Rumors already starting to fly about BlackBerry PlayBook 2

By Adam Zeis on 7 Nov 2013 01:32 pm EST

Woah. So just as BlackBerry is going through a major transition, there are already rumors starting to fly around the interwebs about a BlackBerry PlayBook 2 -- a mythical BlackBerry 10 tablet that is nowhere in sight. We know well that with Thorsten Heins at the reins BlackBerry had no intention of rehashing the PlayBook with an updated tablet or bringing BlackBerry 10 to a tablet at all. He stressed over and over that the company would be focusing on handsets and mobile computing but had no short-term strategy for tablets -- at all. 

Now that a new CEO is in place, we've already started to see various rumors about a BlackBerry PlayBook 2 being back on the roadmap. One sight even has it listed at a top tablet for Christmas 2013 (at #5 no less!) and gives it a damn good price. However even though things are changing, we don't expect to see a new tablet from BlackBerry anytime soon. 

As stated before, the company will look to focus on enterprise and to scale down their device offerings, leaving hopes of a new PlayBook off the list for the time being. 

That being said - would you want to see a new BlackBerry tablet at some point? Hit up the comments and let us know your thoughts.

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Rumors already starting to fly about BlackBerry PlayBook 2



#5 tablet for Christmas 2013?!! Hahahaha, it's already November! It would have to be out next week.

Posted via BlackBerry Z10

Made the mistake the first time and not happening again. Sorry blackberry, you've already lost this loyal customer long ago with your bs. Maybe if it's priced somewhere around what the nexus 7 costs, I might consider it but no way in hell will I spend $500+ on it again.

+1 Full pop on the 64GB hurt. (Yes, I know. No one made me buy it. Not griping, just saying)

I just started using my Z10 over my Nexus 4. As for a tablet, if I was buying one it would be the Nexus 10 (2014).

A PB2 should only happen when the BlackBerry 10 OS has matured to a point that there are some default built-in productivity apps (like MS or OpenOffice) and other tools that would make it a perfect mini-laptop stand-in, along with proper folder/file-management tools, BBM over Wifi and so on. I use my PB1 with the keyboard for that and I'm quite happy with it.

To make sure it flies, it will have to be same resolution but just larger version of a Z10 so that all the apps on Z10 migrate automatically without any developer involvement. Turn it around cheap or offer a must-have productivity suite for free on it, and it might be a seller. Otherwise you just can't compete with the 8" Android tabs out there, and the non-retina iPad mini will likely be pushing down in price as well by the time PB2 comes out. It will not stand a chance in that kind of market.

I love my 3 PB's and use them daily, with 2 of them having keyboard cases. But I got them for bargain prices. I just don't see how BlackBerry can make a profit on them with the low production numbers, and if they make too many they will have another major inventory write-off. It's a tough one. They'll make them for low-volume specific situations maybe (like police or government use) but I doubt it will be a consumer-retailer device.

x2 they really burned the bridges with PlayBook owners. I would consider buying a iPad mini before purchasing another PlayBook.

Posted via telegraph

There is several of them in different offices in Waterloo.

They just are not production models. There is no doubt that the is a need for a Table to be part of the BB10 Platform.... the question is the BB10 Platform even a viable platform?

I know of several business that have made iPads a very major part of their technology strategy. And others that are VERY interested in Windows 8 Tablets. So the demand is there, IF (big if for BlackBerry) it is able to do what the customer wants it to do.

I'd be interested. If they sold it with not too high of a markup. Hell make it exactly the PB1 but with more ram and a faster processor. I'd be all over that. Oh and BB10.... But It would be nice if It wasn't $500 because I paid that last time... and we all know what happened there. Still a useful device but it could have been so much more...

Yes. Enterprise is buying tablets -- mostly iPads -- like crazy. It appears to be slowing down a bit, but if you fly on an airplane with business travelers, you'll see that mobile computing is tablet-based today and that tablets further cement users to a particular ecosystem... and may lure users to another platform. Apple's iPad has been it's most effective inroads into enterprise in its history.

I doubt that a BlackBerry tablet would make money in isolation. The Surface RT was a billion dollar write-off for MS, but If BlackBerry wants to compete in Enterprise, they should probably have a platform with a tablet. The enterprise folks I met at BlackBerry Live seemed to think their businesses wanted BlackBerry tablets, but would probably buy and commit to Apple or MS before one was released.

Posted via CB10

The problem with ipads and other tablets is that they don't meet certain levels of security. To date, the PB is the only one.

Trolls should be forced to use BB10!

Correct. There needs to be a tablet for the Enterprise. The table just needs super strong core apps in comparison to the iPad.

Third party apps for a tablet are not as important in my opinion.

I say, look at each of the core apps on the iPad, make each of the core apps on the PlayBook stronger than the iPad's. Calendar, Email, Contacts are already ahead. Docs To Go is ahead too, mainly because the iPad doesn't have a core word/spreadsheet/powerpoint, you have to spend extra $$$ to get it.

