Save 50% on these best-selling PlayBook titles from EA

EA Game Sale
By Adam Zeis on 19 Jul 2012 10:40 am EDT

Now through July 28th you can save big on some awesome titles from EA. Games like Madden 2012, Bejeweled, Monopoly and The Game of Life are all 50% off for a limited time. These titles are some of the best, so if you've been mulling them over, now is your chance to scoop them up. Hit the link below to check out all the EA titles, then drop a comment letting us know which ones you pick up!

Check out all EA titles in BlackBerry App World

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Reader comments

Save 50% on these best-selling PlayBook titles from EA


Why discontinue something that works and costs them little to maintain? EA has had good success on the PlayBook. I think their apps are consistently in the top 25 paid apps.

I think it's a good idea to do this because EA can makw as much money as they can from BB7 [and earlier] phones then concentrate on the BB10 devices. I'll consider purchasing a few whereas I may not have considered it before.

I just checked out as many titles as I could on my Torch9800 and I didn't have a problem finding them. I live in Vancouver so I'm not sure why you're not finding them. If you're looking for PB titles on your BB that may be the reason you're not finding anything.

EA just had a 50% sale over the first week of July. They're having another probably because they had a bunch of folks biting :)

Delete the appworld cache and use alt-rst.
The apps are available in north america, yes, both canada and the united states.