Samsung (Nigeria) confirms 3-month exclusive to BBM, available on Friday [Updated... No exclusive]

*UPDATE* -  We reached out to BlackBerry for comments and here's what they had to say: "The excitement around the upcoming BBM launch on iPhone and Android devices seems to know no bounds. Although I’m a big fan of this passion, I want to clarify that no one will have an exclusive on offering BBM. We’ll be bringing the app to Android and iPhone users across the globe soon." - BBM Communications Director at BlackBerry, Victoria Berry.

BBM on Android
By Simon Sage on 16 Sep 2013 05:16 pm EDT

Samsung Nigeria has just confirmed on Twitter that they've locked down a three-month exclusive to BBM and that it will be available this Friday. That's not much of a surprise on either front, given we've got a BlackBerry event in Malaysia and India on Wednesday, and Samsung has been pretty dedicated in their pre-launch BBM advertising. For those without a Samsung phone, it shouldn't be too much of a hassle to find the .APK file floating around. 

At least a few BlackBerry employees have found their way to Samsung over the last couple of years, so it's easy to see how the two companies partnered up for BBM. Though three months isn't much exclusivity, it's significant enough to make one wonder about just how cozy Samsung and BlackBerry will get in the longer term. For now, the visibility is going to do wonders for BBM's initial foray onto Android.

Those of you that have buddies with Android devices, do most of them have something from Samsung? Do you think you'll be able to sell them on trying out BBM to stay in touch?   

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Samsung (Nigeria) confirms 3-month exclusive to BBM, available on Friday [Updated... No exclusive]


Wow!!! And here I thought BlackBerry couldn't do any worse! 3 month exclusive?! Yeah, this is going to turn out well... *CRINGE*

I really hope that is not true... That would be the worst PR move ever for them. Clearly MANY Android users are anxious to get the app and it's a Samsung exclusive? For once, I hope the apk leaks for Android users. It's suppose to be #BBM4ALL, not #BBM4Samsung...

Yeah, but doesn't Samsung hold about 85% of the Android smartphone market?

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This, and it will allow Samsung to do some of the advertising for BlackBerry. This is actually a smart move in my opinion. 3 months isn't long, plus the APK will leak for anyone that truly wants it.

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Alex Kinsella posted on his Channel, "... I want to clarify that no one will have an exclusive on offering BBM..."

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Indeed. More false info. BlackBerry needs to stomp this stuff down at lightning speed in the future.

This apk is gonna be all over the web shortly thereafter... this won't be exclusive for long

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Yeah but I don't think Blackberry would allow it , they stopped the leaked BBM APK from working ,
maybe they can stop other android devices from connecting to their servers and use BBM , I'm sure it's easy , BBM Will use some system info to generate PIN ? they can also stop specific devices from connecting to their server for 3 months

I thought about that but with a limited beta program that likely had pre-registered BBID's it's easy to lock down. Once this is out its gonna be very popular

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Is this exclusivity location specific? So only in Africa and India it will be on Samsung devices? or is it worldwide exclusive only to Samsung? Is is an Android exclusive meaning it will still be on iOS as well?

I was told by a BlackBerry exec that cross-platform BBM launches on the 19th worldwide. Not that it would be exclusive to Samgsung.

Pretty confused right now.

Thank you for the edit with the clarification from BlackBerry, Simon. However, you really should have done so before publishing this blog post.

There's more merit to being correct than first.

You're absolutely right. The Twitter account is legit, which I figured was enough to lean on, but for something this big I should have double-checked with BlackBerry first.

But if its a legit twitter account for Samsung (which I don't see verified, btw) why isn't Samsung keeping these guys under control? They are stirring the pot and for such a huge corp this seems ridiculous.

It's definitely weird that the Twitter account isn't verified since the Facebook page it's linked to is verified. 