BlackBerry Bold 9900; Q10; Z10 [BBM#6]

Thanks Mr Chen for what??? You may as well thank Ronald McDonald too. Man, Blackberry is worse then a religion for some of you ....

Posted via CB10

We are still having the worst management..
Away from pink emotions, BlackBerry is done with the hardware.
Their selling rate came from 6.8 Million in Q1 to 3.6M unit in Q2.. THAT IS SO SCARY!

They are in free fall and the hardware division is burning a lot a lot of cash.
I think the new plan will focus on software and service.. Waiting for stable conditions to buy the company in a better situation.

Let's stop dreaming .. BlackBerry is OVER with the hardware.. Just watch the next quarter financial earning, and enjoy the disastrous results, then remember me before bashing now.
The handsets selling amount would be less than 2 Million unit..

No one is caring about BlackBerry ... Just us, and we are migrating.

BBRY has less than 1% market share no? So the poster probably means 'the world' ... pretty soon the market share will look like a rounding error.

But everyone knows that. Coming to terms with it is a little different.

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I think they should make a playbook 2… just with another name maybe.
They should make is really inexpensive and essentially just a larger mirrorcast screen with touch capabilities. It will then have to connect to you BB10 phone. From there all your secure data runs through the phone, your apps will run right off your phone etc. Like BB bridge on steroids.

This is where BB is taking mobile computing.

I think it makes sense to exploit m2m capabilities of bb10 on a new tablet. It could just be a second screen for my z10. I use my phone so often that I am thinking of connecting it to my monitor just to read my email.

Posted via CB10

Yes exactly! The M2M capabilities with QNX…
Imagine having workers show up to work (at for example, a mail sorting office where QNX is powering the machinery). Employee connects device (automatically) to work network, putting device on work side of BB10. All the work app show up, including apps that give detailed information/stats on the mail sorting machine and where the employee could control the machinery. That would be awesome!!

And of course we could apply all of this to the medical field… Where, from my understanding Prem has a big influence… interesting! :)

Oh sure everyone loves this idea but hates my idea of m2m daisy chained Z10s! Sigh!

Posted via CB10

Oh believe me... I told them to do that. The idiots (at my old job that makes the mail sorting machines, not BlackBerry) didn't listen.
The diagram is still probably on my cube wall.

Sorry but one thing that hurt PB sales was the misconception that it needed a BBRY phone to use it, and if a new one was released that actually did need a matching phone then its dead in water. The bloggers and haters would crucify it and the public would buy into that hate. There aren't enough phones out there due to poor BB10 phone sales and considering only a small percentage of those BB10 owners would even want a crippled tablet it's just a bad idea. It takes huge sales to recover R&D, manufacturing, marketing and channel costs and the risk of another markdown killing their stock value is just too high to take.

This is a point.

But just develop a new full Bridge feature that use my phone as the core processing and the PlayBook as the screen, input, output.
Don't spent money developing a new tablet, the existing PlayBook should be more the enough.
How many investment they need? Only development time.
Then they simultaneously promote sale of the old PlayBook/OS10 devices and attract the market in a direction no other could efficiently offer.

Posted via CB10

That would also make every current PB owner extremely happy. Simply blank screen the PB if you want to big screen your phone, else the PB functions as normal. Finish selling off PB inventories for quick cash.

Trolls should be forced to use BB10!

As BlackBerry were saying;
"Keep moving"
"Mobile First"
"Don't think mobile, Be mobile"

With M2M now available under OS10.2, it's time to put it in application.

I'll go according to Nike;
"Just do it"

Posted via CB10

I understand what you’re saying, and I agree with you Re; “one thing that hurt PB sales was the misconception that it needed a BBRY phone to use it”.

However, I think if they actually pulled this off, and properly marketed it toward corporations and governments (forget consumers) it would be huge! It would be inexpensive to produce, comparatively as it won’t require nearly the same processing power. It was also differentiate their OS from all other OS’s on the market. QNX can change the way we compute… (QNX transparent distributed processing (TDP)) .

I also think they should focus much less on consumer apps. Maybe push for the top few missing, Netflix & instagram etc. Rather they should have their app teams out there building app specific to large corps who will be buying large somes of their hardware. Make killer portfolio management apps for a large brokerage for example…

First, why would you want your tablet to require a phone as a dongle?

Second,are we talking a wireless connection? Even with the new FAA guidelines, your device is supposed to be in airplane mode for much of the trip. When business people think of tablets, travel is a big part of the benefit.

Third, the processor isn't as big an expense in tablets as some of the other components -- I'm specifically thinking of phones here. The big luxurious screen and battery in a competitive tablet are expensive components, too.

Fourth, you apparently think of the enterprise market as a place to run to when you can't compete in the consumer market. But, the whole idea of niching down to Enterprise is that you provide a benefit that consumer devices don't so that you can charge *more.*. I don't understand offering an enterprise tablet that offers no advantage for business over existing consumer solutions other than price-savings. That will be crushed by the iPad. Try procuring a budget tablet that doesn't work without your phone for your executives and then try finding a new job.

