Hitting the road? SafeDrive for BlackBerry 10 update brings new features

By James Richardson on 15 Aug 2014 11:25 am EDT

For you folk that use SafeDrive for BlackBerry 10 you'll want to fire up BlackBerry World and grab the latest update to the app. As well as the enhanced features, as shown below, the app has received several bug fixes to iron things out.

If you are new to BlackBerry 10 and have not come across this one before you'll find it the perfect companion for when you are driving, as it will read out your emails and text messages without you having to look at your BlackBerry - let alone touch it.

In many places around the world, including here in the UK, it's illegal to use a mobile phone while driving, so if you spend a lot of time behind the wheel SafeDrive could not only save you from getting pulled over and fined by the Police, it may save your (or someone else's) life too!

New features include:

  • Separate emails and SMS accounts for listening

  • Add more voices for text to speech

  • Output audio via bluetooth automatically

  • Improve performance for long email message

  • Bugs fixed

On a personal note; I've had SafeDrive installed on my BlackBerry since day one and although I don't use it everytime I jump in the car it sure does come in handy for long journeys. If you're a SafeDrive user let us know what you think of the app in the comments?

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Reader comments

Hitting the road? SafeDrive for BlackBerry 10 update brings new features


why is it not headless yet this is ridiculous they said it would go headless when blackberry allowed it and they have

I'd prefer this not ever be headless. Only want it running while I'm driving/when I want it to.

Posted via CB10

I agree. I had accidentally activated the app when I was In a meeting and had the pleasure of a text from my wife read to me in the middle of the meeting. Let’s just say there was some explaining about what she was talking able...

Posted via CB10

For once, i'd like it to automatically activate when it connects to my car's bluetooth

Posted via CB10

I also don't understand why you'd want this to be headless. Headless is for things you want running all the time. You want your phone reading your emails out loud all the time?

Posted via CB10

The only possible use for that is if you want it to run automatically when you connect to bluetooth. But seriously how difficult is it to just open the app when you hop in your car

Some people use bluetooth for other things like playing music. Some people might accidentally have this app running in the background. It's a liability especially if there is even a slight bug in the program.

Seriously, if you are reading this BKU, DO NOT waste time making this a headless app. It's more likely to embarrass or inconvenience users than help them. Instead work on making it read multiple email accounts which a lot of people need

Posted via CB10

Get an NFC tag, program it to turn this app on and stick it to your sash. When you get in the car tap it. Have one for getting out to turn it off.

I have yet to buy a strip of NFC tags, but this is what I see them being really useful for (and turning on WIFI when you walk in the door of your house).

Tapped and flicked from my BlackBerry Z30!

Set it to automatic when it connects to you car's BT, not to your external BT speakers.

That would be great.

Posted via CB10

It still says it on the description page.

He abandoned SAYIT. Do not support this developer.

Poetry in Motion

3.99 makes it a pricey app!!! Interesting app. Would be nice to try but Might sell more at a lower price point.....

Posted via CB10

Why is CB still promoting this developer even after he/she didn't do a good job with say it. Pulling it out with out any intimation is very bad

True... I reflashed my phone (intentionally not retaining app data to solve another problem) and can't even download it again. I'm torn on how sad that makes me, because I didn't find it particularly useful. But he took my money and I have no app. How much was that thing... six bucks? eight bucks?

Posted via CB10

Even if you have it, it doesn't work at all.

I guess hopefully the guy is taking the time to make it work again, but it will probably seem pretty pointless compared to BlackBerry assistant

Posted via CB10

I will not be supporting this developer anymore. I loved Sayit. Now its gone without a warning. At least let us know why, or reimburse us!

Still doesn't allow to read multiple accounts. Should be able to read at least sms and 1 email account.

Posted via CB10

It seems really good, better than I remember. Thanks for the post James!

No More Music!!!!! No More Videos!!!

