Running OS 10.1 on your Z10? Grab Skype now in BlackBerry World

Running OS 10.1 on your Z10? Grab Skype now in BlackBerry World
By DJ Reyes on 12 May 2013 01:46 pm EDT

Towards the end of April, 2013, we saw Skype become available for the BlackBerry Q10.  We even saw Skype offer 3-month unlimited world subscriptions too. While we saw a leak of Skype made available for Z10 owners, you can now find Skype (Preview) available for the Z10.

One caveat though is that you have to be running 10.1 on your Z10. BlackBerry 10.1 isn't officially available yet but there have been leaks for a while, with a new batch leaked days ago for all Z10 models.

If you're not comfortable with installing leaks, then you'll have to wait for 10.1 to officially land to get Skype on your shiny Z10. Otherwise, if you're already running 10.1 on your Z10, then you can hit up BlackBerry World and download Skype now. The 3-month unlimited offer looks like it's still running to be sure to sign up for that too.

Remember, this is a preview version, meaning it's still beta. And for those who may ask, yes, it is an Android port.

Download Skype (Preview) for the BlackBerry Z10
Sign up for Skype 3-month Unlimited Subscription

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Running OS 10.1 on your Z10? Grab Skype now in BlackBerry World


The 2nd article without a picture of Kevin! Must be jackpot!!!


And I think I talk on the behalf of almost everyone here, well maybe not the homosexual (I have nothing against them, no offense, but it's not that Kevin is hot or anything, no offense, again.. whatever), but you get the idea.

I believe Kevin can pretty well do whatever he wants! Why don't you go start your own site?

Posted via CB10

Not really - we (the visitors) are the very reason this site still lives. We get to say what we see appropriate. It's a free country after all.

Freedom of speech. Just watch what you say. Keep talking smack and see how long your account stays active for. Go ahead. You don't speak on behalf of anyone but yourself. If I weren't a nice guy I'd tell you to go fornicate yourself, but since I'm a nice guy I wouldn't say anything like that.

Wait, why do pics of Kevin bother you so much? That seems to be the real issue here. Honestly if the picture relates to the article then I don't think twice about it, and since Kevin IS Mr. CrackBerry, it's not really unusual for his picture to be splattered all over the site. If he was the one doing it then one could argue mild narcissism, but it seems that the other writers on this site seem to find pics of Kevin appropriate for their posts.

Posted via CB10 & loving it!

I don't come to a gadgets website to find it splattered with the website owner's photos modeling with the device. I simply cannot stand it. And I'm sure I'm not alone in this.

Posted via CB10

Looks like you are alone in this... ;)

I don't particularly care if someone is in a photo or not. And when Kevin is in a photo it usually includes tech gadgetry.

What is the real reason that seeing pictures of Kevin makes you uncomfortable and start mentioning homosexual tendencies I wonder.

Posted via CB10

I second this. He is totally alone in that opinion. I don't mind seeing Kevin's face in the blog, it just shows how enthusiastic, involved and PASSIONATE about what he does. Nothing wrong with that and I for one appreciate it.

You mad bro?

I just don't want to see pictures of him (or any other human being for that matter) when reading a review of an electronic device. I sets as simple as that. Is this too much to ask for?

Posted via CB10

i guess you never dealt with emotional women on their time of the month. They need to bitch and they need drama. So cut her some slack.

I'm wondering how you're feeling right about now. Now that you're getting crapped on by everyone. Ohhhh! It's dodoo baby! You mad, bro?

LOL is this an thread on Skype or Kevin? Kevin is cool and I have no probs with the guy and cant see why anyone would even suggest he doesnt put his own pic up on his articles. The guy is a reviewer after all.

ANYWAY getting to the relevant issue here. I'm happy Skype finially made it to the platform. Just waiting patiently for BB10 to come to the Playbook so I can have Skype on it.

Playbook owner since day one April 19, 2011

Just digging a hole and making it deeper, dude. How many more groups or people do you plan to offend (no offense)?

