Sale On 8900 And 8220 Replica Themes!

By Bla1ze on 10 Feb 2009 06:32 am EST
8900 And 8220 Replica Themes!

We mentioned these themes before on the CrackBerry blogs which have been a hit with the community, pushing their way up the best sellers list in the CrackBerry App Store. That however, is not going to stop us from letting you all know about an awesome sale Tom has going on for these great replica themes.

Just in case any of you out there were contemplating either of these choices but just couldn't decide, now is time to take advantage of the $5 sale Tom started today which will end on February 16th. You can grab either the 8900 Replica for all 83xx and 88xx devices or the 8220 Replica for all 81xx series devices supporting a wide array of OS versions and even styling options. Be sure to check out all the options available and choose the OS that is compatible with your device.

As an added bonus as well, Tom has included all the device wallpapers to get the themes even more realisitic. Grab the 8900 wallpapers as well as the 8220 wallpapers already formatted for your BlackBerry, and as always, Tom offers up top notch care in the CrackBerry Forums.

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Sale On 8900 And 8220 Replica Themes!


Well I already have a Bold. I just want that "edge of the earth" background. I searched the wallpapers and couldnt find it. Will try again since it has been a few weeks since I last looked. Anyone with a clue as to the name of wall i am looking for is free to post a hint.

I have a similar but not exact wallpaper of the "edge of earth" as you call it that I found on I did see the same one as shown here though. It is called "8900 Replica" under the 320x240 wallpapers in the "scenery" section. I would think they might have it in the section for Bold wallpapers too. There is one called "Earth" in the scenery section for Bold wallpapers that is very similar.

You must've not downloaded any of them because then you would know nothing out there is better or more precise. And this guy provides great customer service with continuous updates and dialogue in the forums, which makes it all worth the while. Best themes I've downloaded to date hands down.

I thought paying for a theme was dumb.....until i took a chance and bought the today + theme for my curve from this guy. Amazing work and great customer service! Would highly recommend this guy and the themes.

All themes come with free updates. I will listen to feedback from individuals as well as from members on the forum page and perform regular updates based upon what people like/dislike. Also, once the new version of themebuilder is released, I will update all of the themes to support any new features the new version of themebuilder brings.

I just purchased a bold to test out themes. I plan on creating some bold themes in the near future. I'm not sure if the bold supports icon themes, but I will certainly look into it. Thanks!

Anyone know the differences between Versions 1.5 and 2.0 of 8900 Replica Today Plus themes? I assume the latest version is the one to go with?

I have been using the 8900 Replica Bottom Dock version and love it. I am excited to learn they now have a Today Plus version available.

The version numbers aren't really that important and don't really mean one is better than the other. The only reason why it is changed is that a change in the version number prompts a theme update email to be sent out to everyone who purchased the theme. The only differences between any of the themes is what is shown in the screenshots.

How about the real thing??? huh huh? no replica just the real thing??? we want themes for BB 8900!!!


RIM hasn't released the newest version of themebuilder yet which is required to create themes for the 8350i, 8900, and storm. As soon as its released by RIM, you'll see plenty of themes for those devices.

Love this theme!

Is there a way to make the symbol key faster? I bought this theme today but it takes almost 3 seconds to load the symbol page and there are 4 of them on the pearl...if you are a fast typer like me then this really slows you down.

I've noticed this to be a common problem with several themes I've downloaded.

Thanks for the great theme!

Faster symbol key would make it perfect.

Hello, I am looking into getting this problem resolved. At first I thought it was transparent menus that slowed down the symbols key, but the Pearl Flip Replica doesn't have transparent menu's so it isn't that either. As soon as I find a solution, I will post it in the forums and update the themes accordingly. Thank you for your input!

I downloaded this theme. so far so good.

I changed my background picture but now I want the one that came with it back up there... how do i get it back.

Thanks for your help todd. Aother quick question. When the updates become available will we get an email letting us know? or do i hve to keep checking back. ohh and is this theme builder a free program or what? Sometimes I need some thing to do at work and trying to figure out theme building would probably take up a lot of time.


You will receive an email listing the updates made on the theme. Sometimes I will send out an email to some asking what peoples opinion is on the update. Thank you for your purchase! If you have anymore questions, please email me at Thank you!

Also. ON the home screen for the today plus. It doesnt show the times on the calendar entries. That would be a big plus so I do not have to enter the calendar to see the time of my next few appointments.

THanks. I am really impressed with this theme. I have only downloaded one other one and was very disapointed so I stoped downloading them. But I figured with the sale id give it a shot. And I like the facts that it will be updated based on sugestions.. great work

I have to echo what was said above. There are free themes available but the quality is suspect. These themes are first class and the customer service IS EXCELLENT!