Have your emails and SMS read to you with SafeDrive for BlackBerry 10

SafeDrive for BlackBerry 10
By James Richardson on 1 Jul 2013 05:47 am EDT

Back when we were all running legacy devices there was a fine selection of apps to read out our emails and text messages while we were driving in the car. Luckily, SafeDrive has now been launched for BlackBerry 10 devices and offers the same great features allowing us to keep our eyes on the road and not on our flashing BlackBerry.

The native BlackBerry app has been developed by the same gentleman that brought us SayIt - so we know we are getting a decent element of quality with SafeDrive and updates will come on a regular basis. Currently the SafeDrive application must be open in order for it to work but as soon as BlackBerry release the API's to allow apps to run while closed things will be much better.

I've tested the application and it seems to work a treat. I'm not sure how using your phone and driving works in every country but here in the UK if the Police even see you touching your smartphone you can get into trouble. In that case SafeDrive seems a bargain price at just £1.50/$1.99 - a lot cheaper than getting a ticket from the Police!

Full features of SafeDrive include:

  • Read incoming text messages and emails automatically in real time
  • Replay latest email or text message manually
  • Ability to read incoming text message or email separately
  • Female voice and male voice

How to use

  • Select your account in the dropdown menu, SafeDrive will read latest email or text message according to your selected account
  • You can leave the app open or minimize it in order to monitor incoming messages/ SMS
  • Built natively in Cascades/C++

SafeDrive is available for all BlackBerry 10 smartphones so which ever model you rock you can drive a bit more safely.

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Reader comments

Have your emails and SMS read to you with SafeDrive for BlackBerry 10


I've been waiting for an app like this. I guess we'll really start seeing more of them once the headless API's come into play.

It would be incredible if it supported BBM or Whatsapp which is the most common texting apps that turn to be dangerous while driving

Posted via CB10

At this point, it seems like one of the features BlackBerry should be building into its devices including BBM. This and the timer on the camera. Just my opinion.

Looks good but doesn't work with BES accounts. Developer is saying that BlackBerry doesn't let them access the BES part for security reasons. Not that useful for me.

Posted via CB10

I just bought it,...TWDng (Text in While Driving) is a primary offense in VA as of 01 July13! the 1st offense is $125,...second $250! The app,..$1.99,...do the math!

Posted via CB10

I think they might be ambitious enough to do it. I bought it in the hopes that this will be fully fleshed out in the future.

Works with my Jawbone Bluetooth earpiece, so hopefully it will work with a car audio system that supports A2DP.

Posted via CB10

First it works sometimes. Blue tooth for car! The battery monitor is not always correct. And switching accounts is a pain. Some bugs need fixing

Posted via CB10

So what happen to those of us who add drive safe.ly on BlackBerry OS and want to take it with us over to BlackBerry 10?

The same thing that happens when you want to take your BetaMax movie over to your VHS system. Or your HD-DVD to BluRay.

Want to download but it says $1.99 crackberry said $1.99 bit when I purchase it comes up $2.99??

Posted via CB10

Ok, I'm confused. Is it suppose to automatically (push) read the text as soon as it comes in because there seems to be a delay. It will only read when I go to the text app. I don't get it.

I went ahead and got it to support development. I haven't used it enough to write up a review yet, but I read the reviews and was pleased to find that within the first day of having the app some of the main pet peeves have already been addressed via an update. I think this one is probably going to be a winner, and they're doing it right by building it native to BB10.

I have just got this on q10. It will read over car radio only when car radio is on bluetooth mode otherwise reads nothing anywhere. If car is off, it will read through device. Need it to read through device always so i canleave car radio on fm or whatever. Suggestions?