Finally, the best argument you've made is that it showcases QNX. But, we have to find a way to showcase QNX that strongly benefits end users. I can see a tablet device that includes a big processor that works in tandem with your phone's processor to create a speedier experience than competing platforms -- and thus superior applications that would run sluggishly or not at all on other platforms with only one CPU... I also like your idea of app development resources that are more specific to business, but I'm not sure what specifics or services I'd want.

Posted via CB10

You are incorrect on a lot of points.
You can now fly and get wifi Internet on the planes. The phone and tablet uses bluetooth. The it is the best of both worlds. We have very powerful phones now with BB10 that have 80 gig storage. I don't need a tablet. I don't need to sync over the cloud multiple devices. I just want my phone, 1 set of apps etc. Have that project to a large screen and voila. Life would be awesome. What if I forgot my tablet. Use someone else's as my own. It makes so much sense.

Trolls should be forced to use BB10!

That exactly what I did post few times now. If they simply brought up a rethink BlackBerry link that allow me to use a PlayBook as a remote touch screen, with sound, gesture,... that connect to my BB10 phone I would be more then happy, and will run right a way to purchase a new PlayBook.
Think about it:
- 1 place where you need to find apps
- 1 place to sync all your accounts
- 1 place to sync all you files, music's, picture....
- when you need to go... noting to do, just leave the tablet there and keep doing what you were doing on your phone.
..All that power on a larger screen.

BlackBerry are promoting the power of QNX, so show it to the world and used it on your devices.

The present PlayBook should be more then enough to achieve that. ..and maybe ready for Christmas times

Posted via CB10

ABSOLUTELY! Simply a bigger screen for my phone. Then I would return to a Q10. I use to bridge to my old Bold 9000. Loved it. Here we would have only 1 set of apps, emails etc. I just want 1 device.

Trolls should be forced to use BB10!

+1, this was one thing Thorsten was right about. Tablets are a whole new ball game. They are 100% app centric. No communication aspect to of set the lack of apps.

Blackberry can't make a better ipad then an ipad! Google can, arguably. This is why I ditched my playbook for a nexus 7. Would have picked ipad mini but price was the deciding factor. And I love the new nexus 7.

I've been thinking how blackberry could manage multiple OS's. A consumer line running android with access to the Google play store. And a professional line running BB10. Useing some clever tricks and QNX to link then togethor. Not only with each other but android and IOS

I have a "much better idea".....why not concern yourselves with getting 10.2 and the Z30 to ATT?

Oh, and make sure 10.2 is "flawless"...

And take the Playbook 2.0 money and pay some kids to make some signs on poster board to hang up in the U.S. carriers to promote Z30 - you would greatly surpass the advertising on prior BB10 phones...

Someone please fix the cb10 app. With my z30 the words are hanging off the page and I can't read them!

Posted via CB10

If they're stupid enough to make another PlayBook, let them.

But they should never ever ever ever ever call it the PlayBook..throw that name away.

reminds me of the Storm saga.

Blasphemy!!!! A PB 2 would be purchased by non other than ME! I would however suggest having it sold on BBRY website and online only orders. I am still using my PB currently. Add Evernote to it and it is ready for 2014 and beyond.

"Blackberry is the iPhone of Smartphones"

If you guys are just wanting a bigger screen for your phone, go buy some glasses or a magnifying glass.

Posted via CB10

that would be the only reason I get it.

BB should do some sort of trade-in or upgrade program for existing PlayBook owners. Maybe say, if you have an existing PlayBook and would like to trade it in for a BB10 PlayBook, send us you old playbook and we will knock 200.00 off the cost of the BB10 PlayBook or they can just upgrade existing playbooks for a small update fee where they would just be replacing the RAM.

This way you get people excited about the product again.

Unlikely given the slim profit margins. Better to focus first on making phones profitable.

Posted via Z10 on the best touchscreen keyboard.

I am a believer in this!! I was actually planning on buying a PB but if a PB2 does hopefully get announced I can SO patiently wait on that! :):)

Posted With MY #SwagBerry Black On Black Zed 10!! #TeamBlackBerry #BlackBerryFaithful #BlackBerryLoyalty #BB10Swag #BlackBerryGang #Z10

Great. Some Product Manager will see this post that you 'were' going to buy one PB and based on rumours now you're going to wait patiently to buy the better PB2. the PM will extrapolate your firm 'unlikely ' to buy into another 1$B write down of unsold unwanted products based on this one post.

Chuckle. This one heroic post. Waiting patiently to buy the PB2.

Posted via CB10

How awesome would a Blackberry PlayBook 2 featuring BlackBerry Bridge ad look?

I think people would buy in for that whole experience with a smartphone.

