Samsung says they're not interested in buying RIM, nor has RIM approached Samsung to discuss the matter

By Michelle Haag on 17 Jan 2012 06:38 pm EST

Directly following up on the rumors of a Samsung acquisition of Research In Motion, Samsung has now come forward to lay down some official word on the matter. In speaking to Reuters, Samsung spokesman James Chung noted:

"We haven't considered acquiring the firm and are not interested in (buying RIM)," 

To address the news further, James Chung also noted that Research In Motion had not approached Samsung on the matter. Research In Motion stock saw a rise of over 10% with the news but with Samsung now confirming it to be nothing more than a rumor -- we'll see where the stock ends up.

Source: Reuters

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Samsung says they're not interested in buying RIM, nor has RIM approached Samsung to discuss the matter


And in other news...CNN is considering buying TMZ who is considering buying BGR, who is considering buying...uhm...a rumor about a rumor about a dog.

I know, can you believe it? Another BGR RIM story from a trusted "inside source" turns out to be a complete lie. I’m SHOCKED!

What I find funny is that the idiots on Wall Street actually believe BGR when he claims that:
RIM is dropping the playbook,
RIM can't get email to work,

I guess right now this rumour is good for RIM as it has increased RIM’s stock, but BGR BS reports were a big part last year in tearing down RIM’s shares (granted there were many other aspects as well)

I'm still trying to figure out why BGR has ANY credibility left ? I mean enough already .....

Why does anyone take BGR seriously anyways?? Wouldn't be surprised if it was a kid running that site who has nothing better to do than make up bs. Seriously CB I'd say drop them from your source list...asap.

another BGR exclusive LIE : ) . . . .

I think BGR is playing with RIM stock for their own arbitrage advantage.....

I think you mean the SEC. Security and exchange commission.

At they have a tip line for situations like this. Only takes a couple of minutes and you can do it anonymously.

No doubt. Boy genius is getting a kickback for posting the story for sure. They are not smart enough to make up the story and timing of the release alone. They are also not dumb enough to trade RIMM on an account directly linked to them.

Shocker, BGR had incorrect facts. Slow news day CrackBerry? I don't know when other blog sites are going to learn to not report rumors from BGR.

lol at RIM's crappy stock value, the only times it rises is when there are rumors about a takeover or change of CEOs hahahaha, sadness, sadness everywhere...

What'd be the point? Samsung would likely be content to increase the size of their patent portfolios, and at best might exploit QNX for non smartphone or tablet things. I don't believe for one second that they, Amazon, or any other company rumored to be acquiring RIM are going to gamble on fighting Google. If RIM is sold, BlackBerry as we know it will become nonexistent.

I hope they'd sooner accept corporate death than throw everything right off the cliff.

Why in hell do you come here???? what a sad life you lead.

As for google phuft!! facebook owns google ass. Once facebook puts search on their site google stock will drop so fast it'll make their stockholders vomit. Seriously does google sell (not give away) any product that is "sticky" like facebook? NO!

Your arrogance is unnecessary, act like an adult. Secondly, perhaps you missed my point entirely, I don't know how you arrived at what you did. All I was suggesting is that if any of the companies rumored (here or elsewhere) were to take over RIM, it is my opinion that they won't be trying to rebuild and restore the smartphone platform as we know it, but will simply exploit the patent portfolios. Sammy is behind Google, Facebook as well. What does Facebook have to do with taking over RIM? In any event, I feel any company that would take over RIM would ruin 'OUR' RIM, which by the way is exactly what I don't want. I love my Berry just fine thanx.

It was obvious a sale would not happen. They said previously that they were interested in seeing the success of BB10 before anything was considered.

However, That doesn't negate the chance at a partnership, similar to that of Nokia and Microsoft. Both could definitely benefit from working together, especially RIM


SEOUL (Reuters) - Samsung Electronics Co said on Wednesday it was not interested in taking over Research In Motion after shares of the BlackBerry smartphone maker jumped more than 10 percent following a tech blog report that it was seeking to sell itself to the South Korean firm.

No. BGR's "inside source" from RIM should by BGR with the money he made by making up the story. That way every stupid article will be from the horse's mouth. lol

I knew it...once again BGR reports are come RIM and shock the world with BB10 and Playbook OS 2.0 then later Playbook 2

Zodiac BBX (BB10)

this is not the first time for BGR, they always like having some personal problems with RIM ? I don't know but I dont trust their sources anymore and I think CrackBerry should seriously to not report rumors from BGR

I saw one/two typo(s).

