Running through the Z30 hardware with BlackBerry's Michael Clewley

By Simon Sage on 3 Oct 2013 08:01 am EDT

While visiting at Waterloo this week, I caught up with BlackBerry's Michael Clewley who showed me around some of the more prominent features on the new BlackBerry Z30. Obviously the 5-inch screen demands a lot of attention, but there's a lot more going on than just increased size. The S-Stripe pixel layout makes text particularly sharp, which is a must when enjoying longer web pages and e-mails on the big screen. BlackBerry's Jeff Gadway chimed in and said that the Z30 performs particularly well in the realm of contrast versus the competition with an NTSC ratio of 101%. With stuff like this, BlackBerry isn't feeling too intimidated by pixel density wars. 

Audio is a big part of the Z30 as well, not only by way of its external speaker system, but also there are four microphones around which provide what BlackBerry calls Natural Sound for BBM Voice and Video calls (and obviously high quality for cellular HD voice calls as well).

Battery life gets a shout-out, as well it should. The integrated 2880 mAh battery can apparently handle 25 hours of regular usage. There are a few things helping here, namely a new antennae set-up which isn't always scanning for a signal (only when it senses you're in ideal circumstances), and intelligently decides when to do so in low coverage areas. They're also using a new kind of OLED display which consumes less power than usual. BlackBerry was also picked a quad-core graphics processor, but shied away from quad-core CPU in order to save on battery life. Overall, the Z30 is getting 70% more battery life than the Z10, and 25% more than the Galaxy S4 under the same circumstances. 

It's interesting to see BlackBerry pitching the Z30 as a productivity workhorse, but the battery life alone is enough for me to buy that pitch. What do you guys think? Is the Z30 doing enough that's new to grab the attention of Android or iPhone owners? Any Z10 owners going to upgrade to this bad boy when it comes out? 

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Running through the Z30 hardware with BlackBerry's Michael Clewley


Yes, I will be purchasing the Z30 as soon as it's available through AT&T. Love my Z10 but I could use the bigger screen and longer battery for my work.

Bigger screen is one thing but the extra battery life? Uh no. Just get a spare battery for your Z10. With OS 10.2 I keep hearing of amazing battery life from several other Z10 users.

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That is a very good point. So battery life shouldn't be a selling point for Z10 owners thinking of a Z30 purchase. Extra speed and screen is...

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Did you seriously just tell someone that their reason for wanting something wasn't up to "your standards" or did I read that wrong?


You read it wrong. Battery life isn't an issue for a full days use with a Z10 if you buy a spare £15 battery. I do appreciate that there are some that may want to leave certain things / active frames open throughout the whole day. If that's the case, changing a Z10 battery halfway through wouldn't be best.

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When other devices today are getting through one day or more without the need for a "spare" battery?

10.2 has increase battery life some, the Z10 still will not make it through the day without a recharge or using the portable charging battery. Android went through all of this two years ago....

Yes by all means if you have the patience to put up with an android that's ideal. We're talking about the Selling points of the Z30 here however.

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Yes, and battery life is a huge selling point! Sorry, I do NOT want to swap batteries mid-day.

Blimey a passionate post !

May I ask why you wouldn't want to swap batteries halfway through your day. Which single thing would deter you from doing so?

I sense anguish in your post so I am genuinely looking forward to your answer.

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Maybe he just doesn't want to. I do but only when I have an extended day and I'm just stopping by my place. Swap n go.

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Yeah that's what I used to do, swap n go. I never had a hissy fit whilst doing so either, not once.

My rationale isn't plucked out of the air btw. I'm using the standard but less common these days 'sense'.

If it was only down to batteries I would rather swap a battery within two minutes than work X amount of hours for the money to buy a Z30 which lasted the same amount of hours.

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Why wouldn't someone want to swap batteries every day?

Easy: Need to reboot, for once. Also, how often do you think you will be able to pull off the back of the device? At some point, the material on the phone or the back panel will give out.

I do not mind to swap battery. I would stick with my Z10 because I'm concerned that after a year of use, would the non removable Z30 battery still be able to get by a day without charging? We know that battery performance deteriorate as we use. For Z10, I know that I can buy a new battery and it will be ok. I like Z30, but the non removable battery is holding me back from getting one.

I'm getting 17.5 hours of life without charging on my Z10 with And I am a fairly heavy user (mail, bbm, text, facebook, twitter, maps, browser, sideloads, phone, video, camera).