I am starting not to trust CB recommendations/ reviews bought a few now and find most don't do what they say on the will.... is there something we should know... friends of friends...so to speak ... please try to remain subjective and impartial..bought say it and it was Pish and that Max security and it's pish in fact I have a shit load of apps that I have deleted recommended by CB... it's hard to keep the faith when the preacher is a charlatan.

"Powered by BlackBerry" Z30's are addictive as Crack

Considering how much drugs I have done in my life....No I mean subjective..... frikin" tomato "tomato ... English teachers do my nut in too... let it slide man life is so short to be worried about a couple of letters in the wrong place...punctuation timothy.
... please may I go to the bathroom Sir

"Powered by BlackBerry" Z30's are addictive as Crack

Subjective vs Objective.

Not just a couple misplaced letters. The meaning of the two are not interchangeable.

Say what you mean, mean what you say.


I hope the helmet is a FT thing... life must be hard for ya. I'd offer you a drink, but I don't think beer comes in sippy-cups.


You should never drink on an empty head ...... oh and the app doesn't work on a motorbike so it is useless just like Say it and so many others recommended..now go get drunk and enjoy your moral high ground...me I'd rather just get high and ride my bike have a nice life and enjoy the website.

"Powered by BlackBerry" Z30's are addictive as Crack

I had to laugh when you said the app wouldn't work on a motorbike. Talk about a blinding flash of the obvious. You HAD intended that to be a joke, right? :)

Posted via CB10

agreed, and I couldn't have put it better. We all get the point when someone thinks they are cleverer than everyone else because they have an OCD about punctuation etc. What a wonderful use for an education - to try and make others look small. They failed, Scottmctag, don't worry. Instead they look like they are small and petty like all grammar nazis. Well, try owning Q10 with a double type issue, and wonder if I'm going to go back and edit it again and again and again. In fact I will probably just mistype more for the personal entertainment of making their blood boil....

What kind of apps are you looking for? I haven't bothered buying the ones you mentioned, or the ones from this developer in the article.

Here's some apps that I have that aren't bad.

GasBuddy, StarTracker, SoundHound, Flipp, FlipBoard, Flixster, FastTube or SuperTube, iGrann.

Just a few to get you started if you don't have them already. Try to ease off the booze and drugs completely (if you do that kind of stuff), all that does is cost you, (money, health, real friends etc, etc) and it doesn't truly satisfy. Look for the real deal. Life is short don't waste it.
All the best, Take care.

www. carm. org

This app is useless.

The only way this would be useful is if the app was headless and it knew you are driving and hopefully no one else is next to you........

I prefer the smartwatch. I get my messages with no problems.

Posted via CB10

Buy at your own risk.... Isn't this from the same developer who has apparently abandoned Sayit? I don't know if this app depends on server support, but the Sayit I bought doesn't work anymore and the developer ignores any communications related to it. Don't think I would want to waste money on something that may suddenly be abandoned....

Posted via CB10 from the TARDIS

I agree! Say It had potential but after all the hype of how great it is it turned oout to be a total let down. Too many bugs & not intuitive enough. A waste of my money.

Posted with my T-Mobile USA  Q10 via CB10.

The dev should be required to return all the $ to everyone who bought into his fail.

This post should come with a "buyer beware" disclaimer.

Cheaper, and safer to just put the phone away and drive.


Thanks for the info. I was about to give it a try, but I'm not going to support a vendor who's not supported his customers.

It's not as important that it's headless as much as I wish I can reply or compose using verbal command like Vlingo in Car app

I thought I was the only one who remembered Vlingo. That app pretty much served my personal assistant needs.

I use the app on and off depending on need, but it is my go-to, when travelling. This app will be awesome if it can also track Facebook notifications and messages.

Posted via CB10 using BlackBerry 10 on Rogers wireless

I just want to know why my wife's Windows phone connects to my cars QNX based blue tooth system better than my Z10.

