Ryan Seacrest drops $1 million into iPhone keyboard when he could just use a BlackBerry instead

By Adam Zeis on 6 Dec 2013 01:03 pm EST

Apparently Ryan Seacrest no longer wants to carry two phones, but he is also bit fed up with his iPhone keyboard. So much that he's invested $1 million of his own money into a new venture to solve his problem.

His new plan is for an accessory called the Typo Keyboard -- a keyboard case of sorts that attaches to an iPhone and provides a physical keyboard for the user. The case is set to make its debut at CES this year for the iPhone 5 and 5s and will retail for around $100. 

It does leave us with one burning question though -- if the keyboard is that important, why not just go BlackBerry? A Q10 would fit his needs perfectly - a great keyboard and incredible battery life. Even the virtual keyboard on the Z10 or Z30 would rock in comparison to an iPhone, so what gives? Tisk tisk Mr. Seacrest.

So what say you -- is this a lame accessory or will keyboard-loving iPhone users eat it up? Sound off in the comments!

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Ryan Seacrest drops $1 million into iPhone keyboard when he could just use a BlackBerry instead



These celebrity investments are part endorsements and publicity stunts... why would he annouce that he did it, if not because he wants to drive up the popularity of this product in order to cash in later by slapping his name on it? And knowing that the story would go viral?

Look at the will.i.am camera case for iPhone... i.am+... Did that go anywhere? How many people actually bought it? What was the return on that investment? Of course you can make these niche accessories and that is great for a Kickstarter type campaign, when you have already calculated the "minimum" you need to make a go of the product, you have commitments from a pile of customers who have already bought in, and likely won't be making any profit on your first campaign (unless it greatly over-succeeds in funding). That is where these products belong..... Not with a celebrity investing a huge ton of cash for something that may or may not have any buyers. Ryan can afford to lose $1 million... whether it pans out or not. Better yet, add a charity contribution to it and maybe it will get more positive karma.

I totally agree. If it was really about keyboard usage he would have grabbed a BB10 device already on the market. I think it is about image as well. He would get laughed out of Hollywood for having a BB, but rather than embrace the awesomeness that is BB he would go this route. Best wishes to him...BBRY is for me.

"He would get laughed out of Hollywood for having a BB" How so?? Plenty of famous people in Hollywood still use blackberry.

If you want just a list of actors, then there's: Angelina Jolie, Blake Lively, Brad Pitt, Bradley Cooper, Casey Affleck, Chloë Moretz, Dwayne Johnson, George Clooney, Gillian Anderson, Jennifer Lohan, Justin Timberlake, Lily Cole, Mischa Barton, Nicole Kidman, Tara Reid... and studio staffers also use them with BES including folks at Universal, Orion and MGM and plenty of others I'm sure (my cousin works at Universal, and she also has a Z10)

I am sure that there are BBRY's in Hollywood. But let's be honest, Ironically "most" people in Hollywood live for image and "can be" easily influenced by peer pressure. It's like being in high school all over again. If the masses say iPhone is for the elite then I believe that there will be those that fall in line, just like life outside of Hollywood. So yes, I believe that by the standards of Hollywood he would be laughed out. Blackberry's are for those that participate and participators don't bend to the whim of spectators.

BBRY is for me too, but for the masses its apparent...the reason why most people keep their iphones over the bb IS FOR THE APPS. period.

leaks aside (which i cannot load on my mac), my Q10 and Z10 are STILL sitting at v 10.1 from AT&T. i mean, come on.

Hi, I'm hijacking the responses from the "first" post so my comment is higher up. Thank you firsty, here's your cookie. :-)

Anyway, didn't we already have some stupid accessory for the iphone to add a keyboard to it?? I'm pretty sure we've thoroughly made fun of that one already, lol.

agree with you BB is still in stone age still use carrier for software updates, why they cant publish software updates like apple for iphone/ipad!

Discussed ad nauseum. To get carrier support, BBRY had to make some er...um...concessions. They do not have the clout to dictate anything to carriers. Now that some of the carriers have shown their true colours, BBRY just might tell them to kiss butt and do their own thing as far as updates go.