Posted via CB10

Though I don't think there is any truth to this, and not sure if BB is interested in it what-so-ever......but the bridge feature was/could be HUGE!!!

They didn't for the first playbook and bold 9900's. Nobody cares about bb10 either.

They need some magic marketing to make even a penny of profit on this idea.

I would love to see a new playbook running windows 8.1 with a killer hardware keyboard and a quad core atom cpu.
A laptop and tablet replacement.

Posted via CB10

No thank you, but a PB2 running full BB10, absolutely! Sign me up for two in case I want seconds.

Single-finger flickin' so good it make you wanna slap you mamma. Zed you very much!

But I only need one phone! I could use a tablet to go along with my phone. I would also like to see that tablet mount in my car for more in-car infotainment :)

I would get one for myself and 10 for them for my work. Been hoping they would make something.

I thing the industries (law enforcement) that adapted the playbook would like to see its support continued.

Posted via CB10

I agree 100 percent. If they made a tab (maybe 7 and 10 inch) with better specs that was running BB10.2, I'd but it in a second.

Ps. It needs to have USBOTG, Miracast, NFC, etc as well as all of the hardware and software goodies.

Posted via CB10

IMO this is not the time for a PlayBook 2. Resources should be devoted to a killer handset. Granted, I would be interested in such a device if it was compelling enough and came with a add-on keyboard accessory. However, that's coming from a loyal BlackBerry user.

Posted via CB10

While I would probably buy one, I'm not sure how it would fit in the strategy, unless they've secretly been working on some great enterprise-focused ways to differentiate it over the past couple years.

Given their track record of tablet support I would never ever buy another BlackBerry tablet unless there were huuuuge changes and support through 2 or 3 life cycles of their tablets.
No way.

Posted via CB10

Is it April again? No srsly, the mentioned site is most likely referring to the 4G version of the PlayBook which could be seen as a second model.

BlackBerry needs to focus on a lot more than a new tablet, especially considering how badly the last one bombed!!!
I certainly wouldn't part with my money again. No so easily at least.

CB10 on my Z10

It would fail. In North America (I'm not saying it's the only area that matters), the BlackBerry name has a very poor image and the iPad is the tablet king. These two factors would effect sales a lot.

Posted via the super amazing BlackBerry Q10

I think it makes sense to bring BlackBerry 10 "Lite Version" that can efficiently run on existing tablets. It will cost the company much less than to release a new tablet, Playbook 2, when no one except for us (Crackberry Cracks) are buying anything BlackBerry.

Posted via CB10

I would definitely buy one with newer specs, bb10 and better bridge functionality. I loved the PlayBook but they ruined it cause of how bridge is for bb10

It would be cool to have an updated tablet device. However, I'm more than happy with the Z30. New gadgets from BlackBerry are always a welcome addition to their arsenal though. So, bring it.

Posted via CB10

I'm still getting a lot of use out of my pb but I would buy a pb2 if it had full email, bridge, and bbm baked in to a full bb10 experience.

Posted via CB10

Rather the money goes towards marketing and promoting the BB10 phones, as well as updating the software.

Curve 8320, Bold 9780, Bold 9900, PB 64gb, Z10

Doubt it would ever happen. The Playbook name became synonymous with failure. I bought one at full price, and still use it, and am STILL happy with it.

Of course I'd love to see BlackBerry 10 on a tablet, but it won't ever happen.

That having been said, I'd probably buy one if the price was right.

Posted via CB10

If they do make a tablet please change the name and the form factor make something that isn't an ideal tablet

Posted via CB10 with my Z10

No. Not yet anyway. Let them make it out of this transition. They need to polish BB10 and figure out the future of their handsets before even entertaining the idea of a PB2.

Posted via CB10

That would be great or rather say incredible. I have always been a Playbook lover, would love to see BB10 with it. Just include a voice calling feature... please... that would take Samsung down....

Bring it on. I use my PlayBook nearly every day. BB10 on faster and bigger tablet? Cash in hand!

Posted via CB10

They have to look at it cause a lot of people are upgrading there tablets nearly as often as there phones. Why let apple and Samsung have all the fun. I've bought two playbooks and have a Ipad Air right now. I would have wished to buy a 10 inch playbook instead.

Posted via CB10

You know, I just yesterday took delivery on a PB (from Amazon - - the price finally fell to where I could justify it). I love it after one afternoon's use and it kicks my Android tablet all ways. Yes, BlackBerry should concentrate on phones right now. But boy, a tablet running BB10 would sure be sweet. (I'd still rather have a Z30 for Christmas.)

Posted via CB10

PERFECT! I was hoping to upgrade my PlayBook this winter. This is such great news! I hope they have two models - a 7 inch and a 10 inch. Make it upgradable too - forget Apple's model of 16/32/64. It should have 32 GB built in for apps, plus microSD expansion.

