For sanity's sake, this OS rollout fragmentation has to stop

BlackBerry 10.1
By Kevin Michaluk on 19 Jun 2013 02:12 pm EDT

Ok BlackBerry, it's time for a CrackBerry intervention. The way BlackBerry 10 OS updates are rolling out to the world isn't healthy. Your behavior isn't sustainable. We need to make some decisions and lifestyle changes here, for the benefit of all those around you who love you so much, including developers and most definitely your customers and biggest fans.

Looking back at years of BlackBerry OS updates on the legacy BlackBerry OS platform, we became accustomed to fragmentation in the way OS updates were pushed out. For the most part, the push date has always appeared to driven by the carrier. BlackBerry releases a new "gold candidate" code build to carriers, carriers test it, and if they approve it they push it out at their convenience. Over the years, the only way to know which carrier in the world had the latest and greatest version of the BBOS was to keep it locked to CrackBerry's constantly-updated BlackBerry OS page. 

Though this pattern is longstanding, recently BlackBerry has shown improvement with the launch of BlackBerry 10 in proving it can coordinate OS rollouts across multiple carriers. Think back to May 14th, when Thorsten Heins took to the stage at BlackBerry Live and announced OS 10.1 for the Z10 would begin launching that day for international carriers and by the end of the month in the US. Within hours, we saw all Canadian carriers release the update. It was coordinated, and it was awesome.

Now here we are over a month later, and Verizon and AT&T Z10 owners in the US are still waiting on 10.1 to be released (though it looks based on this post in the forums this morning that VZW may just be starting its push). As much as the coordinated push to upgrade to 10.1 was awesome for the end users who received it, this ongoing wait for 10.1 by others has illustrated once again just how frustrating a fragmented OS upgrade cycle can be.

In this case, the wait by users for 10.1 isn't just about waiting on new operating system features (like the camera app getting HDR support!), it's also about apps and app compatibility. For example, Skype requires OS 10.1. So those still waiting for the 10.1 update still have not been able to install Skype, which is one of those top apps so many people wanted to see come to the BB10 platform. Or look at today's announcement of the CNN app becoming available for BlackBerry 10. That's GREAT NEWS, except that the app requires OS 10.1. Read the comments to that post and you'll see the frustrations by users still stuck on 10.0.

Even in the case of CrackBerry and our award-winning CB10 app, the waiting for 10.1 to be released to Z10 owners everywhere is frustrating us. We're working on an app update we want to push out to our users. Ideally, we'd want to release our app update only for 10.1 which is what we would do if the update was available everywhere. Instead, if we want to support our entire user base and get the update out soon rather than later, which we do, we need to role out two app builds now. 

As much as waiting sucks, in pondering the frustrations associated with rolling out OS updates in a fragmented fashion, my conclusion is that all things equal I'd rather wait a bit longer and see the update hit all users at once across all carriers vs. seeing it roll out carrier by carrier in fragmented fashion. And I think this notion applies as much to small OS updates as it does to big ones. It's too late for this update to 10.1, but thinking ahead to future 10.1 or 10.2, 10.3 etc. updates, I'd personally rather wait (unknowingly of course!) a couple extra weeks more than be necessary to see the update roll out everywhere, vs. just to the quickest carriers.

If BlackBerry's goal is to deliver the best experience to customers possible, making updates available everywhere to everyone needs to be the ongoing goal they strive for

If BlackBerry's goal is to deliver the best experience to customers possible, which I believe it is, then aiming to make updates available everywhere to everyone needs to be the ongoing goal they strive for. Pushing updates out earlier on some carriers and later on other carriers (and much later on yet other carriers) only leads to confusion and frustration. Just spend a little time in our forums, reading comments or looking at the tweets we receive by the minute by frustrated users waiting on 10.1, and the evidence is overwhelming. As I said above, there has been some improvement made here - but there's still a lot of work to be done. And maybe, just maybe, a relentless commitment to this process by BlackBerry would also see some of the slower carriers out there become a little more responsive. 

Hopefully BlackBerry can continue to improve here and see that OS updates roll out everywhere in sync. If not, they should at least work on a backup plan that satisfies those who really care to be on the latest update. One Band-Aid solution could be for BlackBerry to make the BlackBerry 10 developer builds fully-baked, so that hardcore consumers (aka the biggest BlackBerry fans, aka the CrackBerry community), could also download them and install them. Right now I'm hearing from a lot of frustrated BlackBerry developers about the crippled nature of the developer builds. You get the latest OS build, but it's missing lots of core apps that developers would ideally want to see (seriously, why remove the photo app from the dev builds?). Load those dev builds up to the max, and if consumers want access to them, so be it.

So that's my take on it. I want to see OS updates hit all carriers at once, even if it means some of us (the ones on carriers who are quick to push out updates) may have to wait a little longer for them. The sanity of making sure the entire user base gets access to the update all at once is worth it. We need to get there!

Agree? Disagree? Let me know what you think in the comments! 

PS. Fingers crossed VZW and AT&T will rollout those 10.1 updates soon.

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For sanity's sake, this OS rollout fragmentation has to stop



I agree, if apple can get it right owning there own os, I don't see why BlackBerry couldn't. Android should be the only fragmented os.

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Not really, the only reason BB has trouble is they've designed their system so all updates must go through carriers. If they pushed the updates straight to devices like Apple they could update them all at the same time. I don't understand why this doesn't already happen quite honestly.

This is why I decided to buy a Canadian SIM card and use it just for fast 10.1 updates. US carriers (i'm AT&T) are absolutely horrendous!

I never knew ATT released updates...I guess that's where the phrase "when hell freezes over" came from. lol

10,000th word that came to mind on CB...

It not that Apple can do it right. It's Apple does not care about what carriers say about their os upgrade. When they have an upgrade they just push it regardless off the impact on carrier networks.

BlackBerry works with carriers so they don't impact their network and does not put thought upgrades if a carrier does not sign off on it.

Yes this hurts the perception users have of BlackBerry.

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That is completely untrue. The carries definitely test all Apple software pushes, they just don't have the same testing schedule or guidelines as the other OEMs. I was a device tester for a major carrier, so I know for a fact the carriers test Apple OS pushes.

Probably part of the contract terms Apple has with the carrier.

Basically "If Apple releases an update for the iPhone it has to be tested and pushed out by the Carrier within three weeks of release or penalty clauses will come into effect!"

It's all down to the small print.