Posted via CB10

I did notice the dev said SayIt was coming back on his BlackBerry Channel. C00015DC1

"Don't worry guys. We will return soon!" - Aug. 06/14

We'll see. He's ticked a lot of users off.

Posted via CB10

Latest update on his BBM channel was from March 28. Where did you see this promise to update. The main problem is there is no backside server support....

Posted via CB10 from the TARDIS

Nice to know CB supports a developer who isn't reliable. Stopped supporting an App that costs 5 or 6 bucks, refuses to reply to his customers and completely scams everyone.

Posted via CB10

Won't ever buy anything from this dev again, dropped us Sayit users like a rock. No updates since March!

Posted via CB10

My dad bought this last month and realized it would only read SMS or email...not both. Hopefully this update fixes that

Posted via CB10

I barely receive texts. My work and family are all on bbm, so unless it starts reading my bbm messages for me, it's useless to me.

Next BBM update....BBM Peek

Great app. Highly recommended for those times you wish emails read out. Glad it's blue tooth friendly now also for the car system

Posted via my Z30 Droidberry.

Honestly I stopped using it found it slow and error prone, used drvsafely from another vendor for years on BlackBerry now that product rocked

Posted via CB10

I hadn't realised this developer was same as Say it! That was a great app for travel when it worked but once the developer quit working on it we should all learn our lesson and skip his apps if he wants paid. My two cents

Posted via my Z30 Droidberry.

I really want a great app that serves this purpose but it also be able to read messages from any account that is integrated into the Hub (but perhaps only the ones that you choose) and also have the ability to reply by voice to text.
I'm really hoping the new BlackBerry Assistant does at least these things well. And being able to Google search by voice at the push of a button is pretty nice as well.

Why is this app not in the BlackBerry world 'driving apps & media' section?! Like many other driving apps.

Posted via CB10

Ban this app developer is how I feel. However this app does work headless with 10.3 I think I read in an update a few months back. Although I am very disappointed in the SayIt App I purchased, and the developer has abandoned the customers and app itself. It's been a very bad experience with this developer. I erased the SayIt App thinking I could reload it and could not find it anywhere within BBW. I also threatened the developer that if he didn't fix or respond I was going to give bad reviews everyday. After I did that he blocked me from making comments. This developer is a true yellow bellied coward.


He didn't block you, he's erasing comments.

Every developer can erase any review and many do.

Poetry in Motion

As many others have stated, don't support this developer.

Don't support SafeDrive
Don't support Super Note
Don't support Call Blocker
Don't support Crazy Maths Pro or Free
Don't support Magic Cam Built for BlackBerry
Don't support AntiTheft Alarm
Don't support Halloween Motion

SCREW BKU Software. BachKhoa University.
SCREW Nguyen Long.

He has audacity to still advertise SayIt. And site has it listed as "Top 10 Business Apps Selected by BlackBerry."
You've got to be kidding me.




Please write poor reviews if you have any of the above apps.


Poetry in Motion

I wish you'd read posts talking about this swindler who stole thousands from BlackBerry users.

Poetry in Motion

The principals of this forum and Mr Richardson should hang their heads in shame for even suggesting that anyone consider let alone support this developer.

I want it to be headless and to handle all my email accounts including bbm so I don't have to pick my phone up to find out what the messages say.

I want to be a to reply to an message after its read to me. In other words replicate what Vlingo did for bb7. If a developer won't do it, BlackBerry should do it for its business customers. We don't need more games. Talking caller id should also be available.

Posted via CB10

The app doesn't seem to be able to automatically read anything without having to press the "play" button. This is useless to me. Having to press play on the phone defeats the whole purpose of the app. I only bought it because CB recommended it. But how would CB recommend this app? Windows Phone 8 reads text messages automatically but I prefer BB10. Does anyone know of a better app that does this? Btw headless makes sense with bluetooth because we live in a world where everyone is fixated on their screen and headless automatic text reading means that- with bluetooth- you won't fall into a water fountain, get run over by a bus and won't fall on your face.

Posted via CB10