I agree with the trade in option for those who currently have a PlayBook. Either that or come up with an update for the current PBOS to close the gap in some functionality and fulfill a few requests from beta zone users. They may have had plans for the PB2 drawn up and started BEFORE Heins changed direction away from tablets. That would explain a new one coming so quickly after change in CEO, etc. Anyway, I'm in favor of a new PlayBook, especially if it will have BB10, but I agree with the masses so far. Focus on a killer handset and/or market what you have and get sales up on smartphones first - I still believe they could successfully market the current BB10 phones, including Z30, and get some solid sales out of them (marking the price down some of course).

Ultimately, they can do whatever they want as long as they back it with a strong ad campaign.

Posted via CB10

I think it would be a great idea! The next iteration of the PlayBook is going to be different than what we have seen in the past. Sure it will end up being a slab of glass with a plastic backing, but the software will be different. QNX allows a whole different level of OS interaction between devices. It would just be sharing resources with your phone when bridged, it would be sharing processor power, memory, etc. The PlayBook would literally be an extension of your phone allowing more power to be used by applications. I could see it having two modes: stand alone and accessory. In accessory mode it would just be a portal for Bridge and everything would run on the phone, but the phone could take advantage of the tablets internals to do bigger and better things. Heck, could even do while in bridge mode, run tablet sized applications off of the tablets internals and then run the phone apps in a side window on the tablet off the phones internals.

I hope it does come to pass, it would be interesting to see what BB could come up with and how it would fit into mobile computing. I agree with Thor that another PB wouldn't be able to compete with the likes of Apple. But, come out with something that has truly unique features that harnesses QNX power, then they could compete.

I wouldn't mind one. As I did and still do love my PlayBook. But given BlackBerry's current state I highly doubt it. Why waste their time? Focus on mobile computing and their current and future handsets. Maybe bring an insane specs high end handset to the market... But that's it. Still waiting on my Z30 AT&T!!

Posted via CB10

I'd like to see one. I wanted a PlayBook but couldn't bring myself to spend the money. My Z10 is great but I'd like a bigger screen for watching videos on before bed or something. Bring it on.

9700 ~ 9900 ~ Z10 STL100-3/

great opportunity to license out BB 10. let someone else make a nice sleek tablet, and put BB 10 on it!

+1 get someone else to make a screen that bridges as well to my Z10 as my PB bridges to my work 9900 and concentrate on getting back handset market share

Posted via CB10

This are the kind of news I been hoping for!

If the next PlayBook bring the awesome BB10 experience plus everything we being asking for in the PB I definitely will buy it in a heartbeat no matter the price point.

We hard core BLACKBERRY users and abusers need a complete experience from smartphone to computer to TV and everything in between... more and more devices to interconnect with each other more POWER TO BlackBerry!!

#BB10Believe #BlackBerryNation #BB10Army #BB10Freak #KeepMoving #TeamBlackberry #BBMCrossPlatform #BBM4All #IChooseBlackBerry10

I'm MongezaurioBerry

So this article is basically saying us... bla bla bla... there is no PlayBook 2 coming any time soon...

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Dont think Blackberry are in a position to develop a PB2, no point and not till at least they have gained some marketshare back from Android and Apple. Once they are back on their feet then by all means develop a super duper playbook with jaw dropping specs and the latest and greatest BB software.

Until then dont bother Blackberry.

NONONONO just's a big enough issue trying to bolster the current BlackBerry 10 phone eco system. Burdening them with a tablet ecosystem is suicide. Focus your resources! Don't spread out too thin and dilute the efforts.

CB10 - Z10 -

It was supposed to be the same ecosystem at one point. Different screen resolutions, that's it. Then, suddenly, 1 Gb Ram wasn't enough for Thorsten, and the whole concept of a unified ecosystem was canned.

They're already burdened with the 2 ecosystems now!

There was a PlayBook 2 ... PlayBook LTE - 1.5 GHZ.

Dunno how they make money at this game though, without their own channel (Amazon, Apple), building their own parts (Samsung) or selling content (Amazon, Apple) to subsidize.

Bought the original PlayBook and was disappointed but another one running bb10? I would buy in a heartbeat

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BlackBerry needs to focus resources on BBM, Android Apps into BlackBerry World, brand perceptions and marketing, MDM, and updating handsets before looking at tablets.

I would love to eventually see a tablet because it's a check box item for many companies to provide a seamless experience for employees, enabling sales of handsets. But it won't be a revenue generator itself without some major innovations or apps which will invariably come from Android. Also, until BlackBerry solves their brand perception and marketing problem, the press would pan any tablet from them. BlackBerry cannot call it a PlayBook either. Call it the T75 or anything else.