I have a Z10 with 10.2 and carry an extra battery. Never seem to need it though

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Cool, I haven't used a Z10 with 10.2 yet. My Q10 has pretty good battery life, well really good rather. No complaints other than using this $hit whatsapp because I have to which has taken a couple of hours off it whilst I wait for BBM4ALL to arrive.

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ive got a Q10 for business and the battery life is great ... it gets a day and half easy and i smash it ... Ive got Z10 for personal and the batter sucked ... got a 4500mah off ebay from China 3 months ago and i get 2 full days from my Z10 now

I have a 4500mAh extended battery that I got on Amazon for $19.99. It came with another back cover and looks really nice. No more battery problems.

For you and those that need it a Z10 owner who needs a full days worth of battery life it would be easier to purchase a second battery to used in the Z10.12 hours per battery X 2 batteries = 24 hours use, (i suggest you have a breather at this point)..1 hour short of the 25 hours use on regular usage with a Z30 / £470.00 saved. From what I see makes the selling points of the Z30 for current Z10 owners, the screen size and the speed improvements, aesthetics and the newness. *All of which I like before you go off on that one too*.

The post I first replied to had a very valid point.

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As a heavy user (non-gamer), my Z10 is down to 30% in 3.5hrs. While it's nice to have the option of replacing the battery when no power source is available, I do not like having to resort to carrying an extra battery or a plug as part of a daily routine. Technology should simplify your life.

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Just let people have what they want. If they want a Z30 let them have a Z30. It's their money and their wants. This isn't a finance website. It's all about BlackBerry. Just appreciate that people actually want a Z30 regardless of their past phone. No one is here for financial advice.

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Battery life was really poor before 10.2, and now it is just poor. It seems good when compared to earlier versions but compared to other phones including older bb's, it is still poor. With 10.2 and low usage I still have to recharge during the day to avoid running out of juice.

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Haha don't be ridiculous...HAVE YOU SEEN THE WHITE!? haha

Getting me one of those babies!

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I'm definitely looking forward to picking this up! However, I'm in no rush as I prefer waiting to read feedback and reviews prior to moving on. My Z10 is great for my needs, but a bigger screen is appealing to me (OLED crispness, anyone?). So when it's time, I shall be passing the Z10 on down to my brother.

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Very crisp, sharp text, amazing colors, dark blacks.
My iPhone friends were shocked.

Posted via the stunning Z30!

I am seriously considering changing over from the Z10 to the Z30, just for the extra juice from the battery. I would not consider myself a power user (I don't game on my phone, and have minimal media player use), and I can still barely make it to dinner time without a top up.

I will be getting one for sure. Maybe even a second for my wife.

The bigger issue is going to be product awareness. Hopeful they will actually market the Z30. It's hard to sell any phone if very few people know about it.

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I need it for the battery and the larger screen.
I am 6'3" and not afraid of theater foot print.

BlackBerry, if it was for sale on your website, I would by it immediately.

I'm forced to buy off contract so, I just one the one with wireless charging and I'm good to go

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Nice. I haven't had my hands on this yet but am really curious to compare it to the Galaxy S4 I've been playing with. What I like about the GS4 vs Z10 is the larger screen despite footprint not being much more. Screen really goes to the edges. Z30 looks like better hardware engineering by BlackBerry

Agreed, the smaller bezel is a nice design touch. This is a very elegant phone. One thing I noticed in this video is that the BlackBerry logo sits "under" the glass in such a way that it's visible, sure, but not blatant. I like that.

Personally, I'm torn. I went from a Z10 to a Q10. Miss the 16:9 screen and the amazing virtual keyboard, but I like the Q's better battery life and the feel of the physical keyboard (even though I think I was faster on the Z's virtual one). MIGHT sell my Q for a Z30.

The painted silver/grey frame of the Z30 is a shame. People are reporting it chipping with black or dark grey underneath. Looks best in white.

If marketed properly, there will be converts from other platforms.
Personally, I was sold on this thing of beauty long time ago. :)

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Been using it for the last 2 days.. first thing I notice coming from a Z10 is the screen.. everything just pops up, colorful and accurate. As for battery life, it's been 10 hours thus far today and I'm at 60% battery!.. and that's after doing a lot of calls and emailing throughout the for the keyboard, I now realize how cramped the keyboard was on the Z10!

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Bought it here today in Hong Kong. It's the best BlackBerry 10 phone in my humble opinion. Personally I own Q5, Q10, Z10 and this new member Z30.

