Rumored R10 gets compared to a BlackBerry Q10

By Adam Zeis on 6 May 2013 11:11 am EDT

It seems that the rumor mill is churning at full speed as again today we have even more photos of the rumored BlackBerry R10. We've seen it quite a bit over the last week or two and it doesn't seem like things are slowing down just yet. 

If you had your fill of the most recent leaked photos you can feast your eyes on a new set that include the back of the R10, a comparison shot with the BlackBerry Q10 and a group photo with a BlackBerry Z10 and a bunch of bolds.

While we don't really get any new info from this batch, it's still good to see more photos so we can continue to speculate as to when and where we'll see this device turn up. 

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Rumored R10 gets compared to a BlackBerry Q10


It looks fine. It certainly looks a lot better than the Curve 8520. I wouldn't mind having one of those if I was in the market for a budget phone, just as long as the price is right. After all, the budget market is being flooded by Samsung and Nokia right now, and both of them sell decent phones for £150. There's a lot of competition out there.

Shouldn't BlackBerry just concentrate on one or two really good phones instead of making a bunch of not as good phones?

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People have been bitching about the price point. Well, this is going to be the option for people that want a less-expensive phone.

I disagree. Although BlackBerry wants to be known as a premium brand. I think more important is increaing your customer base. Lower priced models are important, especially in developing markets, and to get those customers into a Blackberry may be even more important than stealing Market Share from Apple, Android.

Get the people using a cheap Blackberry now (with still the best OS) and then when it's upgrade time maybe they make the jump to a more profitable phone. But once you are getting killed in market Share it makes the task of getting new customers even harder.

Blackberry is learning this now in the US. Plus as an added bonus, the larger the customer base and the more people using BB10 the more developers will notice the need for native apps, and to bring it to the BB platform.

I think profits can be smaller short term, for the potential to be explosive long term.

The problem comes when the budget phone doesn't perform as well as the premium device.

While that seems like a forgone conclusion, many will get the R-series because it's cheaper, and that will be their only exposure to BB. In short order, the industry will be flooded with comments of "BBs are ugly, slow and lack features", simply because so many paid for a less capable (and aesthetically pleasing) device.

The abundance of old, slow Curve devices hurt the company image, and an under-performing BB10 device could do precisely the same


Exactly! Even a year after the 9900 came out people were still saying BBs were slow and had an out of date browser. They had never been been exposed to the 9900 or 9850 with their accelerated graphics and Web kit browsers.

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If the specs posted a few days ago are anything to go by, it should perform reasonably well.

Samsung make like 10 different budget Galaxy phones and they're doing just fine.

I agree. Having the two quality phones makes sense. Watering down the brand will only result in a diminished view of Blackberry products. The company has worked so hard to develop a new identity. I hate to see it being hurt by a cheaper product. Also, if you have multiple phones there is a concern of consistency across numerous models. I just don't like the idea.

Question for the Crackberry team, is this one of the devices that was not suppose to come to North America or are we going to see it hit our shores?

It's not the best looking but if it's up to date and does most of what 10 does and is for a specific market ie UK teenagers it'll probably do really well but blackberry have already said they won't be doing a cheaper version so I,m confused,

I don't think they ever said they wouldn't be doing a cheaper version. Heins said something about not doing a $50 version if I remember correctly. There's a lot of space between $700 and $50 for them to go to.

When they say a $50 phone I presume we're not talking about a phone that's subsidized with a contract to sell at that price. I presume he meant a phone that would sell for $50 outright. Most phones sold outside Canada and the U.S. are not subsidized by a contract.

It's sick if the newer devices like the R10 will be shipping without removable battery like rumors telling us. That's a point I like at the blackberry devices, you can change your battery easily. Hoping this point will be a just a rumor at all.

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Hmm, looks pretty fugly actually but this is pre release hardware, no way they would release a phone in this state. They are possibly still many months from release.

I REALLY hope you are right! It would prove to me that nothing has really changed in Waterloo if they make the mistake of releasing a phone that looks like that in North America.

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Doubt it will change. Remember the leaks of the Z10 over a year before it was released and people said pretty much the same thing and it didn't change much or at all in a year.

Not part of the CrackBerry team, but it still makes sense to me that they would release it in North America. There are a lot of Curve users who would be content to stay with a mid-tier phone that costs them less. Some people even like the chiclets keyboard better, although I can't imagine why.