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In reality, BlackBerry needs a tablet as part of their ecosystem. The synergies of a phone and a tablet for business are many. If BlackBerry focuses on Enterprise and Sells a tablet in that space, a consumer or prosumer could also be a market. The main point for BlackBerry is to realize they will not sell hundreds of millions. They need to produce less and nor worry about competing with Apple and Google who are in a commodity race to lowest price. The problem with BB 10 was too much anticipation of sales. Better to manufacture less at a higher price point to meet reasonable demand and to sell out than to over produce. Hope they have learned that lesson. As well, the smartphone business is changing with sales not growing as quickly as before. This means lower production for everyone and manufacturers will need to reign in their costs as well. BlackBerry can benefit from this and produce lower volumes at slightly higher prices. Margins will have to come down as even the mighty Apple is finding out. Apple will try and launch other products like TV and such bu Samsung is already in thar market and has learned it needs to up its ante in that segment.

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I agree. They need to keep it business, productivity focused. Just think, if QNX is as versatile as they say, they should be able to take say current tablet hardware designed for android and load it with QNX10 with all of the security features built in. Just make sure that we can run an updated DocstoGo, or can work with the MS Web APPS, and/or Citrix Receiver, and that it can work with multiple open APP windows better than Apple or Android tablets. I constantly use Citrix Receiver to connect to my office and am grateful that it works!

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What they need to do is make a phone like the note3 stylus an all but way better. And still bring BB10 to the PlayBook. A killer phone is all we need and they'll sell like hotcakes.

My Awesome Z10!

Don't waste time and money for tablets. Bad enough we are losing one war, don't need to start another one.

Do you generally hold your tablets with one hand?

I can even do the gesture two-handed on my Z10 (imagine: holding it with one hand, using the index finger of the other) -- I suppose that might translate to a tablet.

I don't think the gestures would be the biggest hurdle. Apple has already stolen the best gesture from PlayBook, tossing away active apps (which BB probably stole from somewhere else.)

I think it would be great! But not yet! Let the company find its feet again first. Get itself in a better position and then and only then release a fully working tablet to rival the others in the market place. No point rushing out a half baked tablet for it to go the same way as the first one. Although I still use mine on a daily basis it is becoming more and more limited. I love BlackBerry products and I believe in BlackBerry but I truly believe going down the tablet route at this point would be a mistake.

Via my spangly Z30 BBM#27

If they do...i hope there is some trade in program for people who bought the original version and getting burned on the purchase.

I would consider. Especially if it really is ahead of the competition at release. And given dissatisfaction with OS7 and the usual android issues, I think it would have a shot. Of course BB10 would be important to help differentiate, app availability key, and a strong advert campaign to ensure success.

Posted via my Z10

I'm still using and enjoying my 64GB PlayBook on a daily basis, so no need to rush. But with that said...yes, please!

You guys suck!
This article was just to get more clicks to your site.

You should only post something to the front page if there is some proof or credibility to the rumor.

Very disappointed.....

Posted via CB10

I agree that this article was a lot of BS just trolling for comments and pageviews.

I don't know what is more upsetting, the fact CB posted this article,or the fact that so many people replied to it with comments about a PB2 and got trolled without even realizing it.

Posted with my white Z10 using the CB10 app.

Not so sure I'm too excited. After my experience with how BlackBerry treated the original Playbook, I wouldn't jump to buy one. It would have to be out for a while and BlackBerry would have to prove to me that they're serious about this one.

Posted via CB10

No. Absolutely not. If BlackBerry releases a tablet without going back and fixing the Tablet OS or Bridge app for OS 10 devices I will have one sour lemon in my mouth. Trade in program not acceptable. I mean, I like the Playbook, but at least update the runtime and browser! That said, glad that this is unfounded rumor.

I want a Z30 in my T-Mobile US hands before there is any more talk of another Playbook. I already have one great BlackBerry tablet don't need another yet.

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Eco system and mobile computing platform, this is all customers want. My stuff sync. This would be more powerful than a stupid surface. I want!!!!!

Posted via CB10

Who is getting to buy
Only previous PlayBook owners will if they make them happy
Others would not bother to look pb, they already learned the lessons from previous owner, how BlackBerry let those middle of the ocean

Posted via CB10

Without the apps this literally will be a repeat of the PlayBook 1. Please don't waste your time BlackBerry and focus on making BB10 the best most polished OS out there. Even with 10.2 we still have a long way to go.

Posted via CB10

Maybe it will be a joint venture, between Lenevo and BlackBerry!

BlackBerry for leaders, not followers.

Even if it was true, it wouldn't matter to me. Once bitten twice shy. I am a not so proud owner of a $400 paperweight with a BlackBerry logo on the back!

I would love to get my hands on a new BlackBerry 10 PlayBook. However, I'm not really sure if it could succeed in the marketplace.

Tan Okan Q10

that site ( was just listing the original, or possibly the LTE version of the PB. where are the other "various" rumors? just websites that have no clout...

I would buy one!!! Bring on PB2. We definitely need something to compete with other tablets. A PlayBook running BB10 would be awesome!!

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We're more likely to see a "slave" tablet that functions as a larger screen for BB10 phones via Miracast. No storage, processor or connectivity other than what is required to communicate with the phone. Reduces cost, increases battery life. Imagine: keep your phone in your pocket, take notes on your tablet, then switch to your Miracast monitor & bluetooth keyboard+mouse when you get to your desk. I'd buy one...