I'm just saying if any celeb wants to throw money at phone manufacturers throw it at BlackBerry. Ryan can do what he wants with his money but the tech he was looking for was right under his nose.

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Trance Romance just wanted to be first and get the cheap thrill of commenting first. That is all. Don't think he understands the write up or knows how many zeroes are there in a million. Not sure what these people who keep saying first all the time really want to prove! Perhaps they are always last in all aspects of their life and so this way they get to boost their ego? Have been told by a psychiatrist that people who have no control over their lives attempt to make up by taking control of the panel in a lift ( elevator) and cover the panel with their body. Then make others who enter request them to press the floor button! Immediate feel of superiority. Mentally unstable or sad situation of deranged or inadequate personal mental make up!

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You must be terribly insecure. 2 comments out of you not bringing anything to the conversation.. there's a term for consumers like you, but anyway if he wants to buy into this who cares? Sheeple will keep following cause some guy on TV said so.

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What the hell are you smokin? Why does it have to be all that? Putting first is a game... don't take it so seriously.

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Plus... I don't think the first game rulebook had your name on it. Just sayin.

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and this goes to prove that some people care about running from the basement to get mommies coolness approval that he got first before reading the article and looking like a complete moron for not even reading the entire article first, and saying something that is completely asinine that doesn't make sense to the article.

Good job bro, hope you got some love from your mom or dad for posting a "first" on the internet.

Quicksilver - you're usually FIRST to jump on the firsters haha, waiting to see you spin is becoming amusing and also not at all contributing to the discussion.

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Do you have nothing better to do than hate on first posts? Your posts make me want to post first comments

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That's right! If everyone just accepted & ignored "first!" posts, there wouldn't be any such dramas.

Do we have to "first" discuss the value of these posts every time there is something worthwhile to discuss on CB?

I don't like having to "first" scroll through half a page of "first" pro/con arguments before any real ON TOPIC posts happen.

My name is Prem, and I'm using BBM ... from my QuZe10 ...whatarhyme...

I did read the entire article. Why do people have to get all worked up for nothing. Just because I wrote "first"? What a bunch of busters. Let me put my comment into perspective then.....I wish Ryan had put that investment into Blackberry. Clear enough?

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Say so. Don't write first. Make an intelligent comment. Don't act like a kid in kindergarten. That is the message.

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And where is your comment relating to the article? Perhaps you didn't read it at all....and the fact that you are so bothered by someone commenting 'First' speaks to your own psychological well being, imo..

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Anandtaipan and other shitty people just a plain. FUCKZ YOU! I have been a part if crackberry for years, under various names. You know how many hundreds of articles I have read where there first comment is someone just said first. It us a game. A fucking game. And if you cannot understand that or just accept a long lasting tradition then, you are a more boring irrelevant person than everyone really thinks you are. YOU PIECES OF SHIT give blackberry a bad name. On the other hand. Image is just as important as talent. BlackBerry is talent. Apple is Image. BlackBerry is in dire need of refinement.

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Nice one Alan!! Yeah buddy! Coming to destroy first post haters! I love it!!

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BlackBerry should send Ryan a Z30, with all the bells and whistles. At least TRY to win him back. Don't waste a marketing opportunity.

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It's too late! No one goes $1M in and changes their mind like that. Pressing him on this could only be bad press for BlackBerry.

Ryan is worth approximately $200 million. $1m=.5% of his "worth." do you think he cares about .5% of his worth? no sir. Perhaps this is just a venture capitalist move, or maybe he really wants the product. either way, 1 mill is comparatively nothing to Ryan

Am I the only one who noticed A) you have to charge the freaking keyboard (seriously?) Now not only do they have to worry about phone battery, but keyboard battery as well, and B) that charger is micro USB, won't that confuse that crap out of iphone users?

Anyone using a Mophie Juice Pack for the iPhone is charging with a micro-usb as well, so this approach isn't new.

