Sad but Funny: 366 days ago Amazon announced they would launch a Kindle app for the BlackBerry PlayBook

By Kevin Michaluk on 28 Sep 2011 06:28 pm EDT

Amazon Kindle Fire

With yesterday's anniversary of the BlackBerry PlayBook getting unveiled to the world and Amazon's announcement today of the new Amazon Kindle Fire, which looks a LOT like a BlackBerry PlayBook, I couldn't help but chuckle at the promise that Amazon has so far yet to fulfill. Back on September 27th, 2010, they fired off this press release to the world:

September 27, 2010--SEATTLE--(BUSINESS WIRE) (NASDAQ: AMZN) today announced that it will launch a Kindle app for the new BlackBerry PlayBook tablet computer. Customers can already enjoy the free Kindle app on their BlackBerry today. Like all Kindle apps, the Kindle app for the new BlackBerry PlayBook will let customers Buy Once, Read Everywhere—on Kindle, Kindle 3G, Kindle DX, iPad, iPod touch, iPhone, Mac, PC, BlackBerry, Android-based devices, and in the coming months, the new BlackBerry PlayBook. Amazon's Whispersync technology syncs your place across devices, so you can pick up where you left off. For more information about the free Kindle apps, go to

“When you buy a Kindle book, you can already read it on iPhone, iPad, Android, PC, Mac, BlackBerry, and of course on your Kindle, Kindle 3G, and Kindle DX," said Dorothy Nicholls, Director, Amazon Kindle. "We're very excited to add the new BlackBerry PlayBook to that list. As with our other Kindle apps, the BlackBerry PlayBook app will be free and will incorporate our WhisperSync technology so you can seamlessly switch between devices. Our vision is 'Buy Once, Read Everywhere.'"

I guess the Kindle App for the PlayBook fell pretty low on Amazon's priority list once they decided a KindlePlayFireBook of their own was the way to go. Sucks for us BlackBerry PlayBook owners, and it makes me wonder if we'll ever see a Kindle App for the PlayBook. With this new Developer Relations team ramping up at RIM, I'd sure love to see them secure an early win by surprising us at DevCon next month with an Amazon Kindle app for the updated Playbook Tablet OS 2.0 software. And if not for the PlayBook, I at least hope a Kindle app is there for the launch of QNX SuperPhones.

So PlayBook owners.... when you read the press release above from Amazon on a day like today, does it make you want to laugh, cry, or punch something?

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Sad but Funny: 366 days ago Amazon announced they would launch a Kindle app for the BlackBerry PlayBook


It makes me sad... But I'm over it because none of the other cool apps are on PB anyway... So I accept the fact that my PB is simply for web browsing when I dont feel like using a keyboard.

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excuse me but exactly who the f are you? you don't control what anyone says, you don't run these boards, and i don't come here to read personal attacks and name calling. this isn't kindergarten. i see your comment as more spam here than anything else i'm reading

Go back to your Android forum, fool. You only come here for one reason and that's to talk sh!t about RIM. Be gone!

I am currently reading my Kindle books on my Playbook using the web app. Works fine in portrait mode. Don't understand why everyone else doesnt use this until the android version is available. After all, it worked perfectly well on the leak. I guess bitching is just more fun.

Some of us need or want the other features of the Kindle app, including the ability to highlight and annotate. The Cloud Reader doesn't yet support these; I don't know if it will do so at some point.

So no, the Cloud Reader isn't "fine" for those of us who need the full feature set. The iOS and Android Kindle apps do support these features, but since the Kindle app does involve in-app billing, there is now doubt about whether we'll ever see one on the PB.

Nah, you just failed to realize that amazon has absolutely no responsibility or obligation in maintaining RIM's app "eco"system.

Sadly, RIM is the one that should work on attracting developers to its own platform, not amazon...

Doubt it. They are pushing everyone to the HTML5 cloud player. Just hoping that they bring out an version of the Cloud Player for the PB soon.

doesn't look like it. I think we (PB owners) are too small of a population (or atleast they think so) to spend time to develop apps for the PB... BUT, what do I know, just calling it how I see it.

I would rathere see an Amazon app on my PlayBook; that is able to do all the thing the Kindle Fire is capable of doing.

Just add that to the pile of things that were promised and not delivered for the Stormbook.

inb4 "Just wait its coming" and "2.0 is right around the corner"

Punch something, most definitely. I've been debating buying a Kindle as a companion to my nook, but I haven't made up my mind yet. Mainly because I've been hoping Amazon will hurry the heck up and release the PlayBook app.

