In San Francisco next week? Be sure to hit up the Samsung Developers Conference and check out the Android Central Live show in person!

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By Kevin Michaluk on 21 Oct 2013 10:59 pm EDT

As I mentioned earlier today in my From the Editor's Desk post, our sibling site Android Central is taking a page out of the CrackBerry books and will be firing up the Android Central Live Show in San Francisco next week at the first annual Samsung Developers Conference.

Going live with coverage isn't easy, and we have some solid experiencing doing it now thanks to CrackBerry Live at BlackBerry Live, so I'll be flying down to SF to give a helping hand to Android Central's Phil Nickinson and Andrew Martonik as they take to the stage and interview developers, session leaders and other attendees next Monday and Tuesday (28th/29th). Tune into for all of the livestreaming action and show coverage.

These days a lot of mobile developers build on multiple platforms, so I know we have a lot of BB10 developers reading this who are also developing for Android. So if you're in San Francisco next week, you should totally pick up a ticket (they're only $299 and there's still some left) and swing on by the event. And if you have any hot apps to show off or want to get on the Android Central Live show, hit up the link below for more details and you can likely do just that. 

Of course, if you find me in the evening (typically near the lobby bar) and mention this post, your next drink is on me. It's the CrackBerry way - even if I'm helping out an Android show. :)

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Press Release

Android Central is the Official Community Partner of the Samsung Developers Conference to provide live coverage, interviews and demos from the floor of Samsung’s debut developer event

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - (Marketwire – October 21, 2013) - Mobile Nations today announced that Android Central, the premier online destination for Android smartphone and tablet owners, will be the Official Community Partner of the upcoming Samsung Developers Conference. The event takes place at San Francisco’s St. Francis Hotel, from October 28-29, 2013. Android Central will be providing live coverage, interviews and demos with Samsung engineers as well as Android app developers from the show floor.

The inaugural Samsung Developers Conference will feature more than 50 technical sessions, hands-on workshops and inspiring talks from leading influencers in the mobile, consumer electronics and digital content industries.

Hosted by Phil Nickinson and Andrew Martonik, Android Central Live will air on October 28th and 29th. Each day will feature the Android Central show, a 1-hour discussion wrapping up and analyzing all the day’s news, and 2 hours of interviews with developers, session leaders and other notables.

“Samsung is the dominant player in Android-based mobile devices today, and its ecosystem stretches beyond phones and tablets,” said Phil Nickinson, Editor in Chief of Android Central. “It’s great to see Samsung take this leap to hosting its own Dev Con. We’re happy to be the official community partner and help bring the event to the entire world. If you can’t be there in person, the absolute best way to share in the excitement is Android Central Live.”

For more information on show times, guests and to watch the live stream and join in the conversation, go to

Tickets to the Samsung Developer Conference cost $299 and include access to keynotes, sessions, and more. Additional information about the conference, including details on how to register, can be found at

About Android Central and Mobile Nations

Mobile Nations is the leading network of mobile-focused online communities with more than 27 million readers and 75 million page views per month. Android Central, iMore, Windows Phone Central and CrackBerry form the core of Mobile Nations.

For more information, please visit

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In San Francisco next week? Be sure to hit up the Samsung Developers Conference and check out the Android Central Live show in person!


Be sure to be pushing those developers to port their apps over to BB10!

Z10 STL100-3 | | Bell via CB10

Why?...... I do not want to read android news on crackberry...... personally I have not given up on BlackBerry.....

Posted via Lilly's hand stitched Frankensteined Z10 powered by 10.2.(latest Leak)

I hear he's not cutting his hair until the Galaxy S5 is released. :)

Posted via CB10 from my Z10 on the Rogers network.

You guys realize that even people that are on crackberry like to keep up with all of the mobile oses, and one way to do it is through another mobile nations site.

Also, crackberry is part of mobile nations. They will endorse each other and their respective shows.