Can someone please tweet Mr.Seacrest for me? Tell him he just wasted 1 million dollars to a company that has billions. Let him know that BB10 is leaps ahead of ios!

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LOL he should have given the million to the screen department. Maybe they could figure out how not to make the most breakable phone.....

@TranceRomance= i would like to be the 1st to congratulate you on getting the 1st post,,, bravo to you... B-)

No, it doesn't. Been using blackberry products since 2009. I love them and haven't had much issues either. Now I have a q10 and i'm getting used to it too. Quit trolling.

I am confused by the comment and the contradictory signature of having said BlackBerry. Send me a PM and I will send you my address. You can then send me the Q10 and I will take care of your little issue for you.


Perhaps he didn't buy a BlackBerry because it's not readily available / marketed/ promoted etc. That or be just wants to invest in a startup. There is still a huge cross section of people that don't even know the device exists.

This may prove that Frank B and his marketing team dropped the ball....i still talk to people that ask me if "that's the new blackberry?" . Why yes it's a year new thank you for asking.

Posted via CB10 on my Z10 Oreo

Very true were a rogers cell phone dealer and other then myself and maybe one or two others in our office, no one knew about the z30. Most thought I was making it up. Very poor advertising, doesn't help that we don't even have one to display.

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I agree...

Someone get that man a Z30 so he can save his money and be happy again.

He obviously likes a bigger screen so a Q10 would be to small and typing on BlackBerry's Z10 or Z30 is the best out there.

As far as will the apple people eat it up? Most likely they will... anything with an apple symbol on it is worth lining up for and a must have to them don't you know.


www.livingtruth.ca www.carm.org

Cases like this ALWAYS show up but they never go anywhere and some even look like they'd be great, but I don't feel like this one will gain traction.

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Agreed.... besides I really doubt someone would spend an additional $100.00 bucks for a keyboard attachment...

Posted via CB10

Already is a problem IMO.

How much did he not want a BB10 that he spent a million to make an accessory for an Iphone

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I don't think so, he wants to make money on his idea that isn't too innovative to begin with. It will be a flop. This only makes BlackBerry phones more popular because NOW when people think smartphone and keyboard they think BlackBerry. Seriously, do you think of Samsung, WP, or apple when it comes to keyboard phones? Especially now when the only top 3/4 phone manufacturer that produces keyboard phones is blackberry.

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It could also prove to be a testament to
1. The stronghold iPhone has over the smartphone using public, regardless of the superiority of the BlackBerry keyboard.
2. BlackBerry's failure to sway the smartphone using public to an existing keyboard solution

Or a testament to Seacrest not willing to learn how to use the keyboard. It's not as good as BlackBerry's for sure, but millions of people manage with the iPhone keyboard; it can't be that terrible.

From what I've seen they seem to manage because they don't care, or do mission-critical work on their phones. Accuracy isn't top priority... :(

The fact that you had to say "manage" while describing thee use of an iphone keyboard kind of says it all for me..

Ive tried it, i hated it, i went black and havent looked back ;)

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Gave up on that keyboard before I came to BlackBerry. Just don't have the thumb coordination, some people are party darn good at it though. I was nervous picking up the z10 because of this but it is a HUGE improvement over the iPhone keyboard. Blows me away that they haven't done anything about it much.

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Sad, and worse still, he's betting that regular people will pay the extra $100 to not be seen with one. :(

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I remember the days when Ryan Seacrest wasn't seen in public without his BlackBerry. He used to Tweet from his BB using TweetGenius. How times have changed...

I don't think that the keyboard idea will go anywhere. Anyone who wishes to use a keyboard with an iOS device can just buy Apple's Bluetooth keyboard. While a full-sized keyboard takes the "mobile" out of the mobile device...an attached keyboard case sounds like it will make an iPhone cumbersome. So either way you look at it, you have decreased the portability and usefulness of the device.

If you want a good quality physical keyboard on a mobile device, BlackBerry is the only real viable option.

naw, it's the APPL FO LYFE YO image that people spend money on. half of them only play candy crush in the way of apps.

