Run In Crowd - A highly addictive game for the BlackBerry PlayBook

By Zach Gilbert on 10 May 2012 11:15 am EDT

While there are tons and tons of extraordinary paid apps available on the BlackBerry PlayBook, there are also a boatload of incredible free apps and games as well. Run In Crowd for the BlackBerry PlayBook has been around for a few months now, but the latest additions certainly make it more rounded. Since launching Run In Crowd, the developer has added music, smoother gameplay, and integrated the Scoreloop social gaming platform.


  • Multiplayer - you race alongside other players
  • Level generation - you run in a new world each day
  • Simple and addictive gameplay with simple controls
  • Cross-platform competition - you run with players from iOS/Android/BlackBerry devices

The premise of the game is actually quite straightforward, run. When you start the level you and a few other gamers are in the same position, but that quickly changes as you are forced to run as the world gets faster and faster. You will want to keep an eye out for obstacles and large voids in the games world.  The longer you run, the higher your score as well as the bigger bragging rights when you see yourself as the number one on the worldwide leader boards.

The developers have dubbed this game as a multiplayer game, and while it technically is, you aren't playing against others in real time. The multiplayer works by remembering previous races of other players from around the world and then pins you up against their old race times. A neat way of doing multiplayer gaming and also a good way to eliminate lag between internet connections. Run In Crowd is available on the BlackBerry PlayBook and is free in BlackBerry App World.

Download Run In Crowd for the BlackBerry PlayBook

Reader comments

Run In Crowd - A highly addictive game for the BlackBerry PlayBook


I'm still trying to figure out how something so simple can be so FUN!

You have to play against others via wifi to truly appreciate this game. 5 stars all day!

Are you the developer? Great point though. I've definitely gotten at least $.99 worth of entertainment out of this game!

No, not the deeloper. But, its a great agame and, its free! And, the developer continues to update the game, again for free. I have all, but 1 of the customes.

i love this game!! its so addictive and i get so mad when I fall!! Def worth atleat 99cents!! will do upgrade asap! havent really been around wifi since i got the notification of upgrade but will do once i get the chance!

This game is excellent and is even more so, as I think it was brought out on the PB first. We now have inter platform games on this in out family, as it in the app store for both iphone and android. (PB usually wins :o))

So simply, so much fun, and so addictive.

I downloaded this game about a week ago. I guess I have to try it out. Have yet to play with it. RIM is gaining ground in the app front. Maybe not in quantity but at least in usefullness. I actually have to scroll through my apps. Someting I don't do with my 9930.

this game is amazing! I bought all the costumes. It's very addicting and im trying to accomplish the achievements .
CAN ANYONE TELL ME HOW TO TOUCH THE SKY? lol - I can never seem to get that one.

It looked like a silly game based on the photo and didn't get it at first.

Boy was I wrong! I checked out the ranking, checked out the reviews and decided to give it a try, why not its free right? I ended up playing for like hours! I dont even know how long I was on there for.

This is a great game! I never do reviews but I already 5 Starred it on App World and I'm making a comment here. If you don't have it already, download it!

Post script, totally agree with Detective M Downs. If you can, download at least 1 costume for it and help support the developer. I'm going to get one soon myself!

This is one of my favorite game on PB, awesome game and so much fun.
And yes I have bought Ninja runner toooo. Definitely deserves all accolades :)