Russell Simons is on board with BlackBerry 10

Russell Simmons
By Adam Zeis on 13 Dec 2012 08:54 am EST

A few weeks back we asked what celeb you would like to see endorse BlackBerry 10. We had plenty of great suggestions including Kim Kardashian, Usain Bolt and Justin Bieber. One celeb that gets my vote would be Russell Simmons. Not only is he an icon and very well known, but he just fits the bill for the perfect celeb to endorse the platform. The founder of the hip-hop label Def Jam, Simmons recently sent a tweet to his near 2.3 million followers expressing his excitement for BlackBerry 10. According to the Tweet, he had a meeting with "Senior BlackBerry guys" and got a look at BB10 for himself. 

Simmons recently made the switch to an iPhone (apparently his daughter made him) but had been a long-time BlackBerry user prior. His brother Rev Run (of Run-DMC fame) also switched after using a BlackBerry for years and had this to say back in November:

It's great to see some BlackBerry love from celebs as we move toward the January press event. Hopefully more celebs will get a chance to see the awesomeness that is BB10 and get on the bus as well. Here's to hoping that BlackBerry 10 will bring them back to what they know best!

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Russell Simons is on board with BlackBerry 10


Russell has 2.3 million followers, Usain has 2.4 million followers on twitter. That's great.
Bieber has >31.4 million followers. Like him or not, if they manage to put a BB10 in his hands and get 31 million tweeters and many more fans effectively seeing it...RIM will have many of them wanting BB10 too.
He grew up a 25 minute drive from Waterloo. He's a great fit for supporting it.

+1. Those screaming young girls want anything tied in with the Beebs. Get them to dump their iphones for a BB10. Have a promo to get a BBM from Justin and they'll be all over BB!

With great power comes great responsibility. Justin Bieber might have the fans but one wrong step on his side can screw the brand completely and I cannot trust JB for anything.

And overall it's important to have someone polished and with class and etiquette rather than a fan bait..

I mean look at the iphone crowd.. They are as fake as the celebrities who endorse ips..

He's also a stuck up spoiled little brat now. As much as he has 30+ million followers, is BB10 being marketed to the teenie boppers or to the business class professionals. Beiber just doesnt fit the image RIM needs for this new platform.

I don't believe so. He travels all the time. If RIM can show that hey, you're young, you're out and about... this is the phone that allows you to stay connected. That flow/hub experience will be key.

I'm all for the biebs for RIM. It's a market that RIM needs to go after. Get the biebs.

dude jb must be travelling the world but i'm sure he doesn't do email and other travelly stuff besides post some instagram pictures..

Rev Run would be perfect! He is also well known for using his Blackberry on his old show "Run's House" At the end of the show he would be in bubble bath (LOL) summing up the days events with a motivational message on his Blackberry.

I really hope the N-series are not very far behind the L-series. A lot of people are waiting for thoes!

Never heard of him. Please dont put BB10 in Beibers hands as you would taint it for far more people than would buy one because of Beiber.

Why would it taint it? While I agree Justin Beiber is a little twit it certainly would reach a large group of potential buyers and make it cool for the younger crowd. I am not a celeb worshiper so it doesnt matter to me what Hollywood idiot uses a BB but they don't have to market to me. I already believe!

* BlackBerry by choice *
I'd like to beat him with a BB Storm. That brick could do some serious damage yeah baby!

i dont like bieber myself, but he would bring more to RIM. Just dont make him a main guy, have him as part of a group of celebs.

It is true that BB is great for communication and great for "do-ers"... people who accomplish things in their lives and maintain strong personal relationships... but what the consumer market needs to see is that BB10 devices will be great for them to NOT do anything useful... to waste time on totally unimportant things. THAT'S why people say BB is inferior: it doesn't effectively let them WASTE THEIR LIVES doing POINTLESS CRAP. If you want to succeed in mobile devices today, you have to help people WASTE time, not actually accomplish anything.

The appeal of iPhone is not for the "do-ers"... its appeal is for those that can't stand the thought of being alone with their own thoughts for 2 seconds and have to have SOME kind of external stimulation every second of every day... whether that's facebook and twitter which BB does very well, or angry birds or cut the rope or surfing the web etc. they need CONSTANT EXTERNAL STIMULATION and THAT is what the consumer does not think that BB does well.

