SaskTel confirms they will be carrying the BlackBerry Bold 9900, leaves out release date

SaskTel confirms they will be carrying the BlackBerry Bold 9900, leaves out release date
By Bla1ze on 20 Jul 2011 07:56 pm EDT

The list of carriers confirming they'll be carrying the BlackBerry Bold 99xx series continues to grow. This time around, SaskTel has confirmed they'll be making the device available to their customers in the near future. This of course, jives with the release of the BlackBerry Bold 9900 on Bell considering they share most of the same device line-up. We're still looking at that August release date for Bell and have not been given any reason to think otherwise as of yet so the SaskTel version should arrive around the same time. Odd, how many will conform the inevitable release yet we're still waiting.

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SaskTel confirms they will be carrying the BlackBerry Bold 9900, leaves out release date


I wonder what is up with most of these announcements made without a known release date. Are they going to surprise us and continue to delay it until they add a 3D front facing camera? dual core processor? lol, what's the deal. The phone has been in the oven long enough. It's time for us to eat!


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I'm with the crowd on this one, great that a new carrier is picking up the 9900 but what would really get the goat is a release date. Trying to be patient but that was never a quality I excelled at.

I asked when I went into Sasktel yesterday and they said they themselves don't know yet. They expect mid August but from the sounds of it they are speculating as much as us :(

SaskTel employees are not given release dates for any device, likely due to the competitive environment in the province. And management does not divulge that information.

In fact, you'd be hard-pressed to have any carrier give a specific release date to their customers.

9900 /9930 is the same as saying $1 or 4 Quarters. It is the same phone with different numbers based on carriers. When Sprint or Verizon announces it, you'll have your 9930 (or 9900 series) whatever works for you :o)

its not the same device. bell still uses the GSM and CDMA networks so them saying only the 9900 makes a im with bell in the cdma part lol

In that case, I guess they should mention both. But, aside from that rare case the $1 or 4 Quarters analogy still applies :o)

I'm with bell to. before my torch I'm useing now I had a storm2 and never once had a dropped call like I do now on my torch! so the 9930 might be the next one :-)


It makes me happy to see this post on the blog. I can't wait until it actually launches. I'll be, hopefully, picking one up right around the release.

Who cares? That thing is already old. The iPhone 4s/5 will be backing this phone into the smallest of shadows once and if it ever is released

Single core processor or already revamped and polished double core? hmmm

What would you do on a dual core smartphone that you can't do on your current single-core smart phone? I'm including Blackberrys and the current iPhone 4, which btw is single core and apparently is quite adequate? Quit being a spec-whore, and think about usability.

I agree, if the 9900 can perform well with the single core then so be it. At times the extra power ends up being overkill. I have an i7 Quad core PC with 16GB of ram, for what? to do some basic Photoshop editing and web-browsing... Overkill! next time i'll just get what I need, no more!

Just looked at the Bell web-site, the 4G speeds in Canada are insane! They make the advertised 4G speeds of the U.S companies seem like 2G :0(

Sasktel and other carriers in Canada generally get all of the new Blackberry's the same day. I am with Telus in Saskatchewan I have always been able to get the new phones the same day as Sasktel users.

Is RIM trying to do the same the did with the PlayBook vs iPad2? Hold until Apple releases iPhone 5 and then they'll launch few weeks later...

Awesome .... SaskTel ROCKS.

Now get me the phone already.

I want the BOLD 9900.
I tried it ... and I want it NOW !!!!

Nice to see they're getting new devices in this fall, but what about the new Torch/Touch? Those are the ones I'm looking forward to.

I RIM was Smart they should have done what samsung did wit hthe galaxy 2. Basicly told US carriers to go F.... themselves and meanwhile relesing the phone in europe ,asia etc. Gettign a huge profit and great sales. RIM is stupid ,they focus on north america way to much, have screwed over the carriers so much in the past , that the carries now saw their chances and decides to put one over on RIM. Karma is still a BOLD/CURVE-y/TORCH scorching biatch....
With a STYLEish PEARL necklace............