Rumored BlackBerry Z10 Specs and Features

Summing up the latest rumors around the features and specifications of the first BlackBerry 10 full touchscreen phone, rumored to be the BlackBerry Z10

Rumored BlackBerry Z10 Specs and Features
By Bla1ze on 21 Dec 2012 09:48 am EST

With lots of images and videos of the first BlackBerry 10 device out there and the recent rumors of it being named the BlackBerry Z10, we figured it was time to once again look at some of the specs and features that will be included. As this is a rumored specs and features post, there is some things to consider here that actually goes back to when we first started hearing about the first BlackBerry 10 devices that will be coming off the line.

As we know it, the "BlackBerry L-Series" is a compilation of devices (London, Lisbon and Laguna) that will slightly differ across the various regions in which they will be released. In short, that means that while they should all visually look the same on the outside, some of the internal hardware will vary and allow for different network access throughout carriers.

In addition to that, there is sure to be some minor differences in regards to SIM slot placement, SD Card placement etcetera as we've already seen a few crop up. We've stuck to the base line stuff for this post while highlighting as many of the network differences that are known at this time. So with that said, if you're looking for the rumored specs and features information of the BlackBerry Z10, keep reading below to find it all laid out for you!

BlackBerry Z10 Specs and Features (rumored)

BlackBerry Z10

  • Processor: Dual Core 1.5GHz TI OMAP 4470・ Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8960 (US and Canada)
  • Radio: Quad Band HSPA+ / UMTS (850/900/1700/1900/2100MHz) ・Quad Band GSM / GPRS (850/900/1800MHz) ・Quad Band LTE: Bands 2,4,5,13,17 (700, 850,1700, 1900MHz)
  • Display: 4.2”, 4 point multi-touch LCD display, 1280 x 768 resolution at 356 DPI, Touch On Lens
  • Camera: 8MP rear facing camera, Auto Focus, 5x digital zoom, 1080p HD video recording ・2MP front facing camera, 3x digital zoom, 720p HD video recording
  • Memory: 2GB RAM ・16GB Internal Storage ・Hot Swappable microSD Slot
  • WiFi: 802.11 a/b/g/n ・2.4/5GHz ・4G Mobile Hotspot
  • GPS: Assisted, Autonomous, and Simultaneous GPS
  • Battery: 1800mAh Removable ・Talk Time: up to 10 hours on 3G・Standby Time: up to 305 hours on 3G, up to 316 hours on 2G・Audio Playback: up to 60 hours・Video PlayBack: up to 11 hours
  • Sensors: Accelerometer, Magnetometer, Proximity, Gyroscope, Ambient light sensor
  • Connectivity: NFC ・microUSB ・microHDMI-Out ・Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy
  • Size (LxWxD): 130mm x 65.6mm x 9mm

*UPDATED* January 15th*

    As you can see, the specs aren't really all that different in comparison to the Dev Alpha units that are already in the hands of over 7,000 developers. Still, we have to leave the rumored tag on them despite all of those previous leaks as well. There is still those regional differences to consider and the fact that there has been no confirmation on what exactly those devices shown off are running under the hood. It'll be interesting to see how things pan out come January 30th when the official BlackBerry 10 launch announcement happens.

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      Rumored BlackBerry Z10 Specs and Features


      it's just a proximity censor so when you're talking on the phone it realizes how close it is to your face and turns the touch screen off. Then when you move it away from your face it turns the screen back on .. works well. I have it on my Windows phone.. that i will be replacing on or around Jan 30 :D

      Specs are not indicative of performance!

      I am a developer and have a Dev Alpha and run multiple apps and games, multi-tasking, and the thing FLIES!!! QNX is the reason! It is highly efficient and built from the ground up!

      Glad to be helping out the Blackberry Team! Go RIM Go!

      I would say it flies about as fast as most phones out there, but due to things like Peek, Flow, bezel Gestures like Playbook, Keyboard prediction, BlackBerry Hub and other BB10 user-interface design, it is more efficient and easy to navigate around and get stuff done!

      I have no trouble using it with 1 hand and even though it is all touch, the virtual keyboard is great.... And my current phone is Torch 9810, and last one was Curve 8900, so I can safely say people may not mind the move so much to all touch, but there will still be a keyboard option coming.

      And the app selection is just amazing... Compared to OS 7 there is no comparison, it is just huge and growing each day. You will have no problem getting lost with the overwhelming selection, you will not get bored. And dev alpha isn't even the final OS... We are still missing a few things, RIM is keeping a few surprises until the big event in January!

      It is a big leap in my experience from Os7 to 10, deserves the jump in number!

      ...the specs are similar to the main guts of my PB LTE, and I can also vouch for the performance does not resemble what's spec'd out on feels and runs like it is about twice of what it really is... and multi tasks like a champ... but as mentioned before...spec numbers do not reflect performance across devices and platforms...a quad core Android device is that way because Android isn't as efficient as QNX and needs that extra grunt to achieve the same PB LTE is on par, but more often than not faster, than anything I have used/seen on the market...

      BlackBerry Torch 9860 OS 7.1
      BlackBerry PlayBook WiFi OS 2.1
      BlackBerry PlayBook LTE OS 2.0

      thats nice and all but the gpu are going to be way behind par. apple has quad core GPU, android quads have the qualcomm 320, tegra 4 is getting announced soon.