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From where in Hong Kong? Chain stores like Fortress or phone shops on Mongkok? I have not seen one displayed yet in retail chain but read about local press conference announcing it.

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Kuakhs, what do you think of it as a multi language keyboard device? I got my hands on one an it is really nice but I require a button KB. I expect the Asian launch had to do with selectable screen keyboards.

I will be getting mine on Friday, ordered from the UK sim free. I just couldn't wait.

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Bummer that they won't be selling them in stores, but T-Mobile USA as soon as they're available online. Or Unlocked direct from BlackBerry if they go that route with the Z30.

Strongly thinking of it! I love my Z10, but may pass it on to my dad who is still on a 9900 and is thinking of upgrading (He isn't as heavy a user as I am). Quite impressed with the specs a little disappointed with the dual core and lower resolution screen, but think this will be a great mobile device since I am using full size devices ( laptop/desktop) less and less for my daily personal activities.

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YES it is enough to beat apple iphone
Tell them that they need to let Ppl know about their product!!!!

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Since when is an AMOLED screen with an s-stripe pixel sub-matrix "new"?
Most smartphones released in 2013 that have an AMOLED screen have an RGB pixel sub-matrix which is superior to both pentile and s-stripe sub-matrices.

Lol!! Its new for some of us, maybe not new for you. KEEP MOVING!!!!!

I can't wait to lay my hands on this thing of beauty. :)

If they would just release it I know they have more than one sale from this household. BB10 gets better by the day, the apps keep coming the the platform is fast and stable. BlackBerry is going to come back strong in a niche area.

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

Guess this would be as good a place to ask as any . . . I love this device, but everytime I see pics of it there appears to be some kind of ill-fitting trim piece above the ports on the left side - so I'm wondering what it is because the sim/sd cards are on the inside so its not a tray. Maybe my eyes are playing tricks on me but I can't for the life of me figure it out, and of course I'm hoping/trusting that it looks fine in real life.
Little help anyone? Thanks =) looking forward to holding one

Ok, just watched the video with Todd Wood and answered my question, its a cut-out in the frame that is attached to the cover where the insertion point is for the sd/sim cards . . idk, looks poorly done but hopefully this is somewhat pre-production and will look better on retail devices . . or else maybe I'm just too picky (yeah, probably that ;) )

I'm a definite buyer of the Z30. My kids say please buy dad, but they want the hand down 9810. Must also decide who gets it. Now, TELUS, please hurry!

I wish I know about the z30 before I bought the z10... but at the same time, the z10 opened my mind to larger devices coming from the torch bar phone (9860). so happy with my z10

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Can't wait, this looks amazing.
Liking my Z10 a lot son this can only get better :).

Bring it.

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I have had my Q10 for a month now. Love it. My wife needs to replace her BB 9680 and this is the one! Ya, Z30.

I will get one. But will probably wait for the first price drop. I bought the Z10 when it first came out. And now stuck in a 3 year contract. Now the phone is free almost everywhere and it's a 2 year contract.

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I can vouch for battery life, to many on this site it was amazing to see many here disbelieving, I ran two says moderate to heavy use before recharging!

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Marketing, Marketing ad nauseasum!

That and that alone will make the difference, if its done the same as the Z10, Q10, Q5..then it will NOT sell.

What is it about this BBry does not understand.?

For me, its a PB replacement w/cellular.

Written with the superlative Q10..Z30 a coming!

Haven't seen even a single ad for this phone yet in NA, so probably isn't planned for release in Canada anytime soon.

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They seemed to have gone silent about the wireless charging that at first was only going to be for Verizon.... what is happening with that feature?

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Z10 owner here. Will likely be picking up a Z30 as my fun phone. Keep the Z10 as my work phone. That battery life sounds great and the new antenna as well.

Posted via my weapon of choice, Z10.

I'll be upgrading from Z10 to Z30 for sure. Maybe not on day 1 but by Christmas I will own a sweet, sweet Z30 :)

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First BlackBerry sells the Z10 for the price of an iPhone, then can't sell it, then rebrand it "entry level device", and then want you to switch to a Z30? Really?

Posted via BlackBerry Z10

I'll appreciate all of the hardware changes, although, I would have liked a quad core CPU. I think they still could have managed a better battery life than the Galaxy S4. Even if they matched it, if the performance was truly outstanding, as I would expect with BB10 on a quad core CPU, I wouldn't mind the battery life not lasting all day without a charge (speaking for myself).

