Samsung begins advertising BBM coming soon to Galaxy series devices

By Bla1ze on 26 Aug 2013 07:51 pm EDT

We're already fully aware that Samsung and BlackBerry have inked some sort of deal to have BlackBerry Messenger loaded onto the popular Galaxy series of devices but it's been up in the air when it comes to how much marketing effort Samsung and BlackBerry will put into it all. Samsung isn't exactly known to cheap out on such things having spent reportedly over $400 million in 2012.

Digging through the CrackBerry Forums, I saw a few reports that certain regions Samsung operates in had already ramped up their efforts for telling people that BlackBerry Messenger is coming and I went off looking for the commercials folks had said were airing during soccer matches and such.

Lo and behold, I found the above video with Shao128's help, posted by Samsung Ghana only a few hours ago and even more visual marketing on their Facebook page. I can't really say it's the best advertising considering it has no sound and the device pictured is certainly old but any marketing at this point is still cool to see.

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Samsung begins advertising BBM coming soon to Galaxy series devices


Really?! Did you see the BlackBerry they're helping us out with? WTF was that a BlackBerry Tour?

At least they could have used the Z10 to do the BBM advertising. To me that just gave Samsung a chance to show an old BlackBerry device.

From my Z10 to YOU, BOO-YAH!

Exactly! Samsung Ghana is basically saying "you have this old phone and if you're thinking of upgrading, may want to switch platforms but don't want to lose BBM, nows you're chance to go to a Samsung device and get the best of both worlds". Doesn't help our beloved BBRY on the surface but I am hoping to see a bigger play to monetize the platform down the road. Exciting times...let's see where this takes us.

BBM will add 10 Billion of value to BlackBerrys share price.
Someone said that a massive short death squeeze was just around the corner.

How will BlackBerry profit from BBM users? Charging money for the service? In-app advertising? Selling the user data to other companies?

Facebook sells the user data to advertisers, Google sells broad statistics to advertisers (and host the advertisements themselves). There's a subtle difference between the two.

Anyway, it doesn't sound very unlikely that BlackBerry might end up doing so in some similar way. Unless they can _sell_ the data to NSA and earn some hard cash from it. :P

BBM Channels probably. Selling commercial channels and providing a way to inject Channel links into non-commerical channels.

I doubt they'll advertise directly in BBM chats.

Hey guy, the Z10 and the Q10 are more popular around here and even with the high price tag, BlackBerry faithful still manage to buy them. Nigeria and Ghana are countries where BlackBerry 10 devices were first launched; even before the USA market and London.

From my Z10 via CB.

What the hell are you talking about? :-/

There are plenty of BB10 devices in Ghana ..that sounds like a backhanded insult. Just remember which continents BlackBerry are still earning from before you post.

How will it play out exactly? Is it exclusive to Samsung in Africa first then the rest of Android and iOS by September 20th?

My source is waterloo is told me that blackberry has submitted the BBM app to Google play. It's coming soon.

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yup, its curated retrospectively. but I think the poster was taking the mick with the `coming soon` side of things lol

They probably didn't want to help BlackBerry advertise their latest products, and what better way than to just show old legacy devices. BBM is just a way for Samsung to promote their Galaxy devices, particularly in countries where BBM is still popular.

Thats very exciting. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out. Finally more peeps on my BBM.

Via my Commodore Vic 20

BBM for Android and iOS could be the next big thing in messaging. I am going to flood my address book with invites. So pumped for this!!

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BBM will be the number 1 app when it comes to msging between iOS, Android and BB devices. All our contact lists in BBM will go up lol

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Good news. I'm glad other platforms could join in the fun. But I'd rather my Z10 with BBM natively. IMHO

The Blacker the Berry the sweet the juice....

Kill Confirmed ...via CB10

"BBM Natively
The Blacker the Berry the sweater the Juice"

If only they could use this in their advertising!

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. . . I don't know. . . gives me a more ominous feeling . . . I'm pretty sure you won't see any real advertising in mature markets. . . anywhere else and it's a perfect reason to no longer buy a BlackBerry. . . Samsung is only advertising blackberry's potential uselessness. . .IMHO . . .