      GPU specs are great and all but it's still about the experience. The specs we see here will play hd video, allow editing and filters and perform other 3D and video operations well, just as the pb does.

      And this is a phone we're talking about. Not a dedicated media device or gaming device. It will do those things but don't expect it to run crysis 3. Not when mobility and battery life are the priority.

      So the question isn't does it have x cores like other phones but does it deliver the media and gaming experience expected from an awesome mobile computing device. And the answer is yes!

      In am really looking forward to the flow. I hate opening and closing apps, like BBM, Email, camera, browser ect. I want these to open right away.

      how do you know it will be will in terms of games? im not saying beat a ps3/xbox 360 all im saying is GPU is highly important. apple has quad core, s3 international quad core. all top tier players have quad core GPUs as far as CPU ya if its efficient then i agree dual is more then enough (i.e. apple).

      there is more to a device than the number of cores in the cpu. The more cores the faster the battery dies and the hotter the device could get.

      The name of the game is software efficiency. Can easily (well maybe not EASY but with some work) make a dual core device perform as fast and as well as a quad-core device with some programming discipline and efficiencies.

      Even the almighty Apple has admitted this.

      I think people tend to fall for the numbers game. I guess it's easier to just assume bigger numbers mean better. Just like with digital cameras. You do not know how annoyed I get when I'm trying to recommend one camera over the other and their response is: "oh, but that one is xx megapixels!" When will people realize, the number of pixels doesn't matter if the size and quality of the sensor is garbage?? You can take a crappy camera with crappy features and a crappy sensor and program it to record pictures at 100 megapixels. Guess what, the pictures will still look like crap!

      Sorry for the off-topic rant, lol, that just gets on my nerves. :-D

      Specs should be base on the software... what good does it make to have a quad-core processor on an SG3 if a dual-core on BB10 works better and faster???

      Lets judge the final product... take a look at Apple, iPhone is still using a dual-core processor but their software is so optimized that you really couldn't tell the difference.

      Apple is Apple, they could put a single core processor in their phones and people would still love them.

      RIM is on the bottom, while I believe that with QNX a dual core 1.5 processor is going to do what we need it to do.

      The bottom line is this is last year hardware at today's PREMIUM prices. Will the AVERAGE consumer be willing to buy a device that isn't running the latest hardware and is own an unknown platform??

      If RIM is using cheaper hardware, then their pricing needs to reflect it.

      Does the AVERAGE consumer even know what the latest hardware is? A lot of numbers get thrown around with phones now, but the average Joe or Jane really doesn't know what they're getting beyond what the salesperson is trying to throw at them or tells them is 'good'.

      Specs are for phone geeks more than your run of the mill user: if it does what they want responsively and efficiently then whatever is under the hood really doesn't matter.

      +1 couldn't have said it better wife has a 9900, hasn't updated a thing since she bought it but as long as it works for her needs she could care less.

      “Think highly of yourself, because the world will take you at your own estimate.”

      To answer your question NO. As long as it has 4G LTE, thin and has a big screen that's all that will matter with most average joes.

      in my gary coleman voice, "what you talking about willis?"
      people know about specs... thats why the average person says stupid things like... i need a 6 core phone. Anyway its all about APPS APPS APPS APPS APPS. Blackberry needs the top name apps to get on board.

      I don't know if they know what it means, but I think some people still choose based on specs even if they don't know what the specs mean.

      You see people on forums all the time slamming various dual core devices and bragging about the quad core device they like. When you ask they to point to a game or app that on a quad core that does something a dual core can't, they're almost always pretty silent.

      It's like the people that brag about their 20 megapixel cameras and only ever post photos to Facebook.

      But the overwhelming proportion of consumers never show up on forums like these. My wife & daughter don't care if their iPhones are powered by dual-core, quad-core or a pair of frisky gerbils. Understanding things like QNX based OSs are lost on them. Probably lost on a good portion of those coming to the boards as well, come to really think about it.

      We are not talking about people buying the phone in this case we are talking about the overall performance of the phone. Apple can sell ANY device they put out because of MARKETING and I'm sure RIM will do a great job on that too.

      Please take a few minutes and go to a Verizon store and see the sell strategies they use to sell android to regular people... you would be amaze how they are able to sell these people on DROIDS that still use a single-core processor and do you think they care?

      Its all about overall performance...

      I am a RIMM fan and plan to buy a BB10 device. I also own many Apple products. It is simply not credible to say that people only buy Apple products because of Marketing. Apple makes great products and provides great services. Nobody can reasonably dispute that.

      I can. Been using a Mac for 12 years. I have an iPod Touch. I have an iPhone 4S. I have two Apple TVs. I have an Airport Extreme. I use iCloud too.

      The number of problems I've had with my latest MacBook pro, its software and its interaction with other Apple devices has been utterly mind boggling.From crappy 'migration' problems, to Airplay problems, to Home sharing problems, to software problems to WiFi problems to iCloud outages to laggy OSes to rented movies not downloading. And on and on.

      I think anyone who thinks Apple products are perfect in every way is acting a little too much like the crowd watching the Emperor with no clothes.

      Nobody thinks Apple products are perfect, but most people have overwhelmingly positive experiences with its products. You don't become the most valuable company in the world without making excellent products.

