Sage Fusion 2 now available for BlackBerry 10

Sage Fusion 2
By James Richardson on 14 Aug 2013 04:46 am EDT

You can now pick up Sage Fusion 2 from BlackBerry World and currently it's on sale with a 33% discount - so if this one looks your cup of tea you may want to get in quick. The game is only for BlackBerry Z10 owners at the moment, but that may well be down to getting the best experience on a larger display.

If you fancy seeing the game in action before parting with your money we will have a hands-on video in the coming days. If you played the original Sage Fusion I'm sure you will be downloading this one straight away, however the developers say that you certainly don't need to have played part one to enjoy the sequel.

Sage Fusion 2 builds on the story and gameplay set by the first game, and improves them in almost every aspect:

  • longer playtime (Sage Fusion 2 is roughly twice as long as the first game)
  • more areas to explore
  • more engaging battles and action scenes
  • more interesting puzzles
  • faster-paced story progression


  • Story as the most important aspect of the game
  • More than 120 hand-drawn backgrounds and story illustrations
  • A lot of character interactions and dialogue
  • Story-driven RPG gameplay with science fiction setting
  • RPG-style turn-based battle system with no random enemy encounters
  • Optimized control for touch screen – no virtual joystick
  • Side quests
  • No in-app purchase

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Looks like my cup of tea :)

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Based on that screen capture, oh my...

Posted via CB10 on my white Z10 & lovin' it!

jojo beaconsfield

I'd like to see TH tied up ,instead of that poor little girl,HAHA!!!

El Platanero

What happened to your video James?

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Seems like another fun game I need me a z10 Or z30


Going to download this and try. I have noticed that James does not do reviews of games that are lengthy or have a lengthy storyline. Probably because it's not possible to review them in 3 minutes. Whatever your reasons are James, I respect them.


I love that "No In-App Purchases" is a feature. :)

Aljean Thein

The screen shot looks great. Just bought it

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Bought this one and the first one! So far enjoying the game!

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Why wasn't this one reviewed by Simon SAGE?

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