I don't think so. I agree with snics cuz when iPhone 5 updated in my country (before even BB10 was launched) one of the carriers had a HUGE problem with that update because its consumers coudn't use there iphone anymore ! there is no signal.

I guess if Apple worked with the carriers that wouldn't happend at all.

Or maybe Apple just don't test their OS everywhere.

Complete agreement here. There is no reason to allow the carriers to hold these updates in limbo. It is damaging to BlackBerrys business and it needs to stop. If the carriers want to control launches fine, but just send the updates ota like apple and start taking control of their destiny in the US...

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+1, it just needed to be said. They should just make the OS update available to all and let the carriers push their bloated versions later.

Posted via me on my Z10

+1. just feels like how I feel when I see an app that is great and see no blackberry app. but now it is happening with the blackberry world. I sideloaded after waiting 2 weeks wanted Skype to video chat with son on summer break while I have down time at work. and it is infuriating not just frustrating.

As a verizon customer I say 'amen' . . .
CBK has spoken, so let it be written, so let it be done . . . ;-)

many people have their own beliefs and i do not deny what you say because of it, however, fact is that atheist do exist in this world. some claim to be atheist, but eventually will end up in the trap of what i believe is all fake that they "found god." eventually i may one of these people, however the circumstances with scientific research, theories and facts, i can almost say we found the link to how human existence occured not by what religious groups believe as "god"

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Just ignore them. If they want to bash other peoples' belief systems, let them. It is only showing their ignorance. Atheists, Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, etc. are all still humans and should respected as such. I just hope that one day everyone can just believe whatever they want to believe and not shove their own beliefs down other peoples' throats. "Good for you, you're happy believing what you believe, can you please let me be the same?"

(Btw I'm an atheist too)

Everyone is free to believe what they want but not everyone is right...

And if I see someone Drowning I am not going to stand by and watch them drown
I will throw them a life preserver it's up to them to grab it...

John 3

16 For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.
17 For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved.
18 "He who believes in Him is not condemned; but he who does not believe is condemned already, because he has not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God.

Posted via CB10 on Blackberry Z10!

Romans 1

16 For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God to salvation for everyone who believes, for the Jew first and also for the Greek.
17 For in it the righteousness of God is revealed from faith to faith; as it is written, "The just shall live by faith."

Posted via CB10 on Blackberry Z10!

You choose not to believe in God which is your right. I choose not to believe in you. Also my right.

Posted via CB10

What does people saying amen have to do with being you being atheist? Educate yourself and look up the meaning of the word. By the way, I know someone already mentioned the meaning to you, so I'm starting to doubt your motivation.

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I'm of the atheist persuasion as well but I believer the user was suggesting that it was 'all men' that are at the helm of the US (and other slower carriers) not pushing out OS updates which cause the issues. Not so much the biblical term. Can I hear a Yea! Can we blame All Men! I need another Yea! :)

I'm in a mischievous mood :)

Amen means "this is true", or is an expression of agreement; the post isn't religious so no need to see a religious connotation.

"amen" is a word, not a religion; its a hebrew word meaning "I agree, let it be so" . . one can say it without promoting or condoning any specific belief or unbelief in higher beings . . I could also have said "ausgezeichnet" which is a german word for "outstanding/excellent" without implying that I follow some german philosopher or theologian. Sorry if it bothers you.

Or what would be even cooler, you could have used Croatian saying, "slažem se" that would be even cooler!

Posted via CB10

I'm sorry your an atheist too, it must be hard to not believe in anything...its kind of like saying there is no Air because you cannot see it or hear it and yet you are breathing it in as you reject it...

Posted via CB10 on Blackberry Z10!

im sorry you guys dont believe me being atheist and all, but everyone has their own opinions and thoughts whether god exists or not. but anyways lets get to my point. if you search the origin of the scriptive word "amen", thereis actually an old tale/story behind it. ill summarize it for you guys... so basically its about a cursed woman taken to a priest, andduring a ceremony to get rid of it "The LORD commands it to be said by a person who is yielding herself to examination by him in his presence. " (bible) well anyways, being an athiest, of course i do not believe in all this, but with this old tale in statement, is actually a reference to god, an entity link to him. i am just saying to.prove my point

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Show me the Bible verse you are taking about...

Here's what the word amen means

The word amen (/ˌɑːˈmɛn/ or /ˌeɪˈmɛn/; Hebrew: אָמֵן, Modern amen Tiberian ʾāmēn; Greek: ἀμήν; Arabic: آمين‎, ʾāmīn ; "So be it; truly") is a declaration of affirmation[1][2] found in the Hebrew Bible and New Testament. Its use in Judaism dates back to its earliest texts.[3] It has been generally adopted in Christian worship as a concluding word for prayers and hymns.[2] In Islam, it is the standard ending to Dua (supplication). Common English translations of the word amen include "verily" and "truly". It can also be used colloquially to express strong agreement,[2] as in, for instance, amen to that.[4]

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I will clarify my line from above so you can understand more clearly...

"It must be hard not to believe in God"
(Atheists do not believe in God)

As for the second part of your comment...
Only one has a Saviour. You can't be saved without a (Saviour) perfect and Holy substitute to take away the penalty for sin.

Matthew 7

13 "Enter by the narrow gate; for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and there are many who go in by it.
14 Because narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life, and there are few who find it.
15 "Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves.
16 You will know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes from thornbushes or figs from thistles?
17 Even so, every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit.
18 A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a bad tree bear good fruit.
19 Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire.
20 Therefore by their fruits you will know them.
21 "Not everyone who says to Me, "Lord, Lord,' shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father in heaven.
22 Many will say to Me in that day, "Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in Your name, cast out demons in Your name, and done many wonders in Your name?'
23 And then I will declare to them, "I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness!'
24 "Therefore whoever hears these sayings of Mine, and does them, I will liken him to a wise man who built his house on the rock:
25 and the rain descended, the floods came, and the winds blew and beat on that house; and it did not fall, for it was founded on the rock.
26 "But everyone who hears these sayings of Mine, and does not do them, will be like a foolish man who built his house on the sand:
27 and the rain descended, the floods came, and the winds blew and beat on that house; and it fell. And great was its fall."
28 And so it was, when Jesus had ended these sayings, that the people were astonished at His teaching,
29 for He taught them as one having authority, and not as the scribes.

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Look at this guy. Did anyone place an order for an exorcism? This is a forum for mobile devices. Do you not understand that ?

apparently it is an order for exorcism for those, as i am do not believe in the existence and presence of a greater deity, in this case called atheism as a judgment of opinion.