Posted via CB10

Lol at all the comments ^. You guys crack me up. You do realize we have always.. FOR YEARS.. cross posted about other platforms and our other sites when big stuff is happening. Today alone on iMore and Android Central:

Here's iMore's post about the Samsung Developers event too:

Oh, and here's iMore's post about our WPCentral site going to Nokia World too:

Oh, and by the way, BBM launched on iOS and Android today and Android Central and iMore both blogged the HELL out of it:

So you're gonna give grief over a single SDC post, which does apply to BlackBerry 10 since Android apps can be ported over easily to BB10 and we have lots of devs in our audience of readers?

I love you guys, but you do need to chillax the eff out and see the forest for trees.

Well they are taking about bbm because it's in their platform. Samsung doesn't really have anything to do with BlackBerry :)

Posted from my Z10

Yes, true that.

What does a Samsung Dev Conference has anything to do with BB?

You might as well post some news about KitKat

This post is a sign... If you know what I mean.

Posted via CB10

Kevin, this is not good
Why are you writing about Android.
Not impressive at all

Together to make BBRY succeed ~Team BlackBerry

Have fun Kevin.

Be sure to pass the message onto Samsung for us that they would regret not picking BlackBerry up for such a discount.
$20/share would be pocket change for them.
LG would be sweating bullets....

Wooooah seriously guys relax..... Kevin is right. there is lots to learn about the mobile industry if you are interested. This is what makes crackberry so great. And all things considered crackberry posts about BlackBerry 99% of the time so put a little perspective on things. Even though I won't be in San fran, or interested in attending we all need to be informed about what the competition is up to etc.... hence MOBILE NATION. Kevin is there all the time talking to the 'enemies' so if you are gonna rag on him here, rag on him for joining Mobile Nation to discuss about other mobile devices too. Wow!

Posted via CB10

I can't believe you guys are so retarded. Seriously? In really thought blackberry fans would be better than this. You guys sound like a bunch of bitter but hurt fan boys.

You guys are such hypocrites. I didnt see any complaints when Rene and Phil helped out for crackberry live. Get your head out of the sand and take off your fan boy blinders for once, yeezus. Seriously the level of stupidity on display is mind blowing.

Posted via CB10

My realization is that any blog post I write that ever mentions something outside of BB, I basically need to write in the full disclaimer, and remind people that all of our EiC help out eachother across the sites as needed. iMore's Rene Ritchie absolutely was at CrackBerry Live in Orlando this year!

Also kinda funny when people say this is new for CB and people are changing. When we launched this site in 2007, we started it off with a "Berry Free Talk" blog post category knowing that from time to time we'd post on non-BB things:

Pretty funny to go back and read some of those posts now!


If you want to manage an Android forum, create one, this is a Blackberry forum. So please post BB content. And native apps are better!!

Their hangouts are so boring. No real content. All they do is about brag about where they have been bla bla.

Posted via CB10

Kevin, we know that you have many hats, but keep the Android news to those that care... ie. android forums
We really don't care

Posted via CB10

First Chris Umni, and now Kevin! They have both been converted.

BlackBerry for leaders, not followers.

See, the thing is everyone's assuming that we'd actually want to keep Kevin.

This might well be a catch-and-release situation, folks. :p

Who cares? Post this shit on the android forum pls.

I have a feeling that CB is starting to switch focus away from BlackBerry.

Posted via CB10

Agree with other posters. There is no reason for this here. Developers that do multiple platforms are looking at other Android sites. They don't get their Android news at CrackBerry, and it just annoys the locals.

This is pretty weak people Is this what happens when people are feeling threatened? The z30 thread now this Kevin I think we need a BlackBerry love-in or something positive. maybe some more ray of light at the end of the tunnel new device poetry or maybe a Winston Churchill esq speech to rally the troops. Rock it with a great hash tag and every one can get behind it. It also helps that tons of non BlackBerry users are talking about BlackBerry right now. Then que the great z30 marketing and let's turn this around!

Posted via CB10

What we need is Kevin to harress the driod devs to atleast port if not make native. Driod apps are annoyin to navigate it's while I'd prefer IOS ports. On screen back button :) lol

Posted via CB10