Samantha Ronson Gets the BlackBerry Bold

By Kevin Michaluk on 24 Jul 2008 09:14 am EDT

Samantha Ronson gets a BlackBerry Bold!

Courtesy of CelebBBSightings, you're now looking at the 4th "celeb" to be caught on the net with their shiny, new BlackBerry Bold (I'm sure there are MANY more famous peeps walking out and about with this new toy who have yet to be shot on camera).

Question of the Day: Some of you will know who Samantha Ronson is, and others won't, which begs the question... Who deserves a yet-unreleased BlackBerry Bold More.... YOU or HER?? :)

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Samantha Ronson Gets the BlackBerry Bold


I bet she's just "holding" Lindsey's Bold for her...why would RIM give this chick a Bold? As you can see from the comments above, most folks don't even know who she is...


HAHA!! Her wiki page pic, makes her look like a female eminem, their is no way she deserves a bold over ANYONE!

Who is this chick anyway? Is she an actor? Singer? What makes her a celeb and who cares if she has a BB? She isnt any better than you or I and I bet we use our BBs for more than a fashion statement and a phone! HA!

Her mother is a socialite, her sister is a designer (Charlotte Ronson), her brother is a relative hottie producer (Mark Ronson), and lastly but most importantly she's banging Lindsay Lohan!!!

In the karma sense, yes, I "deserve" the Bold over her. But then again, with the 3g capabilities and increased memory, she may "need" it more. Tough to keep track of all those rehab dates, court appearances and bail bondsman information.

I deserve the Blackberry Bold more than Samantha Ronson...yes we share the same name but I think I am more deserving of the Samantha's. She's only famous now because she's having a lesbian love affair with Lindsey Lohan...and I know much better DJ's....before Lindsey it was like "Who's Samantha Ronson?" ok maybe she was Mark Ronson's little sister but still.If making out with Lindsey Lohan gets me a Bold...hell I'll do it! that's worth risking getting an STD from that whore.

Looking at the Wiki pic, I wonder if it isn't Samuel Ronson. Or maybe saMANtha Ronson. Anyway, I think I deserve a Bold as much as her simply because her and I both want to nail Lindsay Lohan.

ROFL!! I loved the post from the person above me lol.
I heard Sammy Ronson licked LiLo BALD...Oooops I meant Sammy Ronson liked LiLo's BOLD..
Yeah that was completely cheesy :/

She should delete most of her "smoke crack" events from her BB calendar and add a few "eat a cheeseburger" events. She's gross.

You know she is linked to Lohan and could be Lilo's since we have seen her with it first. Lohan could have gone back to her old BB and given Sam the Bold.

That's Linday Lohan's Girlfriend. You know Lindsay Lohan the second most photographed female celeb in the world.

P.s. Lindsay probably gave it to her.

Why does this site have to justify that they have the "coolest" device on the planet by showing every celeb that happens to be holding a BB? Since there are thousands of celebs out there and maybe 100 are shown holding BB's it seems to me to actually be a small percentage. Get a life.

for dressing like a complete scum, she sure has a lot of bling..rolex blackberry, panama straw hat, raybans..not to mention a Porsche Cayman. A hollywood phony. I've earned my BB Bold, not her.

you dont have to be a celeb or a dj to get a BOLD. you just need a contact at RIM. my friend in Hong Kong received his last week. and no, "I" don't have the hook up. Wish I did though. ;)