Ryan's most-used BlackBerry Apps of 2011

Ryan's most-used apps 2011
By Ryan Blundell on 30 Dec 2011 09:09 am EST

Year after year, I can honestly say I install more than my fair share with applications. Between beta testing, reviews and my own curiosity, I’m surprised that any of my BlackBerry smartphones haven’t screamed “Enough!”. With that in mind, I try to keep my BlackBerry smartphone as clean as possible. If I don’t use an application frequently, it’s uninstalled. For the few I do hold onto, I don’t actually realize how much I use them as it becomes simply second nature to me. Many apps have come and gone, but a select few I still keep close at hand. Check out my most-used apps of 2011.

Ryan's most-used BlackBerry Apps of 2011

Xobni Pro


Okay, you may not think that I use this everyday, but in fact it’s very much active. I learned of Xobni through Adam and it’s stuck with me each time I switch devices. It automatically creates a contact profile for each and every single person you contact or are contacted by; without any effort from you. This info includes details from Facebook, LinkedIn, images, you name it. They’re listed by most frequently used and duplicate entries are easily merged. Being compatible with the Universal Search function, it makes it even easier to find contacts – regardless if they are in your native address book or not. Additionally, Xobni contacts are but a click away when composing a message. A must have for a heavy communicator.

More information/download Xobni free
More information/download Xobni Pro



Having a screenshot application is critical when it comes to reviewing applications. What’s the point of reading a review if you can’t see what the application looks like? Screenshot apps also help capture glitches, information, and incriminating tweets. ZonaSnap is one of the more robust screenshot apps I’ve used. As I capture an image I can effortlessly upload to Twitter or Photobucket. I could also email the picture or send it to a BBM contact/group. If I’m feeling particularly picky, ZonaSnap has a small editing suite so I can crop, blur, highlight or add a watermark. A picture is worth a thousand words; without pictures, my app reviews would end up longer than Kevin’s BlackBerry smartphone reviews!

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Poynt is the ultimate answer to, “Where’s the nearest...”, “How do I get to…” or even “What’s playing at…”. It’s saved many an argument, I mean, a discussion between my wife and I. Poynt points us in the right direction every time. For example, I can look up a specific store by name, find the closest one, get directions (using Google Maps or BlackBerry Maps) and even call them directly. On top of that, I can see what movies are playing where, watch trailers and even buy tickets! When searching for restaurants, I can do so by name or type of cuisine. If you’re in the US, you can easily track down the gas station with the cheapest gas, no more siphoning from your neighbour’s car! Oh, if that’s not enough, you can check out current weather conditions and the long-term forecast too.

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Fixmo Tools

Fixmo Tools

I may not get away with this as it’s actually a slough of apps within an app. Seriously, picking this up will give you 18 applications to check out. If you want to read about every single one of them, be sure to head on over to BlackBerry App World. I’ll tell you what I mainly use it for. I use the Mail Compliance Manager to warn me if my email contains profanity and/or CAPs or if I’m responding to an email that I was BBC’d on. Sometimes I email without thinking about who I’m sending it to, so this definitely helps. I also make sure my media is backed up to my PC with the WiFi Media Backup option as BlackBerry Protect won’t. It does have its own screenshot app, but it’s quite simple compared to Zonasnap. I also make use of the LED changing Call Indicator and the silencing by schedule app Silencer. This is one app I wouldn’t want to be without.

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There have been many Twitter applications for the BlackBerry smartphone over the years, but I keep coming back to one. I completely agree with Bla1ze when he said that SocialScope is his favourite; mine too. I don’t use it for Foursquare or Flickr, but I have used it for Twitter (obviously) and Facebook. I love how easy it lets me view conversation history, as well as how beautifully the time line is laid out. Plus, SocialScope has a Quick Post icon that allows you to tweet with one click. As Bla1ze mentioned, it’s currently in beta, and has been for a while. It’s invite only- start making friends with a SocialScope user. This is what Twitter members should be using.