I wrote my freaking BOOKS on a BlackBerry, and at this point, the only option to read the books on the BlackBerry platform when they're released is with the Kindle app on the current generation of BlackBerry smartphones. You can't buy it and read it from Barnes & Noble, because they've thus far refused to update the app for BlackBerry smartphones to support PubIt! books, though they work just perfectly for EVERY SINGLE OTHER PLATFORM.

What's with these eBook companies falling down on the job when it comes to the BlackBerry platform? :(

The iPhone and Android Kindle apps support highlighting and annotation. The BlackBerry phone app doesn't. When I wrote to Kindle support, they replied that they have no plans to implement the features on BB.

I thnk Amazon did launch the kindle app for PB today. :( Kind of like being stabbed in the back.

Exactly. They just did it on their own terms. Well, we know for a fact that it will run on the hardware and do it well so Amazon, where the fetus is our app?

Exactly. They just did it on their own terms. Well, we know for a fact that it will run on the hardware and do it well so Amazon, where the fetus is our app?

Makes me want to punch my Playbook!! Stupid paperweight with no apps.

Citrix Receiver (sure, if you don't want security)
LogMeIn Ignition (nope)
Kindle (never)

Now we know why they didn't develop a PB app. They took a look at the PB and decided they liked it so much, they made one of their own.

Sadly, PlayBook is dead - don't know how it will ever gain traction unless they develop a pink version that appeals to teen girls.

I bought a kindle a few months ago, so I'm set up on that front. And the web kindle works very nicely on the PB. I wonder when Amazon will make a bid for RIM? It would make a lot of sense for them, I think.

No one is to blame here but RIM. As you can see the UI (swiping gestures) are exactly what Kindle went with for their player. RIM had the opportunity to plan this move to the tablet space strategically (over a year ago). They dropped the ball on having developer tools in place and partnering with companies like Amazon......

Their are 2 Playbooks in my household and we love them but i am quite disappointed in the approach that RIM has taken to bring a new gadget to market. I have had a Playbook since the release date and I am hoping that V 2.0 blows everyone away.............The Playbook has the best hardware and it is a shame that it has not been leveraged by software.

indeed 12 months after RIM announced the playbook, they still have yet to release a native SDK for developers to make apps on it. microsoft has had theirs out for wp7 and their tablet for over a year. i have a playbook also, i've also decided to cut my losses and sell it now before i can't get anything for it. it's done, it's never going to improve, and honestly RIM would be better off realizing this instead of continuing to pump money and resources into it. doesn't give me much hope for qnx handsets either. i can't fathom what other result RIM was anticipating, tossing a crippled tablet onto the market without giving developers any tool to make anything for it, and charging as much for it as an iPad. seriously when you try to draw up the roadmap for this thing it is a complete joke, everyone associated with it should be fired.

Playbook was dead from the start the kindle app wasn't going to save it...neither will angry birds or chuck Norris but at least we can rest assured that the 5 inch tablet can fit in our corn hole :)

you mean the android apps that were supposed to some out in late spring, hold on late summer, ummm early fall. look lets face it all we have is a keyboardless browser

It IS sad but the '07 posts about the was rumored to have a touch screen (I was "on" CB but not ON CB as I was a NON BB user)...old post are GREAT

Well, I use the Kobo app, so it doesn't affect me so much, but this is really sad. So many people bought a PB expecting it to have this app so they could read their books on the go without carrying around another device. This is really disappointing for them.

hmmmm new amazon device, 200.00,
blackberry paper weight 499.99
getting reamed from RIM Priceless

yeah and android apps will soon be available for the BBpaperweight, that will happen when you throw this device out and get an android tablet or get the new IPad 3.

Thanks RIM for putting out such a great unfinished product, anyone know where we can get a refund or some money back for this?

... Amazon still doesn't sell me MP3's cuz I'm in Canada lol why in the world would I ever put faith in what they say. That's like beliving a RIM timeline lol

The Playbook is dead. I have mine for sell, but doubt it will sell. It was doom from the start with the delayed launch, which put it on sale after the ipad 2, plus the fact that no one wants to develop any apps for it. Hell i still have no predictive text or spell check. RIM has one more chance with QNX phones next year. If RIM gets that wrong the company will have a new owner by 2013.

looking forward to none of these awesome apps making it to the QNX phones as well............

Big let down the PlayBook is ! offered so much but delivers so little

It's just business.

I'm not sure I would spend a lot of resources on an app for a device with a beta operating system.

If RIM doesn't announce a Playbook with a broadband transciever in the next couple months you can write the the devices future off. I like my Playbook, but 'the writing is on the wall'

OS2, no matter how good of a improvement won't save the platform. The reviews are in, nobody gives a second chance in this business. Change the name, make some improvements in the hardware, etc....and they might have a chance, but that certainly won't change the market...and it's probably not worth the effort cost.