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100% true, but the hardware geeks and tech blogs will jump all over BlackBerry for not going with at least a quad core in their head to head stat match ups, especially for a phone that is considered to be BlackBerry's flagship device.

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I think they should try to up the specs because blackberry is playing from behind. The device and os is relatively new and to people who don't keep up with the BlackBerry 10 movement, better specs could mean buyers when they compare phones

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Darn, it won't be available in Canada until October 15th and I leave for 2 weeks starting the 11th. I was hoping to take one with me. Now, I have the Z30 to look forward to when I come home. :)

Here is the plan:

Some guy here provides the funds for my Z30. In exchange I will make up an awesome love poem that you can keep secret until Valentine's day. When you reveal the love poem to your Mrs/Miss/Mistress there will be a guaranteed swooning, knicker-dropping reaction.


Fable Publishing: C0012255F

I'm in love with the Z30. Definitely want one, I'm just not going to fork another 700 USD on another phone in less than a year. I'll wait for a price drop.

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+ I want it because of the big screen which I adore, the faster processor, and most important of all, the 4G LTE which my STL100-1 lacks...

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As long as the cellular network voice channel only supports codecs with 50Hz to 3700 Hz low audio bandwidth, you won't have HD voice on cellular calls; that will only change when the carriers invoke VoLTE in a few years. Where you will have HD voice over cellular DATA will be Skype-to-Skype, Truphone-to-Truphone calls to any other end point device or BBM Voice/Video calls to other BlackBerry users where wideband or superwideband audio codecs are invoked. But BlackBerry, even on legacy BBOS devices, has always had excellent audio quality for music, etc. The Z30 audio features appear to build on that legacy as well as QNX's support for audio.

Jim Canuk, you speak audio capacities of Z30, your comment gives me the possibility of raising some questions to the owners. 4 microphones equip Z30, will they also serve to improve the sound quality of videos off-communication (off phone calls or BBM-videos) ? And will they also serve to improve the sound recordings of the grips of voice-notes in "Remember"? Could Z30 become a rather good audio recorder? Thank you

all depends on the mic that they install,,, my 9850 voice notes sound like crap, the playbook they sound great...

With my Curve9360 it is identical to what you say. So I film, then I get back the video file on the computer, and there, I isolate, I extract the file of sounds of the video to have only mp3 or WAV (after convert). It's better to have a bad file of sounds of an event that to have no sounds on the pretext of bad quality. In Blackberry World in OS7.1, I found the AWC application (AMR to WAV Converter) and when I think of it, I use it to send voices notes of my 9360 towards the android phone of my friend.
Z30 records videos with a stereo sound?
Four microphones of Z30 is it (?) an assortment of dynamic microphones (for the close voice and of omnidirectional microphones to take the sounds of the atmosphere, the place? There are two cameras, one of face and one in the back. I do not know. I suppose that I make laugh.
Videos made with Z10, when they are made outside, are very sensitive to the breath of the wind as most of the recorders without wind-coat. I do not know which is the made choice because Blackberry, to my knowledge, does not communicate in detail. For the “exit” of the sound and loudspeakers, I make full confidence for Blackberry.

I saw the Z30 at the Dubai Airport duty free for $600. I'm definitely going to buy it on my way back home. Selling my Z10

Have been using the Z30 for about a week now and I'm still obsessed by it. The screen looks so much bigger than the Z10 when using it and the colour and quality have to be seen. At no point have I thought I needed a higher resolution. Games load fast and perform well and can't see how the performance BB10 could be improved with a quad core over a dual core.

As for battery, I took it off charge at 7am. Made calls, emails browsed as normal and even played Bards Tale for a couple of hours. Come 10pm I still had 25% battery.

So many people love the look of the device and the speakers are fantastic.

All in all you can probably tell I'm slightly smitten with my Z30.

Posted via CB10

Actually...the audio and Battery life are the big sellers for me. Don't want the S4 because the audio isn't that great. Sony can S*** my h****, fat c***-sm***** a***, for no adequate reason. :-P

I saw the Crackberry unboxing video, there was a leather pouch and a battery pack in there! If they are all like that, then even at $600, it is a bargain to me. Though I might just be jaded because of the ridiculous prices in South Africa...

Posted via CB10

cb gets the promoted units,,, they have things that may or may not be in the box @ the retailer, depending on region & carrier...

