon Eastern time (EDT). I will post my BBM barcode and pin to the a blog post (it will be the featured post on the homepage). If you own a BlackBerry, simply invite to your BBM list. Head here to add Kevin to BBM and join in on the test!

On the receiving end, I'll get hammered with BBM invites. From there, we'll see what happens. I'll accept as many of the invites as possible and try and chat with as many people as possible.

Tune into the Live Stream!

Tune into the live stream NOW at You'll be able to watch the whole thing as it happens. We'll also be recording video and post a condensed recap once the dust settles.

What do we expect to happen?

The architecture of BlackBerry 10 is MUCH different that old BlackBerry 7 devices. With QNX at the core, no single application should be able to bring down the whole operating system, which was not the case in the past. We've heard that the new BBM on BB10 will max out at 2,000 contacts and that invites beyond that will just get ignored. Knowing that should be the case, we're thinking the Z10 should be able to hold up to the stress test pretty well. That said, when all of the invites come in at once, I just don't know how the Z10 will react to it. I'll have the fire extinguisher nearby just incase the Z10 starts to smoke from the BBM heat :)

See you Monday at noon. BE THERE!

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Reader comments

BBM Stress Test happens @ 12 Noon EDT on Monday. Tune in now!


This is going to be amazing!

Ps: Notice that I could be the FIRST comment every single time if I want to, so it's probably best if everybody quits racing to call first here and leaves quality comments instead! That said, I do love the passion. :)

You should probably just post immediately anyways to see if it helps stems the tide of the "first callers"...

"BBM Stress Test?"
Sounds to me like you are going to need to de-stress after this.
Nothing quite does it like sitting by a fire with a good pipe.
Head over to this web Site and get one.
Tell him DK sent you to de-stress...;o)

Oh, so it's fine for YOU to call first, but not others? ;)
PS: If people stop posting "first" and then aguing about it (still don't get why anyone cares), we'll lose half the comments on this site...

Kevin, you better not pull an April Fools on us!!
Otherwise instead of a spam of BBM invites, you will be sent a mind blowning 600GBits/s traffic to your BlackBerry Z10 instead!!!
Btw, you should definitely hook up your phone to HDMI so we can watch live whats going on, on the screen.

Agreed. Watching on a big screen would be cool. But you might want to reserve all of the phones resources for the on slaughter of BBM invites.

P's. If this is an April fools joke, I am switching to just kidding. happy pre April fools.

Posted via CB10

I'll be there and ready. Can't wait to see what happens but its exciting times. Monday work day is gonna be awesome and I can honestly say I am looking forward to going to work on Monday April 1st.

I don't mind the first comments. It's the 15 complaints that follow the first that is annoying....anyhow, of all days April 1st. hmmmm do we check in and get taken, or do we all not show up and the joke is on Kevin? Interesting. Very Interesting!

Posted via CB10

What a great way to spend a day off. Looking forward to seeing how BB10 holds up to the full force of CrackBerry nation... very interesting indeed!

Posted via CB10

"We've heard that the new BBM on BB10 will max out at 2,000 contacts and that invites beyond that will just get ignored."

-With this being said, will the person adding you receive an error message of some sort once the recipient of the invite has a maxed out BBM contacts list? Will it stay "pending" on BBM or will it be automatically deleted (on the inviter's end)?

Can't wait. Been a CrackBerry addict for many years and now I have time to participate! Plus I'll have my Z10 tomorrow which is a plus :)

O you can just give out week long bans, which I think will be far more effective!

It's the best way to deal with children!

Posted via CB10

I would suggest reading the article for starters. Maybe watch the video, the information you seek is there.

What!! I'm limited to only 2000 friends??? Lol just kidding, I'm lucky to have one b contact now a days

Posted via CB10

@proudtobe_bb - set an appoinment in the calendar for noon Eastern Time and see what time it shows up as in your local time...

Only trouble with that is that we go onto summer time on Sunday, so any time conversions shown before then will be wrong

I always wanted to run this test on my 9900.. but now as a z10 user... can't see the phone crashing. But we will see...

Posted via CB10

Wow the Bold 9650 that was a great little phone (I only wished I had a 9000). Ahhhh them were the it's just gotten silly how technology is really running my life. I now have a 9930 and a playbook but can't wait to get a Q10.