Posted via CB10

This all started from your friend the atheist and then you took over. I am just doing my part to answer your questions. You should not ask questions if you don't like hearing people's answers. :o)

Posted via CB10 on Blackberry Z10!

and then i said "sorry im atheist" ahaha cant believe this was the topic that took 10% out of all the other comments

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Religious beliefs blind people. Every single one of them are right. Ask the Taliban. My God is righter than yours. I win.

hey atheist, are you exist and left a comment here? interesting
I will tell you something, It was on the news today, there was a news of a big ship that sailed out of Mexico and it was loaded with bunch of Blackberries and accessories and it went from Mexico to the UK and thru the Atlantic ocean to Canada from Canada to the USA. And the amazing thing, that ship has captain, there was no one on board and the police have proved that nobody loaded that ship with full of BBies. They also established thru proof those Blackberries were not made by any company. And ship knew its way all the way thru the USA without being guided by anyone. And they look into it, there was no electronic equipment to guide it, nothing, all on its own, Interestigggg, Am I lost my mind? That's what believers thinking about you, sorry, are you claiming that we came here ourself from nothing?

A ship made it through the USA? Did it have wheels or was it as high as you were during your reliving an atheist dream? Lol

Silence...for I have spoken.

i understand that people have their own thoughts and opinions of where human origin all came about, but i am not implying humans spontaneously appeared. of course religious groups believe god is the one behind our very existence, but me being athiest and all, i believe in other scientific theories. one such example is unicelluar life starting from the sulphuric oceans when earth was created over billions of years ago. eventually these little guys are called prokariotes underwent a process called endosymbiosis to fuse with anaerobic and aerobic cells to create eukaryotic cells. in this order both cells benefit which giving them both 1 shelter and the other the ability to breathe oxygen. eventually the symbiotic cells became of what we know of today as organelles in cells such as chloroplasts and mitochondira. there is prove as these organelles hold integrated dna from these ancient cells as they evolved. as they went on, they became multicelluar beings such as plants then animals such as apes and primates which eventually led to human evolution. of course this wudnt make any sense if you didnt take biology science. this is just one theory i believe humans come from not from god

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however as the poster above states " that made no sense" i agree, the story you told us is indeed interesting except it made no sense

Posted via CB10

I wonder why all of a sudden during these thousands of years these events stopped occuring?

Posted via CB10 - BlackBerry Photography C00016D81

Amen can be used in many non-religious contexts.

Anyway, just watched a good video at church on civility towards others of differing beliefs.

Just a point, truth is true regardless of who believe it. we all must form our own opinions and beliefs, but we will not all be right.

Posted via CB10

>me being athiest and all, i believe in other scientific theories.<
I'm sorry to say that your understanding of "science" is flawed. This is to be expected though considering how much the Atheism movement pushes to have their religious beliefs as science. There are two types of science: observational and historical. The former involves making a proposal and ensuring it complies with the scientific method. This is the science that, for example, gives us the technology we have.
Historical science, on the other hand, is what governs the origins debate. It involves attempting to use the present to determine what happened in the past. It does not comply with the scientific method because the hypothesized events supposedly happened in the past, were not observed and can't be tested. Instead, one makes certain assumptions and interprets any observations made to agree with the assumptions.

Atheists often describe their religious beliefs as "science" to try label the rejection of Atheism as akin to rejecting the scientific method and/or portray theists as "anti-science". In reality, Atheism is as much a religion as any theistic religion and it's beliefs are not scientific in the sense that they comply with the scientific method. The big difference between Atheism and Christianity is that the latter has access to a book that says that it was authored by God, who never lies and knows everything. Atheism has nothing like this; it relies entirely on fallible human beings basing everything they know on the assumption that naturalism, amongst others, is true and using their opinions based on those assumptions to make claims about what happened in the distant past.

>one such example is unicelluar life starting from the sulphuric oceans<
Except this has never been observed or demonstrated (ie. it doesn't comply with the scientific method). Furthermore, there is no evidence whatsoever demonstrating that the ocean ever was sulphuric (BTW, there was only one ocean before the continents split up). Additionally, this claim violates a scientific law that we DO observe: The Law of Biogenesis (life has only ever been observed to arise from life, never non-life).

>when earth was created over billions of years ago.<
~4.5 billion years. That is what Atheism claims the age of the earth to be. However, this hypothesis has numerous problems.
First, this date is not derived from measuring anything from Earth. It comes from using radiometric dating methods on meteorites and assuming that they formed at the same time as the Earth (and Sun too).
Second, ~90% of dating methods support the idea that the Earth's age is much less than this. Two examples I can quote are:
1 ) Sodium is currently added to the oceans at the rate of 45b tonnes per year and removed at 7b tonnes per year, leaving an accumulation rate of 38b tonnes per year. If we divide the current quantity of sodium in the oceans by this figure, we can calculate that the oceans are 45m years old, with very generous estimates extending this to 65m years. However, this is assuming that the rate of change has always been constant, even though the Bible describes a global flood that would have dissolved massive quantities of sodium. We also assume that the ocean started off with no sodium in it, even though it is more reasonable to assume that God created the ocean with some sodium in it.
2) The oceans' tides are caused by the Moon's gravity causing the oceans to bulge on the Earth's side facing the Moon as well as the opposite side and recede on the sides perpendicular to the Moon. The Earth rotates faster than the Moon orbits which causes the tidal bulge on the side facing the Moon to appear slightly ahead of the Moon. This bulge exerts a gravitational force on the Moon which causes it to accelerate slightly. This acceleration causes the Moon to recede away from the Earth. It currently does so at the rate of 3.8cm/year, though this becomes bigger the closer the Moon is to the Earth. The equation for describing this recession has been found to be: dr/dt = k/r^6 where k = 1.2 x 10^29 km^7/year and r is the distance between the Earth's and Moon's surfaces. From this equation, we can get an equation to work out when the Earth and Moon would have been touching (ie. r = 0). This equation is as follows: T = R^7/(7k). Substitute 384,401 km for R and we calculate that the Earth and Moon would have been touching about 1.5b years ago, which causes problems for Atheism because one would have to conclude that either the Earth is much less than 1.5b years old or that the Earth did not always have a moon. Alternatively, if there is a flaw in the calculation, the burden is on you to point out the flaw. There is no problem for Christians because the same calculation reveals that the Moon was only 250m closer than it is today when God created the universe 6000 years ago.