As for why Samsung's PR botched this (and still hasn't taken down the tweet), my guess is sheer scale of the company. I imagine once you're as big as Samsung, coordinating becomes difficult - regional branches are large enough to effectively be companies in and of themselves. Hand doesn't know what the leg is doing, that sort of thing. It gets even more complicated when outside PR companies handle Facebook pages and Twitter accounts instead of keeping that stuff in-house. 

Though the exclusivity thing got shot down, I'm curious to see if the Friday launch date pans out. 

Those are good questions, but I just want to know how much of a positive impact it will have on the stock price!!

If BlackBerry made a truck load of money off of this deal, they better show it at the next ER! update. That makes about 50% of the posts in this thread moot, doesn't it :p

Makes me wonder what Samsung Nigeria was trying to do. Pull a (Nigerian) scam?

Get real. No type casting of Nigeria, please. Name one country that doesn't have scammers.

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Ok. Let me break it down in clearer terms for those amongst us who face challenges in making inferences.

Samsung Nigeria tried to scam at least Nigerians (and maybe the world?) with this information. Samsung Nigeria is likely comprised of Nigerians (like any local subsidiary of a global corporation.) Therefore this was a Nigerian scam.

Get it? If not, just get over it.

I find it hard too believe Samsung would pay for anything from BlackBerry but maybe you're right.

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No, Moz, I think you're right. I doubt that Samsung paid Blackberry, because Blackberry needs this deal, not Samsung. Samsung is on a winning streak, while Blackberry...well you know the rest.

From what I get, it's a Samsung exclusive for people in Nigeria. There could possibly be other locations which have this exclusivity. The countries with Samsung exclusivity may be for developing nations. I'm quite sure in North America, it will be on all Android devices and iOS.

Well, I've tried to install any of Samsung exclusives... they bake them too deep into the OS. Even Polaris Office can't really be ported to other hardware.

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But that probably won't be the case for BBM because there are already BBM. apk's floating around.

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Polaris office? I have that on my Google 'Asus' Nexus 7, working flawlessly. Also the S voice.

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Sellouts. Samsung better be paying handsomely. Actually we don't even need money, need penetration. Hopefully Samsung makes BBM a household name, and does some witty advertising.

And maybe Samsung will buy BlackBerry. I'll just leave that here.

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I for one don't want Samsung to buy BlackBerry. They have enough of a problem trying to decide what OS to use. There are many other companies I would prefer.

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It's what Canadians do best. It's what the high level business courses at Uof T, Western and Queen's teach our best and brightest business minds. Start, build, then sell out. It's why we own almost nothing within out own economy. No other country on earth is more foreign controlled than we are. (vomits into back of mouth, swallows......)

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You are obviously unaware that more in any given year Canadian companies and Investment funds actually spend more on international acquisitions than international firms spend acquiring

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Ever been to the UK? We own almost nothing of all the things we've invented over the centuries due to cashing in by selling out. We'd love to have a tech company like BlackBerry to call our own, even in its current state!

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LMAO.... i see what you did there :)

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At this point, Samsung can take much better care of what is left of Blackberry than Blackberry itself. Blackberry management sucks big time. It seems Microsoft buying Nokia has made Samsung look at Blackberry again.

I for one think that Samsung and BlackBerry would be a perfect fit if Canada allowed it. Samsung is too big for Google and Google bought Motorola, which Samsung can't love. Also, with all the Knox Knox security cap that Samsung is trying to do, they really could use BlackBerry's enterprise patents and background. I think if Samsung bought BlackBerry, they have the backing to do BlackBerry 10 justice while pumping out top notch hardware. It would give them the full control over hardware and software that they need to really take on Apple.

In a perfect world, BlackBerry would stay as they are and start taking off, but I think an artificial time frame given to them by the media is running out. Samsung would be the best chance for BlackBerry 10 to survive.

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Why is it that BlackBerry can't just launch it all on one day to android and iPhone. Why? Just do it across the board to all phones in all countries and all continents. On the same day! Why?

Unless I'm misunderstanding this announce, this is a questionable decision for sure...