Probably don't want to give your number out but what about SMS stress tests? Either way I'm marking this on my calendar for sure

Posted via CB10

Hi Kevin!..........
I don't think it will crash the phone.
I think the phone will eeasily handle all 2000requests as easily as the network can process the info.
Great idea!
I will be proud to have you in my BBM stack! Cheers! =)

Prize for the 500th or 1000th contact? Anyone dare to send the message "first" with their BBM invite request? LOL!

What we pushed that BB10 for what its worth. We all BBM, tweet, and WhatsApp you at the same time. Testing to see if an app would bring down the whole system and how well the hub will stay afloat. For extra kicks why not create an extra gmail account and we all email you at the same time pushing it an extra mile.

For extra kicks what if the device survives I get to keep the BB10 and Ill go around telling everyone my phone survived being murders XD

Kidding about the extra kick though haha :D

A prize for the 2000 for sure.

Prize= Q10 upon release?

What about it?

Happily posted with my z10 via CB 10

This will be cool. By the way Kevin I'm loving the app. No more looking for shortcut and logging in over and over.

Posted via CB10

I hope that the poor subject of this torture will be plugged into a playbook rapid charger for this.

Hey Kevin will you be restarting your BlackBerry Z10 before the test? I am wondering if that make a difference.

Love the work and commitment you and everyone at Crack be try have been putting in.

Posted via CB10

To be honest, I think you need to worry about how well your battery will handle the incoming requests more than the actual BBM. I'm curios how it performs.

Posted via CB10

Why don't we share our own pins here as well? Chatting with Kevin and having a stress test group (in case we are the unlucky ones to who get late to the party) chat alongside.

I'm in 266E4223

Posted via CB10

Awesome possum Kevin! Gonna be recontracting my line for the Z10. LIKE FINALLY.
It'll be great to test this out on the day1 of my new Z10 :)

Seriously. I hope it can hold more than 2,000 contacts. I currently have 1,800+ contacts on bbm. Still running good. Though I don't chat with all of them on the same time.

This is the main reason why I hate the new bbm that can't broadcast message by selecting all contacts, or at least by category, can only select one by one. Hope BB will add this feature soon.

Looking forward for the test result.

Posted via CB10

Ok, just to confirm for my peace of mind, 5pm UK appointment in Z10 calendar does convert to same local (Pacific) time as a12 noon Eastern appointment. So the calendar must adjust for time changes. I sincerely hoped so!

Posted via CB10

Kevin if the phone goes up in flames/explode/melt, I call dibs ....... Got a glass case for it

Posted Via CB10 Á La Z10

Hi Kevin, would it be possible for you to take a video of the test so that we can see how BBM fared over the course of the test. I would really like to see this and I'm sure that a lot of others would too.

Posted via CB10 from BB Z10

I dont see why this is such a "big" experiment. You say in your post that BBM limits contacts to 2000 (seems kind of low ??) and ignores the rest, so really its just testing to see how fast can get 2000 people added. If BBM cant handle all the requests it just shuts down and you restart the app....

Worth noting that in the UK we go back to GMT from Daylight Savings this weekend so watch out for the time difference. :)

Posted via CB10

Try setting your appointment in Eastern Time -- sorry if I didn't make it clear, the calendar app seems to adjust for that.

Been waiting for this!!

but april 1st? was wondering today "hmmm, wonder what the CB team is cooking up for april fools" This would be pretty mean if that's the case!

*plays double dragon II background music track "intermission"*

I will definitely blast that request in!! WILL BLACKBERRY 10 BE ABLE TO BEAT THE BOSS? :D

I prefer something nastalgic, something the highlights anything from the original BB 950, something done in 8-bit (for the 950's 8 lines of characters) as an example.

The opening music for Karateka! (not the iOS game, the original Apple IIc game).

I got 2 simple questions ....

1) Hopefully the PIN/IMEI will remain private entirely from BlackBerry.
(not on BBID, the email registration thereof/in use previously or during the entire event, etc)

and also .. who will be ..


If it works great, the media will be quite... if there is even a slight glitch, the lowlife bashers and US media will be all over it... never mind how Iphone breaks down so many times.

but waze brings down the os so i guess QNX lied and needs to fix some bugs i've experienced it mustiple times using waze it makes the device restart when it crashes... :| i own a z10 and i think it's disappointing me day in day out they should rellie look to fix this.

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Anyone know how to change crop settings for bb10 profile pics? If the pic is too large it won't fit to screen like the older models and it's frustrating.