Finally, these huge ages are usually derived from radiometric dating methods (for geology at least. Archaeology is usually based on what layer of rock/sand/etc the object is found in, but that's another discussion). The problem is that radiometric dating methods utilize three main assumptions:
1 ) All parent isotopes present now were present when the dating period began.
2 ) No parent or daughter isotopes were added or removed between now and when the dating period began.
3 ) All daughter isotopes arose from the decay of the parent isotopes.
The only thing that can be measured is the quantity of parent and daughter isotopes currently present in the specimen. There is no way of knowing for certain that the above three assumptions are valid. The RATE group has studied this issue and found that there are a lot of inconsistencies in radiometric dating methods. An example would be lava flows from Mounts Ngauruhoe and St. Helens that flowed less than 80 years ago being dated with Potassium-Argon dating as flowing hundreds of thousands of years ago. Or that the group has found Carbon-14 present in coal that is supposed to be hundreds of millions of years old and even diamonds that are supposed to be over a billion years old.

Of course, the general public never hears of these things because Atheism doesn't want the public to know about this. They want everyone to eventually convert to their religion. This can only be done if their religious beliefs appear to be indisputable.

>eventually these little guys are called prokariotes underwent a process called endosymbiosis to fuse with anaerobic and aerobic cells to create eukaryotic cells<
This is another thing that has never been observed or demonstrated.
Another major problem for molecules-to-man evolution, however, is that it requires an entirely natural process that results in the formation of copious amounts of new genetic information. No one has found an example of such a process. Even Dr Richard Dawkins, when asked to give such an example in a video interview, answered with 11 seconds of silence followed by a request to turn off the cameras. And then later claimed that he didn't remember being asked that question. Additionally, such an example would also violate Information Theory (namely that information always arises from an intelligence).

>eventually the symbiotic cells became of what we know of today as organelles in cells such as chloroplasts and mitochondira.<
Again, this has never been observed or demonstrated.

>there is prove as these organelles hold integrated dna from these ancient cells as they evolved.<
Actually, this is the fallacy of circular reasoning. The conclusion that common DNA demonstrates common ancestry relies on assuming Naturalism as fact. For someone that rejects Naturalism, there is no problem with assuming that God would use the same genetic information to accomplish the same tasks in different organisms. And again, no natural process has been found that causes new genetic information to spontaneously appear.

>as they went on, they became multicelluar beings such as plants then animals such as apes and primates which eventually led to human evolution.<
Must I repeat myself? Actually, I will: This has never been observed or demonstrated.

>of course this wudnt make any sense if you didnt take biology science.<
Fortunately, I have studied a few scientific fields, including Biology. However, the more I read up about matters concerning science, the more Paul's letter to the Roman Church comes alive:
For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead, so that they are without excuse. (Romans 1:20)

>this is just one theory i believe humans come from not from god <
Well, I have demonstrated that the various religious beliefs Atheists accept as fact are not scientific theories. What this ultimately boils down to is a choice of which religion one chooses to believe is true. Does one assume that everything arose through the actions of a god or gods? Or does one assume that everything arose through natural processes that have never been observed and can't be tested?

I do have one question though: Why does the universe exhibit uniformity? For example, why does the Law of Gravity never change? As far as I know, the best an Atheist can do is point out that these laws have been true in the past and places we can observe then hope that they will remain true in the future or places that have not been observed. Another relevant point is that if Uniformity can't be guaranteed, science becomes impossible. Under Christianity, Universal Laws make sense because God, who never changes, upholds the universe in a consistent manner. This is why the majority of scientific fields and the Scientific Method itself were all created by Bible-believing Christians.

What exactly does 400 years have to do with anything? If you want a discussion, you need to be specific.

Also, why don't you try explain some of the things I brought up in the previous comment.

Finally, "non-believer" is an oxymoron because Atheists do, in fact, hold religious beliefs.

I not going to discuss this topic further. This is a tech site. This part of the thread has become ridiculously idiotic.

Damn...dont use the Word Blackberries for the plural of BlackBerry... Blackberries didnt exist as a registered trademark!

I'm not sure all your pistons are firing. Take yourself to Midas. Time for a tune up. Walmart might have good deals.

As a Canadian, I was thrilled to receive the update on the date it was announced. As a blackberry user, I'm disappointed we all weren't able to enjoy it together.

Not having the update sucks in the same way. It would be nice to hear from Thor on the topic, since he's the guy that told us end of May.

Posted via CB10 w/ the Z10

Ahhhhh...back to the topic at hand. Fell through a trap door and had to Wade through a ridículos diversion to get back

What happened to the 'OOBE' out of the box experience we saw in leaked changelogs? Didn't that mean background system updates?

BlackBerry is in no position to bully carriers around. Therefore, BlackBerry has to play by carrier rules, not the other way around. Apple has it right as far as updates are concerned. Apple doesn't need carrier input, and yes, they appear to be able to push carriers around... (BTW 1st!)

You have it all wrong... the American Carriers are bullying BlackBerry and they have failed beyond belief to provide the 10.1 updates like most carriers of the outside world(US centre of the universe)

Sent from my BB10 smartphone.

It's everyone's fault but BB.

All the blame should be on the carriers, media, analysts, the engineers, the receptionist, the janitor, the assistants, the developers that won't develop on bb10, netflix, Google, for not offering up native apps, Apple for well inventing the iPhone and putting BB out of business, Microsoft for not buying BB but instead working with Nokia on WP, Samsung for not buying BB, Lenovo for not buying BB, IBM for not buying BB and numerous other companies that looked at BB business but didn't end up buying it because well... it's a bad business. That guy at Best Buy that didn't buy a BB10 because it's a POS but instead bought an iPhone or Android phone, the guy that is still using a BB7 device because BB10 devices is a POS, me for calling BB10 devices POS, and you for knowing how to fix BBs problem but is not in a position to make changes at BB because well you're an *****. and etc. etc etc.

You forgot to mention the illuminati, templar, mossad, taliban, CIA, KGB and freemasons that conspired together to make BB fail.

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if i can recall like 3 years ago during bbos5, i was able to update it through my computer. why cant we do this with bb10?

Posted via CB10

Way to be first... /sarcasm

Anyways, contrary to popular belief, Apple follows the same rules as any other phone maker. They do carrier testing and everything else, the twist is that they wait until every carrier is good and then they release the flood gates.