Just sucks the battery dry due to the fact that it's an Android port :(

Posted via CB10 on Q10

You're saying it sucks the battery only based on the fact it is a port?

I have been running it since the leaked bar was out and I call BS on this statement.


You call bullshit? How about you compare - which I did. It sucks the battery, since it's always active in the background.

Not to mention that this being a port you cannot individually select what kind of personal or device access it gets ... I don't recall paying attention to other ports I've used (haven't bothered to re-install them) if this is the norm.

So you rather not have it at all?

What if I say the android port works properly, just like it does on Android and iOS? Because well, it pretty much does...

Yes and it works. I've used it and it hasn't drained my battery. Maybe reload your OS? I had to drain my battery completely like 3x and then charge it completely which gave me more battery life.

Posted via CB10

Skype confirmed to me on Twitter that a native version was in the works, saying that they're working on it and to "stay tuned for more information".

Just a heads up.

Again, would you rather wait another 6 months for a native app and not have it at all in the meantime?

From the awesome virtual keyboard of my Z10

Could it mean that the official 10.1 will be available within 24 hours???

Z10 or Q10? That is the question!

Will we see Skype system developed specifically for BlackBerry? Transferred from the Android applications do not support Arabic language and shown by incomprehensible!! (Very bad )

Posted via CB10

That's the blind risk BlackBerry is taking by allowing Android ports. You should post that in the forums. It might make a good discussion topic.

Outstanding!!!!!!!! I'll delete the side loaded app, in case they've made improvements. But it worked great!!

Posted via CB10

Doesn't matter if it's an Android port. It was properly designed with BB, even has headless. Doesn't matter if it's android as long as it's built right.


While I do prefer native apps, bb10 was built for Android too... so it isn't as bad as people make it out to be.

Posted via CB10

Not sure why you suggest they drag their feet....they didn't sit on the release?!?

Posted via CB10 on my Zed10.

He's referring to Operating OS version 10.1 not Software version

The carriers released it 'quicker' only because the delay between us having it in our hands and the update was less than the usual wait.

The same will most likely apply with 10.1 (again, the operating system not the software version) as the Q led the update trial for the carriers.

The next OS update will be a better test of carrier delays (or so I imagine)

Posted from the CB App on my White Zed 10

Look how many updates people want right away. Like relax people. I'd like to see u push out updates every week.

Posted via CB10

Looking to clarify; should I remove the side load and install the BlackBerry World version? Any difference in functionality?

Posted from my Z10

Well, if they make any updates, you'll get notified if you install the one from World. It's the same file though so at this time you probably won't notice any difference.

Posted via CB10 & loving it!

Agree. You should re-download it even to only provide the right statistics to skype, otherwise they don't understand how strong interest /installed base is!

Wait,i hope that didn't mean that the 3 month subscriptions are over?i was about to try for mitine tomorrow!
well the page is still up so that's a good sign :-)

Someday maybe we can get 10.1?

I wish BlackBerry would roll these updates to everyone instead of just some.

Posted via CB10

I still can't make calls or send messages, but I can receive no problem...happened to me with 10.0 side loaded even the official version does starts to call then fails after one ring..

Just side load it. Find the .bar file and hook up your phone us to pc open up the app vnBB1010, locate Skype and install. Worked for me and have no issues.

Posted via CB10

I've tried the side loaded version. I've also tried the official port different logins and different leaks. None of these are working... it's getting to be pretty fucking frustrating. the app in itself works minus the fact that I cannot make calls... I can log in and receive calls just fine..

Posted via CB10

The 3 months Skype offer is a limited region offer i signed up for it and it said not available for your region. ?

Posted via CB10

The faq says you get one voucher per blackberry 10 device, and you can redeem the voucher to an existing account or create a new one. It's a three month "unlimited world" subscription.

Why cant they just integrate it in phone app itself like WebOS did? Having and app to make separate call is stupid.