I also am hoping that they do NOT reveal this at BB Live. The Q10 hasn't been on the market long enough and they should avoid cannibalizing those sales until a couple of weeks or a month before it is released.

and even though it's a mid-tier phone, i think the specs are still good. the same screen from Q10, 2GB of RAM, ... 5 megapixel shooter is fine as long as the image quality is good.

Totally in the minority but I like the look of this phone, especially the white one! I hope we start getting an idea of when this could be released.

Yeah to me this just looks like the natural progression of the Curve, and some Curves (8520 aside) looked very nice. I think this doesn't look as good as the Q10 - but then they don't want it to - but for a budget device it's perfectly fine and it'll "sell like hell" to the target audience such as developing markets and UK teenagers.

I really really hope they don't release that thing in North America. BlackBerry was just starting to break out of its reputation as an old ugly phone manufacturer.

This phone will be used as an example by all BlackBerry haters to say "See! We told you BB is living in the past!"

It looks like a kids calculator.

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I don't really think it is that ugly. It is like comparing the curve and bold, as a previous poster mentioned.

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Yes It looks ugly. Why can't they make it good looking? Z10 looks good and so does the Q10. Hopefully R10 finished version will look nice. But still BBRY should push the hardware design more to attract new customers.

Well that is absolutely a low end device. It makes me glad I shelled out the extra money for the Z10. Hopefully it stays in the third world. Something like that would do nothing but hurt blackberry's image here in the states.

I love my Curve keyboard never had a bold one to try the difference. It looks fine to me, not everyone wants a 5 inch phone

This is the unit I expect companies to go with for their operational deployments. The Zed and Q are too pricey to be giving out to the masses. I can just imagine a longshoreman or lineman Not to mention Government employees) using a Q daily and the repair costs for such use.

The R makes sense. (just like the Curve did, not pretty but it served the purpose)

Having thousands of employees walking around with those phones in public will be a marketing and PR disaster for BlackBerry :(

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The only way it flies is if the phone is free on contract or very cheap off contract/pay as u go.

There is a market for lower end phones, but blackberry needs to rebuild their brand as a lot of people still bitch about how crappy their old BlackBerry was which was a curve or tour.

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Personally, I'm indifferent about the R10 but to ride off some looks more like an Ugly 10!

Let's keep things in perspective people. Not everyone (especially in developing markets) can afford a Z10 or Q10. The world is soo much bigger than just the United States. Get over yourselves already. The Curve line was BlackBerry's biggest seller... and for a reason. I paid $800 where I live for my Z... the sweet spot here for off contract phones is $250-$500. If this model comes out in that price range it will be a hit.

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The beauty of the R10 is obviously not the point here for BlackBerry. It's getting BB10 in as many hands as possible. Now wait till the Aristo gets here!! Then we can talk about beautiful mobile computers!

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It's not ugly. Maybe looks cheap but not ugly. There is something that I really miss with the introduction of BB 10 devices: these tiny contacts that make possible the use of a craddle. I really loves how easy I can put and removes my Style 9670 from the craddle.

I actually quite like it,
looks cheap but if you're gonna pay cheap you've gotta expect cheap & it looks miles better then them crappy curves

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Not sure if anyone noticed it. It seems BlackBerry is no longer consistent with the placement of the "BlackBerry" print. Z10 it's at the bottom. Q10 on top. R10 at the bottom.

On legacy devices, it was always on top.

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I think the Z10 and the R10 have it right since it gives a larger bezel for the gesture control. I wouldn't be surprised if the Q10 v2 (Q11??) goes the same route for easier control.

You think a portfolio of only high end devices makes sense? Or do you think they should lower the price of either the Q10 or Z10? Or by "a device like this." do you mean an ugly device?

Low cost option = extremely smart idea

Horrifically ugly low cost option =
destroy all the hard work they have done rebuilding the blackberry brand they just started to rebuild

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It's not bad but it's not good either. BUT that was also my first reaction when i saw Q10. If you read comments in the first Q10 photos, you'll see that many of us told that Q10 is ugly. Well, Q10 is the sexiest device i have ever seen. So all we have to do is wait and trust Blackberry.

Greetings from Greece :)

Note that the gesture area below the screen on R10 is much larger than Q10. BlackBerry logo was relocated to accomplish this. This explains why those bottom-up swipes worked a lot better on R10 when I played with it, don't ask how, I got connections :) Overall, OK looking lower-mid tier device, I played with the one in red, very similar to the curve line, perhaps even slightly better built.

