Sale & Contest: Save 40% on Wiley's BlackBerry PlayBook Companion book; 10 Free Copies to be Won!

BlackBerry PlayBook Companion
By Kevin Michaluk on 9 Sep 2011 01:58 pm EDT

Last week I blogged about the availability of Wiley's new BlackBerry PlayBook Companion book, written by Matt Miller with a forward by yours truly (and no, I don't make any money from that - did it for free). Following up the release, the folks at Wiley have hooked CrackBerry readers up with some special savings and free copies for us to give away. Details are below. Be sure to take advantage of the savings and enter for your chance to win!

Save 40% on the BlackBerry PlayBook Companion: To save 40% off the $19.99 regular price, you need to purchase the book from Wiley's website at this link and use coupon code BBPBC at checkout. The coupon is valid through the end of September.

Win a FREE Copy of the BlackBerry PlayBook Companion: We've got TEN copies to give away for free. To enter for your chance to win a copy, just leave a comment to this blog post! Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST.

Reader comments

Sale & Contest: Save 40% on Wiley's BlackBerry PlayBook Companion book; 10 Free Copies to be Won!


I take my Playbook everywhere. I would more than love to win this :). Cool to see you wrote the forward on it.

Wow. What a great addition for my playbook. Always looking for ways to improve the overall experience. Fingers crossed as haven't had much luck yet.

Please count me in! I have had the Playbook for just over a week and I am still finding new things out about what I can do with it. The Blackberry Playbook companion can only make it that much better!

I don't have a Playbook as of now, but when I do, I'd like to have something like this to look at before I get one....

It would be great to find out new things about my playbook. I'm sure I've overlooked somethings on it.



Are they signed copies? I already own one, BUT I'd LOVE to win a signed copy! I would then give my extra copy to Melissa.

This would be the perfect expansion to my Crackberry library, with already Crackberry - True Tales of Blackberry Use and Abuse , this would go along great till i save up enough for a Playbook!

This book looks like something i can use. I just got my playbook and am still learning. So far I love it, best tab for sure. Love the bridge from my 9930. Best accessory you can have for your blackberry.

I would love one. Probably would answer a lot of concerns and questions I have about buying a playbook

Since I'm always trying to further my knowledge and proficiency of my BlackBerry devices I believe this would definitely be a must read for my recently purchased BlackBerry PB (64G).

This would really go great with my new 32GB Playbook. I think I have it all figured out but there's always room to learn.

This would be nice! I can hand it to the wife and she can learn to envy what I can do with the Playbook. Then, when she takes my 16GB, I can get a bigger one. :D

Ive been a long time blackberry fan but i still have only been coming to to for less then a year. Please help me and my blackberry devices, to include a playbook take it to the next level and become a crackberry abuser. im sure this book would help me do this.

Count me in..

Wife getting upset that haven't put Playbook down since I bought it yesterday .. lol

yah, would love a free copy - but I'll need it more for 2.0!

Curve 8330 CDMA (eww, I know, u/g to Torch soon!)
Winner of EA Mobile SE Playbook - rockin' it!

My Playbook would appreciate me reading this, so I can stop messing around and use it properly. Can I read it on my Playbook? ;o)

Please choose me! I am sure there are many features of my Playbook that I haven't yet discovered! I just love my Playbook and rarely leave home without it. Thanks for your consideration.

This would be a great help to take full advantage of the awesome BlackBerry PlayBook. Thanks Wiley Publishers and for the contest.

Definitely love the Playbook, especially for eBook reading. What better way to get back into paper media than with this?

Definitely love the Playbook, especially for eBook reading. What better way to get back into paper media than with this?

Would love to use this so can show all the iPad addicts at work the sweet tricks PlayBook can do :)

Please pick me! I would really like to have a copy because I am planning to buy a PlayBook very soon. I have been drooling over the PlayBook since it was announced....

I just got my 16 GB PlayBook during the Labour Day long weekend, so it would be very useful for me. I'm loving the PlayBook's screen (better than iPad 2's), the 5MP and 3MP cameras (better than iPad 2's) and the web browser (better than iPad 2's).

Wouldn't mind winning a copy at all.

I have got to admit that I probably wouldn't buy it when I've got the might of to answer my questions.

Would be great to have. Have had my 32gb since June and just learned something recently from a tv commercial!

I have been excited about the BlackBerry PlayBook since it was first announced last September. When I got a chance to preview it at the BlackBerry PlayBook pre-launch party at South By SouthWest in Austin, Texas, I fell in love with it. The event was so classy, and the Research in Motion representatives were very courteous, and extremely helpful at the demonstration booths. They spared no expense, with absolutely delicious food, and the world-famous DJ Diplo giving the crowd an amazing performance.

I am just waiting for the version to come out that has a 3G / 4G radio in it, simply because a Wi-Fi only version would not be suitable for me. I would love this book to accompany the PlayBook, and plan to purchase the PlayBook the very day that the 3G / 4G version is released.