I agree. Hell...BlackBerry can't even get carriers to market their products.

Silence...for I have spoken.

God thoughts. It would definitely be better for everyone, including BlackBerry to have the updates roll out simultaneously.

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Guys, i feel with you all... but C'mon, it's a great, better said the best one, but it's still just a phone...

Posted via CB10

Nope. It's not "Just a Phone." Simple phones cost a lot less money. Plus, it's a brand new OS, and I'm waiting patiently for them to be addressed. It's very annoying.

Posted via CB10 w/ the Z10

So right!
Smartphones are not just phones.
They are also... smart? :)

Seriously, we BlackBerry fans and customers have to be particularly demanding, not only because BlackBerry devices cost more, but also because mankind is worth the best mobile phoning-mailing-texting-BBMing-tweeting-gaming experience!

Posted on my Q10 via CB10

what are you talking about? It's not a mature OS like iOS or Android, it needs regular updates, thanks god they are rolling them out, otherwise it would be sad. What is not normal on the other hand that it's not simultaneous for all BB users.

I'm just trying to think back to how often RIM would roll out Major updates. Did they ever do 2 in less than 6 months? Why would I complain about getting new features so quickly?

No one is complaining about BlackBerry releasing new updates to improve and add features to their infant OS. We re complaining that not everyone is getting the new updates especially those in the U.S.

Posted via CB10

Yes, the underlining complaint is that there are new updates and they can't get them. So, Kevin is complaining about not having 10.1, when 10.2 is right around the corner. Would you rather wait a year or more for the first Major update to a brand new OS?

Heck No lol! but I don't think we would be waiting a year or more for a major update. Maybe 3-4 months.

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The problem is while the rest of the BlackBerry World will be on the most up to date OS, the most critical (US) will be a version or 2 behind. That's when critics blame BlackBerry for "their" update process when it is really the carriers slowing them down.

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The complaint isn't about the frequency of updates, it's about being available to everyone at the same time. Follow along.

The complaint is not about the 2 updates (BlackBerry please keep them coming) , the complaint is in letting the US carriers slowdown the progress that BlackBerry is trying to make.

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As I said I feel with you all, and it would really be appreciated if the rollout would simultaneously all over the world, already for marketing purposes, but BlackBerry is not in that position to dictate as apple does...

So, in this situation what you are suggesting is that the WHOLE World (as the americans like to say the ROW "Rest of the World") has to wait until american carriers are up to date to get the updates???? Especially as all you say correctly say for an "infant" OS??? You're kidding me right???

It's time to understand that America, at least in this specific BlackBerry issue, is not the Bellybutton of the world, period.

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better watch out, there is an atheist among us who has taken offence to 'amen' - your God-typo is going to send him/her into orbit ;-)

Agree Kevin! Although I'm in Canada and already have 10.1, it shouldn't have taken this long to get it done in the US.

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I have a solution, scrap the US market.

The rest of the worlds carriers seem to get the updates out to their customers quickly. They actually seem to care about their customers.

Not sure but didn't BlackBerry hand off the 10.1 update to the carriers at the same time? If the update was given to them at the same time, how is this BlackBerry 's fault?

I agree it is a problem and realistically the only way BlackBerry can solve it is to hire testing engineers for each US carrier like Apple does. This should speed up the updates.

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Great article Kevin. I'm one of the few members on team blackberry here in the bay area and it's so frustrating waiting for 10.1 and I also suffer with these random reboots on Verizon.

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Kevin, isn't this a carrier issue? Aren't Apple the only company that got around carriers to release OS's?

Yes it's a carrier issue but blackberry needs to work better with carriers to coordinate releases. For instance, if X carrier is ready to release you have them hold off until Y carrier is ready. Once all are ready them have them release. So that way carrier still do their testing procedures and users are all updated together instead of the "release at your will" mentality.

Ok by the logic we would only get 10.1 now and all those crucial updates that were badly needed to fix issues we would be living with right now.

Why do other networks take so damn long?
Canadian and UK networks were on it in a heartbeat and smaller countries trickled in which made sense but the US is taking its sweet time which isn't a small country at all

But if it was an all for one release thing we would be getting 10.1 as it 10.2 is about ready. Meaning 10.1 would be sitting on the shelves for a while until it got mass approval . Meaning we are at the mercy of the American carriers

I like the notion of being able to download the OS early in beta like on the PB or like how Apple did with iOS7
Make sure it's full OS not feature removed

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I disagree. What we need is for BlackBerry to make the update available on their website for people who are willing to download and install without waiting for carriers. After BB gets more traction in the marketplace, they need to push for handling their own updates to the OS and allow the carriers to handle the radios.

While that is a logical idea Nathan, it'll never fly. If it was allowed and a user encountered issues, they wouldn't be supported by the carriers.

Wholeheartedly agree. Somewhere in the forum there is a thread going on about the fact that Apple rolls out its updates to all carriers worldwide at the same time. One of the arguments against this is that BlackBerry gives carriers the chance to test for full functionality on their network. Part of me can see that. But still, why can Apple roll out their updates -without any major issues- on those same networks at the same time? Do they give the different carriers a deadline before which they need to have tested the update so they can go ahead with the worldwide release of the update or something?

BlackBerry needs to step in and start making sure that their customers get updates fast. In this day and age you just can't have this divide based on carrier, country or both.

Agreed. I also think Apple does extensive testing themselves with the updates to not have to rely so much on carrier testing. Apple assumes full responsiblity for their product and want to be held accountable for updates and fixes so they assume that control and I think part of the reason why carriers are fine with it. For instance, if I am having a problem with a blackberry, I gotta go to my carrier and they have to deal with it. But with iPhone can I go straight to Apple and that's how they prefer it.

I have to agree but at the same disagree.
Imagine if blackberry is waiting for all carrier in the us to release the update, at this time a lot of user would be stuck with os10.0 with bugs.
Carrier in the us don't give a f*ckabout BlackBerry, they hate it. They obviously don't want to see it having a small percent of success.
So in a way it's not blackberrys fault since most country have been in 10.1except us

Send from a A10

I was reading articles way before BB 10 was close to launch and they were saying carriers were very interested in the new BB10 OS as they wanted a third player in the market and not just iOS and Android.

Btw, your on a A10, seriously? Prototype?

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AGREE!!!! I think, you should work in BlackBerry, Kevin! Then, BlackBerry will "Really" keep moving..