Is it a dual SIM device?
How was the keyboard?
did they made a "mistake" while building the Q10 with a smaller area below the keyboard?
release day?

Ha-Ha :) Did not get to open it to see SIM(s). Keyboard was almost identical to the "old" Curve models as far as typing feel goes. Not sure about a "mistake" but I did have issues swiping up on the Q10 and not so much on R10. From the purely engineering perspective allowing for a large gesture area should help the accuracy, right? Don't know anything about price, release date, etc. My original comment was purely to compare gesture areas and front BB logo placement.

- open the device? thought it is a build in battery...
- truth: the gesture area is to small on the q10...wonder why they have not chosen the same thought for the Q. Point for the R IMO

My thinking is that Q10 was in development for a lot longer than R10 and there will be a lot more tweaks in the follow-up hardware simply due to learning. No question though Q10 looks and feels much more premium.

Before hating on the R10, learn Business and Economics, and how corporations actually work.

The purpose of this model is to hit a certain price point and a certain target market. Basically, this is the classic BlackBerry Curve with BB10 OS and updated for 2013. The original curve wasn't marketed as a high end device, and wasn't meant to be. It still went on to become one of the most popular BlackBerry devices for the masses and sold very well for years.

Looks like a decent BlackBerry 10 device for a lower price (compared to Q10 and Z10) I could see this being targeted towards teens/young adults and corporations that have employees out in the "field" so to speak (telecom, energy, news/media organizations)

It's hard to make statements about economics when we don't even know how this is priced. Is it $150, $250, $300? Nokia makes a range of phones that cost between $20 and $150 that have better looking plastics than these preliminary pictures.

We have almost no information about this product right now. We have a few grainy pictures and speculation about specs. We can only trust what we see. The general consensus is that it is not desirable. There is no economic justification for that. If it is priced well and sells well then we can say that it was the right choice. But the pictures we have seen are of an ugly phone.

The Z10 and Q10 were both considered to be "ugly" by a lot of people when they were first leaked. Waiting for the device to be released before making such judgments may be a good idea.

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I think the point is that BlackBerry HAS TO COMPETE on all levels. This includes mid and entry level. If this is a real model, sell it and get more BB10 users, meaning more incentive for app developers and better financial strength for BB.

BBRY still has no interest in making good looking phones, that's sad. Though Z10 and Q10 are not bad looking phones.

People are saying that it is the cheap version but I don't think that it is necessary for BlackBerry to make a bad looking BB10 rather than improving the Z10 & Q10 or even making a better one!

#TeamBlackBerry :)

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I wonder if matte rather than gloss black would help it at all? Look at the wavy reflection below the spacebar of the R10. That cheap black plastic look is sad. They need some texture work on this phone. At lest make it feel nice, a tumbled finish? I dunno.

Seperate but somewhat related.

I think Blackberry is making a HUGE mistake in making the Q10, $249 in the states. A phone with a keyboard still has the stigma of being "old". Right or wrong. And obviously the Blackberry brand doesn't carry much (if any) weight here in the US. Blackberry better make sure people know about the new phones.

I only see very infrequent commercials for the z10. Why not show what the phone does. Show off the camera, show off the HUB, show off how fast it is, something. Just don't tell me how great it is. I believe BB does have an opportunity in the US, but they need to get the word out. All of their commercials seem to be letting people know about screen share on BBM, and peak and flow. Which yes, are good features, but they are driven towards the business client. And a lot of business clients are probably aware about the new blackberry.

However the average consumer probably isn't those are what BB needs. They need an advertising blitz. Not just posts on social media, and radio ads.

This does not look so good. Too boxy to me, IMO. I'm sure there is a market for this. Perhaps moreso in other areas than North America. This should be $50 on contract. If the R10 is mid-level, what will the low-level look like and be spec wise?

That is one ugly phone. I do have the Z but am already anticipating the phablet. I have big hands.

Feel free to add me 24EFEB55

Anyone who believes that the R10 does not look good, but still defends it because its supposed to be a low cost device should re-think. Low cost does not mean has to look ugly. I think Blackberry should reconsider the design of the R10. There are plenty of low cost phones out there that are not eye sores, eg. Xperia U.
I think what BlackBerry is trying to achieve here is a cheap device that will be handed out to tons of employees. I believe that BlackBerry should instead target the low cost device towards the students who are heavliy interested in texting and social media updates. Make it cheap and cheerful and a fun device, like the original golf gti or the mini cooper ( btw that attempt at fun with the horrendous red was awful ).
Make the cheap device a "cool" device ... Im sure it can be achieved

In the end i would like to say what i exactly feel about the R10. These will go in history as Golden Words.