Soooo based on my experience with the PB1 I am going to pass. I was happier BEFORE the update and moving over to does one move backwards?

Well I love the PlayBook it needs a few tweeks and a pb2 would fix that but I agree with buddy BlackBerry should focus on getting back on track and make good sound choices before spending too much of that one billion..... OR 4?!$??

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What the hell is wrong with some of you?
A new pb would be amazing. I would definitely buy one if it existed.
PB was amazing back then even today a lot of people use it. The problem when they launched the first pb was that it was beyond pricey, the only reason I didn't even pay attention to it. As soon as they lowered the price I bought one and I still love it
Now, a new, up to date PB would be great but of course they need to get their fame back in other to consider going to the tablet market.

They should really do something about the z30 in the USA damn it. OK Verizon will launch it, but what about all the other carriers?????

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Of course I like my PlayBook never understand why stop it is better than Samsung or I pad

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Playbook is possible but it should cost no more then 200-250 euro. BB also need in the same range a budget touch screen with qualcomm dragon 200-4G

All they need to do is make a BB10 Playbook and please give it another name.....A smartphone company needs a tablet to compliment the phones. Where are all the cool BB accessories? BB has to do something to kickstart interest, right now they are just stagnant. Even if they push concepts. But I guess we don't know the real story.

I don't think any tablet will be more successful than its phone counterparts, so I don't see a PlayBook 2 being very successful. That said, I would love to have one. I hardly use my PB now since it just feels so slow next to my z10, but I enjoyed the form factor when I was using it.

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Only if they offer a good trade-in discount for current owners. Otherwise I'd tell them to go shove it, especially knowing them they will probably price it like it was an ipad

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OMG! Just let it go for now. Dreams aren't real once you wake up ...

I use a BlackBerry because it makes sense

Hell M/F'n yeah. I need my PlayBook to have the same functionality with my Z10 as it had with my Torch. When the BlackBerry Phone and the BlackBerry Tablet work is a beautiful thing.

BB Loyalist since 01', until......

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Dear Blackberry,

First things first. Please focus on existing problems. Do what needs to be done..

P.S: Save the money, and please no PB2, at least for now..

Thanks You,

PlayBook was beginning and end of BlackBerry as we know it. It was so poorly executed RIM became a joke. Think about it it runs a different OS than old BlackBerry phones and new BlackBerry phones. It was a total flop. And I brought a 16gb one on release day and a 64gb one when prices dropped thinking it would run BB10. So I do like my PlayBooks but they need to make a killer phone. I think they should make a competitor to Galaxy Note phones since apple doesn't have one. Gets some killer specs. Then if that's successful and BlackBerry gets back on the map maybe a tablet. Successful would mean to me BB10 would have the apps a tablet needs when it's released.

Posted with my Z10 running 10.2

Not into tablets, but for those who are, maybe it would be cool, but it would have to be mind blowing to compete.

Loving 10.2

correct stop the maddness, make the BBM app on a iPad and Android tablet the gateway connection for a BB10 phone the start of mobile computing

The PlayBook 2 idea sounds great, but first let's concentrate on getting back on top by makings what we have work better-(Q10-Z10-Z30).

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I'd buy! Don't currently own a tablet although I could make use of one. Not crazy about what's out there now & if I 'needed' one I'd commit to something available currently.

If BlackBerry had a tablet compatible with my sweet Z10 I'd giv'em my money for it!

Bring it! Just, maybe don't make a gazillion of them.

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Just do it right! Don't do it cause apple did it and you want a share. Playbook now is slow and incomplete. I get it that it's 2 Years old but it was rushed back then. I love mine and use it everyday, but that doesn't mean I'm happy with it. Bb10 on a new playbook would be nice. Bb10 it tits, tits.

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oh the insanity :)
This has to be someone's cruel joke.
Straighten out the handset business (if Blackberry is going to continue making handsets) before doing anything else. They have to create a product that will be bought by someone outside of the current BB crowd. Hint - it ain't a tablet, that's for sure.

Sure and support my 32 GB version I bought. Also work with app developers to get all the apps to BB. If that van and does happen our handsets and hardware are superior. I bought a Nexus 7 for shines and giggles. Took it back two weeks later. It had nothing on my PB.

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Blackberry really needs to nip this one in the bud before it becomes another black eye. There is already enough negative sentiment about the way the whole PlayBook scenario played out over the last couple of years. If more rumors is the way BlackBerry wants to continue operating, then the company will be seen as wanting to continue their directionless business as usual.

I think the negatives last go around were largely due to the way it was marketed. Market this as a niche product for the BlackBerry faithful, keep the build numbers as low as possible while still making something on sales.

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Nah. There are shit apps. And the keyboard. And the browser.

It... like many things this organization has produced in the past several years... cannot compete in the marketplace.