I get what you're saying. :-) Knowing SA, I will probably have to buy the box, headphones AND charger on top of the phone price. haha

I get what you're saying. :-) Knowing SA, I will probably have to buy the box, headphones AND charger on top of the phone price. haha

I get what you're saying. :-) Knowing SA, I will probably have to buy the box, headphones AND charger on top of the phone price. haha

This is the phone that I wanted. Shame the company won't be around long enough for me to buy it.

Yes. A great commercial, not like the Z10 Super Bowl flop. They've got to show what that bad boy can do, and do it better than the competition.

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My girlfriend said "if I spend more money on another blackberry she is gonna dump me". Oh well, Z30 here I come!

From my Z10 A.K.A knight Rider.

Jajajajaj, so funny man!! You gonna do what?????.....Now will pay it for me, wait 3 week until my Z30 Addiction get calm and after that maybe I can let you use it 5 sec....

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there's plenty more where she came from,,, funny how they think they own you,,, i work for it, i decide how to spend it...

I'll take one as soon as the price comes down a bit... saw that a retailer today opened up for preorders here in Switzerland (Digitec) for 659 CHF unlocked.. (for comparison, the Z10 went on sale for 799 with carriers unlocked and Digitec had it for 649 back in March... so 150 quid difference) think the z30 will go on sale with the carriers above 800 unlocked...

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Hey BB how about you allowing us Z10 users/owner to upgrade to a Z30 in a special deal to keep us hanging around. Remember what Chris U said, critical mass of BB users is important for your survival

If the Z10 didn't really bring any people from iPhone or Android, I don't think this will.

Posted from my bangin Q10

Agreed but I believe it is due to poor marketing and a negative reputation that deals with marketing. Did I mention marketing :)

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hmm 94 comments and the IOS crowd haven't shown up and said "yeah but ya still dun have Instagram" lol must a be a new record

I will purchase mine used in a few mont when a couple of people realize not having a home screen is not for them.

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I have a Z10 and I intend to upgrade to the Z30. I'm keeping my Z10 around though!

Posted via CB10 Z10STL100-4/

Say they did include a quad core processor but kept the same battery, would battery life take that big of a hit?

Z30 looks like a really nice phone. This shows exactly why they need to get out of the "financial spot light." I still think that BB needs to have a message for their phones that they don't have. Why get a BB instead of an iPhone or Android?

No I am sticking with the z10. Perfect size and a better screen. Also like the ability to switch batteries in the fly.

Posted via CB10

I own a Z30 and the battery life and overall performance is totally amazing! And i also own the Z10 and a Q10, so do I recommend a Z30?? Yes, yes, yes and you won't be disappointed, trust me :)

Posted via CB10

... Of course ignorant 'stats junkies' will argue that it doesn't measure up to rival devices, but for us that know better, this device makes the grade for current technology.

Man its hard to say I really like the size of the z10 but man that z30 is tempting but I still have my playbook if I do need a bigger screen. Not to mention the playbook still has one of the best screens on tablets. Looks like I made my mind up lol

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I have a Z10 and as soon as AT&T has the 30 I will be upgrading. I don't normally do that sort of thing. Z10 replaced a 9860 purchased on eBay which replaced a Palm Pre. But this phone just seems so much a step up from the 10. Makes me wish I waited, but also I am happy I've gotten to use the 10. Frankly it already in my opinion aside from a few shortcomings is a great phone. Everyone I show the keyboard and hub to are impressed even long time iPhone users. "On my way home from work" is only 7 touches to the keyboard, and you can get to all your messages from any app with one movement. Not having to go to the Twitter app, then into Whatsapp, then into Facebook. One place, all email, messages, calls, IMs, always just a screen away no matter what you're doing.

Every 'early' review I've read, from CNET to Forbes, is extremely positive about this device. It seems like Blackberry got it just right this time. Will it be enough? Will they market it effectively? Will they do what it takes to 'change the conversation' about their brand? Those are the difficult questions. They can't drop the ball on this aspect or the hardward game may really be over.

I will be upgrading my Z10, I use mine for hours on end and have it plugged in half of the time. The battery life is the biggest thing for me, the screen size, speakers, and antenna are all a bonus.

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Hardware is good, but Samsung will have something better next week...and you know it! (it sure as hell won't work like a BB10 device but it will have a bigger screen, bigger antenna, bigger cpu and more memory)

Tell us why we need a Z30...

(I am personally going to buy one but I have at least four colleagues who are on the fence with BlackBerry vs. Android)

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I've been holding off updating my BB till the Z30 comes out. I'm still stuck on my POS 9900. Battery life...what's that? 2 hours if that. 3 batteries in 3 months.