Tried it. First it crashed the whole android virtual machine. After reboot I run it again and my whole phone freezed for a while. And the third time I managed to get a call going but there was no sound and picture and the app jammed again. I have leaked 1720 build of 10.1 OS on STL-1 but the whole thing with Android version of Skype is still very unstable!

Posted via CB10

Not here ( STL100-3). Both the sideloaded version and the BBW version are working fine here. Even better than the iPhone version. Video is full screen, video and audio quality are very good and very little additional battery drain. Tested it with a co-worker on his iPhone 5s and he was wondering how he could get his full screen like mine. :)

It doesn't work on my z10 running keeps telling me their is a problem singing in.

Posted via CB10

Damn all this time waiting for it and advertising it like crazy and all that and is a fucking android port? Come on. I dnt care about how many tweeks they did to it still an android port. We need NATIVE apps. Fuck Skype!!

Posted via CB10

Running pretty good here. No issues really, though the framerates do seem kind of slow (for the app itself, not really on the video calls). I would imagine native would run much smoother, but it's good enough for now.

Posted via CB10

Cant download skype on my Z10 atm. Appworld says noooooo, and gives me the red.

Posted via CB10

I want to complain that we don't see enough pictures attached to reviewer posts. Are you guys afraid to show your faces? It's like you aren't willing to stand behind your words with your face. Sort of. You know?

Posted via CB10

I get the same silly error. System apps not responding. No choice but to pull the battery.

Posted via CB10

This version seems to really be for the Q10. When I go to BBW it still shows Skype as to "coming soon". I even called my bro (iPhone 4) and I can see him but he can't see me. Dunno why but that's the furthest I can get with this app.

Posted via CB10

@wftl, where is your photo?

What a nonens, like a review is worth more when u see the face of the writer.

Get real.

Posted via CB10

Does not work well at all! Slow, sluggish and slows down the rest. Had to reset my phone after playing with it.

Posted via CB10

Am I the only one who thinks it runs better than the side loaded version? I was having a few issues with the sideload that seem to be gone now.

Posted via CB10

Has anyone had problems with other ppl seeing you through Skype, when u are on your blackberry. Don't sure how to fix it. I'm running 10.1.1726 on my Z10

Posted via CB10

Are you trying to Skype to an iphone? My gf's iphone wouldn't show video and had all sorts of issues. I googled it and found that the iphone app is pos. I set her profile to "male" and then everything worked fine. As for calling a pc its always worked perfectly. I haven't tried skyping another z10 so idk.

Posted via CB10

Running latest version of 10.1 and no issues. Running for same as the leaked version. I'm on 4G Which probably helps. Using the 3 month world calling and the Skype phone number. All working smoothly.
Have to say for an Android port this is pretty good.

Posted via CB10

Did anyone else notice that this app is self loading at startup, and seems to run in the background? My imagination?

Question to anyone who knows. I got the skype world calling subscription BlackBerry is promoting for this but when I go to make a call it says no skype credit available. How do you get this to work?

Via CB10 on AT&T Z10

I have the same issue as trick deck...anyone know why the subscription doesn't work?

Posted via CB10

Every body complain about Android applications, and I think blackberry do this as a temporary solution for some period of time almost one year and they will stop it, so for now you can get many applications meby they were never care about bb10 and now start dov apps for it such as whatsapp viber and more a others who says they don't support bb10

This is what I thinking

Posted via CB10

Great! Now if only i can remember my Skype password.... hmmmmm

Seriously - thanks Skype!

Posted via CB with STL100-2

Skype can take their slow android port and shove it up its ass. We want NATIVE. All these time waiting for it and they dnt even bother to make a native want? I'm not using it....

Posted via CB10

Think of it this way. Win phone is in direct competition with Blackberry for the #3 spot, so why on earth would Microsoft make a native Skype app for Blackberry to make their competition look good? Bill Gates isn't worth 67 billion for being a nice guy and doing the competition favors. Native Skype isn't gonna happen, so its an android port or nothing. Thems the breaks.