...not ANOTHER opportunity to miss an opportunity, eh?

But in this case BlackBerry had the opportunity to make a true "hail Mary pass" and release it all in one go, but now they are further contributing to fragmentation. Lovely.

Also, let's not forget, not many are going to jump at this until it has near-full feature parity with native BBM as we know it.

To sum up:
1. Missed op to release an app iOS and Droid users couldn't resist as opposed to a meh...D/R is kinda cool but I'm invested in Skype/Whatsapp already.
2. Missed op to launch it inclusively, period.

Does BlackBerry want to live? Please I hope my take on this is very wrong.

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Probably because they're still waiting on approval from Apple. So then, why wait for Apple to keep dragging it's heels and launch on a big platform?

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So it's not really for Android, it's for Samsung? What does this mean for all of my Android friends I've been hyping BBM to? They mostly have HTC or lg... uhhhhmmmmm

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Unless they live in Nigeria, S Africa, or India, this won't affect them (as far as I'm aware).

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Are your friends in Nigeria or South Africa? Lol. Exclusivity seems to be restricted to certain areas. The market dynamics in some of these countries are much different from North America or European markets.

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Most of the Android I see are Samsung. Looking forward to my Samsung Galaxy Pro once BlackBerry is dissolved

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So BBM is only going to be available to Samsung phones for 3 months? Why would you limit your audience like that?

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Maybe because Samsung sees a great potential in BBM. And, as the GS and Note line continues to flourish, they probably wanted dibs on it before Apple. I'm sure this Samsung is paying for this exclusive.

Now that more and more is starting to unveil...BlackBerry and Samsung devices are pretty close in similarity. Many I've seen jump from BBRY went to Samsung. Little went to Apple. The experiences aren't THAT far apart. I smell something brewing between the two.

Just my two cents. I could be totally of the rocker but who knows.

Ladies and Gentlemen, don't forget the advertising push that comes with this exclusivity deal. It's not an ideal situation as far as pushing it out to all Android owners, but it is a win/win for Blackberry.

Now, Blackberry doesn't need to solely bear the brunt of advertising BBM on Android. Samsung has significantly more reach, and more dollars to trump their 'exclusive' to the world. Even if it's a minor push, it will get the BBM name out into Android circles and get people asking questions. Then, when it does become available, there can be a second wave of 'me-too' downloaders.

It also helps with brand recognition. No matter the device, people will hear about it, because Samsung will help advertise that BBM is cross-platform now.

Nothing would be worse than Blackberry launching BBM to cross-platform and it failing. This ensures at least a base-level of market use. Blackberry's job will be to use that use and impress potential costumers with quality.

This isn't the end of the world, but a saavy move to help the product succeed.

So none of you guys read into the fact that it says Samsung NIGERIA? This doesn't say Samsung period. Until Samsung says this for North America too I wouldn't expect this to be an issue

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Or how about the fact that BBM isn't even specifically mentioned in this screencap/twitter exchange. Did nobody notice this?

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This is beyond dropping the balls, at this point, I'm not even sure if BlackBerry held any balls beforehand, they just go for screw it all, Imma get as much money before selling the company.

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Can't imagine why BlackBerry is always in the news with talks of being sold and failing........What ever happened to BBM4ALL? I guess its not BBM4ALL unless you own a Samsung, BlackBerry, or Iphone.

As long as they still release for iOS it won't be much of an issue. The apk will be extracted so quickly it won't matter for other Android users.

Advertising. Same as all the other social media sites. Look at FB, for instance!

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Calm down everyone. First of all, it looks like an exclusive in a particular region. Second of all, even it wasn't, that's only an exclusive for Android devices. Doesn't mean iphone isn't getting it. Put down the pitch forks and relax.

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AGREED!!! I used to think it was just outside the BB community that people were roasting BB at every opportunity. It seems to be contagious inside the BB community as well and I'm really getting tired of it.