"what? blackberry doesn't have candy crush? that useless phone doesn't have any apps. do not want." sound familiar? lol.

To my knowledge Blackberry 10 has a Phone App, Calendar App, Contacts App, Maps, BBM, and a Email Client what more do you need really? As far as the apps go you have a Android emulator.

Android runtime is fine for you or me but many people can't be bothered sideloading apps. BlackBerry's Marty Malek has done a very poor job getting the high profile apps on BlackBerry, even with the simplicity that comes with the Android runtime.
And the ex-CFO was a moron. Rather than writing off nearly $1 billion on Z10s, that money could have been used to buy apps and bring them to the platform.

more apps missing, yes. more useful apps? that's up for debate.

needing more apps =/= usefulness. it just means the phone is handicapped right out of the box lol.

If BlackBerry just released 10.2.1 then you don't have to worry about apps. I have candy crush, netflix. Instagram... etc. I didn't need a computer to download them either.... just downloaded straight from Google play website (and apk downloader) with the native browser

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Are Banking apps useless ?
Viber is useless?
Instagram is useless?
Skype is useless? (yeah i know there is a ported version and it sucks and always crashes and I'm on the latest release
Yelp is useless?
BBM?! Well iOS and Android now have it. Oh it doesn't have voice and video well guess what there is Viber and skype :)


Posted via my Q10 from T- Mobile BlackBerry Pin: 2AF236F5 Twitter: BBRY_Addict83 Instagram: BBRY_Addict83

like i said later, it's up for debate. are they useful? sure, for some. are they essential? i haven't used any of those apps (except for bbm of course) and i'm not dead yet.

banking apps - i still have a web browser that i can bank from
viber - i've never used it, but i'm sure some people talk ld a lot. i'm just not one of them.
instagram - yes, pretty useless unless you like looking at pictures of food
skype - same as viber
yelp - there are lots of other apps similar on blackberry
bbm - voice and video are coming from what i hear, but doubtful i'd use it anyway

i know what you're saying, but what i'm saying is that not everyone drums to that same beat of a large selection of apps is what makes a smartphone smart. of course, it'd be nice if blackberry would include them, but to me it makes close to zero difference (and i'm willing to bet that it would for a lot of people out there using ios as well... my wife being one of them lol).

Just want to pick on one thing: "i still have a web browser that i can bank from"

Look, I'm all for good web apps. They're easier to maintain and allow more flexibility for the developers. A large percentage of apps that are out there that do nothing but display data should just be web browser applications. However, what gives with the lack of support from some websites recognizing BB10? When I go to United.com, it dumps me on the desktop site! Are you kidding? Luckily m.united.com works, but when you click a link from your email, you get put on the full desktop.

I am not saying there's anything wrong with BB10. I adore my Q10. But come on developers, you've got Apple, Android, Amazon, Windows, and BB10 out there with all different screen sizes and specifications. You're never going to build apps for all of them, so if you're just building simple data display/input apps (i.e. no camera, upload, sync advanced capabilities) why don't you just focus on building a great mobile web experience that sizes up and down for all resolutions?

I agree with focusing on the mobile formatting of the screen. If you don't have time to work on apps for 10 platforms work on the website and make it universally friendly for all.

~Posted via CB10 on my Sleek and Sexy Z10~

The rich just looks for ways to have they're own way vs doing the logical thing. He's doing that because "he can". Smh. Just get a Dam Z10/30. Problem solved.

BlackBerry 4Life

It's a lame accessory, and iPhone users will eat it up. Most iPhone users are not aware that keyboard smartphones even exist.

Posted via CB10

There are also already a number of bluetooth keyboard cases for iPhone so I'm not sure how this really changes anything.

Posted via CB10

not only do they know, they scoff at it because apple doesn't need anything a blackberry could put out... until apple puts it out.

You mean exactly like how Blackberry was the very last to join their competitors and adopt features they'd had for years? Like cameras and touch screens and music players and video players and full browsers that Mike and Jim swore nobody wanted? Like that? Okay.