      I have all of the products you mentioned and have none of the problems you seem to have experienced.

      I have a Bold torch and a playbook which I generally like and look forward to BB10. But the torch constantly freezes, doesn't run the most popular apps run by iphones and androids. I have to pull my battery 3 times a week.

      Apple caught RIMM napping when it introduced the iphone. All the while it was making macbooks, ipods, apple tvs, tablets, itunes etc. RIMM has fallen way behind without making anything but phones and playbook. It may never catch up.

      I plan on buying BB10 and hope it becomes successful. But at this point it is not credible to favorably compare the BB10, which no one has ever seen, to the iphone which is the most popular phone for a reason. It is an excellent product. Apple should be respected for its accomplishments. It is also not credible to criticize people that buy Apple products, especially doing so by holding out RIMM as somehow being the better company. Maybe people should wait to do so until Apple and RIMM switch places in the market and RIMM has a 100 billion in the bank and apple only has two.

      iPhone 5 is still using dual core processor and 1gb ram, still it has an even fight against all latest droids. the os is the point.


      I'm sorry, but have you used Blackberry products? They NEVER use "cheaper" hardware. Sure the numbers of the tech specs might not sound as impressive, but when it comes to build quality, I say it's worth a premium. I don't see any Android devices with metal bezels and carbon fibre battery doors like my Bold 9900... And despite how much faster their phones technically are, I always beat them when it comes to real-world tasks in real-world situations. I give my friends a head start and I still always find what we're looking for faster... Slower CPU and all...

      Like people keep saying, it's the end experience that matters, not the technical numbers behind it. Whether they accomplish that experience via a faster CPU or a more optimized system doesn't really matter. If the software is bloated and isn't as responsive or smooth, a faster CPU will not save it...

      ..not to mention, the more you stuff under the hood...the thirstier it gets...

      BlackBerry Torch 9860 OS 7.1
      BlackBerry PlayBook WiFi OS 2.1
      BlackBerry PlayBook LTE OS 2.0

      Goddamnit you deserve a medal for that !!!!!....probably the smartest thing I've read on here
      If qnx doesn't need quad core ,then why ????...probably save battery life too this way

      Goddamnit you deserve a medal for that !!!!!....probably the smartest thing I've read on here
      If qnx doesn't need quad core ,then why ????...probably save battery life too this way

      Keep in mind this is a START. There will be more devices released over time. You'll get your flux capacitor driven DeLorean edition (move over Porsche) soon enough...

      Specs are just meaningless numbers out of context.

      Look at cars. There should be no way that a V8 McLaren should beat a quad-turbo W16 Bugatti Veyron. But it does.

      It's all about context. Put a turbocharged V8 in a light body and make it perform well, and you can beat all the numbers in the world.

      @cordial666: then how do the specs still beat about half the specs from the Optimus G and Lumia 920 that were just released a month ago? including better front facing cam, more ppi, and nfc... and hands down beats or equals the iPhone 5 in EVERY major category? (released two months ago)

      oh! that's cuz phone hardware specs have a maximization point.. meaning after a certain point it's not beneficial to increase the processor or certain other things because it starts to drain more resources and doesn't make a noticable enouch difference in performance... dual-core processors are going to stay the standard for phones for the next few years if not longer... things can only get so fast, they can't respond any faster than immediately... so then u work on other factors that can improve the experience more...

      have you noticed that even most new DESKTOP computers are still running quad-core processors even though I'm sure they could do a 16-core cpu but it's just not worth it... that's not the only factor to look at in determining speed.

      I think it is a little presumptuous to say that a phone which no one has ever seen and is not yet for sale beats or equals the iPhone 5 in every major category.

      I wasn't talking about performance, because as you pointed out, we have no idea what the final product will perform like..

      I was only comparing these rumored specs, that people are calling outdated, to the i5 specs to show that they really aren't.

      Good idea, so much stuff floating around that people may get confuse... this is what we expect on launch day... if they want to trow something extra better... but is always good to keep it real!

      They might as well just send one to my house.

      I hope to see one at #2013CES in just over 2 weeks.

      Though these may be rumours, I believe it's BT2.1. Someone correct me if I'm wrong. BT4 is surely welcomed however seeing that it's been around since 2009.

      Thanks @Leafs123. However even if the software can be upgraded from the manufacturer/consumer side, that is just a numerical update that could place more battery strain working on an older radio where as BT4 have newer radio implementations for a single/dual-mode low energy radio (Bluetooth Smart and Smart Ready respectively).

      Dev Alpha B is solid. Would love a little more RAM... always want more RAM. Hope the camera rocks when this baby hits the market.

      Yeah, just rounding up the all the past rumors, so we have a good article to refer to whenever we're talking about the BlackBerry Z10 that sums it up.  Too much info thrown out over multiple posts.

      Kevin, now that its rumored /confirmed to have 2GB ram, I've been looking at the specs and realized that this device is turning out to be the rumored Aristo device. The only difference is the quad core cpu (which just may be in the final device) and the non-removable battery (which is a great thing). What do you think?

      May I have some more? With OS looking as fast and crisp as I've seen, there is plenty enough under the hood. iPhone 5 had some pretty dated specs compared to android's latest and greatest but I hear no one complaint about performance. The Z10 is my dream phone.