Come on people, the world is a lot larger than just America. You build what a market is willing to pay for.

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Does it HAVE to be so ugly though? Why can't it be cheap and attractive? As has been stated by another poster, there are cheap phones in existence that look nice.

Cheap doesn't mean it has to be ugly.

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wow at first i was like actually the R10 is nice, well the Q10 is way nicer still, but then when I see the back of the R10 i was like O.O thats ugly...

Damn it, I just bought a ton of shares last week and now this ...History is repeating itself - Palm Pixi.

Blackberry - do NOT release the R10 as it will compete with the Q10. If people wish to buy a cheaper Blackberry, they can buy a Bold 99xx.

Why are people saying this is ugly?... I really dont get it. If you're going to build based on the Curve design, I cant see a better outcome than this phone. Its simple, which is what they've always gone for in the curve series. Whats important here is not mere the look of the phone but the functionality and price point. If marketed as an entry BB10 device, as many Curves were in the past, then this will surely capture a lot of people who want a premium BlackBerry without the premium price. Seeing as BlackBerry has stated that they have no plans on making a phone under $100.00, my guess is this will be marketed at around 99.99 on contract. In time, it will drop to the 49.99 rage. What BlackBerry needs is to rebuild the brand and subscriber base. To do that, you need options. The Z10, Q10, R10 and ultimately, Aristo, will make great options and provide reasons to choose BB over the rest.

Its not that ugly lol. Subtract the keyboard and it looks like a Samsung Galaxy device. How many thousands of people buy those plastic looking things? Most of the BB fans on this site said the same damn thing about the Z10 and Q10 until they held one in their hands. It can work if the price is right. Specs are not going to be far off. Probably smaller battery and drive space as stated in rumors.

If they offer the phone with the exact same OS and processing speed/RAM but with lower build quality, I think that this phone will be able to bring in the lower spectrum of the market that don't want to pay that premium price for a premium phone.

Make it cheaper, but give it the same speed, you'll get the lower end, and be able to sell it well. If you want a more premium build quality, buy the Q.


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I wish the Q10 had sharper edges like the DEV ALPHA C. Q10 looks too much like 9900. Nonetheless Q10 is my favorite

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Anyone who defends the look of this device because it is a cheaper device should be slapped. I understand we are all BlackBerry fanatics here, but ugly hardware is unacceptable regardless of what the price is. Lower tiered phones aren't purchased because they're ugly, but because these customers can settle with lower specs. Customers across all price levels should be able to proudly tout a BlackBerry device without having to feel the shame of carrying an ugly device.

I dnt know if it's just me but I dnt Like the idea of so many devices like Samsung. I just hope BlackBerry stick to these two superb phone maybe improve on them and make em their flagship phones e.g like the nexus is to Google like the iPhone is to apple like galaxy is to Samsung. This is only the start I hope the bb10 platform improve and the hardware too. This start is unbelievable and worth the wait. My hope is that with time and with BlackBerry sticking to this two phones everyone can spot the phones and know what they are.

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For developing and highly price competitive markets this phone will sell by the truckloads. Decent specs,clean design,good price points make for good selling products.
TARGET this one to the youth...Color the cases and make them hip and trendy,kids all text like crazy anyway. market the phones as a texters dream phone to the younger market and they will sell like hell- and will help build a Legion of new and loyal crackberrians.....who buy more expensive models as they get older.
I understand BlackBerry had some lower end models in the past with a built in FM radio. a super idea but I'm curious how it helped sales. Id be curious to see if this feature carries over into the new models.

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why not be like the auto companies, make the same body, with cheaper internal mechanics/finishes. look at mercedes/bmw, they make 3 or 4 versions of the same series to fit all budgets.... same size, same look, except the engines are different and some of the interiors are different. why not make q10 looking device with a lower resolution screen, slower processor, worse camera, less memory...etc, yet keep the exact same form factor as the q10. this will solve lots of issues. first it will increase and promote the amount of 3rd part accessories for the q10 and its siblings because you will have so many phones out there with the exact same form factor instead of fragmenting your phone lineup with all these different bodies, next it will allow people who want or only need the cheaper phone not to worry about the 'look ' of having the cheaper 'ugly' phone. in doing so it will prevent the blackberry name from being associated with truly dumbed down and deliberately ugly made devices. another benefit would be in blackberry manufacturing process. how many different manufacturing lines need to be tooled and casts made for all these different devices? how about spare repair parts...each of these different phones needs extra parts made. fragmenting your hardware is a crappy for everyone.