This type of post makes no sense. Without cross platform BBM, it is not very useful anyway. I have exactly 1 BBM contact now so I welcome this.

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Read my comment again... Never said the BBM is useless... I said BlackBerry... think about it...

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Seems like no one has a problem getting the gist of what I'm trying to say. . . and um. . . this is a comment on a blog post. . . not my doctorate thesis. . . be easy. . .

Why? BlackBerry will never have even close to half marketshare again. BBM either goes cross platform or it is useless.

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I hope for our sakes. BlackBerry gets it working right as it goes across different platforms.

Addict for 10 years, but it may be time to get off this drug.

It's not really surprising that they are showing the old BlackBerry in the advertisement. The new BlackBerry 10 phones are likely not as mainstream as the old BlackBerry phones. Samsung Galaxy device users are likely much more familiar with the old BlackBerry phones than they are with the new one. It also provokes a bit of nostalgia. Kind of like "remember the awesome BBM you used to have on your old BlackBerry device? Well, now it's on the Samsung Galaxy phones."

Kool, they need to get the merchant channels. Going quickly so that avid shoppers can receive coupons from their fav merchants via BBM channels
If so it will be a hit, especially. With my wife

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Nice! I just don't trust Samsung. Coming soon from Samsung... Trade in your BlackBerry for a New Samsung Galaxy w/ BBM... Just watch.

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Unfortunately, this is only for them to attract young BlackBerry Users - not for BlackBerry to relieve on the market. Making BBM cross platform, without a firm message concerning BB10, is bad decision. BBM Channels are not WOW enough to even up the operational risk gap between probable loses from cross platform and profits from channels, IMHO.

[...] BBs always for young professionals - new BYOD hero:

You know I'm really starting to warm up to the idea of cross platform BBM. Not only will it help change peoples perception of the BlackBerry brand, but now I'll finally be able to add people I know to my BBM friend list!

Maybe, Samsung has a partnership offer for the complete line of BBM services integrated into Samsung new OS

Samsung is going to buy BlackBerry and get rid of Android hahaha. That would be solid. Sadly don't see that happening

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Why is it a good thing? Just means it's OK to go Samsung.

Posted via a BlackBerry 10 - iPhone killer device

It's a good thing because it makes BBM relevant. It means BlackBerry has a crossplatform, mainstream product.

Just as iTunes and iPod helped Apple's comback.

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I don't think we can compare ipod to bbm which has plenty of comparable competition. I'm a die hard bbm person and even whatsapp gets more use for me. Video length being the big reason. More emotions. And the multi pic send option is really nice. The voice notes are easier to use too. Bbm has better groups. And better look for me.

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Not so bad to use an old device in that ad the way they did it. That device is iconic BlackBerry and the ad puts it in people's mind.

"Something something, BlackBerry, Samsung, coming soon, something something"

Hmm, coming to Android...that means it will be available on Android why don't we have it on the PlayBook?! Shutting me up will cost you a future BlackBerry Tablet and a Z30/A10!

You need more then bbm to update the os to even a half functional tablet

even after 2 years you guy still only half a os and the functions of a full tablet

Samsung kind of goes their own way in Android with their own app store(but still keeps the Play store knowing their devices would be dead without it). I would guess this is another step to get people off of using Google services.

Or maybe it's just to get people to purchase their phones in growth markets? From what I understand BBM is still very popular in certain markets so maybe Samsung is going to use BBM as another tool to sell their phones. This could be a double edged sword for BlackBerry, they could end up losing market share in those markets. Then again, if you own a Blackberry you probably like the keyboard so a Samsung device wouldn't be your cup of tea. We will see how things end up going!

Samsung is very smart. They have not won major market share in African countries. Blackberry thanks to BBM and not so great quality of data network is a clear winner there. So Samsung is more than happy to market BBM on their phones so they can sell more in Africa. I wish they do this advertisement for the galaxy series all over the world.

Honestly, I thought BBM on other devices would be a good idea. It would bring the brand to the forefront.

But, now I realize that Blackberry just doesn't have what it takes in the management area to take advantage of such an opportunity. I think when BBM comes out for iOS and Android, it wil be the nail in the coffin. It's not because BB10 is weak in comparison. I've got my Q10 and been a fan since I picked up the 9000.

