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Run for your monochromed life in Canabalt HD for the BlackBerry PlayBook

Canabalt HD
By Adam Zeis on 11 Jun 2012 10:50 am EDT

Canabalt HD has made the rounds on both Android and iOS and now finally lands on the BlackBerry PlayBook. This has long been one of my favorite games thanks to it's simplicity and ease of play. Canabalt HD makes for a great time killer when you have a few minutes of downtime, but also lets you rock out for hours should you choose to do so. The goal of the game is to guide your character across the level, jumping through windows and over rooftops. Things get faster and more difficult as you go along, but all you have to do is remember to jump. Tap lightly for quick jumps and harder for higher ones - that's all there is to it. Canabalt HD is pretty damn addicting and will have you sucked in right off the bat. You can grab it for the BlackBerry PlayBook for $2.99.

More information/Download Canabalt HD



This used to be free...


It's the same price as Android and IOS right now.. when was it free and for who?


In the lead up to 2.0 dropping when RIM was offering free playbooks to developers, one user repackaged the game without the consent of the original developer. It has since been removed from AppWorld.


So... someone was distributing an illegal version of the game, no credits to the person who created the game ... Now the original version was released, and is charged the same price on other platforms ... I don't see any problem in this.


Run In Crowd for the PlayBook is the same premise and IS free.


Just because one is free does not mean all should be free. This not run in crowd. While the objective is the same, the feel of the game is completely different. That said, I would pay 2.99 for Run in Crowd.


Just for general info, we can still play it for free legaly on the canabalt website (flash version). We can even download the swf file (via file2hd website) and play it offline! Really great game with magnificent music, by the way.


I would rather buy it than not support the developer.