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Ryan's most-used BlackBerry Apps of 2011


" If I don’t use an application frequently.."
Is there an app to collect statistics on the usage of certain app?
Like how many times it was used a day/month/year?
Total run time of the app during the day/month/year?
And so on?

The built-in Application Manager (BBOS6) can give you a breakdown of several usage counts for increments up to a week for the last two weeks.

I have just gone through Adam's list, Kevin's list and Ryan's list of favourite Apps for 2011 and I don't see any mention of Blacberry's Gift Apps. No favourites there??? I have downloaded a few, but haven't tried them. Drive Safely, i Speech Translator, N.O.V.A. Radio and Photo Editor. Anybody else???

Great post Ryan, are you using the Bold 9900? I'm using a Bold 9900 and interested in using Fixmo Tools app. It has a lot of good reviews but most of them didn't mention what device they are using or none of the reviews I read mentioning about the Bold 9900.
If anybody else is using it on the Bold 9900, please feel free to chime in.

Great. Thanks for the prompt reply. I trust your opinion so I skipped the trial version and going for the paid version directly. I'm downloading it now.
I switch the wifi receiver on my phone on/off everyday so Conserve Wifi will be enthusiastically welcomed. Also the ability to edit the original email before sending is a must for me. I use the built-in Task app extensively so Memo will be useful for me. I need to look into remote print feature. I will definitely use this feature very often if it works as advertised. I'm so addicted to the notification LED to Call Indicator will be cool. I'll see how far I could stretch this feature. The silencer is a must to.

@advcomputer I would like to know which apps people find the most useful. Isn't that like the point of Crackberry.com?? Lol...

@crunch27 I've downloaded Drive Safe.ly, iSpeech Translator, the Bubble game, Vlingo, Shazam Encore and Nobex Premium but funny none of them have become "must-have" for me. Vlingo has just more annoyed me more than anything.

Ya know I have a torch and 2 pb tablets. For my needs on the torch I use poynt a lot, quick pull and one or two others. And my 2 tablets, One is the production build and the other is beta for testing of some apps that I am attempting to create.

ZonaSnap: a screenshot app that requires Input Simulation? ..... i was interested till that. Not a fan of handing that permission out all willy nilly

Ryan, does your Zona integrate with BBM/Groups on os7? mine used to work with BBM (never Groups) but it stopped working...will they ever upgrade to 7?

Also, why are all the reviews in Spanish?


The reviews for Zona Snap are mostly in spanish because the app comes from a website called Zona BlackBerry. The website is like the Crackberry of Latin America, hence the reviews in spanish :) it's an awesome site if you speak spanish and love BlackBerry

@advcomputer, @crunch27, @tanGyal and anyone else wondering, I just upgraded to the 9810 over the thanksgiving holiday.

I downloaded the drivesafe.ly free gift because my kids kept giving me a hard time for checking my BB at stop lights and such. I love this product, it is only free til NYE. I have an 1.5 hr commute and use it the whole time I am in the car, I have the iGrips windshield mounted charger and have prevue setup....All of my email accounts and texts are read to me as they come into my BB while I am driving and come through my bluetooth earpiece. I NEVER need to touch my BB once I start my car until I get to where I am going...it even has voice commands that allow you to reply....almost makes up for not having any decent themes available for this unit. I doesnt read FB updates and such, or I havent figured it out, it will read twitter to you as well, and emails up to 200 characters...depending on the way you set up the options.
thank you and have a great New Year.

According to App World, there is no Xobni for the Playbook, much to my disappointment. Please fix the link title!

Curve 8330 CDMA (eww, I know, u/g to Torch soon!)
Winner of EA Mobile SE Playbook - rockin' it!

I HATE Xobni Pro. I am disgusted by the fact it doesn't do much of anything it is suppoosed to, and then to make matters worse, people seem to swear by it.

I have installed it on multiple handsets over the course of the past year and a half or so, in various versions, and it never, ever works as it is supposed to. For one, it has never updated my contacts as to frquency of contact. They remain in whatever order they were in when first imported in to Xobni. It also seems to not track the contacts properly (missing some calls, etc.).

Just a terrible experience all the way around for me.