Sorry, but the original Curve, which was released the month before the original iPhone, had a camera and played music, and the first touch screen BlackBerry came out only the year after. I couldn't tell you when they included a video player for the first time, but they were not years behind in putting out any of the other things you mentioned.

as a blackberry user though, i use my phone for communication. i could care less if i had a camera or a touch screen on my phone. if it's there, then i'll use it, but i won't (like many apple users that i've encountered) scoff at things like true multitasking and proper cut and paste and say "i don't need it" but when apple brings it out they're like "zomg this is the best thing evar".

the difference is in mentality of the users, not in ingenuity of the manufacturers.

BlackBerry needs to have Google store pre- loaded on their devices and it'll solve all problems. Cut the deal Mr. Chen. Make it happen.

Posted via CB10

I've always said there's no relation between money & brains. Well, not always but this story is proof.

Nothing wrong with preferring an iphone but to spend a million dollars on developing a cover for the keyboard? Wow!

Posted via CB10

Stole the words out of my mouth.

Before getting my Z10, I never thought I could live with a touch screen keyboard, having gone from a feature phone to the 9810 specifically for the BlackBerry keyboard. My carrier tied my hands by not releasing the Q10 at the same time, so I got the Z. The BB10 touchscreen keyboard is absolutely amazing. I type faster on my Z than on the 9810. I just mash away blindly from muscle memory without looking at the keyboard area and it gets the most awful and nonsensical garbage correct 95% of the time. The accuracy rate would be even higher, but for having French enabled so I can go back and forth between both languages in the same sentence at whim. As for the word flicking autocomplete, I never use it except when typing one handed, but under those circumstances, it's faster than any other phone's one handed method of text entry.

Seacrest needs to open his eyes and open his mind, and try the Z10 or Z30.

Nevertheless, I would still get a Q10 if I had to choose again. Typing on glass still feels weird when I type too quickly.

Posted via Z10 on the best touchscreen keyboard.

My thoughts exactly on the Z10 keyboard. It is the first touchscreen keyboard I enjoyed typing on. That being said, I also ordered a Q10 because I also miss my 9900 keyboard feel. It should arrive today.

Posted via CB10

Wrong, he is probably being paid by Apple, all just part of a marketing scam....keeps people talking about their products and selling junk to consumers that is not needed...marketing, marketing, marketing...

Posted via CB10

No, I was referring to all the accessories ...I actually believe that the iPhone max be the best piece of hardware out there....it is their software, functionality, and lack of a memory card which fails for me, and that means me,... for my uses the iphone will not work.

Posted via CB10

I wouldn't doubt that he was paid off. He's a walking advertisement for Apple. When their phones don't even seem to have the awesomeness BlackBerry does. Like the keyboard:)

~Posted via CB10 on my Sleek and Sexy Z10~

Well it seems like it would be very inconvenient to have to remove the keyboard accessory each time you want to use the iphone for all other tasks with exception of typing. So it does not seem practical at all.

Keep The Faith

I was thinking the same thing. I couldn't have both the Q10 and Z10. I went with the Z10 for the screen real estate.

Now I'm thinking if they made this for the Z10 I might actually buy it. It would have to be a solid feeling keyboard like the Q10's. Best of both worlds. It would have to be nicer looking though. I sure hope the iPhone one is just a prototype for now cuz it's butt ugly.

There has been a ton of these before and there will be a ton more on Kickstarter  / Indiegogo for years to come. They all end up for sale at the $.99 or less stores lol. Seacrest should have just bought a BlackBerry and spent the rest on hookers and blow.

At least the hookers and blow would leave a lasting impression, if not other ailments ;-). Good one Bla1ze, you sir win the interwebs for the day

Posted via CB10

this reminds me when Blackberry tried to make touch screen phone(storm) the outcome is the same SHITY

P.S. You can't make a chicken soup out of chicken shit.
Sorry for the language.