For 3 more months. Then its fate will be akin to pulling oxygen away from a patient with emphysema. No jokes.

Samsung advertise like crazy in South Africa. BBM on Samsung has been all over TV and radio!

People hardly know that BB10 exists! Samsung are brilliant at marketing let them market BBM!

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Question: is this exclusive worldwide for Samsung devices or only in one country, where no one lives????
Question #2: For Samsung devices where will it be available to download? Google Play Store or on Samsung's app store???

P.s. Please to figure or guess answers I need normal and real (not made up) answers


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If you not aware, Nigeria is one of the largest market of BlackBerry anywhere in the world.....

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Maybe you live in another planet because you don't seem to know much about this one.

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Just thought of something. Could this be an outcome of those "strategic alternatives" we have been hearing about? Selling off BBM to Samsung in the end perhaps?

So samsung gets it Friday and then the rest in 3 months?? Kinda lame


While it would certainly be nice to see this launch on all Android devices simultaneously, keep in mind Samsung absolutely dominates the global android market with approximately 60% of Android market share. If there is some larger strategy here, Samsung is certainly the partner to work with.

As someone else said, it also isn't clear if the exclusive was just for certain markets like Nigeria or globally.

Interesting. Maybe Samsung will make a push to purchase bbm in the upcoming auction. Although not my most favorite of possible purchasers, they sure do have deep pockets.

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Seriously FUBARed. Exclusive? Exclusive? That's like saying "Come on in. We've raised our prices for our going out of business event. "

Hopefully the exclusive is just for Android and doesn't effect IOS.

Geez, I was worried BlackBerry may take too long to being full functionality to Android and IOS. But leave it to these guys to continue to exceed expectations.

This is a good move I think since it gives BlackBerry an early advertising partner for its platform and likely some cash outta the deal. So long as it's only in a few limited regions.

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Umm that's just stuipid if it's true. Why would blackberry make it exclusive for 3 months, when they need everyone out there to be on bbm. Makes no sense even if Samsung gave them a wad of cash which in sure they did. I don't get blackberry sometimes. Release it to everyone don't make it exclusive to 1 phone.

In the shirt term good for them they've made some money of Samsung for doing this but come 3 months either no one is going to be using bbm cuz of this, or people will even forget once the 3 months is done that it's now available to all.

I wonder if this affects iPhone people has well. Clearly blackberry still hasn't gotten it and sadly it looks like they never will. Then they wonder why there not making money, when there making dumb decisions like this.

I actually think this is a good idea! Samsung is #1 selling smartphone- Apple is dragging their feet- so good idea to give it to them and let them spread the word.

Yh something tells me it's only a certain region. Samsung themselves haven't said it

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My wifey use to have BLACKBERRY's and she can't wait for BBM for Android!

She's even watching closely the Z30 and considering going back to the DARK SIDE, the BLACKBERRY side when she's up to on her contract!!

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I'm MongezaurioBerry

Hahaha what a fucking joke BlackBerry you can't do anything right ever

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Statement from BlackBerry:

The excitement around the upcoming launch of BBM for Android and iPhone users is amazing. We want to thank everyone for their enthusiasm, but wanted to let people know that the program is structured so that only those in the beta will be able to use the app. The version we've seen on the Web in the last couple of days can be downloaded, but will not work on devices that are not approved in the beta program.

This was the statement this morning from BlackBerry, notice how they said android and iPhone and not Samsung and iPhone.

Would be nice if they could comment on things that matter as quickly as they do on things that don't!

I've heard internal rumours that Samsung are preparing a bid to acquire BlackBerry. The BBM deal is an exclusivity that will lead to greater things. By acquiring BlackBerry, Samsung becomes the leader in both the consumer and corporate markets.

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Just out of curiosity can you please elaborate where you heard these "rumors" other than from the talk going on on this blog?