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Totally agree with you. Once again you are spot on! Why is it that Apple can roll out the update to everyone, but BlackBerry can't seem to? With all the work BlackBerry is doing to entice developers to create for the new system, it only seems logical to offer fully baked the developer builds for them to be able to fully integrate their apps.

Flesh out blackberry link and allow it to do the downloading of the OS and updating. Skip the carriers except for radios.

Kevin, I can't say thank you enough.
Verizon, AT&T and any other carriers that have not pushed out the 10.1 upgrade should truly be ashamed -and I blame them for holding BlackBerry back!

I Agree they should be ashamed. ATT update still says "You have the latest software" LIES!! My os is still And No I can't get the latest updates to my apps until I get 10.1 or later.

This puts the carriers that act quickly to release updates at the mercy of those who have no urgency. In Canada the last thing I want is to wait for an update because US carriers are taking their sweet time to release an update. So I disagree.

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Yeah as a Rogers customer I agree with your point. Why the hell should I wait for an update when Verizon or AT&T could care less about BlackBerry updates. Also we're not talking about a couple of weeks here. Based on how things are going, were heading into months of lag time.

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Because it's for the benefit of the entire user base. Let's not be so selfish LOL. I personally wouldn't mind if my carrier was one to quick but they are waiting for an OK from blackberry for a concerted release. In my opinion, the benefits of this far outweighs the problems with fragmentation.

+ 1 So true. That would really suck if we had to wait for updates bec of the U.S carriers. I'm pretty sure if BlackBerry was an American company they would get treated so much better and consumers there would me more aware of the the new bb10 OS.

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Spot on. Having such a fragmented release is quite unacceptable. Look at the iPhone. When there's an iOS update, practically every user across the markets get the update almost immediately. This is precisely what we need in the BlackBerry world. Why should we rely on providers who may or may not have a vendetta or perhaps a large bias toward a manufacturer?

Spot on Kevin.

And yet when apple releases its mass update and there is problem it becomes a problem for everyone. Apple's updates are not without its problems. Look at the apple forums and you will see thousands of people with many many problems.

It causes lots of headaches for app developers as well...just ask the people at Blaq...

It is very frustrating to see all these great things the update has in it and then have to wait a month or longer to get it...not to mention all the app problems it causes...

Better to make some people wait a couple weeks more and find a way to encourage the slowest ones to speed up....

Probably won't ever happen but we can dream

I agree. The big updates- .1, .2, etc. need to hit every BB10 device simultaneously across all carriers the world over. Q10 or Z10, it needs to be one BlackBerry os at a time.

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+1 Agree.
BlackBerry needs to be consistent and quick with updates if they want to gain trust and leadership in the market.
The VZW users amongst others are really disappointed with no official 10.1 until now.
Also, others have to rely on leaks to run the latest version, thereby risking warranty.
Please be quick and get something for the PlayBook too...

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As a Verizon customer I don't like the idea of people having to wait because my carrier is a big ol sh!t for brains... not fair to everyone else.

Z10 :)

I would think it would be added incentive for Verizon and ATT to update as quickly as possible to keep up with their competition that is releasing updates sooner. They risk losing customers to that competitor that has the reputation for speedy and frequent updates. I would drop Verizon and go to T-Mobile for that very reason but I'm on someone's shared plan.

Given that Verizon continues to lag with the 10.1 update I think I will just take a wait and see attitude for 10.2 before purchasing the Q10. Meanwhile, I will complain to Verizon every chance I get. Maybe by then the Q5 may be announced for North America. It will be cheaper and probably better suited for my casual use and stepping up from a dumb phone anyway.

As a former Verizon customer, I can attest to your claims ... Verizon is interested in two things. getting you locked into the contract and your wallet. The could care or less about the updates, OS bugs, device crashes, etc. When my bold had an issue regarding the screen (diagonal lines), I was told by VZ that since I was past the 30 day trial period by a couple days, I would have to either pay the 100 deductible or purchase another device at cost! I chose none of the above and paid off the contract and told them to G.F.Y! I can more than relate and I truly empathize. I also agree with some of the posters in this thread. Why should the masses suffer thru a prolonged (months) delay because a couple of carriers wish to drag their heels and load the update with bloatware while (so called) testing is being done.

Nice article and we'll stated Kevin!

I love my Z10 and have been a blackberry user for 12 + years and this is driving me to seriously look at other platforms. Very frustrating indeed!

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There are no other platforms. If you do not want to experience the same issue your only choice is Apple. Android is way worse than BlackBerry.

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Thank you Kevin, very well said. I'm on AT&T and I'm starting to lose patience as I keep checking for updates only to be greeted with "you have the latest software."

Well said Kevin.

Although I do wonder how much is BlackBerry and how much is carriers? For example, look at Google Nexus devices. Most get the OS push from Google, however Verizon was crazy slow to roll out its build.

The only way to really get around it, is to skip the carriers like iOS does.

Not really possible unless they strongarm the crap out of the carriers, and they aren't really in a position to do so.

All the approval processes are different and basically on their own timeline...

Back when BB10 was still just a concept and still called BBX, there was talk of the De centralized aspect of QNX helping with updates, because the of could be updated separately from the radio code which is all the carrier should care about? Thoughts?

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Carriers only caring about the radio stuff is more of a theoretical. They don't actually practice that at all...

Well said, especially the part about dev builds being loaded up to the max...let's do it!

Been hesitant to install leaks this whole time hoping Verizon would get 10.1 out by the Q10 release, only to be disappointed. Installed with 1881 radio file on Monday, never looking back. Thanks to the great CB community and the supporters who give us these files so we are not slaves to the carriers and/or BlackBerry.

Can someone please explain to me why it is blackberry fault because Verizon and AT&T have waited this long to realease 10.1?

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Here is my theory on this fragmented rollout - I actually agree with you that it is silly. However, they may be actually doing this in the best interest of the client in a round about way.

I think the reboot issue was not addressed by the original 10.1 update, buy IS addressed in this latest issue (source: N4BB). So they only rolled out 10.1 to some countries, realized it didn't fix the issue, fixed the issue, now they are rolling out another 10.1 (kinda like 10.1.2). Remember this latest version of 10.1 is not the same as the one that some countries got (UK, Canada for example).

BlackBerry needs to figure out how to separate carrier-specific needs from the rest of the OS so that the majority of the OS can be updated at anytime without carrier holdups.

Yes, it's ridiculous that calendar, file manager, camera, etc updates can't hit the phone separately from entire carrier approved OS updates.