[...] be nothing more THAN a rumoUr.

I'm Canadian, so I spell rumor with a U, and than, not then.

Their news is essentially LIES on RIM, which isn't news, since it's LIES!

BGR: The three biggest letters in T̶e̶c̶h̶ LIES!

i'm using 9900 & S2..

felt a little bit excited about this actually.. :-)
could've been benefits to both Sammy & RIM

Ok so let's look at something here. BGR says BB10 is an complete failure and that RIM can't get email to work on the new software, all from a "trusted source", and after CES they were impressed with OS 2(which is BB10, technically)how well the email and other new features are. Now this same "trusted source" said that RIM was doing the shopping for a new buyer and that gets sacked. I'm sure if we look back over the last year we would see more of this same thing from this site (BGR that is). So if this keeps happening why does everyone continue to listen or even go to BGR.

If BGR was a person we would all call this person a pathalogically liar and doubt everything they say. But for some reason when BGR throws up the word "exclusive" every one and there moms starts to think its true. I'm not saying they have not been right a few time but the sun does shine on a dogs ass every once and a while.

Folks this has NOTHING to do with BGR. It was all over Toronto news. Every elevator screen in downtown Toronto office building even had a posting about Samsung and RIM. Don't give BGR that much credit folks. Geez....

Those stories appeared "after" BGR broke the news. Globe and Mail references BGR blogpost, for example. So it does have to do with them as they are the source of the rumor.

Agreed. Toronto Star referenced BGR and CP24 referenced 'a tech blog'. BGR is not journalism and I'm actually embarrassed for the big newspapers because they didn't check their sources or asked RIM directly for a comment.

BGR should be investigated for possible stock manipulation. They have a repeated track record for making up stories about RIM.

This can be construed as market manipulation. Somebody (e.g., SEC) should look into it - hopefully that'll teach BGR to publish bs news.

lol more bs from BGR. Its no wonder rim has such a bad rep everyone believes what BGR has to say. The media are all idiots even chch news reported this story on there 6oclock news.

1. Way to go BGR, not that anyone other than some investors believed it.
2. Who said rumors don't move the either direction.

I'm happy that Samsung is not buying out RIM.. I think I might just stick with the Playbook until the release of OS 2.0 and then if I'm not happy with the device I'll sell it..

Who in their right mind would pay that much for RIM? More importantly, WHY? Just let RIM continue to make promises about how they are going to deliver new handsets and then delay them some more.

BGR, aka TMZ of tech, is worse than TMZ:
-it is the first to cover financial news even though it is a tech blog
-it reports motivated rumors
-blog owner drives a Jag/Aston-Martin

If posting a fabricated rumor leads to 10% ROI on stock, hell yeah, that's genius way to pay for that Jag/Aston-Martin. Just don’t shit your pants when SEC pays you a visit.

Glad this is not true. I know it's not true comming from BGR but there's still a chance it was true. Thank god for that, dunno what to bo if Blackberry goes Android

I never believe a single bit of the news this morning of Samsung buying out RIM as soon as I saw the source was by BGR insider source. I had a strong feeling this was all a hoax.

Now BGR should accept two consequences:

Either get sued by the traders for mislead rumours and speculation and fauxifying information.

Or there should be a federal investigation on BGR to the source of the information that BGR claim to be.

Someone should be jailed for this.

I can not belive we all belive it when it clearly said Jim is pushing for samsung..which Jim ? Jim is the one reported by all media and blogs that he is the obstacle for any sort of merger/sellout so that statement shold have raised flag immediatly. Jim is labelled as current Yahoo CEO for RIM. But we all like some excitements, rumors and fall for this kind of stuff..I am sure friend of BGR made some cash here..The BGR should be reported..

RIMM is trying to do two things.

1.) Root out an employee(s) that can't keep their mouth shut;

2.) Play with the market and get the stock moving in the right direction

Anybody that has watched RIMM long enough knows that the company is not up for sale.

p.s. I hope you have a Stop order on your stock to lock in today's profits.

Sounds like someone was trying to pump and dump RIMM stock. Must have worked... RIM was up almost 9% yesterday on the rumour...

Ok so which one of you is the 'insider'? hmm? :)

I think BGR is getting played and made to look stupid.

All this media frenzy is stressing me out! Please please BlackBerry don't sell! I do not want to be forced to use an IPhone or Android phone!