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Explain how that can be so stupid ? It's a logical step in the right direction for both companies. Samsung's Knox solution has not taken off as they thought it would. They stand to gain a lot from acquiring the BlackBerry services and their NOC. Not a lot of companies are willing to activate Android devices in their environment due to security concerns. Running BlackBerry 10 on a customised Samsung device opens them up to a whole new corporate world. Good technology is cleaning up in the corporate world with many companies choosing to deploy the iPhone instead of Android. As for the BlackBerry HW end of things, I'm not sure what will happen there...

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This is a win - Samsung has and will market BBM for their devices and they are hugely successful. BB hopefully also gets some money for the deal too. Those that really want it on other Android devices can always sideload it. We don't yet know about BBM on iOS - if Apple is delaying approving it, this may be out of necessity and it could potentially strong-arm Apple into approving it if it gives Samsung a boost in countries where BBM is important.

Looks like Samsung's flexing its muscle. Probably it threatened BB, ".. hey BB, I'm #1 android OEM, majority of android users use my handsets. you want bbm to run well in my devices, well give me exclusivity, or else, your BBM will run like crap on all my devices. ..."

I am always amazed that people who know nothing of the announcement or decisions or factors behind it are quick to criticize....

Just maybe... its a brilliant move by blackberry... with great marketing benefits... how about we wait and see....

Going live Friday with Apple and Samsung android bbm sounds awesome.... let's have blackberry BBM dominate on those two areas!! huge win for BlackBerry.

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Most likely it's a regional deal - but even if not, who cares? Most people don't think 'it's an android'; most think 'it's a samsung' - especially in Australia. This deal would probably go really well here also.

How can this be a good thing?? So now only some will have BBM and others will have to wait another three months. In most people's eyes, this will just be seen as another delay.

I've noticed that, can't remember the name of the other user though...

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I'm going to convince every one of my friends to try BBM. I'll also be to get a copy of the apk quite easily :)

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I hope I'm wrong bit BBM is not going to pick up the way everyone hopes for more simple reasons, like the fact that their Group capabilities are not up to par with WhatsApp! It's sad! Bit I can't sell BBM to my friends they will never go for it!

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The update to this story is good news. I was thinking to myself (before reading the update) how stupid could BlackBerry be? To offer an 3-month exclusive to one Android hardware manufacturer to BBM is just plain dumb, Dumb, DUMB!!!!

All I have to say an exclusive would NOT work in the US. They have to drop BBM on the same day for both iOS and Android, or at least have the release dates close together. Most of the BBM traffic in the US would be between iOS and Android devices.

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3 months exclusive for BBM to be preloaded on +/- 50% of the market devices ?
That would be a brilliant deal, if you ask.

Datz From my Z10 amigo.

*UPDATE* - We reached out to BlackBerry for comments and here's what they had to say: "The excitement around the upcoming BBM launch on iPhone and Android devices seems to know no bounds. Although I’m a big fan of this passion, I want to clarify that no one will have an exclusive on offering BBM. We’ll be bringing the app to Android and iPhone users across the globe soon." - BBM Communications Director at BlackBerry, Victoria Berry.


Thank you for the clarification Victoria Berry, (.....if that is your real name).
If it is, that's an awesome name!

I'm having more fun reading the comments from the fools who DIDN'T read this article than the informed comments!

*UPDATE* - We reached out to BlackBerry for comments and here's what they had to say: "The excitement around the upcoming BBM launch on iPhone and Android devices seems to know no bounds. Although I’m a big fan of this passion, I want to clarify that no one will have an exclusive on offering BBM. We’ll be bringing the app to Android and iPhone users across the globe soon." - BBM Communications Director at BlackBerry, Victoria Berry.

Samsung Nigeria = FAIL.

Aside from being the best BlackBerry news so far, this was a very intelligent decision. It's got so much potential and if any tweeks need to be done the 90 day exclusive will be the test bed.

BBM could be HUGE for BlackBerry when it goes global. They shouldn't roll it out to the whole world at once without a some type of cross platinum trial. If it goes as expected it's value could increase dramatically before a total launch.