BlackBerry needs to be more agile, no reason for the big bang releases, trickle the bug fixes and features out as they're ready... every so often they can anoint a specific bundle of apps as 10.x. I'm quite sure this is possible, every non-phone OS does it.

But to the larger point, yes coordinated global release of apps and OS updates really is a must. If I was developing for BlackBerry (which I plan to) the current situation would drive me nuts!

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Someone needed to say it. I am getting as sick of BlackBerry as I am Verizon. The typical uneducated phone user is not going to put up with this treatment from BlackBerry and they better realize it.

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I just activated a Z10 on Verizon that I bought off of Ebay, and it came preloaded with OS 10.1 (dnt know if it's a leak). But, when I went in for the activation and new sim card, I was hoping it would not revert to OS 10.0 and it didn't so I am running 10.1 on Verizon. But, I agree that the carrier situation is not optimal. However, BlackBerry does not carry too much clout with the carriers so bypassing them would be kind of though at this point.

Well said Kevin. What I find puzzling is why the large US carriers and in specific AT&T and Verizon always take the longest to update their devices. I'm sure what they get from blackberry has already been tested enough, so is it just not a priority for them to sacrifice resources to update BB devices?

That's why I'm going to hold off on the Q10 for now. I will wait and see if Verizon starts making some good faith effort with BB10.

We could agree to this all that we want, but a rant here won't solve nothing. Kevin, grab your gorgeous white Q10 (which I'm not able to get cuz I'm on AT&T) and text (possibly) BBM Thorsten, Frank and Alec, or even call them. I'm sure we all here agree but can't do nothing about it. You can.

In terms of rolling out OS updates, I think right now, Apple is the only one doing it correctly because everytime a new version of iOS becomes available to the general public, iOS device users everywhere are able to download it right away. I think BlackBerry needs to learn from Apple's example in that regard. Don't get me wrong but I'm not an Apple fanboy in anyway but instead I've been a dedicated BlackBerry user since I got my first BlackBerry in November 2010. I really hope the folks at BlackBerry would get their act together and start accepting consumer feedback. For example, last month, I tried to email them some feedback regarding BlackBerry 10 and they immediately responded with a warning saying that I had to fill out some "unsolicited feedback submission" form and I felt a bit threatened by that. I felt that they weren't feeling grateful that a loyal user was giving them suggestions about what could be improved in BlackBerry 10 and what features I'd like to see in a future update. In the end, I filled out that form and attached it with my list of suggestions and emailed it back to them. It shouldn't have ended that way but that left a sour taste in my mouth, literally left a bad impression about BlackBerry. As a result, I was left thinking at the time that if BlackBerry failed and the ship sunk, they deserved it for not listening to customer feedback and making a loyal customer feel threatened just for giving feedback. I don't think that way now but I just hope they open up and start to be more receptive to customer feedback.

I get what you're saying but don't you think it may be to protect themselves from any possible legal implication which can I arise. Unfortunately we are living more and more in a world (mainly because of the U.S.) where anyone or anybody can be sued about anything. BlackBerry, regardless how stupid it may be, has to protect its stakeholders from these possible legal implications.

I suppose that's a valid point that I didn't realize initially. I had to re-read the email and the form several times before I understood the reason for what they asked of me in return for my feedback.

Agreed that OS rollouts should be the way Apple does it: Everybody at the same time.

But it's no worse than Android, where different carriers will get different updates released. Just look over at Android Central with people complaining about not getting updates in a timely manner. Granted, with Android, you do have the option of flashing a third party ROM.

I agree man. Shoot waiting on att just for an update. Sure I have the latest phone but I don't have that update everybody else may have. This is making my experience of my new phone bad with false promises from blackberry. I still haven't seen all those apps they say they have and they promised they will have.

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AMEN and a big middle finger to VZW for always, and I mean always being last. Every single call to cust service to discuss this has led to "ummmmm we really dont know, we still carry BB devices?" . Largest carrier in the US= epic fail! We as loyal fans want to see this great new product thrive. Need a solid easy way to circumnavigate the US carriers who at this point seem to have been paid off to not give a S*#t. Thank you Kevin for standing up and saying something.

Maybe US customers should speak out by rolling over to T-Mobile?

Posted from my T-Mobile Z10, no longer on the Sprint Meh network.

For once, I have to say that I fully disagree.

It is not BlackBerry problem if different carriers need different time to process the update. This should be independent.

And if BlackBerry has to wait for all carriers to push for an update, we will never move.

However, this being said, BlackBerry has to dissociate software update from radios update (the later needs carriers validation I believe). This may mean more and smaller upgrades but who will complain ?

Keep moving !

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Canadian carriers did it right off the switch... American Carriers need weeks or months? is this symbolic to American society of present?? What a joke.

Sent from my BB10 smartphone.

That's not going to work for most of us: outside of the major cities T-Mobile's coverage is worse than pathetic. Why do I want to pay for 2G coverage????

I'm seeing a lot of complaints against BlackBerry instead of these carriers... that I really don't understand... if I were a customer at Verizon or AT&T I would be raging on the phone at them.

Sent from my BB10 smartphone.

Part of the reason might be that until today Verizon always said that it was up to blackberry to push updates out and that as soon as blackberry released it Verizon would too. But today I told them I wanted to talk to blackberry and they started but then came back and said that they had the os but it was not ready for release. I can only speak for Verizon but they have put almost all the lack of any update on blackberry.

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They are lying because Canadian carriers had the jump since the flipped the switch at BlackBerry live.

Sent from my BB10 smartphone.

Seriously Kevin? Truth is you know the answer to all these questions probably better than most. BBRY has a history of sending messed up updates to carriers starting around 4.6 and all the way through 7.1. They always have and continue to do a piss poor job of internally testing their OS. They release stuff to carriers that carriers often can not and should not release to the general public. And truth is, BBRY doesn't care, b/c if the end user has an issue their first, second and often 3rd point of contact is the carrier, and not BBRY.

Carriers would be happy to have BBRY release OSes directly to end users, as long as BBRY took responsibility for troubleshooting with end users.

