Samantha Ronson Is Sad With No Bold and No Lindsay

Samantha Ronson
By Kevin Michaluk on 5 Oct 2008 07:00 pm EDT

Rewind to July 24th and we posted a Celebrity BlackBerry Sighting featuring Samantha Ronson with a BlackBerry Bold. At that time some of you said "Samantha who?" while others said "Why the **** does she have a Bold and I don't?!"

In case you're still not familar with the name, Samantha Ronson is famous for a few things: her brother is music producer Mark Ronson; her sister is fashion designer Charlotte Ronson; she is an internationally known and in-demand DJ; and last but not least, Samantha Ronson is Lindsay Lohan's girlfriend (officially now on record). It's probably that last accolade that was the key to her being one of the first in the world to get a Bold.

Well... it turns out Samana Ronson was playing at a local club last night, so I decided to drop by and check out the scene. I wanted to see first-hand if Samantha Ronson was truly BlackBerry-Addicted enough to be deserving of a pre-release BlackBerry Bold. 

I quickly discovered three things:

1.  Samantha Ronson is a HARDCORE BlackBerry Addict. Like seriously... she was DJing to a couple hundred people (and she does rock... club was bump'n), yet she was constantly reaching for her BlackBerry and reading and pounding out messages (probably to Lindsay...word was she was hanging back at the hotel). Certified addict. Totally passed my test.

2. Samantha Ronson is No Longer using a BlackBerry Bold. I'm not sure what happened, but gone is the Bold and she's back to using a Curve.

3. Samantha Ronson looked sad. I know I was pretty sad last weekend after I gave my Bold to Podcast Craig and went back to a Curve (for 48 hours before buying a new Bold). I'm guessing the perma-sad look was her longing for AT&T to finally release the Bold. That, or she really wanted to finish her set so she could go see whoever she was messaging all night!

Check out more of my paparazzi shots after the jump!!

Samantha Ronson is a BlackBerry Addict

Samantha Ronson

Samantha Ronson

Samantha Ronson



Is that Larry the Cable Guy in that last picture???


she has a lot of nice toys there.


Who cares about either one of them?


You obviously care enough to take your time out to comment.


Dang,,,,, Is she spinning 2 turn tables and 2 CD's Nice...


A Obamoid sticker. That just lowered the value of the "me too" computer.

And are you sure that's not a guy dj'ing?


[sarcasm]You blew us all away with that informative and eye opening post. [/sarcasm]

Lots of goodies in the pic though. The spin setup is sick.


did anyone ever think that maybe she never got a Bold and was just using Lindsays?