      As usual, it should be noted that I'm typing this from an iPhone 5 (the worst phone I've ever owned)

      Not sure if ignorant...or just foolish. The iPhone 5 is one of the most powerful phones in the world right now. Ranks up there with the best Android has to offer.

      iPhone 5 dated specs? Have u ever looked at the A6 performance marks vs Android? A6 beats them all especially in GPU performance. Not even close.

      Too much RIM coolaid drinkers here.

      9930 user.

      I have been using 9900 since the launch date, and just recently I have been playing with iP5.. I love my BB, but nothing compare to iP5. It is so smooth and the display is so amazingly crisp. We will see how BB10 will stack up to iP5 and I will go from there.

      Can someone explain the radio for me? I see it says HSPA+, GSM, and LTE. Does that mean the device will have LTE? I'm with Rogers and am already using Bold 9900 with H+, I definitely want LTE now

      The phone will be compatible with LTE on Rogers (works on 1700/2100/2600 range) and Bell (same as Rogers range) and Telus (1700/2100).

      HSPA+ ((+) Evolved High Speed Packet Access) enhances WCDMA (UMTS) based 3G networks with higher speeds for end users that can be comparable to LTE (Long Term Evolution) network 4G phones.

      LTE is also marketed as 4G LTE (so don't be confused when you see that). It's based on the GSM/EDGE & UMTS/HSPA network that increases the capacity and speed using different radio interfaces together with core network improvements (hence Rogers service price hikes).

      This phone is LTE equipped, but with the other radios, if not in a LTE area then the fallback radios will be there to pick-up some slack.

      The only thing that I'm disappointed in is no 802.11ac. How does this processor compare to the 1.5Ghz Playbook? While the Playbook OS seems to be a little low on RAM I thought that BB10 was supposed to have much more free memory.

      This post brought me back to when Bla1ze went on a rant during a podcast about specs... LOL.

      The only concern I see is the weak front camera. I was thinking along the lines of 3MP min. So I hope it's upgraded.

      the 3mp on the dev alpha A was an EDOF camera, the 2mp on the dev alpha B is a AF camera. the 2mp is better currently.

      Also, you have the point that anyone complaining about the FFC is just looking for something to moan about too. :-)

      weak ffc, really? not relatively, by any means...

      2mp is already better than the ffc on the iPhone 5, Lumia 920, Optimus G, and the S3...

      so I'm not sure why u were expecting 3mp unless just going off the Dev Alpha 3mp EDOF...

      2013 technology will be in 2014 technology...and so on. The car analogy is a great example! Manufacturers can't produce 2013 tech and have FCC regulators approve it in days/weeks. CES2013 will have 2012 technology, but are showcased in 2013...are you following or are you that short-minded?!?

      For an Android hog, maybe. BB10 is sleek and doesn't require specs like the Green Robot does...

      This is why I hate posts like this one. People are so caught up on specs they fail to understand that you can't compare OS specs from different OS's. It makes no sense.

      I hope you are right, but until you hold and play with the BB10, you do not know if these specs are fine and whether a quad core processor would improve the phone.

      People are right to initially compare specs with iphone and Android because RIM is hoping that iphone and Android people will make the jump. RIM should expect this. In my view, it does not help RIM's case off the bat if the BB10 hardware is deficient spec wise compared to some Android phones. Android people, for example, may outright dismiss a BB10 phone based on specs like screen size and quad core processors. It may not be the right choice, but it is possible. The market is fickle and people make rash choices.

      Samsung became successful by exploiting hardware deficiences in iphones like screen size and processing power. So, in my view, just from a marketing standpoint, RIM should not have handicapped itself off the bat by including a smaller screen size and dual core processor when the market is moving towards bigger screens and quad core processors.

      Doesn't a quad core suck battery power? If that is true I think battery life will be a better spec of importance to me vs quad power that is seldom used.

      I'm sooo glad they didn't make it bigger than 4.2... anything over 4.5 and I wouldn't buy it, flat out...

      Currently better than today's Apple's Retina Display on iPhone 5. iPhone might be crap but it has an undoubtedly nice screen.


      iPhone 5: 1136 x 640 and 326PPI
      Lumia 920: 1280 x 768 and 332PPI
      HTC EVO 4G: 1280 x 720 and 312PPI
      BB Z10: 1280 x 768 and 356PPI (as rumored)

      Seems in line

      why do you say you can't afford one? The pricing hasn't come out that I'm aware of, lord knows I've asked Telus lots.

      I cant believe how many ppl are complaining about these specs! QNX doesnt need amazing specs like an android device does! Just watch some comparison videos! I for one cant wait to get my hands on this device!

      I for one am not so concerned with DLNA as it needs it's own device certification and isn't available for all products. Bluetooth is a much accepted standard that I would appreciate. It would most likely keep cost down excluding as well leaving out another radio. I reckon the Z10 will retail for CA$549 - same price for the 9900 as a new mobile on Rogers.

      Specs Smecks. I could care less about the specs.

      Is the screen bright? Does video on it look good? Do the apps i need/want exist? Do they run smooth? Is the UI smooth and intuitive? How is it as a phone? Those are the specs I am looking for. I would be happy with PBOS 2.1 and phone capabilities in a handset. YMMV. Cant wait for BB10.