However, Blackberry management is incredibly weak-minded. They just don't have what it takes to maneuver in business. They don't have the collective intellect to take advantage. In fact, I think they are putting themselves in a position to be further marginalized. Once again, it's not the specific move of bringing BBM to other devices that will kill BB. It's the inability of management to take advantage of BBM on other platforms, properly. It's like a child trying to beat an adult at basketball. It'll be a good effort for what they're capable of doing. But, ultimately that child will lose. Blackberry is that child which is sad to say.

Can I side load Samsung's BBM app on to my PlayBook? If so that is very sad that I would have to do that.

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Unless BlackBerry have a huge (and good) marketing campaign waiting in the wings, this imho is another nail in the coffin of the BlackBerry we love. Not THE nail but definitely A nail.

In the smaller markets BlackBerry should be singing and dancing about the data compression onthe legacy BlackBerry and how it saves money. I know a lot of people cluster around wifi but it is still a unique feature.

BlackBerry still has its Achilles Heal in its app count and app cost. But other than that (personally) both legacy and bb10 o's devices rock.

This in no way helps BlackBerry handset sales even if it makes the company billions, and we need to selling more handsets.

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Fingers crossed that it's not a timed exclusive or anything (and that it's a quality app that I'd use if even if it were for any other service).

Maybe the newer BlackBerry has not arrived yet to Ghana, like it has not arrived to other parts of the world :p

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Here in SA the adds are in full gear. Think I saw at least four adds during the MU and Chelsea game.

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Are we sure that Androidians and Happy Apple People know what BBM is?
And why should they install it instead of whatsapp and viber?

I love BlackBerry but I don't use BBM. Just because here in Italy BlackBerry market is almost dead from a few years and marketing strategy for bb10 is 0!! I love whatsapp, i think it will the leader of this kind of app for many years, even BBM is better.


via BlackBerry Z10

I just left this post before but do you guys think it´s an indication of Samsung being interested in taking over Blackberry?

So now Thorsten, take note this is how you market. Not dependent like a 2 year old upon carriers to fail you. Or hiring marketing executives who fail miserably but you won't cut them. Yup thorsten try using the Remember app. Thank you Samsung for doing what BlackBerry can't clue in about. Marketing.

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It's a sign... first Samsung uses a BlackBerry in their ad then BlackBerry uses Samsung and at the end.... a partnership

The Gamer's Network- C00015A3 || From my Z on .1047

I see we can customize bbm notifications but not sms. Maybe we won't need custom sms notifications once everyone has bbm.

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They aren't doing this out of the kindness of their heart, they are doing this because this will be a huge barrier removed from getting people in SA to ditch cheap BB devices and jump onto cheap Android devices and still maintain contact with everyone during the switch. Watch BB's marketshare slide drastically in each developing market when they realize that they can get BBM and a better overall experience for everything else compared to BBOS and BB can't make a low cost BB10 device to fill the void.

This is great because now I can BBM with my friends that are using Samsung phones. Way to go Sammy!

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I think BlackBerry should only keep BlackBerry messenger compatible with android devices and not iPhone. This helps to increase potential customers to purchase a BlackBerry or android and not the iPhone.

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Don't think for one moment that Samsung isn't doing this for their own agenda. They want to use the BBM card natively to say to the corporate consumer, "Hey! Buy us instead. We even have your precious BBM now"!

BBM without BES is not the same thing for corporate use. Now if it helps them sell BES licenses too, well then game on!

I'm in South Africa and I saw the banner ad during the footy. I'll have a look during the next EPL game, I'm sure it will come up again, I'll get some screen shots this time.

On a side bar today on the radio they were advertising it as well. They used the standard bbm tone from legacy devices and the message tone from the s3 etc saying "now you can get this, on this". It said bbm coming soon to Samsung devices. Maybe I'm nuts but does anyone else think that we might have an announcement in the next day or 2?

Posted via CB10 from my Z10

Ho MY! Once more BB being kick ...
Samsung is advertising: "Don't buy any BB device, Samsung have BBM, so why do you need to buy a BlackBerry?"
More top companies are moving from BlackBerry to Samsung/Android.