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The Saudi Investment Bank brings its app to BlackBerry 10

Saudi Investment Bank
By James Richardson on 18 Apr 2013 04:09 am EDT

Another banking application has been made for BlackBerry 10 - this time for you good folk in Saudi Arabia. The app, which has been built for BlackBerry, will give customers the banking features they need all from their new shiny BlackBerry 10 device.

Clearly I'm not able to test the app as I can't login to an account so this is where you guys and gals come in handy. If you are in Saudi and have access to the app please let us know in the comments your thoughts. I expect it to be all good like the other BlackBerry 10 banking apps, but it's always great to get some feedback from the community.

Application features include:

  • ATM & Branch Locator: Search your nearby SAIB ATM or Branch.
  • Aseel Program Access.
  • Products and Services Catalog: Be the first to know all products and services offered by Saudi Investment Bank.
  • Access to SAIB Social Media  (Facebook, Twitter and YouTube).
  • Islamic Applications (Prayer Times and Alarm configuration, Quibla Direction).
  • Calendars: Arabic Stars Meteorology Calendar.
  • Contact with the Bank (Phone, email, SMS).

More information/Download The Saudi Investment Bank for BlackBerry 10


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Nice wish that my Bank have it to....
Search for blackberryhelp on Twitter...

moody karkdan

Nice I'm from Saudi Arabia and this will help a lot thanks for covering man

Posted via CB10


RBC is still a fail for not being first as far as banks are concerned.



How can the largest Canadian bank not have a bloody banking app for bb10. Shameful. If TD gets an app out before royal I'm switching banks.

Posted via CB10


Good point

Posted via CB10


Good, cause it's time to give us some attention fyi am from saudi Arabia

Posted via CB10

Mr Gill

Lol really? I would have never guessed it.


lol... his name is saud not saudi and that could be anyone!

Mr Gill

Lmao that's true, I guess I thought the '1' in his name acted as the 'I' in Saudi

Xuexiang Hu

Td still disappointed me, I consider switch bank


I don't understand why bank like Deutsche Bank have never developed an app for Blackberry. Security is clearly not an issue here. They only have an app for iPhone.


Still waiting for TD Bank

Posted via CB10

RP Singh

A bank that makes an app only for Apple clearly does not care about its customers' information security.

Sent from my iPuh-lease-as-IF


Gives me hope that more banking apps are coming, like bofa.

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very good

Posted via CB10


They shouldn't let any Saudi apps on BlackBerry. Country where women have no rights. Shame on you BlackBerry.

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Naif abdullah

let me till you about respect here
We respect all the women here is Saudi Arabia our Islamic religion urges us to respect women
If a women entered a place lets say a restaurant and there is a lot of men and a big line ordering food we all let her to be in the first of the line so she don't have to wait with all the men inside
And that thing don't happen in ur country
I work and live in a city between this city and my mother house about 1000 kilo meter
Every tow weeks I visit her and I stay the week end with her and I call her almost every day
And am not like you when she get old I put her in a place so they take care of her
No if she get old I will quit my jop and I will find a work next to her and I will Serve her until the last day of my life
And am not the only one do that all the Muslim around the world
So please if you have some bad information about my country
Do some research and you will find that you are wrong
If some tills you that
The Population here about 30 million here of course you can't make them all happey
That's all
Thank you


Shame on you for being IGNORANT with a bliss.


Nice I'm from Saudi Arabia and this will help a lot thanks for covering man .


pffff..i am waiting for the group societe generale to build it own app...

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TD Canada needs to get off there ass


Guys RBC is under dev right now. They are thinking of adding wave payment method.

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