Absolutely correct. How the hell did 10.0 even get released with the restart bug in the first place? Never ever should have happened. It's because BBRY's QA sucks. It has sucked, does suck, and will suck, until they get it through their head that customer experience matters beyond the keyboard. Verizon and AT&T are taking for ever to get this update out, but they do the same thing to some of the less popular android devices. For them it is a business decision. They only have so much time/money to put towards testing each device with each new update, so they prioritize by how many users of a given device they have. The only way for this to change is for BBRY to gain market share, which won't happen until they start releasing stable OSes. It seems to be that the leaks follow a pattern. Every other leak seems to add a feature while the leaks in-between those seem to repair the battery life they some how messed up. Shouldn't be that way (yes I know they are leaks but releasing 10.1 that was supposed to fix the reboot issue and didn't until they re-released 10.1 is the same problem). /endrant

I have to say BULL about Apple and the carriers. First off Apple has been this way from day one when the iPhone first came out and it was on only one carrier and no one knew if it would make it or not so that argument needs to be filed in the trash can because it does not hold water.

The only reason the carriers want to control the updates is so they can add their own bloat ware to the OS. It is time the phone manufactures all stood up and say enough of this. The customer is the one being short changed and yes even hurt by all of this.

I say just push the up dates out from the manufacture and to hell with the carriers. What are the carriers going to do? Only sell the iPhone? Yeah right!

Agree 100% Kevin!

Just wondering, but why can't the os updates get pushed through Link instead? Sure, the radio file can come from the carriers but surely the os could come through Link...

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GOD BLESS, GOD BLESS! I hope i offended someone and i dont give a flying crap!
go Pray to your fricking tree

Agreed although my carrier is pretty fast at providing updates. For the sake of the brand just release the same thing for everyone. I thought that it would be playbook like ie not depending on carrier. That. Just. Plain. Sucks.

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It's about time BlackBerry push OS updates directly - as Google do for their Nexus devices.
BlackBerry even have their own "Nexus type" devices, the Z10 LE which still hasn't received any updates.
What's really frustrating is that those of us who bought factory unlocked BB10 devices still have to wait for carrier updates.
BlackBerry, please fix the OS fragmentation issue - before it gets out of hand.

Posted from the tap-dancing mouse :rotfl:

I agree it. It helps the devs out as well as the users. Even though blackberry users are like a family it makes the users even more bonded together when everyone is anticipated the drop of something at the same time. When Apple is ready to drop a major release of iOS, and it comes, millions of users get to experience it together and discuss it. For forums like this, that makes it easier to track bugs and discuss solutions to issues we encounter. How many times do we see new posts about an issue that was discussed or resolved 3 weeks ago? Plenty and a lot of times it's because users are just now getting an update to what other users been had. Let's not even go there with Android and how that fragmentation works. Users still on Ice Cream Sandwich or Jelly Bean 2.1 will be asking questions about 4.2 when they finally get it even though those things were discuss months ago.

Great piece, Kevin.  My fear is that BlackBerry will make the easy excuse and say, "Well, BB10 is still fresh ... give it time and things will get ironed out".

After all the change we've seen, it feels like they are losing momentum on the quest to see them shed their former image.  They're already setting a dangerous precedent of doing thins wrong compared to how, say, Apple iOS updates are launched.  BBRY needs to take the carrier 100% out of the equation just as Apple has.  

BB needs to grow a pair of ***** - they BB knows that they have to be accommodating to the carriers and to everyone so they can continue and justify their existence. BB is still not up to par (by far) with the likes of Apple, Google and Microsoft in every way. Take Microsoft - I commend them for their continuous effort in mobile (even though they've dump billions of dollars on it) they actually have a product with wp8 and their ecosystem is 100x better than BB. While BB is still about hardware/software with BB10 the big 3 are focusing on building up their ecosystems. Without it why would people stay with BB?

Yes, but, BlackBerry still needs to update in a more agile and responsive way than Apple has. Few people will forget the way Apple allowed the original Macintosh OS to simply wither and die due to neglect. Apple's current development cycle is too slow to compete in this kind of market. They need to create young markets for things like wearable tech or services. They were a great model for how to relaunch a platform, but after that it gets sketchy...

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Who is responsible for the roll out: BlackBerry or the carriers?

Can BlackBerry please fire more employees who aren't pulling their weight in the company?

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As much as I enjoy the special treatment of getting update roll outs early (telus), fair is fair. I also think it's complete B.S. that we cannot download CNN in Canada, even with it being ported from android (what's the deal with this anyway?)

Sent from the future on my Z10.

Yeah, this is a load of crap. First of all, we heard that only the first couple updates would be pushed by carriers, since there would be changes to the radio code. Fine, fair enough. Couple updates have already come out. What about me? I have an unlocked Z10. What if I don't want to wait for my carrier? I'm screwed because Blackberry doesn't wanna update my phone manually? It should update directly from them, at least if it's unlocked.

This is going to be even worse with 10.2. With Headless apps. Hopefully, most large app people want will become headless, for notifications and updates and such. So you will DEFINITELY have to delay rolling out an app update, or roll out maybe even 3 builds, if some carrier decide to not release 10.1 by the time 10.2 is out (it seems likely at this point).

If your phone is unlocked, it should update directly from Blackberry, no excuses.

If your phone is NOT unlocked, you should be able to STILL update from Blackberry, but without changes to the radio stack. At that point, if it has issues, then it's up to the carrier.

The burden is on Blackberry to provide this for all it's users. Carriers obviously don't care. Even if they push against it, at the end of the day, it doesn't matter.

Best people can do is bitch and call in EVERY SINGLE DAY an update is not out to the newest version. If Canadian carrier get it, (and they are some of the worst in the world) Then certainly American carriers can get it out quickly.

Waste their time, and their money, and it will happen sooner rather than later.

I talked to my baby mama's sister's half cousin, who so happens to work at AT&T, and she said the update is arriving today at 8 or so. Get ready...

It all comes down to the fact that the carriers talk a better game than they ever give. They'll talk about how they support BlackBerry or whatever other OEM and then sit on something like an update from the same manufacturer. If nothing else, let us install updates through the PC like we could on the BBOS. It was always faster, and allowed me to do a full backup before doing the install so a win/win...

A freekin-men. Talk about a love hate relationship. While I love the Q10 I am utterly disappointed at the lack of integration and support of core apps. The Playbook I have grown to use daily has been left as a boat anchor. BlackBerry needs to make it whole in short order

I was of sold on the fact that QNX was an amazing framework with appropriate partitioning baked in. I was lead to believe that this would allow BlackBerry to crank out updates in a steady cadence and at once because the radio stack could be untouched while tweaking and changing many different things about the OS.

Guess I was wrong. And we will all be held hostage to carriers with their hands in Apple and Google's pocket.

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