So, BB needs consumers to know that if they have a BB, in between wasting their lives on idle sensory stimuli, they might accidentally accomplish something meaningful in their lives, like maintaining personal relationships and creating / building / contributing to society... accidentally.

BlackBerry needs to court what the "thighmaster" crowd... you know, those people that want to get in shape, but want to do it SITTING DOWN, or without giving up french fries and sundaes, those that will never EVER get healthy or get in shape or commit to the lifestyle changes that they need to improve their health... but think that if they buy this exercise gadget or tape, that will solve all their health problems... sitting down!

So, Consumers! Buy a BB10 device! You can ABSOLUTELY play 17 types of solitare between bus stops... you can idle away the time sitting in a restaurant across from your dinner companion updating FaceTwit or playing games. What's that? you might want to make a phone call once in a while? Oh, it does that, too.

Last night I was flipping through the channels before going to bed and I saw a Windows 8 commercial with Gwen Stefani. I have no interest in a Windows phone but I still watched the commercial because she was in it. I think the best thing to do would be for BlackBerry(we're not calling them RIM anymore) to have multiple celebrities endorse BlackBerry 10. The celebrity gets some free swag and BlackBerry gets great promotion from these celebrities.

I like that he is excited because once he has something that he wants to support her goes hard for that cause.

Not that I'm someone that hangs on what celebrities do as I really could care less, but it would be good to get some big names on board. You'd think that with the fact that so many people own an iPhone that the cool factor would wear off with them, and they'd be looking for other options to stand out (until that platform/smartphone became "uncool". Vicious cycle...). BB10 seems like it's going to be as good an option as any if that happens in the near future.

I have no doubt that some very cool trendsetters will be using BB10. A trendsetter using an iPhone these days is an oxymoron.

Funny thing reading this an noting the RS switched to Iphone and is now ready to switch back. I just read an article on Business Insider (which is an Apple blog digised as a business blog, why do they do that?) that said while BB10 is good and the phone likely can go toe to toe with iPhone and Android people will not switch back because BB10 isn't better.

They just assert it isn't better. Well I thik for the right type of people, it is better, and they will switch.

Jay Z has been picked up by Windows so you can count him out. I agree about using Bieber and Russell Simmons. I have posted before about using TI for the comeback song for the BlackBerry band, his song Get Back Up would be great. Listen to the lyrics

Firstly, his name is spelled incorrectly in the heading. Secondly, that is not a photo of Russell Simmons.

Sure looks like him. And given the link to the photo is right in his tweet, it would seem odd if it wasn't him. Unless the tweet is the tweet of an impostor!

You could be correct, however, I have never seen a photo of him without a cap. Also, with the popularity of botox, you never know. I stand corrected.

hopefully russell gets all of his employees at def jam to use blackberry 10. that would be epic considering the trend setting nature of hip-hop music.

Bold 9900 - Playbook 32GB

If they are being paid to say this, don't they have to indicate that in the tweet hash tags or somehow?

Dear Abby :
The iPhone that I have seems very outdated. I find myself entering an app, the exiting it, then entering another app, then exiting it to go back to the previous one. All this seems very repetitive, and a big waste of my time.There must be something better. My iPhone seems so out dated. It can't event handle NFC payments. What do you suggest?
Need help in New York.

Well wait until January 30 and buy a BB 10 phone. So have patience. then you have the latest operating systheem that there is, and you know you can multitask with a bb

He would be a great person to put on the front line endorsing BlackBerry 10 he deals with the media already so there no having to prepping him and most importantly he gets its so theres no asking him to fake it. #BlackBerry10

Lady GaGa has always professed her addiction to her BlackBerry. Personally I'm not a fan, but gillions of people are...put one in her hands and watch them sell.

Reverend RUN is an amazing person. Been a fan of his since 1984. He, Darryl McDaniels and Joseph Simmons are absolute legends.

"My name is Joseph Simmons, but my middle name's 'RUN'...when I'm rocking on (my new BB10) you should all applaud...."

Who is that handsome man next to Mr. Simmons... you know, the one whose suit can barely contain his bulging biceps? Put that man in a tank top and exercise shorts and get him out in front of the ladies (and gay men like me) and you won't need a Kardashian.

Digicel (mobile phone company) in Jamaica has a major partnership with RIM. Usain Bolt is sponsored by Digicel. Which phone do you think will be in his hand when the BB10 is released?