      /Device agnosticism or bust!

      I'm praying they upgrade will upgrade the Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8960 to the MSM8960T. It will be avaible. We would have full HD.

      I believe you are basing that processor off the leaked spec sheet of the BlackBerry Aristo that may see light of day in summer/fall. Qualcomm has confirmed it so far in their device rundown, but who knows, that could easily change.

      I am not one that cares about specs except operating speed, lag etc. When I get my hands on one I will judge based on that, not some number that doesn't mean anything to me anyway.

      My only concern is the processor. The OMAP4470 is a year old at least now. It does not have the power efficiency gains of the newer SoCs. I know that QNX is fluid on the Dev Aphas but the phones will not be very futureproof.

      This is especially in light of what the old management said about delaying BB10 due to processors and LTE combinations not being very power efficient back then. Using OMAP 4 means they are still stuck with older more inefficient chip that does not have an integrated radio which means more power drain due to separate LTE radio. I can only imagine the field day the media will have.

      I hope they go with Snapdragon S4 Plus at least as per the post. It's newer and more powerful and efficient. It has been on the market for a while and even entry level WP8 devices will be using them. It would be too much to hope for A15 OMAP 5, especially with TI looking to offload its smartphone chip division, but one can dream.

      Other than that, all other specs are solid.

      500 MHz is no joke. Are you certain of this information? I mean, goddammit, 500 MHz, it can make all the difference!

      xsacha (the guy who wrote the Playbook rooting software) stated that the dev alpha A is a OMAP4460 downclocked to 1 GHz.

      Sith_Apprentice has dev alpha A getting 1520 sunspider and dev alpha b 1490 sunspider (lower is better). So if dev alpha a is underclocked to 1 GHz, then the dev alpha b is also underclocked to 1 GHz.

      Engadget's review of the LTE Playbook running at 1.5 GHz OMAP4460 on ancient Playbook OS 2.01 (i.e. not even OS 2.1) and came up with 1397 sunspider (lower is better).

      It would be better to use newer chips especially since they have been on the market for so long. Of course there could be specifics that did not make this possible.

      Also these may not even be the final specs. RIM cod surprise us.

      Amazingly awesome combo of hardware specs.
      I'm sure the QNX would rock well on this.
      I am bit doubtful about the AF non AF cam. Please give a fully blown AF cam in the back, RIM.

      "To BB or not" Is it a question??

      It would be a smart place for them to up the specs, unlike these pointless demands for battery-sucking processors that are not needed.

      seems like any new phone these days, what is the wow factor here??? I know BB10 in a factor in its self but the specs are nothing to brag about, if They would have put lets say a 12MP camera or 32G onboard then we have something to talk about,,, all phone have dual core these days all phones have 8MP these days. all phones have 16G onboard. not impressed for a new phone, maybe early 2012 but not 2013, WHAT was all this talk about rim waiting for a certain chip to come out thats why they delayed the launch. RIM could have done better but im still excited

      32g adds to the cost for something that not everyone would need or want to pay for and given that they cannot be sure of how the split would go it makes perfect sense for them to stick with the 16g since they obviously would not want excess stock of one variant in the stores.

      I'm still hoping for usb host mode (especially for the pb). Cloud, nfc, bt, and sd are great but usb would still be convenient.

      spam thanks to darbyhamade. anyway: I don't care if it's hamster powered, if it's smooth that;s good enough for me. glad the screen is a reasonable size, I hate huge screens.

      The latest version of the Playbook has 1.5gb of ram. I expect the Z10 to have the same amount if not more (2gb). While I would hope for specs like the rumored Aristo, but I at least want there to be more ram and a big battery (2000mAh or more).

      Asking for more memory would seem to make a lot more sense than those wanting a faster cpu, it gives more room for multitasking to little detriment on battery life.

      I think everyone needs to get off the spec bandwagon and look at how the OS operates. You will either like it or not but at least you will have choice. It will be better for all to have more competition as of right now it is a 2 dog race!

      I don't think these specs are nothing new.

      However between the guys at unwired, the guys at RapidBerry and the analyst video its safe to say that the name Z10 is more than confirmed.

      Roll on February :)

      The specs got me thinking...would work on my network?, I don't even know what range MTS uses? may just jump ship and go with rogers.

      so the rumored Snapdragun S4 pro was wrong? only the MSM8960 not the MSM8960T? same specs as devices rolled out earlier this year, i was hoping for atleast the Pro

      There is no point to throw specs that are not needed at it though, this is not android where your only hope to compete is to have the cheapest or the fastest for a few weeks.

      we just saw the leak of a quad core aristo there are two version of pros a dual and a quad, the dual was rumored for the L series and has adreno 320 GPU,the MSM8960 which has 305

      They currently don't have enough spectrum to rollout LTE so you will never see it unless they merge/towershare with shaw or mobilicity.

      i'm more worried about the RAM over everything else. having the PB, i continue to have issues with the browser and mailbox closing because i've run out of memory. if the phone will allow you to keep up to 8 active frames open, have 2gb of RAM will be huge.


      The difficult, we do immediately. The impossible takes a little while longer.

      BB10 is a quantum leap over the PBOS, partly due to vastly improved resource management.

      Obviously, 2GB is better than 1GB, but honestly, it should be good.

