The clock is ticking with Ruzzle for BlackBerry 10

By Alicia Erlich on 23 Jul 2013 03:22 pm EDT

For those who are fond of word games that are fast-paced and challenging, there is the cross-platform multi-player Ruzzle. As someone who grew up playing Boggle and Text Twist, this was a no brainer to try. While it may be an Android port, there is nothing like a simple word game for keeping the noggin in shape all while taking on friends and strangers. 

The goal here is to form as many words as you can on the small rectangular grid in two minutes against an online opponent. Words can be as small as two letters and you must use letters that are adjacent to each other. There are three rounds played and the one with the highest score wins. Points are awarded based on word length, bonus pieces, and letter scores. What I do like is how at the end of each match it displays all of the possible combinations. Not only does this improve your vocabulary but aids in retention for other games, at least for me. It also offers the ability to chat with opponents, play against your Facebook friends, or challenge a random stranger.

Game play is smooth and as you can see in the video above, there was no evidence of it being slow or not responding to my touch especially since I updated to OS 10.1. I find it to be quite enjoyable but I'm a sucker for word games especially when under pressure of a ticking clock. The only thing I did notice was how when finding an opponent it did seem to slow down a bit but I attribute it to network connectivity. Also, notifications do not work in the hub but you can always refresh the main screen to update the game in progress.

I would like to see this as a native application and the ability to run without an internet connection so that practice play would work offline. Unfortunately, the game will set you back $2.99 as the free version found in the Google Play store is not available. If you are comfortable with Android Ports and love word games then this is one you will enjoy with the quirks that go with it. 

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Go native already

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Really painful to connect and login with Facebook.

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I don't mind android ports, but I still can't get myself to pay for one. Show me some real BlackBerry love, and I'll shake some coins outta my e-piggy.

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Had this game for a while. I've played the crap out of it. Worth the 3 bucks.

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I just side loaded and it works good.

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Just wish notifications were active on this game. I've been playing it for a while and get ripped but friends and family when I don't respond to invitations to play.

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This has been my favorite game by far

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"The clock is ticking" and "for BlackBerry 10" is not the best combination for a headline


A great game, however it's a bit dated. All of the folks I know were playing this game months ago. Last year even.

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Hmmm anyone know if it's worth the 2.99??


What up Neo? I ain't know you were around these forums

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Lanre Folarin

Why it's priced at 2.99 still beats me. I mean it's free on android and ios

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No there's a free version on ios and android. However the bb10 version is ad free and you get to see all the words you missed. The paid version is also available on ios and android at the same price.

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Playable on the Q10, but I don't like the way it looks.



Love it. My girlfriend and I play each other. She has it on iPhone. I don't find the Android port to be any issue at all. Works quite fine for me.

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I just can't justify paying for an Android port. Sorry to the Dev, but the only way I'm paying for an app is if it is Native.

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App is great, works like it should. Well worth my money. I've gotten hours of enjoyment out of it (even tho I suck lol)

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Addictive, works fine but really drains battery and heats z10 fast!

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If it was free sure but I'm not gonna pay for an android port. I have no issue with ports. I'm just not gonna pay for it. I'm probably gonna sideload the free version

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Same as the rest basically: I would've love to pay it if it were for a native application. I'm not paying for the android port.


It's a shame that the game is not free, I sideload it for free and it runs without any lag !!!

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