It is just business, true, but if I were Amazon, I'd want my stores available on every device on the planet. The deeper my reach, the better my chances of making a sell.

But that's jsut ME right?

My wife just read this article and is now clowning me for rushing to the store on playbook release date. $500 down the tubes. The old saying lives true. "Live and learn" My wife and 12 year old daughter will be leaving their blackberry's tomorrow and going to iphone. That leaves me and my son to ride out what's left on our 6 month contract end. He wants Angry Birds so he'll probably get an Android which will leave me the only blackberry owner in the house. RIM please - I beg you PLEASE right the ship.

I remember a number of threads started about suing RIM for not fufilling their word. One fella in his first post on Crackberry vented by calling Mike L. A liar. Is somone going to start threads about suing Amazon and about calling them liars? :)

Where can Ibuy all of your "paperweights" off you for $50? I mean $50 is an awful lot for a paperweight so I'm sure you'd gladly let it go for that right? PM me where I can send the cash.

Sad, very, very, very sad...
this just shows the future shape of things to come.
Playbook should really come down in price, by at least a hundred to maybe grab some market share... but seriously I would not buy it at even at 399, there are still harldy any apps

I sitll have a blackberry torch 9800 but now also have an iPad and my wife had switched to iPhone after two years of blackberry flip.
I purchased Playbook at release (on preorder at Future Shop) and returned it after two weeks. About a month ago I did it again thinking I need to get a fresh look at the system and while I really like the form factor and the OS swipes etc... without the apps the device was useles and the blackberry bridge was still glitchy.

There are big hopes for OS2.0... but at the current price point it will continue to be a prop at the stores. Especially considering that iPad also has an OS uplift coming up.

It's the reality of why RIM/BB is losing the race against iOS and Android. RIM builds great phones/hardware, but if there's a lack of good quality apps then what's the point? People want and/or need more than just a device that performs very well at messaging and email alone. Customers that are looking to upgrade don't want to buy a device, a smartphone or tablet, that has great potential with lots of great features and apps "coming soon" if they can buy a device that already has what they want available.

I think Amazon is pretty stupid. If they make it look like the playbook, they can get nailed like samsung did from apple with an injunction barring sale of the device.

I am currently reading my Kindle books on my Playbook using the web app. Works fine in portrait mode. Don't understand why everyone else doesnt use this until the android version is available. After all, it worked perfectly well on the leak. I guess bitching is just more fun.

Kobo is fine for me, and it works pretty well on the Playbook [although it could use some improvement]. My wife is interested in the Kindle, even though she's a Blackberry user herself and could find the Playbook quite useful. A missed opportunity for Amazon AND RIM...

Is it just me or is just a bit ironic that the Kindle Fire comes with a native email client, while the BlackBerry PlayBook on which its hardware is based does not?

Precisely why should someone waste their time and effort in developing apps for a dead platform and a dead device?

I've since swapped to an Android phone and hence won't be getting a PlayBook, but this still makes me very very very very very (you get the drift) angry

I use Kobo and love it. So no issues here :)

Ps: the new kindle will only be able to run android apps you buy thru amazon ? Wtf ?

I bought a Sony S Tablet. It has four book apps, Kobo (the PB app has never been updated and falls far short of what Kobo is doing on other OS's), Kindle, Nook and Google Books.

I just can't see being limited to one content provider's store. If you are a serious reader, the money you save getting a book for the best price justifies the more expensive device. Why get relegated to a limited app store.

I was hoping to do all this stuff on the PB. Its not just that Amazon didn't follow through, RIM has botched their promises on PB from the beginning. So mine has become an expensive paperweight.

The Sony is is a fantastic device. It has a tablet OS (unlike iPad). Sony got it right.

I think the writing that's been on the wall, has been blasted out across the media now.

RIM's dying... plain and simple, and their competition is growing every day.

I waited to see what the Kindle Fire was, and while it's great for what it is meant for (consumption of Amazon products, like the iDevices are for consumption of Apple products), I drove to the store after work last night and bought my Toshiba Thrive tablet.

I'll be picking up my Droid Bionic phone and dumping my Storm2. No sense in picking up yet a third RIM device which has no future support for the OS. I got screwed with the Storm, and again on Storm2, why get the Torch now knowing OS7 is DOA as well.

RIM's killed themselves with poor technology implementation... irony, seeing as great technology implentation was what got them started.

You should know better than to make a posting like this on the front page. The replies speak for themselves- any opportunity to stick the boot in and people take it. The RIMPIRE or your site won't be striking back if you continue to feed the negativity.