      The general impression here is that the first BB10s are "flagship" phones, and they aren't. If anything, it's a Torch replacement.

      It's the rumored "A-series/Aristo" that will be the high-spec quad-core 2GB phone.

      I agree its a huge leap over the PBOS but the issue could still be there. I'm sure a lot of people behind the scenes have looked at it and know more about it than I do. I always thought this L-Series was going to be the mid-level BB phone. The A-Series will be the heavy weight moving forward.


      The difficult, we do immediately. The impossible takes a little while longer.

      That's a mistake they are making then. They have one shot with this. To not come out with your top of the line could have negative implications.

      Will it have FM radio?? It'd be awesome if it had... I love listening to local radio and they did it with the curve in BB7...

      A girl told me "It just a cheap copy of the iPhone, it looks exactly like the iPhone5" I think I'm going to kill her-_-

      Probably an indication of encroaching mental illness on her part: misapprehension of reality, illusionary,delusional...
      I'd get her looked at.

      OK OK already! We have seen enough of the all touch device. We have 900 different choices out there to compete with this device (which I continue to see as a problem for RIM). Lets see some love for the qwerty device, and some more information there!

      Android is the dump truck of mobiles. It needs a big deisel engine to run. Were as BlackBerry10 is more of a Mercedes. It makes no sense to put a huge Diesel engine in a Benz.

      This is Mid Range hardware with a High End OS. Remember those cheap Android Phones come with Gingerbread OS which is already 2 years behind current Jelly Bean, correct me if I'm wrong. That's why most of them you can acquire within a two year contract, without a data plan, for free.
      Most of us, I think, are trying to compare rumored specs to rumored price. For the rumored $199.00 with a 2 years contract the specs doesn't impress. Specially if you try to figure what would be the price for an Aristo device if it were to hit the market next summer.

      The Z10 should be a phone to compete with iPhone 4/5 and Galaxy III specs/price/0s and sell with a 2 year contract at $99.00 that will really take attention, and shortly after the Aristo should come to compete with the Galaxy 4 at the same price. Also remember nice phones like galaxy II are still selling and are actually free on a two year contract with a data plan.

      I think this will be an excellent phone for my needs and would buy it without hesitation but that's me, a blackberry fan. RIM needs to conquer new users, having a very competitive price will help them achieve it.

      So there, my two cents.

      Very good points. The problem is that this will probably charge a premium for this in the arena of 249.99 on contract (just like the 9900 was) and not 99. What that means is the Z10 will be more expensive than the SG3/ i5...and while most of us on CB would pick a Z10, there needs to be some incentive for someone outside of CB Nation to pick one of these over the i5/SG3.

      Now on the other hand if the Aristo is ready for a spring release, they could pull the 99 out now from the gate and set the aristo at 249.

      Question: from a developer standpoint how much trouble is it to support more than one type of processor or does qnx/development software make it seamless since TI is no longer interested in the mobile market.

      Interested in BB10 but stuck with android for now.

      Different processors wouldn't be an issue at all for most developers. There may be some fringe cases if a particular optimization is required but for the vast majority it shouldn't be a problem.

      And of course any dev using html5 is set.

      I totaly agree with the OS smooth experience over "what it needs" specs... But from what I saw in different BB10 videos, a >1Gb RAM could make the BB10 OS perfectly smoother... I have a question though, does the screen have anti scratching and other protections? (The one I saw on Lumia 920 is pretty cool)

      So is there any indication whether officially this will be called "Zee 10" or shall it be "Zed 10" ? :D

      I am not concerned about the OMAP4470 at all. There are reports saying that its performance is up there on par with IPHONE 5's SoC.

      Looks promising, since the human eye cannot tell the difference between a 720p image vs a 1080p one, from 300ppi than on. And +4'' is a good choice, since now we're in the age of bigger is better & people are becoming more & more friendly with +5'' devices.
      Pls do clarify this for me: if BB10 is based on QNX, this means BB7 was not ?
      A software perfectly tweaked for hardware equals apple's way. Now the rotten apple has become the icon everyone is trying hardly to mimic - MS with their grip on tablets & now RIM with an approach that would lead them to salvation. At least i hope so, since for the Canadians is the do or die time.

      While it's true that Heins said "We're in experience race and not spec race", launching BB 10 with so-so spec will not help RIM fixing their damaged brand. Imagine the likes of Engadget, Gizmodo and BGR will say should this is the spec of BB 10 in launching day. Imagine the bashing from media and finally imagine the initial impression for those non-blackberry addicts reading those reviews. At RIM's current condition, initial impression does matter. A lot.

      The one to use the 2GB RAM will be coded as A-Series, rumoured to be released by Q2 2013 to compete against S4, the HTC M7 & i5S. A-series will boast a whole lot more gaming & media capabilities to show the world that BB10 & QNX don't only do things serious, but they can also do things hard core!

      Meanwhile, the Z10 leaked specs are promising, yeah, the processor & GPU don't really matter, it's how the software that matters the most. Go Z10, Go Z10, Go Z10!!! I believe the battery life of Z10 will be on par to PB or i4S/SGS3 nowadays, QNX is the power!

      Specs are misleading.