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I would like a new tablet with BlackBerry 10 on it but, unless they designed a prototype that Heins had locked away in company vault which he declined to mass produce...I doubt this rumor has any validity.

Sure I'd get three, for my girlfriend, her daughter and me. As long as it was top of the line running full android with a full bridge for bb10. Best of both worlds. Wouldn't cost BlackBerry much for a limited edition android tablet with a BlackBerry logo on it. Most if the software for bridge has been done already. Just need a tablet with 2G or 4G of ram. Release bridge cross platform too.

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Un playbook 2 estaria muy bien!! ya con BB10 seria genial, esperamos tambien que nuevas aplicaciones continuen llegando a nuestro ecosistema, VIBER, NETFLIX, Naver LINE, Google apps etc etc. y que las aplicaciones que ya estan mejoren!! sin duda el camino es un poco dificil pero no imposible!! #ichoiceblackberry ahora mas que nunca!!! translate if you can!!

They are still selling old playbooks and there are people who want a mobile phone which they can pair with a tablet as well as loyalists, like me, who will eventually want a fastwr/better tablet.

My view: make a PlayBook 2 with upgraded specs, but build them in as small numbers as economically possible and be very clear in marketing them that the intention is to satisfy the BlackBerry base, not to take the world by storm, so that modest sales are a pleasant surprise and there are not constant negative comparisons to IPad sales. Build and market as a niche product because there is some demand.

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Wait a second. There was the black forest device and tablets are defined under mobile computing.

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I would love to see a PB2. But not for a year or so. If they can show the start of a turn around, then why not.

Q10, enough said.

I would love to see some form of BlackBerry 10 OS developed for the original PlayBook even it's a scaled-down version with ability to have native BBM or sideloaded Android BBM.

YES PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!! My playbook was stolen 6 weeks ago, i have been lost with out it.. thought about buying one off kajiji, but don't really wanna get 3 year old tech... so if they came out with a pb2 i would be first in line to get one....
please blackberry bring us another playbook..and a smokin price to to make sure they sell..

I think they should just concentrate on phones. A blackberry tablet is going to be a fail.

Let's bring up he phone market share before trying to compete in the tablets

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Full BB10 on a Playbook is not a good idea. Hear me out,
The Gestures alone would be a challenge. The Current Tablet OS 2.0 is truly a fantastic interface. It just needs a little tweaking to make quick switch Multi-Tasking easier and even allow for multiple Apps running split screen. I honestly see no need for the 'Hub' on a Tablet when you have your messages on your phone, they just need a 'Bridged Hub'.

I believe they can make BB10 run on the Current Tablet, I just think it needs to be tailored to Tablets (no native Hub, split screen and 'Bridged Hub'). If their focus is going back Enterprise / Business, they need to give their existing customers an obvious choice in Tablet that interacts with the company phones.

I don't see how the gestures alone would be a challenge. If you mean one-handed, then some of the BB10 gestures are already challenges (2-, 3-, 4-finger backswipes on keyboard, 2-finger pulldown to hide keyboard.)

I don't care about Hub either -- one problem though is many BB10 apps are integrated to Hub, or BBM, so they would have to provide some kind of fit for that, it seems, or developers would have to do more than adjust for screen resolution.

Would those of us that got hosed waiting for BB10 on our Original PlayBook get some trade-in value? I bought the 64G at full price.

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I would never buy another one at FULL retail F that noise. Unless it was trade in your old unsupported paper weight with no new apps coming out and maybe give them $100 max. It would be a cold day in hell before i would buy another playbook.

The least they could have did was give it an updated runtime so we could actually sideload some better android apps. It was an unfinished product at launch and to this day it still is. Checkerboard browser STILL to this day, pathetic.

I would NEVER buy another playbook no matter how good it was. They told everyone who bought one full retail or firesale to pretty much go F ourselves, thanks for buying our surplus junk.It could have been a great tablet but they never fully developed it to it's potential. Now they have a warehouse full of Z10's just like the playbook. IRONIC the tablet that screwed them once screwed them again essentially. The playbook was only a work in progress springboard for BB!0.

They would NEVER sell no matter how good it was. Afterall it would be made of outdated hardware before it was even on retail shelves.

I could have sworn that this was November and not April 1. As for a Playbook 2; there is no power on heaven or earth that could convince me to spend any money on another tablet from Blackberry again. One 64 gig Playbook purchased on launch day was bad enough; there is no way that I am going to put up with that again.

If it turns out to be true, all power to them. But my initial reaction, aside from the nausea in my throat, was, "Dear Blackberry, Are you in insane?!?!?!"

Whatever they name it... I'm in!
As long as the ability to connect to a wireless network is not an after thought...
I honestly don't see it happening until they get more app developers on board with BB10.

Secret Squirreling with my Q.

Definitely! Loved my Playbook/9900 combo. Would love to pair my Q10 with a 7 or 8" tablet.