When will you people learn to have patience and stop complaining?? The Skype in BBW is a preview and you are trying to run it on installed 10.1 that are leaked versions and expect it to work flawlessly??
Wait for the official 10.1 which according to other forums is as early as tomorrow. Then, I'm pretty sure that Skype will work then.
No Skype? Complain. Android port? Complain. Leaked OS? Complain. What next???

Posted via CB10

Yup. I'll wait a few more days if necessary for the leak. Tomorrow would be great, but I've waited this long after having my Z for a couple of months, that a little bit of time won't hurt.

Pls help me how to update my z10 to os10.1
I just check in setting and still dont have new os 10.1 update.
My z10 still running os version,ao i cant dwnld skype.. make me so frustrated.

Posted via CB10

If you do not know how to install the leaked version of 10.1 I strongly urge you to wait until your carrier officially makes it available to you. There would be less chance of making a mistake.

I will agree that it's not ideal to have android ports but apps like flipboard makes me glad to beable to either side load or have these apps available in our app world. Some folks just love to complain.

Posted via CB10

Would rather have an official Instagram app. Honesty I would just love more rich features on top of what is already an amazing OS.

Posted via CB10

So after this beta version we'll get the native version some time after. Then what will you whiners complain about? Starbucks coffee not the right temperature?

Has been happening for me since the sideload. And this is the same version and thus same behaviour.

Hoping for a newer build soon.

Its an android i guess theres no need of loadingba leaked version. its available on crackberry n working fine..but the fones heats up.. otherwise no issues.. i found certain bugs in the leaked version like i was nt getting notifications of facebook everytime i needed to refresh the hub so i restored the version to 10.0.690. N now its working absolutely fine. But one thing i wana say tht bb is big company so it shd not depend upon the android ports, it shd launch its own apps.... samsung htc n nokia are dependent on android n windows but apple n bb hab their own os so its a good sign...if u c the nom android phones of samsung they realy suck..n nokia got fail with its symbian series.. but apple n bb have made their also shd provide some change in their os..cos its really getting bored now.. though its the top phone in the market.. but m a bb z10 user n a very big fan of bb so bb rocks...

Posted via CB10

Welp I already had the Android Skype app side loaded onto my Z10. I don't really use it but wanted to show my iPhone zombie friends that I had it too.

Posted via CB10

Always force close, not responding... better version before, not from blackberry world

Posted via CB10 | Z10 Oreo STL100-1

Please release an updated version BlackBerry and Skype. Get it right. Oh and when can we expect MS Lync messaging integration as previously published?

Posted via CB10

I don't understand most if these comments. Mine is working fine. I'm on Verizon with their latest version. I side loaded Skype from the CB link a few weeks ago. It is a preview but it works fine. I called my girlfriend on her iPhone and it was a bit sluggish on her end (meaning her Skype was slow). I said it was to be expected since I was on 4G. She smirked at that lol. We tried it also on her laptop and had the same results. My 4GLTE is faster than her home network.

I would suggest reinstalling Skype for those that are having problems. Since I can get it to work on Verizon's official build, I'm sure you'll be able to get it to least those that are within the regions that they'll open it up to

Posted via CB10

The problem was I had an older version of skype on my computer. I update skype now we can see each other.

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry z10 doesn't quite have the Skype app working just yet hopefully we have it pretty soon and just in case I've been the slacker I'd be very delighted if anyone could inform me about the progress of the app on z10.

Posted via CB10

It is not working on my z10 "you cannot be signed in at this time. Please check your mobile network settings and try again "

Posted via CB10

Installed 10.1 at the weekend with no issues at l and currently have Skype up and running, tested it with a couple of video calls here in the office with guys on Android nd it was seamless :)

Posted via CB10

The three months free subscription is not available in Qatar. When I register in the link given in the article with my IMEI, it's says offer not available in the country :(