      BB10 - micro kernel (QNX) Best, true multi task,stable

      Fruit Company - hybrid kernel (not as good)(Research in the field of micro kernels prove, that it is not the best solution to create a hybrid kernel, but a pure micro kernel)

      Droid - monolithic kernel (worst)

      What's the sense of having a v8 under the hood (quad core)when a 6 cyl with tons better engine management (QNX micro kernel) can keep up and in some cases smoke you.

      The v8 obviously is a waste of fuel(battery).

      Ask a BB10 dev to explain the virtues of micro kernel in regards to how the cpu is utilised/called for tasks compared to hybrid or monolithic kernels and why that makes writing code so much nicer also. You will come to see cpu specs are misleading.


      Floor is all yours, go ahead and tell me Fruit Company does not use hybrid kernel and Droid does not use monolithic kernel and BB10 does not use micro kernel.

      lol no you're right on that but saying which is better is not they all have their merits and they all have their flaws, the only real microkernel that has proven to be worh while is QNX.

      hybrid kernels were started to balance out the pros of a microkernel with the pros of a monolithic to minimize the cons. in most cases speed. monolithic use a single kernel with everything coded in kernel mode so all information has to pass through the single kernel, while with a microkernel the things the kernel handles is CPU usage and message passing, very small things, the rest are processed in sub tasks coded in user space. a hybrid groups some things into a larger kernel while other things are grouped and coded in user space.

      pros of a monolithic are theoredically speed while the kernel can be miss coded and the whole thing is buggy and or poorly done, while a microkernels main advantage is reliability and versitility, but lacks the speed as it has to pass infor around as different tasks wait their turn to be processed by the CPU. a hybrid i've already stated groups the to to counter the draw backs of each and maximize their pros


      Ok so can we agree QNX micro kernel(BB10) with about 100k lines of code verses monolithic kernel (droid) at millions of lines of code makes the QNX micro kernel stable verses monolithic being buggy (unstable)as one wrong line or I/O brings the whole kernel down ie droid crash,lol.

      Correct me if I'm wrong but re-writes of code with monolithic (droid/fruit company) requires re-writing millions of lines of code verses 100k or so with QNX micro kernel.

      I don't have a computer science background so perhaps you can flush this out further >> why does the BB10 dev alpha phone keep up or beat a quad core phone in website loads?

      Is it because of BB10 processor being I/O optimised for QNX micro kernel architecture or BB10 browser having the highest HTML5 score or a combo of both.

      I suppose what I'm getting at is there an easy way to explain to the retail consumers why the BB10 meets and/or surpasses other phones with (on paper) higher cpu/mem specs?

      I have read the QNX patents six times to try and wrap my head around it but I doubt that is the route to retail understanding,lol.

      Monolithic kernel vs. Microkernel Benjamin Roch TU Wien

      lol i never said one is better then the other, you stated it and i said do some homework and look up the differences. microkernels had their performance drawbacks

      i stated each kernel type has their merits and have their cons, and i do believe RIMs choice of going with QNX was the right one as far as mobile goes, it is one of the only microkernels to stand the test of time and be used in many comercial applications while others have fallen. either way it all comes down to how the systems are coded a reason why iOS has been a fluid smooth system dispite is slower hardware

      quite simply, because processor speed is not the only spec that affects performance, just the most popular and easily quantifiable one...

      Apple has been doing it for years.. for example, the i5 doesn't have a quad-core but it still keeps up with quad-core droids because of other architectural efficiency and OS optimizations...

      I was hoping for a 4.5 inch or larger screen and at least 2100 maH battery. But I will still buy this.

      I thought this a good article that shows why people should be happy about the 4470 even though it is A9 instead of A15.

      I really hope thought that the Z10 gets released with a 1.8GHz CPU instead of 1.5GHz. If the chipset is capable of it, I want it in my phone. Especially, since the M3 cores are going to do all the light lifting while the A9 cores are shut down. So your not really hurting battery life with a higher clock.

      And if you look at the Wikipedia page you on TI OMAP you can see it is much better than the 1.5GHz Playbook 4G LTE chip.

      So, if we ARE in a spec war, shouldn't we compete withthe number one player? Apple. The Ip5 specs do not seem any better than the Zed. 1 GB ram, dual core cpu, 8mp rear camera, lesser ffc, smaller (or so I have read) battery. The only thing Android phones have to differentiate themselves from other Android phones are the specs. As was said ad nauseum, it comes down to the experience. But then, what do I know, my 9810 still does what I want it to do.

      My 9810 gives me a headache at times! ...hour glass,...lagging, LTE, all-day-battery,..small screen by today's standards,...apps,...apps,..apps!


      The CPU isn't that great for 2013, but if the CPU and OS are good enough, consumers won't notice.
      The only thing I really hope they change is the 1GB of RAM. That's way too low for a high-end device!

      I'd rather have my data on an SD card. If something happens to my phone, then I can still get access to the data on the SD card by swapping it into a new phone. I recently zapped the charging port on my Tour. Fortunately a friend lent me his mothballed Torch. I was able to slip my SD card in and with OTA sync, I was back up and running quickly. The only data I was without until I got my Tour fixed is my Password Minder (aaarrrrgh). But it's all good now.

      These specs are comparable with most smartphones today but the screen on Z10 will be incredible at the rumoured pixel density! BB loyalists will upgrade and so will I.

