S4BB Rolls Out Beta 4 Release Of Data Backup For BlackBerry

By Bla1ze on 5 May 2010 07:05 am EDT
S4BB Rolls Out Beta 4 Release Of Data Backup For BlackBerry

We've mentioned the S4BB data backup solution here on the blogs before. Of course, this was way back when it was intially released. Now, S4BB has put in a lot of bug fixes and updated the application to have more features. Essentially if you are in need of a data backup solution and don't mind being a beta tester, this is something you may want to look into signing up for.

Rather then making use of cloud storage, DataBackup stores al your information directly to your already in place SDCard or internal device memory. Cloud storage is always a good option but personally, I like to keep my backups in more then one place. Running this app and a cloud based solution helps keep a back up always available should the need ever arise.

Reader comments

S4BB Rolls Out Beta 4 Release Of Data Backup For BlackBerry


I guess having the backup on the device allows for having your backups "in more than one location". But I just don't see a ton of value in that. If your card gets lost or corrupted, for whatever reason, the backup does you no good.

This is why you should also backup your memory card.

I use this app every day and it does what it does quickly
and elegantly.

People talk other (sometimes meaningless and unproven) apps
as being "must have". For me one that gives you on the fly
ability to backup to and restore from your memory card fits
the "must have" definition.

This program would be 1000% more useful if it backed up EVERYTHING - including third-party programs. I'd buy it in an instant! Imagine the convenience of backing up your BB onto the SD card - then putting the card in a new BB & restoring EVERYTHING - to the exact state of your BB!

I had a similar app on my Treo that backed up the entire phone. I can't tell you how many times I had to do. A restore or restore individual apps. I wished this app did the same thing, but this is way better than the alternative.