SaskTel releases the BlackBerry Curve 9320

SaskTel releases the BlackBerry Curve 9320
By DJ Reyes on 10 Aug 2012 01:00 pm EDT

The BlackBerry Curve 9320, the little entry level model that is making waves around emerging BlackBerry markets, is landing on Canadian carrier SaskTel. The Curve 9320 is being marketed as a BlackBerry smartphone for the socially connected, mainly for the addition of the BBM hotkey that gives you access to your BBM chats from wherever you are within the device.

SaskTel will have the Curve 9320 available for $149.99 on Prepaid. It will also be available on 1, 2, or 3 year contracts for $99.99, $69.99 and free respectively.

While the Curve 9320 is no Bold 9900, it is a snappy little device, great for those on a budget, first time BlackBerry users or teens. It certainly isn't a device that should be written off.

For more information or to purchase the BlackBerry Curve 9320 on SaskTel 

Source: SaskTel, via MobileSyrup 

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SaskTel releases the BlackBerry Curve 9320


This is great. 149.99 Prepaid?? Very smart move to put these babies in everyone's hands. Most affordable Brand name smart phone for 149.99? This is another way RIM can push the revenue until BB10 launch. I wont be surprised if RIM's Q3 meets the expectations.( It is a Low expectation and RIM can blow that away.)

I have a curve 9380 with sasktel that I bought for $149.99 on a 1 year contract. Probably not the best phone out there, but I do like it. It's small, texts well and does email well and it serves a vital purpose bridging with my playbook. And I'm not locked in to a ridiculous contract, and it's only $45 a month.

+ when BB 10 comes out my contract will be over.

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