      Man! You can't please everyone,...all the time,...or with one device. I guest that's why "everyone" doesn't own an iphone or droid. The one thing I'll say is that RIM will sell loads of the Z10! But I'm not sure if I will be an early adapter! Why? Like many have already addressed,'s a little too 2012 for 2013,....and not 2013 for 2013, etc.

      My concerns are:

      Connectivity - First Rate! GO RIM!!!!
      FFC - 2mb for FFC is plenty!!!

      1800 mah battery! (Well, at least this leaves room for larger after-market batteries)
      4.2" Screen,...Yeah, it's bigger than the iphone! But,...really, only 4.2!
      1gb of RAM,...RAM is cheap as dirt! Giveth us more!
      32gb,..or 64gb Version - I'm sure there will be a 32gb/64gb option later, has to be in the cards. I hope.

      Also, need I mention no Quad-Core?,...and don't give me this crap about "efficient OS", etc. There are reasons car manufactures place V-8s in bad-ass cars! It makes them badddder~~~~

      Lastly, why is it so freak'n hard to amp up the battery juice,...or ramp up the RAM? There are many of us out there that would gladly "PAY MORE" for a larger/better/faster version and we do it all the time. RIM should offer two version,...the Turbo version above,...and the Supercharged V8!

      RIM, are not competing with what's on the shelf NOW! You are competing with what's coming down the road within 6 months,...iPhone 5s,..better Droids,...Sammy GSIV, etc. I mean think about it,..many of us have stood on the sideline waiting months for the forthcoming BB10 devices,...and others will do the same for a Sammy GSIV,...or iPhone 5s,..or 6! You should not look to maintain the current BB owners,...but to cause converts to come back to RIM! Take a note from Nikon's playbook,...when they launched the D3,. thousands of loyal Canon (Canonites) ditch their beloved Canons for the Darkside,...NIKON! They did it because the specs and capabilities of the D3 at that time didn't lie! It revolutionized the capabilities of digital photography! Then came the Nikon D3s.....has it sunk in yet?


      With all your ramblings, you are sooo jumping the gun on an unreleased device that has no official specification or any other major announcement aside from those indicative of the OS! Your comment only reflects this post which is nothing official and is a collective of all the floating information on CrackBerry. Before you jump on your "Nikon" high horse why don't you go to a store and try it out when it becomes available!

      Rumors. Cool! :D
      Specs!?!? I DON'T CARE!! As long as the blackberry outperforms my needs, I'll be GLAD to have it! My 9900 does this already. :)

      RIM should go for a custom built chipset like Apple put in the iPhone 5 which out performs every quad core
      Android Device on the market, because Apple makes computers, Android just slaps together crap.
      Maybe blackberry is using a custom chipset based chipset or will do so in the future.
      All I know is my iPhone 5 is way faster than the galaxy note 2, I originally had a note 2 and noticed it was slower than my iPhone 4S in some area sonI exchanged it for a iPhone 5 which is even more noticeably faster.
      I have faith in blackberry. Blackberry would be foolish to follow behind android. They make there own hardware I believe they know what they are doing.

      RIM said they're not building an OS following a hardware, but build hardware to suit the OS. Performance might not be stellar, but it depends on what they need to do. Dual-core and Quad-core means nothing if it's mainly used to render graphics, it's wasted potential that should better be left to GPU.
      In BlackBerry 10, graphics rendering and program processing are completely separate, 60 fps UI flow can be achieved even if the program is working so hard it almost crashes. So, even with just dual-core, the perceived performance can be better.
      Of course, Apple actually bought an entire hardware building company to make its CPU

      Well i ordered mine from my 9900'im going to try the touch.ive had an LG and and Xperia,before,so I'm familiar with a touchscreen.if I don't like it I will probably order the qwerty bb10 a soon as it comes out

      Its all comes down to the apps windows phone mango one the fastest phones out single core phone. Windows lacks apps. B can get apps netflix and all the other apps ios and android have then it will be fine. Lots of nice phones out period. I dont know how much more your phone can really do for you.

      Good hardware... Will it be capable to take pictures while recording a video? Like the new iphone. Just that function is very usefull for me.

      Face detection is for when your phone makes contact with you face the screen goes dark/off,works gr8 for touch screen phones so you don't accidentally get cut off on a phone topic,(GPU),(CPU) do you know the meaning bcuz if so you won't be comparing the two...Graphics Processing Unit of a device helps in the gaming arena,while the Central Processing unit helps with all the major task a device does on a daily basis,it doesn't matter how many Cores a phone has its the RAM who plays the major part (RAM) Random Access Memory,QNX is what's gonna change the world of blackberry go reserch it,the android interface is slow hence the reason for all those cores in those phones,android aint ready for QNX...

      I thought there was going to be a 16GB and 32GB versions, does that mean the US carriers will once again screw customers with a 16GB only version. Sorry but cloud storage costs money with the new data plans.

      all good and well, i am an electrician with my own business, and had my 9900 updated to os7, recently - am a bb fanatic, its a very nice business phone, it falls a lot, my hands are almost always dirty- but will rather have a z10 with a camera WITH autofocus (for obvious reasons) and a touch screen... the keyboard / touch screen combo is silly. i hope rim will beat the odds and get to at least 3rd place in ratings, otherwise i will just get a new iphone or samsung...