Saturday Night Live Pokes Fun at AT&T and the iPhone

By Kevin Michaluk on 20 Dec 2009 05:48 pm EST

** OOOOPS.. My bad. Round Robin Week 2 actually has me using the WINDOWS MOBILE phones... not iPhone. Ahh well, always fun to poke fun of our frenemy anyways. **

Week #2 of the Smartphone Round Robin has me coming back to our 'ole pal... frenemy #1.... the Apple iPhone. The folks at Saturday Night Love must be following the event as they decided to give me a little extra ammo on last night's show to put to use this week. Too funny :)   

[ Engadget via TheiPhoneblog ]

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Saturday Night Live Pokes Fun at AT&T and the iPhone


People have been saying that about the iphone for how long now? How can this seem funny to anyone in December 2009?

Apple won't like that. AT&T is really killing them. Up until now, the coolness of the iPhone (;-) was enough to counter the problems with AT&T, but Mr. Jobs will not react well to a bad rep.

It is the iphone that is the problem, I was given an iphone to use at work and the phone dropped calls constantly, but my Curve 8310 would be able to make and recieve calls from the same spot. It wasnt AT&T that was the problem it was the icrap.

It may be the iphone as well, but AT&T is crap. Just ask Howard Stern about hit BB on AT&T and his switch to VZW BB. He couldn't EVER make a call from NYC. My father is the only one in the family that uses AT&T and I lose his calls all the time. He is the only one I have trouble with (and no he doesn't have an iphone). I don't really like Big Red, but I LOATHE AT&T.

There is an at&t down town, it has a giant iphone in the window, as if the success of at&t rides on apps....hilarious...:)

The iPhone is cool but the reality is that it needs to focus more on the communication features (phone, email, text, instant messaging) than the apps/games/coolness.

why people choose the device first and the carrier second.
Isn't any phone's main purpose is to make phone calls?
Hey I have an app that if I shake it, chooses a restaurant (yes bb has it too), but it took 3 generations to get mms on the device.

You're 100% right but the problem is, as soon as ATT does catch up to Verizon, we have no ammo. I always kill my friend by saying he cant run backround apps but to be completey honest, they do ruin battery life.

Apple needs to smarten up, get with the program, and just get in bed with VZW. They can't go wrong. They will have a lot of happy customers. And it will probably be one of the best business decisions they will have ever made. Its no secret that AT&T is killing them big time.

Hey fan boy, can you BBM and talk on the phone at the same time? No? Keep your CDMA. You're probably an apple whore anyway, so you wouldn't know about BBM.