That back looks like the iPhone 3G/ 3GS... nice at first, but a scratch magnet.

My Q10 will be all I need in addition to my Z10, but there is something about all BlackBerry qwerty phones that makes me want to try them out in real life, even if I have no intention on buying them.

Part of the addiction.

BlackBerry doesn't get it. You don't need a million and one devices the q10 and z10 are good enough, And if you ate going to make a cheap phone, don't make it look like a cheap phone, this is why bberry started failing in the first place, they don't understand the concept of brand. You team up with Mercedes, that doesn't mean come to the show in yugo? Either make a classier budget product, or wait until it's time for a hardware refresh and let the old model become budget. Apple has that idea right, which is why it's hardware sells its branded as quality....

BlackBerry is looking at android numbers and thinking, Gee male a cheap phone, no with in the Android realm, high end phone makers make higher end android phones. They leave cheap models to the guys that want to be cheap android phone makers. The point stop trying to be everyman, right now every phone bberry puts out needs to look it even feel or exude cheap, their brand already has taken a beating, don't undo all the work Q10 and z10 has done by making a cheap looking low budget bberry

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certainly has the curve style but it looks cheap and badly made. Phone could still sell nice if the price is much lower than q10

The back cover makes it look really CHEAP! Not really liking how it looks. After coming out with devices such as the Z10 & the Q10 this just makes Blackberry look bad

Hmmmm to answEr the question of when and were it will show up ,I'm gonna guess BlackBerry live since its around the corner and this thing is all of a sudden leaking to death lol.

I was thinking that with the raised buttons it will probably be easier for those with long fingernails to type on. My assistant doesn't like my Z10 because her nails make it hard to type on the screen.

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The guy that said it looks like a kids calculator hit the nail on the head. As a proud Z10 owner I can tell you this phone and the Q10 are pleasing to look at. The R10 in its current state is not.

I don't see teenagers anywhere swooping in to buy this phone as a first budget phone, new operating system or not.

It's like selling a Ford Pinto with a Mustang engine. It's ugly, send it back!

Send it back! Send it back! Send it back!

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All I got to say is look at the crackberry public perception of this phone. Not good.

You think the US media took a dump on blackberry when the Z and the Q came out? They're going to have a hay day if they release this crappie looking phone. And this is definitely one instance where bad publicity is NOT better than no publicity. Nobody is going to rush out and but a phone because it hot 3 or a 4 or even a 5 out of 10 in the "Looks" department.

That doesn't work in the selling phones business. It doesn't take a genius ti figure this one out.

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I believe the architectural layout for the R10 & Q10 r generally quite similar, which is a safe move because the tooling costs is reduced. Possible differences r probably just the hardware spec, and perhaps slight disparity in terms of features.

Hence, the R10 would appeal greatly for blackberry followers with lesser spending power. Which is also another good thing, because the brand reaches different consumer strata.

Ultimately, it serves as a revival for BlackBerry in terms of market share, where former non BlackBerry entry level users would find incentives to dump their former devices for a BlackBerry.

Good move by BlackBerry!

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Why are you people so silly. The R10 is supposed to be a low end BB10 phone. If the same specs as the Q10 are maintained budget conscious people will buy the R10. Why? because your getting an amazing phone like the q10, at half the price, but not as fancy looking, but still a very productive phone. If it looked like the Q10 why would BB sell it at half the price? Besides i doubt its going to be the phone you see in the picture when its released. this just a prototype for testing purposes.

TeamBlackBerry all the way but this one is ugly as hell. cancel it, redesign it, stick to Q and Z for now.

Even though the Q10 looks classier, I would prefer the R10 because of the BlackBerry bezel at the bottom there making it more accidental gesture proof, versus the ridiculous small space the Q10 has.. :(

Surprised by the logo placement. Isn't that the worst please place to put the blackberry logo given the gestures?

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Regardless of what you think of the style this phone will be an excellent upgrade path to BB10 for existing legacy os customers that don't want to or can't spend a lot of money. I think burn phone for the discerning customers that live on the fringes too. ;-)

People this is not the final look of the device.
What BlackBerry needs to do is have more BB10 devices to choose from ASAP. This would fuel sales by far IMO.
The more choice the more likely they will win customers over the competition.