Ridiculous I say but iSheep will buy in droves I'm sure. Then they will look ridiculous, even more so than rocking a Kardashian colored phone

Posted via CB10

It's Simple as that: There are more iSheeps out there than BlackBerry User. He make more Money when he produce for those "underprivileged" ;)

Posted via CB10 App / Z10-STL100-2@

If i had a spare million laying around, I would not have a phone I hate to use.

Let this d-bag spend his $ inventing something called a keyboard. Next thing we will hear, is how it will be revolutionary and innovative to have a kb, on a phone.

Posted via CB10

Sounds like he has nothing better to do than to support a niche Avenue for the iSheep. I'd encourage him to try a Z10,Q10 but he's mainstream so he's not likely to go for it. Though if he saw more people using it he may change his mind. It's about image for the elites. We all know how good BlackBerry is through experience but some people need more.

Posted via CB10

The Q10 screen is too small. Many people don't want to sacrifice the screen landscape for the keyboard.

I can say that I am one of them.

Posted via CB10

Exactly what do you think will happen when you have a "keyboard case" over top of your screen? You will lose real estate for sure and it will now be a smaller screen than the Q

Posted via CB10

No it's an extension of the phone, it goes below the screen so they get the full 4" and the keyboard

Posted via CB10

No one can believe he likes iphones better than BlackBerry? Most of the world does. Why is this so hard to understand? Now he's got a keyboard for a great phone. What is the problem?

Posted via CB10

Funny ! He invested $1 millions not to carry two devices.
...and he will end up carrying an iPhone and a keyboard :o

Nope! I'm not carrying a case, which I found to be common for a lot of BlackBerry users ...But in counterpart almost a must have for "iPhoner".
...Any how that's still a valid point.

Unbelievable! No Seacrest fan but he does have a following. BlackBerry send the lad a Q10 let him experience a real physical keyboard smartphone . Talk about a waste of a million $s. Add a keyboard you've got to be kidding! To think some BlackBerry users complain of side-loading apps. Yikes...!

Posted via CB10

They are a few already out there you just have to do a search and done. Stupid idea

Posted via CB10

Seacrest... lol

Alot nicer than the KickStarter one..

Only issue I see is... it's a case.. most people I know use an Otterbox or LifeProof.. Hang on I need to put my keyboard case on..

Or they License this.. and everyone makes a case..

Why don't you guys get crackberry posts to get on yahoo finance (and other financial boards) for Bbry? There is so much trashing going on, on the street, and these posts would def help bbry's case.

Posted via CB10

Should see what Rene Ritchie has to say about it.

Didn't they have a horizontal slider bluetooth keyboard for iPhone 4/4s not too long ago too?

Who is Ryan Seacrest (never heard of him), and why is he throwing away his money (he must have a lot)?
To each their own what they do with their money (personal ways).
Tax loss (perhaps)?

That's the coolest thing about Seacrest. A lot of people don't know his worth. He produces the kardashian TV series, and a host of other shows on channel E!. He had a stake in American idol not sure about now. He's a big player in American entertainment TV.

Collar ID: Qollars.com, what's yours? Shirt addict plan....coming soon

Oh. Thank you for the information. I still don't know what e! and the karda thing is all about, but I wish him well. I suppose he wants to be a player in the saturated cell phone accessory market too. I wonder if his product will be available at cnn.cn?

Probably lack of apps for him is what is causing him to do this.

Mind you he's still a massive douchebag, good luck on his venture tho lol

Posted via CB10

Whaaaa??? Who's going to buy that?? Nobody wants a physical keyboard, that's so old..... ;) isn't that what they say?

i thought else where reported that he evaluated current phones already and he doesn't want to carry two phones anymore. that's why he invested this money.

The bigger picture is that he also did this from an investment. Saw a chance to improve on something knowing full well that he'd make his money back tenfold.

Ok he get a Q10 with the keyboard, but what about the apps.
Let's not make him out to be a bonehead for doing this. Smart investment move.

Posted via CB10

This isn't good news. It just goes to show how awful he thinks the BlackBerry really is. So awful he'd rather pay $1,000,000 for a keyboard on an iPhone.