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What a terrible way to start CPBBM.....another Nail....sux

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If I read it correctly, "no one will have an exclusive on BBM", meaning - permanently. Man! You can't just roll the dice here! Problems and weak points are always found when a product hits the market. No amount of lab/internal testing catches everything.

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All you bitchers and moaners feel stupid now? If you own a BlackBerry then for gods sake support them!!!!!

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Why would they feel stupid? They said it would be a dumb idea and BlackBerry apparently agrees.

Hopefully this is like the Microsoft and Nokia partnership that leads to a sale of BlackBerry to Samsung..that would be amazing.

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Yes. BlackBerry being purchased by one of the most corrupt companies on earth would be woooonderful.

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Okay well that doesn't work.... basically mobile syrup said as per blackberry it will not be exclusive to Samsung and will be released soon

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I really don't care who bloody buys bbry, as long as they get rid of the top chiefs and existing marketing and advertising bods first... they are useless... they are the reason why bbry is in its current state...

Sent by Bbry Zed10

Seriously guys? I can't believe you would fall for such an obvious alias as Victoria 'Berry'! Clearly you aren't getting reliable information ;)

I'm sorry I just can't see this working well for BlackBerry. Unless Samsung is planning to buy blackberry and is using this to take market share from apple.....if not it seems like blackberry went to the hardware and bought a shovel to dig it's own grave.

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Well if you read the TWEET Samsung doesn't actually specify what the 3 month exclusive is for ;)

True they don't specify. But really we won't know how good or bad this move is until we hear what the terms and conditions are for other platforms.

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Even if it's exclusive to samsung, it will be just for Samsung africa. BB would be stupid to do it globally.

Cos BBM is big in Asian and that offers BBM will sell more than it does not..long term BB at loss but BB as one company may not exist for long

Then whyyyyyyy would blackberry give up some of their market share to samsung just so Samsung can get bbm. Makes no sense to me. Quite frankly if I were blackberry I would only release bbm cross platform depending on how bb10 performed. And seeing that bb10 is pretty good I would keep bbm exclusive to a blackberry handset.

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I once got an email from a Nigerian saying he would give me a large sum of money... I wouldn't trust anything to come out of Nigeria.

Lol and which country would you trust? I guess Bernie Madoff is from Nigeria too, right. Lol

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There is no country without scammers. So if you have nothing reasonable to say, then go sit down.

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Hopefully they got a pile of cash for the exclusive from Samsung cause otherwise this is a stupid decision. Giving people exclusives to their products before has only killed sales (Storms, Torch). Giving an Android OEM exclusive on free software when you are trying to become a huge messaging platform is only smart if compensated extremely well.

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BlackBerry is announcing on "The Amazing Race Canada", that BBM will soon be available on Android and Apple IOS.

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Nigeria has a very large BlackBerry user pool, it's arguably the most popular phone in the country, Samsung know this as they can't compete with the BlackBerry phone mainly because of the BBM feature. Samsung will be hoping to lure religious BBM users away from BlackBerry phones with this development.

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Of course, the best BBM and overall BlackBerry experience remains available only to BlackBerry 10 device owners. So, for the best overall mobile computing life - choose BlackBerry 10 running on BlackBerry manufactured hardware. Peace in the middle east.

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It's a catch 22. I don't like the entire thought of going cross platform as your giving away one of your biggest USP's away to the competition. I really want Blackberry to flourish and I love my Z10. They have the potential to outrun the competition hope they have their strategies sorted out.

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I hope cross platform BBM does well! Let people see what a real messaging system looks like!

From the mind of a MaNiAc the prince of Nigeria can deposits 10 Million dollars intl my bank account. All he needs is my banking info.

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After you get your 10 million do you think you can buy me a Z30? Would I be pushing my luck if I ask for a holster too?

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why not deposit into my account and i'll give ya an unlimited exclusive apk leak from nigeria in no time.