S4BB Launches DataBackup Public Beta Allows For Contacts Storage On SD Card

By Bla1ze on 19 Aug 2009 11:08 am EDT
S4BB Launches DataBackup Public Beta Allows For Contacts Storage On SD Card

The UI on this one is pretty simple (err.. ugly??). The solution it offers, however, is great. S4BB has launched their public beta of a backup service they call DataBackup, currently sitting at version 0.0.1. DataBackup is aiming to be a great solution for what RIM has failed at - allowing a good method of backing up contacts for BIS users. For BES users the solution is simple as the BES does it all for you but BIS users have more trouble with this as RIM has not made any efforts to offer an easy alternative.

You can sign up for the new beta which allows for your contacts to be stored to your SD Card via the S4BB website, but the application developers cannot stress enough that this is indeed a beta and for you to not totally rely on it as it may not fully work as expected. It is a beta and as such, things can go wrong. Application supports almost all devices running 4.1+ OS. Storm compatability not guaranteed.

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S4BB Launches DataBackup Public Beta Allows For Contacts Storage On SD Card


Just downloaded and ran this app and it still needs some work.

When you click backup it doesn't tell you that it completed the backup successfully, the program just closes.

Also when you hit restore you have to type in the file name you backed up to, doesn't let you browse.

Seems like such a basic feature that RIM should have built into the OS, hopefully in the future they will.

If your charging port goes bad or breaks you're screwed. If you don't have a computer. If you need a replacement and don't have easy access to backup. Plenty of reasons.

I have been able to backup all of my contact information to Outlook on my pc by using bluetooth. So your not screwed. Just have to be more resourceful. Also if your connection on your phone is messed up to the point that you can't connect to a PC, depending on what model you have, you would have to get a new phone due to not being able to charge it.

How do i get bluetooth to work on outlook with my Storm? I never knew you could do that but would be interested in doing that.

I just tried installing this app on my storm. The download went well but when trying to run the app the phone froze. After waiting and having to do a battery pull to get my phone to come back up, my phone can't even see my memory card at all. It says during the startup that there is an error on the card and connect to a pc to troubleshoot. So far this program is not worth trying on a storm in my opinion. Still working on trying to get my card back on.

that's why I use googlesync. OTA Syncing for calendar/contacts and I never have to worry about this stuff, plus it's works now and it's free.

I had a few nasty experience when the contact and calender entries were wipeout in google. So now I just use phonebakup to backup and restore my contact, to do, calender and memo list to any email i want OTA automatically.

This would be a great thing to have for my contacts. Been looking for a way to save everyone to my card. Tried Skydeck, but it doesn't do all that I want it to. I'm thinking this might. Would like to give it a try.

I downloaded this app yesterday and ran it on my 8310 Curve. The problems I saw were that there was no indication when the backup processing was done. The hourglass sometimes came on and then faded. I made a suggestion to the developer that they put a message on it to indicate when it had completed backing up the data.

I also turned on my BB this morning and was not able to access my SD card. I rebooted and the same thing happened. I thought the app had fried the card. I could not access it either through BBFile Scout or connecting it to the PC. so I decided that I would format the card. I tried to format it and got a message that I could not format it. Boy was I upset! So I pulled the battery out and also the SD card. Put them both back in and rebooted. Now I can see the SD card and all my data that was on it. Go figure!