Posted via the super amazing BlackBerry Q10

Yeah, only that's not what he's doing. He's paying $1,000,000 to invest in a business.

Posted via CB10

Again, BlackBerry Marketing should be all over this, even if it's just tweets in response and social media posts. Maybe offer him a free Q10 just for the publicity...

Posted via CB10

Agree 100000000000000000000000% they should take a page from Sony's social media team and blast this out over all social media networks the entire weekend.

Posted via CB10 from my Z10

What will happen is all the "A" listers will give it a shot. I am completely comfortable with my BB. I don't need an iToy to be part of the crowd. Silly imo.

Here's a good opportunity for the BlackBerry marketing dept to send him a Q10 and a Z30 preloaded with all the social apps he would use along with a personal tutorial assistant and get him on a proper phone.

Posted from my awesome Z30 :-D

I don't own any Apple devices. However, there are those that are totally embedded in the Apple environment for how their devices work together... from their iphone, ipad, appletv, desktop and more. I can only guess that Seacrest falls into this category. If someone is in this category AND wants a keypad on their phone they are SOL. If Ryan does not fall into this category, he certainly has more money than common sense!

Ryan Seacrest..... the epitome of stupidity and douchebaggery.
I honestly think this is just sad, I thought America had been screaming from the rooftops how antiquated and obsolete physical keyboards are, how stupid BlackBerry have been to make devices with keyboards. So why on earth would they want to add something so "archaic" to their perfect infallible iPhones. Is Ryan Seacrest publicly admitting that the keyboard on his iPhone is not spectacular after all the time they've had to get it right, it still sux! And now the bleeting begins....

Posted via CB10 from my Z10

Dude chill out. Probably just a joke or pr.

Collar ID: Qollars.com, what's yours? Shirt addict plan....coming soon

This is crazy! I don't know what he is thinking. Probably a money making venture. BlackBerry is a much better choice all the way around. All I can say is good luck with that.

Posted via CB10

Looks like rather "The death of the aII-touch phone is near". Keyboards are making a comeback, and the fact that this thing looks like a blatant unashamed Q10 rip-off only speaks louder than words.

(Btw, I am typing this from a... , you guessed it)

My name is Prem, and I'm using BBM ... from my QuZe10 ...whatarhyme...

Why would you invest into something that already exists? Well he did break up with Julian Hough. Both ideas are silly

Rocking my Z10

What a f*****g moron!

I've always liked Simon Cowell better anyway.

Posted via CB10 on AT&T BlackBerry Z10 / soon to be Verizon BlackBerry Z30

Why doesn't Apple just make a QWERTY phone. I would switch immediately.

Posted via CB10

No big deal. Times of changed course..now it's apple fans that are blackberry wannabes..lol..to each is own. All I know is my Z30 makes me proud

Posted via CB10

Go Q30! Go Chen

iPhone still has no workflow, like BB10, and the app-gap is closing fast. Looks like tables are turning slowly, BBRY just keep moving

My name is Prem, and I'm using BBM ... from my QuZe10 ...whatarhyme...

So because Ryan Seacrest invested 1 million dollars into an iPhone keyboard (venture), you assume he was fed up with his iPhone Keyboard and is tired of carrying his Blackberry? I'm getting dizzy from the spin around here..

Any statement Mr. Seacrest made in regards to this business transaction is nothing more than him Marketing his investment. ...perhaps Blackberry should take note.

*The keyboard looks really cramped. And blue tooth keyboards are always buggy. (more than likely a BAD Investment.)

He is a well respected elder statesman doing volunteer work for the United Nations...or maybe not

Posted via CB10

I don't think the actual case will catch on, but someone from BlackBerry get this man a Q10 stat! Hell get him a Z30. One flick and he won't look back.

Posted with a flick of my thumb via CB10

Gimmie a million $ and I'll make you a keyboard for iPhone that would cost only 500$ to make lol

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It's called Q30, and I can smell it's coming

(or so we hope...)

My name is Prem, and I'm using BBM ... from my QuZe10 ...whatarhyme...