I have a spare battery on my Z10 and have no problems then using it whole day, however I have ordered already a Z30 because I need a bigger screen and I like the Amoled.

Sent from my Z10

I can't see why this wasn't the flagship of bb10,great marketing strategy blackberry....kmt

Posted via CB10

the "flagship" tag was used to get the "Z's" off the shelves,,, if bb stays open, i'm curious to see what's next,,, i'm thinking the real flagship is in the vault...

for you people that have the "30", how's the bridge & notifications??? is it /ac wifi capable or just a/b/g/n??? the original leaked specs said it would be /ac compatible, but i don't see it in the released specs...

Good article. Aside from the bigger screen, the most attractive thing about the Aristo specs has been the speakers and 4 mic array. For many smartphone users, call quality is still a very big deal. I'm one of them. I'll be buying!

Posted via CB10

I would love bell give it's customers with a Z10 or Q10 a desk to move to a Z30 I want that screen....

From my Z10

It is still 10.2, same as on the Z10. The OS installs .bar files, not .apk files. This is just because of the packaging tool in the OS. If there were something built into the OS that automatically converted the .apk file with the debug token to a .bar file, then that would be cool.

However, the sideloading is meant for developers to test their conversions. It just so happens that it isn't very difficult for end-users to do it as well. They don't endorse it since it is technically they won't put a repackaging tool in the OS.

I just cant take anyone seriously who says their Z 10 has "a great battery life". Anyone who says that must not touch their phone the entire day. With "average usage" my phone is dead by 1 pm every day. And "carrying a spare battery " is an absurd suggestion. We should not need to carry a spare battery to get through the day.
I love my Z 10 but if the z30 has an actual battery in it instead of this poor excuse for a battery in the z10 , that alone makes it reasonable to upgrade.

I use mine all through the day and start at aaround 8am and it lasts all freaking day. I have two batteries one that doesnt hold a charge very long and another that lasts all day.

I get what you're saying...though I think I have a magical OEM battery. I consider myself a moderate-heavy user and work 12 hour shifts. When I get home, I hardly ever have less than 40% battery. Though, I'm not saying that I won't absolutely LOVE to brag about my battery not being dead when my friends' batteries are all dead on a night out. Getting me the Z30!

I get what you're saying...though I think I have a magical OEM battery. I consider myself a moderate-heavy user and work 12 hour shifts. When I get home, I hardly ever have less than 40% battery. Though, I'm not saying that I won't absolutely LOVE to brag about my battery not being dead when my friends' batteries are all dead on a night out. Getting me the Z30!

I get what you're saying...though I think I have a magical OEM battery. I consider myself a moderate-heavy user and work 12 hour shifts. When I get home, I hardly ever have less than 40% battery. Though, I'm not saying that I won't absolutely LOVE to brag about my battery not being dead when my friends' batteries are all dead on a night out. Getting me the Z30!

If I had the money I would upgrade for the Z30.
But even though I can't see a massive upgrade from the 10 to the 30. I think that my white Z10 has just the right screen size and to add 0.8 " is not such a big deal..

The only thing is the new battery life ..
Apart from that.. that's what apple call upgrade, from IPhone 4s to 5.. (no significant changesvjust the need to say that you have the latest )..

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The reason I will be buying one is not for all the bells and whistles that in all reality I will not use, but for the state of the art security that no other OS can match.

Yes.. but will it have an ear speaker that does not die in a month? The reason I switched from Motorola to BB years ago was that every Motorola phone made had junk ear speakers.. now 3 months into owning my BB z10 the ear speaker started cracking up and I have been dealing with it for months now. Other then that I LOVE my z10 but damn it.. dont cheap out on hardware like ear speakers!

I have been an avid Blackberry user for over 8 years and I just love the Z10. Why oh Why did they get rid of auto BCC? I travel way too much and need to have copies of my emails on my PC. It is such a huge error that I cannot use a blackberry for work without this. WHEN will this be fixed. SOOOOO disapointing

So fill me in, has the APP store grown for the BB? Non business aside I use a lot of ballistics apps, for target shooting. I closed out my BB accounts so I do not have access to teh APP store to see first hand.
I've been away with a GS4 for a few years waiting to see if BB would get into the game again.

Not into social media but do a lot of on-line reading web browsing research for project management, and when using speaker phone with clients the added clarity is a big bonus for me.
4 speakers really nice....